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Love Labour’s Lust

Eleven x Reader

Anon: Can I have an 11 x reader where they’re on an adventure and the doctor keeps eyeing the reader romantically, and when they get a small amount of time alone the doctor does something to hold him over *wink wink* so when the adventure is over and they’re in the tardis the doctor tries to do it with the reader but she keeps stalling which makes him angry and dominant and eventually he can’t wait any longer. Sorry this is complicated and reallllly specific you can change it J

I haven’t written smut in quite a while, so I hope this is alright and you enjoy it! I had fun writing it! I kept it as close to what you wanted, while adjusting a couple of things which I hope will fall into the same realm of what you wanted. Thank you SO much for your patience anon! Hope you enjoy the read! Xoxo

Title: Love Labour’s Lust

Warnings: Smut, and cursing.

Word Count: 3,769

It had been a great day for you and the Doctor. You went on another amazing adventure in a faraway place many others couldn’t even imagine dreaming up, and while you both were feeling happy, the Doctor couldn’t help feeling as conflicted as he was by the end of the day. He never felt this way for someone before, and it was driving mad. He hadn’t ever experienced a feeling of his stomach fluttering, churning, and piercing him all at once. He never felt a love like this before, none of the less the feeling of desire and lust that would take over him just by laying eyes on you.

Every move you made was intoxicating to him, and he could swear he was drunk by just thinking of you. Your smile, and the way your nose would crinkle as you laughed would grip and twist his heart, the way your hands would gracefully go about touching anything that was lucky enough to be in your proximity sent chills down his spine, the timbre of your voice made his lower belly feel a heat that would burn through his entire body, and the way your hips moved as if they could move mountains would send his head spinning. The Doctor didn’t know how much longer he could keep his yearning for you a secret. He didn’t want to scare you off, or end up finding out you didn’t feel the same way, but the longer you traveled together and the closer you two would get, the harder it was for him. Literally and figuratively.

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stay - fionn whitehead

requested(?): yes, sorry this is not my best writing it’s like 1:30 am but I wanted to finish this!

“Hello!! I just read your stuff and I want more it’s so good!! Here’s my request - could you write something really angsty (but with a happy ending) where Fionn and you break up but he regrets his mistake/misunderstanding/whatever and he tries to win you back? I was thinking of it after listening to Stay by the Vamps, so could you base it off that? Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! Xoxo”


“so darling if you stay, I’ll find the words I couldn’t stay”

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That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 3

Inspiration: Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away
 Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody

Rating: Teen?    Setting: Season 4   Featuring: Spencer x Reader

A/N: I needed a little more inspiration to keep the story rolling, sorry it took longer between parts 2 and 3. I love writing these flashbacks, hope you like reading them too! xoxo Stu

After your meeting with the lawyer was over, you headed over to the funeral home that your dad had indicated in the will. You weren’t sure when he had made his arrangements, but you were extremely grateful he had. The staunch mortician greeted you with a cool handshake, you sat down before the intimidating wooden desk. You knew you could have waited for this meeting until the following day, after meeting with the school, the groundskeepers, whomever you were going to have to coordinate with. You half-listened to your father’s wishes, realizing he had set this up years ago, probably not long after your mum had passed.

You thanked the man, rising to leave before was necessary. You headed to your rental car in the side parking lot. You sat in the driver’s seat and let the radio play:

I’ve been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I can’t reach

You know that I could use somebody

You cry into the steering wheel as the song fades and the D.J. drones on about traffic. After a commercial break you pull yourself out of your grief and pick up your phone.

“This is Dr. Reid.”

You sniffle into the phone, “Spencer?”

“Y/N/N?” Spencer paused. “How are you doing?”

“Frankly? Crappy.” You bark out a clipped laugh. “Listen, I didn’t read your letter, yet. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and I know that’s what it was.”

Silence answers you. “I didn’t want to say it either,” Spencer finally acknowledged, “I could barely write it, Y/N.”

You rest your head back, cherishing his tortured voice on the other end of the line. “Spencer, I know you are working, but is there anyway?” You exhale, “Is there anyway we can forget the letter until after the funeral and after you get this bastard?”

“Y/N, do you think that is a good idea?” Spencer’s voice was calculated.

“There are no good ideas in my head right now,” You whisper to yourself more than to him, “I just know that being with you, now, is finishing something that I didn’t know needed an ending.”

“I will be here until the funeral, if not longer, Y/N,” Spencer sighed. “But I will be working up until we catch the unsub. I owe it to your dad.”

You nod, holding the tears back again. “Thanks, Sir-sir. For everything.”

“Don’t thank me until he’s in cuffs, Y/N.” Spencer retorted determinedly. “Call me if anything or anyone crosses your mind, alright?”

“You got it.”

Used to steal your parents’ liquor
And climb to the roof
Talk about our future
Like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I’d be losing you

It had been a week since you and Spencer had kissed in your bedroom. You hadn’t seen him or heard from him. You were pretty sure you had lost a friend over trying to get some summer lovin’. You were also rational, this was something that happened a lot that summer. You were trying not to overthink things, Spencer was not like other guys; he would be back over on his bike in no time. You hoped.

Your dad was having a party for people from the school, celebrating a new building or renaming a building. You were not interested, therefore the specifics filtered through your memory. There were waiters and caterers and bartenders all over the house, the yard, the pool deck. You wore a white, Grecian style, backless dress, a present from your aunt for graduating last year.  You had braided your hair so that the heat wouldn’t make it stick to your face. You felt like Helen of Troy, with all the compliments from your father’s colleagues. You made small talk with professors and the few students in attendance, like most events you were out of place.

After an hour of mingling, you found your dad, talking to some British guy about the tech revolution. There were a few other people in the circle, most you didn’t know. You did recognize Olivia Madison who was a newer graduate student, Dr. James from UCLA and ungainly standing with a wine glass in his hand was Spencer. He had worn his glasses and had a real tuxedo on. He visibly shook when you caught his eye. You were embarrassed and confused, but his reaction was uncalled for. You nudged your head toward the backdoor, he squinted at you.

“Dad, I am going to borrow Dr. Reid for a moment.” You said, interrupting the entire conversation flow.

“Oh, yes, alright, Y/N/N.” Your dad chuckled. “Don’t hurt him, sweetheart.” He teased as you tugged Spencer’s free arm. The crowd laughed at the unceremonious fleeing of the pair of teenagers.

“What do you want, Y/N?” Spencer stage whispered at you as you pulled him into the kitchen door. He was trying to be cavalier, since he was here as faculty and you were just some professor’s daughter. You were frustrated that he was acting this way, especially since it was just you and the waitstaff inside.

“What do I want?!” You practically shout, a mirthless laugh escaping your astonished face. “I want you to look at me and tell me why you haven’t called me, Spencer!”

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‘no i will not shut up’ (au derek hale one-shot)

Prompt: Derek and Saga are have been partners aga(in)st crime for as long as either of them can remember. They’ve managed to track down merciless mobsters and homicidal maniacs better than anyone before. Normally, their partnership was appreciated by General McCall, but things were different this time around. This time, Saga was a sex slave and her partner would have to be her abusive owner. McCall just wasn’t sure Derek could pull it off, given the circumstances.

Requested: nope

Pairing: Derek Hale x Saga

Warnings: intimacy? mb cursing, idk

A/N: thank you guys so much for waiting! this may be a little rusty, but i kinda like it. there’s no real smut, no real fluff, just kinda figuring things out. also, i’ve decided to do a special agent AU for all the TW characters, so that’s what I’ll be doing until I get my mojo back. or y’know, until i find a great idea. i really hope you guys enjoy this! thank you so much for your patience. much love xoxo

“Here you go, General. Reports of our latest victory, all yours,” Derek nods and hands the serious general our paperwork.

“If you keep boasting, our coworkers will plot against us, idiot,” I roll my eyes Derek and he shakes his head.

“I dare them. No one can break us,” he winks at me before quickly recollecting his serious posture.  I shake my head, turning to face McCall.

“Sorry about that, General,” I stand next to Derek, both of us waiting for the General to say something. He continues to stare at the papers in front of him, but he didn’t look like he could focus. I lean forward and rest my hand on the general’s shoulder. “Scott?”

“Sorry, what?” McCall cleares his throat and jolts up, quickly looking at me before he turns his focus on our papers.

“General, is everything okay?” Derek furrows his brows and crosses his arms over his chest. “Is there something you’re not telling us? You’re normally never this–”

“I have to separate the two of you for this next mission,” he sighs and looks up at us apologetically.

“I’m sorry what was that?” I raised an eyebrow, an upset feeling growing in the pit of my stomach.

“I said I have to separate the two of you, but only for this mission,” McCall rubs his temples and looks away from Derek and I. “It’s just-damn it-this mission requires Saga to be a sex slave to a particularly nasty mafia leader.”

“No,” Derek interrupts McCall and moves a bit in front of me. “No chance in hell.”

“We just need her to track down the leader. Agent Stilinski will be her handler, her pimp basically,” McCall sighs as Derek growls, his feelings about Stilinski’s work methods aren’t well hidden. “He’ll be rather nasty to her–”


“And during this time, Saga will have the leader’s pity. Which is exactly what we’ll need,” McCall interrupts Derek and looks pointedly at me. “He’ll offer to buy you out, Saga. At first, Stilinski will refuse–”

“You bet your ass he will, General! Call this damn thing off–”

“He’ll dodge the offer until it becomes all too enticing. He’ll finally agree to the amount. That way, we’ll have the leader’s bank account numbers, and we’ll have a mole in their playgrounds,” McCall leans back in his chair and Derek storms closer to his desk.

“Call this mission off, McCall!” Derek slams his hand against the General’s desk and I pull him back, pushing his body behind mine as McCall stands.

“You see, Agent Hale, this is why we couldn’t risk having you on the mission,” McCall walks around the desk and crosses his arms over his chest, a smug look resting across his face.

“What does that–”

“Nothing,” Derek glares at McCall, who’s smirk only gets wider. My brows furrow and I open my mouth to speak only to be cut off again.

“Oh, come on, Hale. How long are you gonna deny this?” McCall sighs and leans back against his desk as he and Derek stare each other down.

“Hold on, why can’t Derek come on this mission with me, Scott?” I glare at the general as he looks over to me, unamused that I used his first name.

“Should I tell her, or will you?” The general smirks, walking over to his door and holding it open as Derek breathes heavily behind me.

“Shut your trap, McCall,” Derek growls out and pulls me out of McCalls office. He drags me to his office and shuts the door behind us.

“Okay, great, now you have me locked in here,” I pull myself away from him and begin pacing.  “What the hell, Derek? Why can’t you go on this mission and why–?”

“Shut up,” Derek whispers and swiftly walks over to me, pressing me against the wall. His brooding sea green eyes stare at my lips, but so help me God, I need answers. He’ll have to do better than that to distract me.

“No, I will not shut up,” I point a finger at Derek’s sculpted chest, trying hard as I can not to let his close proximity affect me. “It’s like McCall knows something about you that I don’t and I don’t like that at all! You’re MY partner, damn it. You’re supposed to tell ME everything, not that–”

Derek’s arms are placed on wall of his office on either side of my face, his gaze now resting on my face as I rant. A small smile has made its way onto his normally irritable face.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something–why,” Derek slowly leans closer to me, my eyes landing on his lips that are a hair from mine. “What-why are you–huh?”

“Are you jealous?” He whispers, his breath fanning across my lips as my eyes move up to his.

“What?” I furrow my brows and Derek lets out a cute little chuckle.

“You’re jealous,” I open my mouth to say something, but Derek covers it with his palm. “You’re jealous that Scott knows something about me that you don’t.”

I quickly shake my head and Derek nods, a knowing smile brightening his features.

“There’s only one thing that Scott knows about me that you don’t,” he removes his hand from over my mouth and once again, leans closer to me. His hands slide down the wall and rest near my hips. I take in a sharp breath of air as his hands grip my waist. I look away from Derek as he brings his hips flush against mine.

“A-and what’s that?” I let out a light whisper, taking a fresh breath of air only to have them knocked out as I look back into Derek’s eyes. Derek leans down, a shudder passing through me as he lays a teasing kiss against my lips. He pulls away only for me to tug him down again, his lips lightly brushing against my own when he begins to speak.

Originally posted by arizur115

“It’s that I’m–”

“Hey….oh,” Stiles walks in and squeaks, seeing the intimate position Derek and I are in. Derek growls, pulling himself reluctantly away from me as I cough and clear my throat. “Hey, hey, hey there guys.”

“Stiles,” I give him a tight-lipped smile and nod. “Pull it together. What do you need?”

“Oh, nothing. Scott just wanted to know if sour wolf here has told you that he loves you?”

take care of you [request]

kim seokjin x reader

drabble, fluff

Anonymous said: You and Jin doing a group project with 2 other people, but they keep giving excuses, so you stay up with Jin til morning doing the project~~fluffy fluff fluff?????

omg anon you and this request are cute af, thankyou for sending it and im so sorry about the wait im a terrible human being… but i hope this is the kind of thing you wanted and fluffy enough xoxo

~admin blue

“[y/n], do you even know what time it is?”

His voice was etched with concern, and you felt his gaze burn into you, where you were sat on your bed in front of your computer. You frowned and shook your head, your heavy eyelids trying to close as you squinted at the glaring light of the display. Your fingers were shaking slightly as they flew across the keyboard, the cursor leaving a string of robotic ramblings in it’s wake. Kim Seokjin let out a sigh, and you heard the printer begin to whir.  Of course he’d already finished, when you hadn’t even covered all of the criteria for this damn project. Of course the other two hadn’t bothered to keep their promises of doing anything towards the group effort, and so here you were, with Jin, the night before. You were so caught up in your resentful thoughts that you let out a startled shriek when you heard his voice dangerously close your ear.

“It’s nearly 4am.” His breath tickled your neck, and you tried to control both the fatigue washing over your body and the blush spreading over your face. Jin slipped onto the bed behind you, with you between his knees, and he wrapped your fluffy cardigan further around your body, breath now fluttering against your cheek as he brought his face closer to yours to read what you’d written. You sat very still, unable to control the heat that rushed freely to your cheeks. As he reached out to adjust the screen, you felt his chest press into your back, and you were sure he’d be able to hear the erratic beating of your heart. You stole a glance sideways at his face  - his eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, mouth slightly open, and eyes flying across the page. An eternity seemed to pass before he was done, nodding and leaning over you to print the work. You watched in horror as he closed the closed the computer, starting to protest that you weren’t done, but he shushed you with a finger to your lips.

His gaze was caring and soft, but when he spoke, his voice was unusually firm. You’d never heard him speak so authoritatively as when he said, “[y/n], you’ve done enough. It’s late. I’m not letting you near that damn computer again tonight.” You groaned, leaning back against his chest and sighing in defeat as you realized you’d lost. He nodded, satisfied, and  gently locked his arms around you, burying his head in your hair and rubbing soothing circles on your shoulders with his thumbs. You let your eyes fall shut, humming in sleepy annoyance as you felt his warm chest be replaced by the soft mattress of your bed, and someone gently placing your head on the pillow. You were dimly aware of the room plunging into darkness, and then that same pair of arms capturing you once more. You sank into his embrace, breathing in his comforting scent as you felt waves of tiredness finally consume you. You heard him whisper one last thing, before you were dragged into unconsciousness.

“[y/n], I will always take care of you

wow okay that escalated sleep goals I didn’t really know how long to make this so its kinda a drabble with a kind of storyline idek, but i enjoyed writing it

OKAY I REPOSTED THIS BC I FORGOT TO ADD TAGS this fic is so nice and fluffy compared to like everything else im writing im going to hell

~admin blue

anonymous asked:

I think it's pretty clear that, in general, everyone would like you to put out the rough cut, but we understand if you don't want to. I think everyone is just super excited for this, (I personally have been refreshing your page for the last 3 hours,) so thanks for doing this, and letting everyone now whether or not you're going to release the cut soon.

Thanks so much to everyone and I’m SO SORRY to keep you all waiting like this. We will be posting the rough cut as soon as it’s exported. We love you guys. xoxo

creamy-eyes  asked:

Hi dear! I just found your blog and I'm really appreciating your art, you're so creative with your drawings and they are so smooth and good! I also wanted to ask, what program do you use to do them? And if it's Paint Tool SAI, could you show us the brushes/settings you use the most? They seem really light and beautiful >< (I'm bad at describing things, sorry). Hope you keep drawing and evolving! (and let's wait for the next upd8 together /o/). Hugs!

usually i use sai & phoshop c: other than these two brushes i dont really use sai that much tbh

the first brush setting has a spread brush? and a sandy?? texture that makes it look a bit like a pencil tool

the second one has a middle flat brush with no texture.

other than that its all photoshop stuff.  i hope this helps!

(and thank you for the nice comment ;u; we’ll watch the upd8 together my friend xoxo)