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take care of you [request]

kim seokjin x reader

drabble, fluff

Anonymous said: You and Jin doing a group project with 2 other people, but they keep giving excuses, so you stay up with Jin til morning doing the project~~fluffy fluff fluff?????

omg anon you and this request are cute af, thankyou for sending it and im so sorry about the wait im a terrible human being… but i hope this is the kind of thing you wanted and fluffy enough xoxo

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“[y/n], do you even know what time it is?”

His voice was etched with concern, and you felt his gaze burn into you, where you were sat on your bed in front of your computer. You frowned and shook your head, your heavy eyelids trying to close as you squinted at the glaring light of the display. Your fingers were shaking slightly as they flew across the keyboard, the cursor leaving a string of robotic ramblings in it’s wake. Kim Seokjin let out a sigh, and you heard the printer begin to whir.  Of course he’d already finished, when you hadn’t even covered all of the criteria for this damn project. Of course the other two hadn’t bothered to keep their promises of doing anything towards the group effort, and so here you were, with Jin, the night before. You were so caught up in your resentful thoughts that you let out a startled shriek when you heard his voice dangerously close your ear.

“It’s nearly 4am.” His breath tickled your neck, and you tried to control both the fatigue washing over your body and the blush spreading over your face. Jin slipped onto the bed behind you, with you between his knees, and he wrapped your fluffy cardigan further around your body, breath now fluttering against your cheek as he brought his face closer to yours to read what you’d written. You sat very still, unable to control the heat that rushed freely to your cheeks. As he reached out to adjust the screen, you felt his chest press into your back, and you were sure he’d be able to hear the erratic beating of your heart. You stole a glance sideways at his face  - his eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, mouth slightly open, and eyes flying across the page. An eternity seemed to pass before he was done, nodding and leaning over you to print the work. You watched in horror as he closed the closed the computer, starting to protest that you weren’t done, but he shushed you with a finger to your lips.

His gaze was caring and soft, but when he spoke, his voice was unusually firm. You’d never heard him speak so authoritatively as when he said, “[y/n], you’ve done enough. It’s late. I’m not letting you near that damn computer again tonight.” You groaned, leaning back against his chest and sighing in defeat as you realized you’d lost. He nodded, satisfied, and  gently locked his arms around you, burying his head in your hair and rubbing soothing circles on your shoulders with his thumbs. You let your eyes fall shut, humming in sleepy annoyance as you felt his warm chest be replaced by the soft mattress of your bed, and someone gently placing your head on the pillow. You were dimly aware of the room plunging into darkness, and then that same pair of arms capturing you once more. You sank into his embrace, breathing in his comforting scent as you felt waves of tiredness finally consume you. You heard him whisper one last thing, before you were dragged into unconsciousness.

“[y/n], I will always take care of you

wow okay that escalated sleep goals I didn’t really know how long to make this so its kinda a drabble with a kind of storyline idek, but i enjoyed writing it

OKAY I REPOSTED THIS BC I FORGOT TO ADD TAGS this fic is so nice and fluffy compared to like everything else im writing im going to hell

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