sorry for lack of poetry

A curtain of mysteries,
fine as velvet, smooth as silk,
sliding past twilight, steadily,
a blackness extending extensively,
narrating legends from across seas,
whispering guarded secrets,
to the moon, to stars, for each to carry
like a precious gem, till infinity.
—  Night, Shikha Singh

Gradually drifting
o’er highlands, valleys, lagoons
they stumble often o’er exotic bloom,
fluttering in the breeze, dancing to the rhythm
while birds on old oak boughs warble in rhapsodic lyricism.

Underneath the boundless skies
they hover o’er vibrant tulips and whimsical lilac flowers,
swaying across titanic fields like erratic summer stars
amid the long green grass wobbling in the wind
while bugs, butterflies, bumble bees baltering across wildflowers grin.

Atop hills and cliffs, strewn by zephyr,
they frequently come across
the crystal clear blue of cascading waterfalls
which graciously in their soothing tone hum and croon
while the sun sets behind the billows and up comes the moon.

—  Clouds, Shikha Singh

Mama said you’re soft-skinned as a fresh peach,
and wicked hands will always use that against you.
It took you years, but you learned too well
the color of a sunset, because you
sucked the blooming darkness into your chest
and called it better than dying.
And it was, baby, it was.
See, men do violence to the ones still soft
around the edges, but you can remember
living with fists of stone and how you
were too big,
too proud,
to ever let anyone love you.

Please don’t go this alone.

I know how it aches to be soft.
I know you bruise like young fruit.
I know you think it might be enough
to destroy you.
Hold my hand.
Shake the doubt from your bones.
It is a gift to be so gentle.
It is a revolution to have stayed
so kind
for so long.

—  BRUISE LIKE A PEACH, by Ashe Vernon
how to get over him:
1. stop bringing him up. stop telling people about him, about you guys together. stop reliving the same memories out loud each day. try going one day without mentioning him. then two days. eventually, you will learn to talk about something else.
2. tell him no. when he puts his arm around you, brush it off. don’t share a bed with him. you will only end up hurt and alone again. you can still love him without fucking him.
3. live for yourself. spend time with friends. spend time alone. better yourself. dream of the future. live in the moment. show everyone how much you care about them. be happy and celebrate yourself.
4. know that he can always be your friend, and that it’s okay to treasure the memories, but that you deserve someone who treats you right. know that. remember that.
—  i feel like a lot of people in my life need this right now (including me)

do you ever have a day where literally everything goes wrong until after a certain point you stop being surprised or hurt by it you just kind of accept that today the universe is spitting on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

I See You

I see you in springs’ blossom, life’s fire and its first glow,
Your hair’s sun drenched gloss, in my mind it has sown.
I see you in streams’ gentle flow, blue stardust leaves me lost,
Gazing into eyes startling glow, soul-filled sussurrations without pause.

I see you in untouched paper, a snowstorm of words filling my mind,
Pure as white alabaster, unearthly curved creases in your smile.
I see you at dawns awakening, breaking the horizon and lighting the world,
When all life bends to your touch and thanks for your bounteous wyrd.

I see you in all the world it seems,
But mostly I see you as the day turns to dusk;
When you are the sailor of my waves;
The Shepherd of my Dreams.


Original Poem "Red Mare"

I look upon her
With utter indulgence
Silenced by her beauty
I cannot speak

My eyes watch
As she walks away
Ball gown bright
Hair flowing

I do not dare follow
For she is not mine
She can belong to no man
So I try not

She’s as wild as a stallion
And as majestic too
And I can only watch
My love gallop away