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Every Single One of my OC’s

For the anon who wanted to know about them: HERE THEY ARE. HOPE UR READY >:3c

(I don’t have any good image refs for them, so descriptions are gonna have to do for now lol maybe I’ll draw them later)

This is gonna get r e a l l y long, so to save anyone, heres a read more link :D

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30 Day Gemsona Challenge

Day 2/30: Weapon Summon: What’s their weapon? How do they summon it?

Azurite’s weapons are shoes!! She is able to project her shoes out of her gem, letting them hover behind her. Once she kicks those projections, those shoes will clip on her feet automatically.

Azurite loves doing spins and flips while fighting, which comes by naturally, due to the reason of her being able to hover closely to the ground (1 meter at maximum) 

Prompt: Sarcastic Techie (I attempted….)

“I don’t know what I did. I tried reinstalling the printer and that didn’t work,” Connor explains to the super hot tech guy who knocked on his office door. He stands up from his office chair, gesturing for the guy to take as seat as he continues. “The printer’s got enough ink and paper. I think the Bluetooth connection is fine. I mean, the little thingy on the screen doesn’t have that line through it.”

“Did you try turning it off and then back on?” The tech asks as he gets comfortable in Connor’s chair.

“No. Should I try that next time?” Connor looks away from the screen to catch the laugher in the tech guy’s eyes. “Mean.”

“Sorry.” He smiles and doesn’t look the least bit sorry. “Couldn’t resist.”

Connor hovers over the guy’s shoulder as he works his computer magic; not to be an annoyance or anything like that. He just wants to see how the guy fixes it so he can maybe save himself a call to IT next time. It’s stupid but he’s a little embarrassed to admit he isn’t sure what’s wrong with his computer. However, as he watches fingers fly over the keys, Connor admits to himself that he can’t follow whatever it is this guy is doing and he’s completely lost.

A few moments later, his printer starts up and Connor rushes over to pluck the page off the tray. It’s the report! It’s working! “You’re amazing! I could kiss you!”

The tech guy blushes a little as he stands. “It’s really not a big deal. It was just a bad connection.”

“Did I, like, do something to make it go bad or—?”

“No,” the tech guy is quick to shake his head. “If anything, we did. We went through some updates last night while everyone was gone and some things just didn’t work out well.” He hesitate, moving to the doorway. “Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m Oliver, by the way.”

“Connor. Connor Walsh.” Connor holds out a hand and they shake.

“I—I kinda figured.” Oliver smiles shyly and gestures to the nameplate on Connor’s door. They hesitate for a second in the doorway again and Connor tries to think of something to say to make Oliver smile again. The guy’s got a great smile. “Okay. Well. I should go. If the printer gives you anymore trouble, just call.”

“Yeah. I—I will.” Connor half waves as Oliver heads out. “See you around.”

He watches Oliver head down the hall and turns back to his office, looking for something he can ‘accidentally’ break so he has an excuse to place another service call with IT.

So I’ve recently reached 6k, which is insaneeeee!! I never thought I would be able to get more than 50 followers. I’m so grateful for the love from this fandom and friendships I’ve made here. I love you guys so much and I hope to keep blogging more!!

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