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Sorry if you don't want to answer this but just a quick question. How do you get that cool blurry affect on ur pictures???

Oh I layer the drawing! For example…I copy the whole drawing and paste it on top and move it a little to whatever side I want, then I either click screen/multiply/shade etc and bring the opacity low!! I repeat it until I like it, I usually do it about 3-5 times

Gravity Falls Year One: Day 24: Sock Opera


(Sorry it’s so blurry! You know how tumblr is with larger pictures and such.)

The twitter version should be a lot less blurry though!:

Sock Opera is definitely one of the best episodes to look at, not to mention one of the more disturbing ones. Because, y’know, Bill. But regardless, it’s still one of the coolest episodes, that really seemed to stick with not only me, but with everyone else who watched it! Really happy I got to draw something for it!

AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!

Dream team!! Hagu and I drew the girls!!! 

It was a dream come true to get to do a collab with my art IDOL, source of so much inspiration, the WONDERFUL @haguberry!!! Their sketch brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful an d I can’t believe I got to work side by side with one of my favourite artists ever! Hagu!! It was truely an honour!! AH This was so fun and I can’t get over how pretty the result is!!! I am crying happy tears :’0000 THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS WITH ME <3

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Yeo Ok and the 9 nutcrackers
bones exposed

Title: Bones Exposed
Pairing: Blurryface/Reader (slight Tyler/Reader)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Name-calling, dirty talk, handcuffs, unprotected sex. (Also, there’s some fluff, and vague mention of a self-destructive streak.)
A/N: Hella long word count once again, like 5.6k or something. If this goes over well, I will write more; potentially, I’d make him even rougher, but only if you guys wanna delve into that. Sorry it took so long, lots of personal stuff + writer’s block are not a good mix. Enjoy, and keep requesting. (And I don’t know how people write Blurry in their stories, but this is what I thought felt the best so idk???)

If you guys don’t like it, I’m so sorry, lmfao.

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Line art by @nyublackneko Colored by me!

Original Picture

I decided this coloring should be the first one on this new coloring blog, I was debating on when to post it so it still fit with the anniversary theme, but I decided to post it now so people could enjoy it ^^ All credits on the lineart goes to @nyublackneko, I am so happy they gave me permission to color they work and post the result here!

Undertale means a lot to me, and that is way I decided this peice should be the first on this blog ^^ Enjoy.

Sorry if there is blurry quality, I have no idea how to fix it, I am trying my best to find a solution. Click on it for better quality, or right click and click “View image”

Rey A Mary Sue?

Let’s talk about Rey as a Mary Sue argument. Most people sight her winning the final fight against a man who should be a talented swords man. (Even though he’s just a giant child with a broken toy.)

Why am I doing this you ask? Well I want to produce more content, and I have a lot of fun laughing at alt-right blog posts. If you’ve never read any of those reviews of TFA I highly recommend them, they’re hilarious.

Some people think it makes no sense for Rey to have beaten Kylo, and her having done so makes her a Mary Sue. Well those people are wrong, allow me to explain why with red conspiracy circles and gifs, just in case you get lost.

Here’s a really a really blurry gif of THE KYLO fighting Finn. I know it’s shit, I’m sorry.

 Now compare to how he fights Rey.

He’s slower, more defensive than offensive. It’s probably because he’s planning to drag her back with him. Rey’s the one that really starts to push against him. And she does this because, as I discussed in an earlier meta, Rey is a SURVIVOR most of all. 

Anyway, here’s some more stuff to prove my point. THE KYLO is already handicapped when he goes into the battle. Twice.

He’s actually pretty screwed going into his fight with Rey. (I also really like watching this gif over and over again.) Rey probably wouldn’t have won if it weren’t for Finn wounding him first. Or at least it would have been harder. when I talk to people about this scene, they’re always like, oh hey yeah, I-yeah, he was wounded, wasn’t he? Yes of course he was dummy, how do you not notice that?

Okay, but here people ask, how on earth can Rey wild a lightsaber without training. (Which is possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Which is saying something.) For proof this is dumb, please direct your field of vision to the gif above, and the picture below.

What’s that? Han Solo using a lightsaber? Idiots.

So, yeah, Rey can use a lightsaber. Consistent in universe. Now, let’s talk about her suddenly being able to fight. Emphasis on the sarcastic suddenly.

Does Rey even know how to fight in the first place? Yes.

She knows how to fight with a staff. Now now, I can hear someone saying, A LIGHTSABER ISN’T THE SAME THING, THERE’S NO REASON SHE WOULD KNOW HOW TO USE A SABER INSTEAD OF A STAFF. 

Well, yes, idiot. If you pay attention during the movie, you’ll note that during the final fight Rey wields the lightsaber like a staff. As per usual, here are visual aids.

The red conspiracy circles are pointing out the placements of her hands on the saber. She’s rotating it the same way she would with her staff. In that she’s using her spare hand to aid the rotation of the saber, which is a staff technique. If she knew how to use a saber, she’d keep both hands on the hilt at all times, or just stay one handed. But she doesn’t, because she grew up learning how to fight with staff.

Anyway, there you go. Sorry if this was a little more candid than usual. Or perhaps rude is the word. Either way I hoped everyone enjoyed it.