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Things the Hogwarts Houses say

(loosely based on conversations I’ve had/overheard)

Hufflepuff -

  • “If you don’t start singing along to High School Musical with me in under 30 seconds you will no longer be my best friend" 
  •  "I swear on my chicken nuggets-”
  • “Yes I made that joke up by my self - no it’s not from Spongebob Squarepants how dARE YOU-”
  • “Speaking of Spongebob can we just take a few moments to discuss how much of a masterpiece that first movie was please”
  • “Ah yes, it’s 3 in the morning, time to get emotional and tell all my friends how much I love them”
  • “You made me chocolate??? Oh my God I love you so much thank you I’ll have some right no - THIS HAS RAISINS IN IT YOU TRICKED ME
  • “Oh my God yeah I saw that movie, my favourite part was when - oh shit wait there’s this adorable kitten video I meant to show you last week and I completely forgot let me get it up on my phone”
  • “Sorry I’m late I was up all night watching those videos where kids get surprised with puppies”
  • “Are you awake? Great, let’s start planning our future homes together, I have a pinterest board ready”
  • “This is my favourite photo album! It’s full of photos of all the cats and dogs I’ve made friends with on my walks, I’ve even given them all names”
  • (crying) “Stop calling me emotional God damn it”

Ravenclaw -

  •  "Of course I remember you said you liked the colour red, you told me at like 1:35 am last year in May"
  • “What? Simplifying equations? No, I can’t help with that but I do know all the words to every Simpsons episode in the first 5 seasons if that helps"
  • “Sorry I really can’t go out today. No I’m fine, I’m just stressed I’m doing something important. I’m trying to memorise all the words to this documentary about frogs - What? Yes of course it’s important!”
  • “I discovered and fully analysed that meme 3 weeks ago, step up your game”
  • “What do you mean why do I have a folder full of strategic plans on how to succeed at animal crossing, that’s not weird?”
  • “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been doing my own research and you’re getting all of this wrong. Well yes I know I’m not the teacher here but - Yes, actually, I’d love to teach the class my self I’ve already made a lesson plan, thank you”
  • No, I won’t come and see Jurassic World with you. Because it’s completely unrealistic! Do you have any idea what dinosaurs are actually supposed to have sounded and looked like? Even adult velociraptors weren’t meant to be that b - OK you know what, I will come, but I’ll be pointing out every single problem to you. No, it’s too late, you already invited me. I’m buying our tickets right now, don’t move”
  • “You really think you can beat me at Mario Kart? I have spent YEARS studying this game and honing my skills, spending hours upon hours training until my hands cramp and even my tv is judging the amount of time I’ve spent playing and you think YOU can beat me? Let’s fucking go
  • “I think these guys think I want to murder them because I followed them home but it’s only because I overheard them talking about what would happen if Pokemon is real and I wanted to see how good their logic was”
  • “Shut up? Shut up? I haven’t shut up for 17 years and I’m not about to start now”
  • (crying) "I just want Shakespeare’s ghost to be proud of me”

Gryffindor - 

  • “I’d love to have a sleepover but it can only be when there’s a thunderstorm so we can dance in the rain, let me check the weather forecast”
  • “Did that bee just try and sting you? COME BACK HERE BEE YOU COWARD I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UP - wait shit no run”
  • "What did you say? Don’t touch it? Alright.” (touches it as soon as the person turns away) “Sucker”
  • “Whaaat? Someone wrote on the desk? No it wasn’t me I would never do th - My name was there? Well, I’m not the only one in the world with my na - My surname was there too? What are the chances?!”
  • “Help me I started saying lmao ironically and I can’t stop”
  • “Before you say anything it wasn’t me - unless it was something awesome then I definitely planned the whole thing”
  • Excuse me? They said what to you? … I have to go for a second, I just remembered something completely unrelated. No, no, I’m not taking this fork with me for any particular reason”
  • “Um, did you just tell me it’s impossible to sing along to a guitar solo? Stand back. Your mind is about to get blown”
  • “I am so not drunk! I’m completely drunk! … Wait shit I meant sober”
  • “I bet I can stay up for longer than you - what no I’m not tired shut up - nO THAT WASN’T A YAWN I WAS JUST SHOWING YOU WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE IF I WAS TIRED - SEE I DID IT AGAIN TOTALLY ON PURPO - ok fuck you I’m going to sleep”

Slytherin - 

  • “Oh my God, just tell me what you did already so I can start complaining”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Did you say STOP saying fuck, or KEEP ON saying fuck?”
  • “Over your dead body? I was hoping you’d say that”
  • “If you even LOOK at them one more time I will take a stick as big as your ego and stick it right up your-”
  • “Don’t come near me or - OK fine, we can snuggle for exactly 15 minutes. I’m setting a timer now”
  • “Hey, I saw you posted a picture of us on instagram yesterday where my eyeliner isn’t completely straight? You’re gonna have to delete that, if anyone thinks my eyeliner isn’t drop dead perfect every day and that I’m not a literal make up goddess I’ll lose my reputation as the Regina George of the school”
  • “But keep the one where I’m wearing no make up so that all those bitches know I still kill it without trying”
  • “Oh come on, you know I’d never do anything to embarrass you! Speaking of which, that video I posted on youtube the other day of you falling down the flight of escalators in the shopping centre has reached over 1000 views”
  • “My dad told me tattoos were trashy so I got a giant tattoo saying ‘trashy’ on my back I’ll send you his reaction later”
  • “I’m not a sentimental person but if you touch my teddy bear I will turn you into a stuffed trophy to put next to him”
  • “What do you mean I look smug this is my normal face”
BTS playing a game gone wrong
  • Namjoon: okay everyone shut up here's the first question
  • Namjoon: What goes-
  • Jin: Guys listen listen a ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, 'Sorry we don't serve food here.
  • Jin: (Windshield laugh)
  • Jimin: (Laughing his ass off and rolling on the floor)
  • Namjoon: (unamused)...anyway first question..what goes u-
  • Taehyung: wait I have a question!!
  • Namjoon: ...yes Tae.?
  • Taehyung: If I get the answer right you let me feature in cypher!!
  • Namjoon: on...what goe-
  • Taehyung: Tree!!
  • Namjoon: What..?
  • Taehyung:
  • Namjoon:
  • Jungkook: JIN HYUNGS AGE
  • Jin: (chases Jungkook with a frying pan)

overworn nasa sweater. | a mesh edit

I have like. way too many nasa pieces of clothing irl tbh. all ur sims should have the same luxury. enjoy !

  • There’s 6 swatches. 5/6 are from @cupidjuice‘s dream pop palette (it’s a given at this point tbh !!) also shoutout to jade for saving my life w/ their amazing help ily <3
  • the design itself is the nasa logo redesigned to be in simlish. (pretty redundant sorry)
  • should have its own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if anything goes wrong w/ this in ur game!


UPDATE: this is so weird but for some reason the texture of the old mesh I put this over is showing up for other people. Somehow this didn’t show up for me in my CAS but I know exactly how to fix it! I can’t get to my computer now but I’ll have it fixed as soon as I get back. Sorry for this inconvenience!!

UPDATE UPDATE: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD !!! it should be fixed!!! I feel so bad for not being able to fix it earlier but i literally couldn’t fix it until i got home from work. the file is updated so please download at the same link and let it overwrite the existing file in your mods folder.

okay, i saw a hunger games au, and i’m not sorry but it was wrong, and here is what the hunger games au for YOI would really look like:

  • yuuri and victor wouldn’t meet until the second book. 
  •  yuuri and phichit would both be district 12, and phichit would create the romantic narrative between them that would help them win the game.  they would be best friends, and it would hurt to force an intimacy that didn’t exist, but it would be the only one they could rely on.  phichit would be the smarts and yuuri would be the strength and stamina that would get them through to the end.  this would be the first part of the story.
  • victor would be the finnick odair type.  victor was incredibly popular with the capital during his games, most notably when he was gifted a pair of diamond blade skates when the arena was flooded and iced over.  he became the winner of his own games after performing a signature jump kick on the ice that slit his last opponent’s throat.  
  • yuuri and victor would meet during the 75th games where they would both be sent back to the arena.
  • they would also be competing against yuri plisetsky, who would be the johanna mason, district 7 of the group; angry and unpredictable and wild, but honest to a fault.  
  • yuuri and victor would fall in love as the four of them (yuuri, victor, phichit, yuri) planned an uneasy alliance.  yakov, victor and yuri’s mentor, would lead the alliance (and revolution).  i just want victor carrying yakov around on his back all the time. 
  • it would be scandalous in the capital, you know, before the escape. yuuri was supposed to be engaged to phichit, but he’s standing guard with victor in the night and getting kissed senseless against a tree, scared and unsure but craving the solidity of him.  their love story would distract everyone from realizing the uprising was coming that would help them escape.
  • “was i just a distraction,” yuuri would ask, especially on the nights when they were trying to recover phichit after the games.  “is that what i was to you, a narrative?”
  • “it was real,” victor would say afterwards. they’re heading to the capital, they’re going to war.  “it wasn’t just to save my own ass–you and me, we’re real.”
  • “we’re real,” he repeats at the end of it, at the end of all the games and the war and the empire.  they’re in a crumbling estate on the edge of district twelve, fully clothed in bed.  victor has yuuri’s face cradled in his hands, as tenderly as he did when yuuri was stung by tracker jackers and hallucinating for two days, and he kisses every one of yuuri’s scars.  he says, again, “we’re real.” 
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A good trans!michael thing to think about:

Jeremy being friends with Michael since before he came out to him as trans. He was so worried that his only friend would hate him, which is why it took so long for him to come out. When he finally did during a video game match, Jeremy gets pissed because he lost the match, and Michael takes it the wrong way, until Jeremy says “so what did you say?? Sorry I didn’t hear you before” and he tells him all nervous and Jeremy is just like, “well that makes sense.” And Michael tells Jeremy his name right and Jeremy just “Hey, I like that name. Nice. How about we try to beat level 9 again, Michael?” And Michael is just really happy the end.

The Playbook- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Chuck asks Reader to homecoming, Jughead thinks its a bad idea. Turns out, he was right.

Warnings: Swearing, reader has sort of a mild panic attack, but nothing too serious. This was a request from an anon who liked one of the headcanons in the non-asexual Jughead list. Hope you guys like it!!!


I sat at a table in the student lounge by myself, waiting for my best friend Jughead. I had my sketch pad out, messing around and trying to keep myself busy.I didn’t really like sitting alone, because usually Reggie and his gang of man-children would take the attention of the student lounge, and I would be subjected to the torture that is their awful and offensive banter.I glanced around the room, uninterested, until my eyes caught the gaze of another, Chuck Clayton.

Chuck was caption of the football team, formerly co-caption with Jason Blossom before he was killed. I had never heard anything bad about him, and he sat next to me in my math class. I helped him out a bit with his schoolwork once in a while.He was actually a really kind person from what I could tell.
Chuck stood up, walking towards me. I froze, wondering why in the hell anybody like Chuck Clayton would give me the time of day.

“Hey, y/n.” Chuck stood in front of me, smiling brightly.

“Uh, hey Chuck, are you having any trouble with the geometry homework?” I asked him, beginning to pull out my textbook from my bag.

“No, uh, I actually wanted to ask you something.” Chuck stopped me.“I was wondering if, maybe you’d like to uh, go to homecoming with me?”
I froze again, taken back at his question.

“Me?“I looked around the room as if he may be confusing me with someone else.

“Yeah, you.” Chuck confirmed, chuckling a bit.

“Uh, o-ok, yeah, I’ll go with you.” I blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I didn’t see the harm in saying yes, he was a nice guy, and it wasn’t like anybody else would ever ask me.

“Great! Uh, are you free tomorrow? Maybe we could meet up after school and hang out or something?” Chuck offered.

“Alright, yeah, I can do that.”

“Cool, I’ll see you then.” Chuck grinned, walking back to his group of friends.

“Hey, Juggie.” I smiled warmly at my friend, sliding in to the booth next to him. I laid my head on his shoulder, his screen open as he typed.

“Hey, y/n.” Jughead pressed a quick kiss to the top of my head before returning his attention to his novel.

“How was your day?” I asked him, looping my arm around his and scooting closer to cuddle in to his side.

“Oh, same old same old.Nothing interesting.” Jughead hummed, leaning his head against mine. Jughead wasn’t huge on showing affection in public, but he put up with me always cuddling in to his side.“How was yours?”

"Well, it was…interesting, to say the least."I sighed, taking a sip of the Jughead’s root beer.

"How so?”

“Well, Chuck Clayton asked me to homecoming.”

I felt Jughead tense before looking down at me with a shocked look on his face.

“What did you say?”

“I said sure.” I shrugged, taking another sip of his root beer.

“Are you feeling alright?” Jughead placed his hand over my forehead, as if he was checking to see if I had a fever. I swatted his hands away and slid over to the opposite booth seat.

"Quit it, Jug."I warned.

"This is a big deal!"Jughead fired, his hands waving wildly.

"It’s not!” I shot back.

"It’s the captain of the football team!”


And?Y/n, he’s only one of the biggest players at our whole school!You know about The Playbook!”

“Jughead, that’s just a silly rumor."I argued.Jughead slammed his laptop shut.

"I can’t believe you’re actually going to go to homecoming with that….that….that imbecile!”

Jughead!Just because “that imbecile” is on the football team, doesn’t make him a bad person!“ I stood up, grabbing my backpack.

"Wait, y/n."Jughead reached for my wrist but I pulled away.

"I won’t be here tomorrow, I’m seeing Chuck after school.“ I paced out of the diner, ignoring Jughead’s protests.
I hadn’t talk to Jughead all day, or Betty, or Veronica.The girls, Jughead, and Kevin seemed to be on some kind of mission, and I wasn’t going to talk to them anyways. I was sure Jughead told them all about Chuck asking me to homecoming.

When school was over, I waited in the library, where Chuck had texted me, asking me to meet up with him. I sat at a table in the corner, working on a book report until he showed. 10 minutes passed, which turned in to 20, then 30, then an hour, and I soon realized that I had been stood up. I gathered all my stuff and compiled it in to my backpack neatly, before zipping it up and swinging it over my shoulder. I pushed the bridge of my glasses up my nose and began to make my way out of the library. Jughead was going to gloat in all of his glory when I told him about what happened.

As I turned opened the door of the library, cold liquid was thrown in my face, drenching my front from head to toe. I gasped loudly, my eyes burning as I wiped the slush-like substance from my face.

"How’s your slushie, freak?!” I opened my eyes to Reggie holding a slushie cup, with about 5 or 6 guys laughing at m, one of them being Chuck.One of the jocks was holding a phone, recording the whole scene.

“Do you really think Chuck would ever ask a weirdo like you to homecoming?"One of the jocks laughed.

"News flash, nobody would ask you out even if you were the last girl on earth, you frigid bitch.”I looked at Chuck, hurt in my eyes.Chuck just smiled, before opening his mouth.

“Don’t take it too personal, y/n, it’s just-” Chuck kicked off the wall he was leaning against, strolling over to me.He leaned down so he was eye level to me."Nobody would ever waste their time on you.You’re not worth it.”

I shoved past Chuck, tears falling down my face. I ran down the hallways of the school, shoving the front doors open and running home as fast as I could.I swung my front door open, running past my mom and up the stairs.I heard my mother shout for me, but I just wanted to take a shower and crawl in to a hole and die.

I stripped off all my clothes and got in, rinsing the sticky drink out of my hair. After I was finished, I threw on some comfy clothes and wrapped a blanket around me, sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Honey.” My mom knocked on my door, opening it slowly.“You’ve gotta get ready, the football game is soon.” She took one look at me and knew something was wrong, sitting next to me on my bed.“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?"My mom rubbed my back soothingly.I fessed up, telling her everything, from yesterday when Chuck asked me out, to Jughead and I’s fight, to the slushie incident.

"Oh honey, I’m so so sorry."My mom pulled me in to her chest, embracing me tightly."If you don’t wanna go tonight, I completely understand.” My mom ran her fingers through my hair while my tears stained her shirt.

“No, I have to go, I promised Josie I’d sing with her tonight.” I wiped away my tears, taking a deep breath and calming myself down. After a few more minutes and my mom making promises to call the principal and “kick Chuck where the sun don’t shine”, she left my room so I could get ready for tonight.

I threw on the outfit I was wearing tonight and grabbed my coat, setting it on my bed with my purse and doing my hair.I did only a little bit of makeup, enough to cover up the fact that I had cried alone in my room for 3 hours, and then I slipped on my boots and went downstairs.

Archie was sat on my couch, swinging his keys around his finger. I loved on the other side of Betty, so he always offered to drive me to games, since he would be heading there anyways.

“Hey, Arch.” I smiled. Archie looked at me sadly before getting up and hugging me tightly.

“Okay, who died.” I joked, hugging my friend back.

“I know what Chuck did to you.” Archie whispered. My fingers clenched around the fabric of his varsity jacket.

“It’s okay.” I moved away so I could look at Archie.“Arch, it’s ok.”

“It’s not ok, it’s-” Archie began to yell and I caught his face in my hands, turning him to look at me.

“I’m.Ok.See?” I stood back and twirled a bit.“ No bumps, no bruises, just a stupid boy who thought he could get to me.” He had gotten to me, but I wasn’t going to let Archie, or anyone for that matter, know.

“Alright, well, Jughead and Betty are doing stuff for the blue and gold with Veronica and Kevin. They said they would meet us at the game, so…”

“Alright, well let’s get going!” I hugged my mom goodbye before leaving out my front door and climbing in to Mr. Andrews truck.
It was the third quarter of the game and the rest of my friends still hadn’t shown up, contrary to what Archie had told me earlier. I had long since performed on stage with Josie and was sitting alone on the bleachers.
“Wow, you’re pathetic!” A girl called out to me, laughing with her friend while she pointed at her phone. I saw a video playing of me getting slushied, except on a loop, and Chuck’s words repeating in the background.

Nobody would ever waste their time on you
You’re not worth it
You’re not worth it
You’re not worth it

I stood from the bleachers, running down the steps as fast as I could. Apparently, Chuck humiliating me in front of half the football team wasn’t enough?

I started hyperventilating, feeling everybody’s eyes on me as phones started to beep, the same video being sent to the whole school. People started laughing and whispering as they looked at me and I couldn’t stop myself from bursting in to tears.My vision was blurred and I started to feel trapped in a hole that was just getting smaller, and smaller, and smal-

“Y/n!"Somebody gripped my shoulders tightly, and I saw Veronica standing in front of me. she looked at me with concern on her face, her eyebrows raised as if looking for answers.

"Chuck…he…he…oh god, Ronnie, the whole school knows.” I wrapped my arms around her neck, collapsing in to her arms.

“Shhh, I know, I know.” Ronnie hugged me back, running her hand down my hair gently to calm me down as my body racked with sobs.

“We gotta go, ok? I don’t think Kevin can hold off Jughead much longer, and-”

“Wait, what?” I gave her the concerned look this time.

Listen, the reason we’re late is because we found the playbook.Its real, and it’s got almost every girl in it, you and I the newest victims.”

“Who put you in it?"I asked her.

"Chuck and I went on a date last night, and he sticky mapled me."Veronica explained.

"Sticky maple? What’s a sticky Ma-”

“Listen, I can tell you all about it later, but right now w-”

“We gotta go, like, now, Jughead is pissed.” Betty came running up the stairs.“I’ve never seen him like this, like, ever.”I followed Betty and Veronica down the bleachers, to the football fence where Kevin stood, his back facing us and his hands wrapped tightly around Jughead’s shoulders.Jughead himself looked like a raging bull seeing red, his nostrils flaring and his jaw clenched.When he saw me, he shoved Kevin out of the way, jogging towards me.

“Why didn’t you tell me what happened right away?!?!” Jughead cried.His palms went to my cheeks, wiping away the tears still falling down my face.

“I-I don’t know, we had gotten in to a fight, and I had left it off bad, and I-”

“Y/n, it’s ok, it’s ok, alright?I’m always here for you, always, I-”

“Well, well, well, looks like you can’t keep the freaks away from each other.Let me guess, it was you that helped him hide the body, right, weirdo?” Chuck leaned against the fence, helmet resting between his hip and forearm.

Jughead wrapped his hands around my shoulders and moved me gently so I wasn’t in front of him anymore before walking calmly up to Chuck, pulling his arm back, and clocking Chuck right in the jaw. Chuck went tumbling down, falling on his ass.

“Hey, freak show, wanna tussle?” Reggie came marching over, seeing the commotion.

“Listen, we all know you get your sexist views from the 50’s, but can you not use their lingo too? It kinda makes you look like a-"Reggie punched Jughead and I gasped. Jughead wiped the blood now coming from his mouth, spitting the rest at Reggie’s feet.

A tool.” Jughead finished.

Reggie shoved Jughead and I came running forward, trying to block Reggie from Jughead. Reggie pushed me out of the way and I fell on my back.Jughead was already knocking his fists in to Reggie’s face, Reggie trying to block him. I began to go in again and was lifted in the air by Chuck, being thrown over his shoulder.

“Time to take out the trash!“Chuck laughed, hauling me off.I started screaming and thrashing in his arms, kicking my legs and waving my arms.

"Put her down!” Veronica screamed, shoving Chuck’s chest. Chuck pushed her down and Betty yelped, running over to help Ronnie up.

Archie began pulling Reggie off of Jughead, and he turned around to see me thrown over Chuck’s shoulder.Jug ran towards Chuck, doing anything he could to grab me from his arms.He kicked Chuck in the stomach, which caused him to stumble backward, and took the opportunity to grab me from his arms and pulling me away from Chuck.

“You’re fucking insane!” Chuck screamed.

“Says the one who tried to haul off with y/n!” Betty screamed back. Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie now stood protectively around Veronica and I.

“What the hell is going on?” Principal Weatherbee hollered from the football field gate, Coach Clayton and the Mayor behind him.

“Chuck, you are in serious trouble!” The coach spoke to his son in a loud tone.

“Dad, they were the ones who-”

“Son, I know about the playbook.” The coach interrupted.“ And I’ve seen the video of what you did to that poor girl.Come on!” The coach grabbed Reggie and Chuck by the shoulders, dragging them back inside the football field and towards the school.The mayor and principal Weatherbee followed.
After the whole commotion at the game, Archie was benched, because he had a bloody nose after the fight with Reggie. Jughead had it way worse, a black eye now adorning the right side of his face and a swollen lip, as well as a busted nose to match that of his best friends. He had a few cuts and bruises on his upper body, but nothing a little first aid couldn’t help.

Jughead now stood in front of me in his pajamas. Archie had drove everyone back to Betty’s, and I immediately dragged Jughead to my house to clean him up while the girls and Kevin set up an impromptu movie night/sleepover to make up for the shitty events earlier on in the night.

“You’ve been eerily silent."Jughead broke the silence as I wiped the cut on his chin with hydrogen peroxide.Jughead hissed at the discomfort.

"I’m just-” I sighed, setting down the napkin in the counter next to me.“I’m an idiot.”

“Y/n, you’re not an idiot.”

“I should have listened to you though.You were right about Chuck and I still went through with it anyways and-” I trailed off, not wanting to relive this afternoon.

“As much as I love hearing you say I was right.” Jughead smiled proudly. “What you need to know is that, everything Chuck said about you is a lie.”

“It’s wasn’t, Jug, he was right."I shook my head, beginning to cry once more.

"No, y/n, don’t say that.” Jughead rested his hands on the counter by either side of my thighs, capturing me in his lean and firm frame.I looked up at him, my eyes red and puffy.

“Jughead, I’m not worth it. None of this was worth it. You getting a black eye and a busted lip and a bloody nose wasn’t worth it!I’m pathetic! I’m a freak, I’m-” I waved my hands around wildly, and Jughead caught my wrists with my hands, holding on to them firmly but gently.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Jughead spoke softly, yet loud enough to get my attention.I stopped, looking at him.“You are worth it, ok? In my mind, in everything, you’re worth it.You have always been worth it and you always will be worth it.” Jughead’s hands went around my cheeks, his thumbs stroking the sides of my face lovingly.

And then I was kissing Jughead.

My fingers were tangled in his hair, his beanie cap knocked off and long forgotten on the tile floor somewhere, his arms pulling me flush to his body. My legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him even closer, and the only time we stopped was to catch our breath for a second before kissing again.

A muffled shout was heard and I tore away from Jughead, to see the girls standing at Betty’s kitchen window, their phones in hand, taking pictures of us. Archie appeared behind them, two thumbs up being thrown in the air.

“We have an audience.” I hid my face in the crook of his neck, my nervous laughs muffled.

“I noticed.” Jughead flipped them off and they giggled, shutting the curtains quickly.

“When we get over there, they’re in for it.” Jughead mumbled, dipping his head back down to kiss me again.

such a dork (richie tozier x reader)

requested: “Hi can I have a richie x reader imagine where the reader is really shy like basically silent and richie is his richie self just flirting and spewing pick up lines. The losers all think that the reader doesn’t like him she hears this and switches it up and starts to flirt, blushing from richie and just fluff” - @that-fandom-sucks-tho

summary: y/n overhears the losers talking about how she doesn’t like richie back and decides to switch things up a bit!

characters: y/n, richie tozier, eddie kaspbrack, bill denbrough, stan uris, mike hanlon, beverly marsh

warnings: cringey pickup lines, cursing

“Hey, Y/N! Did you sit in sugar? ‘Cause you’ve got a sweet a-”

“Beep beep, Richie!”

Eddie interrupted Richie’s attempt at flirting and, while rolling his eyes, turned back to his conversation with Stan. “Jeez, get the hint, you dumb ass.”

Richie huffed and crossed his arms. “Whatever, you’re just jealous of my amazing charms with the women!” He protested, looking over to Bev for support. “Right, Bev?”

Bev chucked and shrugged at Richie. “Well…”

Richie stared dumbfounded. You see, it was just a normal day down by the Quarry, all the losers joking around by the cliff. Apart from you. They were still waiting for you, as you were (as usual) running late. This had unfortunately led to Richie practicing his pick up lines to himself, imagining you were there and making himself look quite foolish.

The losers were sick of it. They all though they definitely knew that you didn’t like him back, and some of them honestly felt bad about all of the effort he was going to to get you to like him. It was all of nothing, honestly.

Meanwhile, you were walking towards the Barrens, pushing your bike by the side of you and basking in the warm sun. You began to hear some distant voices, the voices of your friends. A grin spread across your face as you sped up your strolling and headed towards the direction of the voices.

The voices began to become more clear and less muffled. You were now able to hear their conversation.

“Honestly Richie, there’s no point. She’ll never like you back and that’s that, got it?” Eddie exclaimed, sitting on the ground under the shade of a huge oak tree.

Richie sighed and replied back “y-you don’t know that, Eds!”

“You’re sounding like Bill, now.” Smirked Mike, as Eddie muttered under his breath an annoyed “don’t call me, Eds!”

Richie turned to Bill and Stan, and said almost in a pleading tone “They don’t know what they’re fucking saying, right? There’s still a chance Y/N could like me… right?”

They both sighed and looked at him pityingly. “Don’t get your hopes up, Trashmouth.” Stan replied.

Hearing all of this, you stopped dead in your tracks. They all though you didn’t like him back?


He liked you back?!

Oh my gosh. And now he doesn’t think you like him back! Shit. Without even thinking about it, you walked out from the trees, slinging your bike down next to Eddie causing him to jump in surprise.

“God Y/N/N, you scared the hell out of me!” He cried, shaking his head at you.

You grinned down at him and looked out at everyone else. “Sorry I’m so late, my mum needed me to do the washing.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck.

Richie smirked and walked over to you. “Well, I know something else you could DO right now.” He flirted.

You looked him dead in the eyes, finally plucking up the courage to retaliate.

“Is that an invitation, Trashmouth?” You teased.

There were shocked gasps among the group of teens as a dark blush settled on Richie’s freckled cheeks. Normally, you would simply ignore him while your face flushed and everyone scolded Richie for embarrassing you. But the game had changed, and Richie was now the one left speechless.

The entire day carried on like this, Richie trying his hand at flirting, and you responding leading to a crimson Richie.

“Nice legs, when’d they open?”

“Way past your bed time, sorry.” Cue screeching from everyone.

“Screw me if I’m wrong, but you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

“No, but I definitely would love to screw you right now.”

“Are those things real???”

“Realer then your mum.”

It went on and on, and at first it was pretty funny, but the losers were quickly getting bored of your constant flirting and honestly just wanted you two to confess and get it over with. Soon enough, one by one, the losers left. Leaving you and Richie alone.

You were both just sitting in a really comfortable silence, your head in his chest while looking up to the stars. Throughout the entire day, all of Richie’s pickup lines had been super explicit and dirty.

So, Richie was thinking, which was never a good idea. Especially when he was trying to think romantic. Of all the pickup lines he had memorised, he couldn’t think of a single one that would be cute in this moment.

You could feel his breath hitch as your head shifted to look up at his face. Thoughts were running through both of your heads as you looked into each others eyes.

“Hey, Richie?”


Your faces were getting closer and closer, lips only a centimetre apart and then…

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

A pause.

Richie blinked at you. And then a wide smirk crossed his lips as he pulled you in for a kiss.

“God, you’re such a dork.” He whispered against your lips.


Sequel PL vs PW where Layton gets framed for a murder (which Maya got accused of first because she always does), but he gets bored from the lack of puzzles in jail and breaks out to solve the crime with Pheonix and then comedic manhunt hijinks ensue and it’s stupid and shut up I can dream

on a side note I absolutely did not have the time to do these.

Bet on It

Summary: Tom tries not to curse for a whole 24 hours.

Tom has a habit of cursing. A lot. Whether it was when you two were watching a scary movie (”FUCK! Shit, no, no. Don’t go in that door, you fucking idiot!”), watching you get ready for a date (”Holy shit, you look absolutely stunning.”), in interviews (”I literally, like, ate shit… sorry Sony.”), playing video games with his brothers (”Fuck OFF, Sam! And… Harry, stop being a dick.”), basically all the time (”Babe, I can’t help it. I’m from England, it’s what we do!”).

There wasn’t anything wrong with it, and you didn’t mind. It was cute, a part of his charm.

When you two were cleaning up your breakfast dishes, Tom cried out: “Fuck!” which was closely followed by a clatter of glass hitting the floor.

“Shit, sorry, babe. I broke a glass. Look, it’s not my fault though,” he said, trying to save himself.

You sighed gently and turned to find a dustpan and broom: “What do you mean it’s not your fault? You’re the one who dropped the glass?” you asked, laughing.

“Fuck, sorry. I’m an idiot,” he said, standing in the same spot while you began to clean up his mess.

“That you are, Holland,” you teased.

“Fuck off.”

“I sometimes wonder if a day goes by where you don’t react to things by cursing,” you wondered, throwing away the glass. “You know what’s a good idea?” your face lit up. “I bet you that you can’t go a whole 24 hours without cursing.”

“What does the winner get?” Tom asked, intrigued and always up for some competition.

“50 pounds, bragging rights… Maybe something else later,” you jokingly winked.

“Oh, it’s on, darling,” Tom shook your hand. “Set the alarm now. This time tomorrow you’ll be fishing 50 pounds from your pocket.”

You wanted to win the bet. Not necessarily for the money, it was really a pride thing.

During the rest of the day and night, you tried everything in your power to catch Tom slipping. One of the most entertaining parts of the bet was seeing what alternatives to curse words he chose.

You waited in a dark corner to yell and scare him, resulting in him yelling, “AH! Ff–rick! Don’t do that!”

You suggested watching a scary movie, as Tom could never resist yelling at the two dimensional people on the screen. This resulted in him stuffing his mouth with popcorn and his fist to try and resist the urge to curse out the characters.

When getting ready for bed, you teased him, badly.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing, babe. It won’t work,” Tom said.

“What? I’m not doing anything,” you said, acting clueless. You were changing into your pajamas, shedding your clothes, revealing your lace underwear and bra set.

Tom moaned in protest, “Don’t do this… stuff to me right now. I’m weak! Did you flipping change into that? While we were watching the movie?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Holland,” you smirked, getting into your pajama bottoms and top and joining Tom in bed. “I told you I had to go to the bathroom.”

“Listen, I’m going to win this bet. And, the only way I can do that is if I go to bed right now. So, I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight, I love you,” he turned to kiss you. You leaned it, but just as his lips were about to press into yours, you slowly backed away.

“I’ll give you a kiss if you win the bet,” you said.

He grumbled in protest: “I can’t wait until this is over.”

The next morning, you and Tom were able to sleep in. An alarm woke both of you up, but, I didn’t set an alarm, you thought. Shit, that was the bet, wasn’t it?

“Ugh, Tom,” you said, groggily. “I think the bet’s ove–”

“FUCK YEAH IT IS!” he yelled, fully awake now, fist pumping in the air. “I won! I won! I went a whole 24 hours, babe. Please crown me victor and pay up. Now, for the bragging… I just wanted to say you’re a teasing little shit, aren’t you? You lost! I won! I can’t believe I did that! I’m so fucking proud of myself. I’m the shit! Woo!” he rambled. “Now… for that little something else?”

Tags for these lovely ladies!: @lovelyimagines @tomshollandss @hufflepuffholland@itsybitsypetey@thesprintersoldier


[PR_SS] Arie Hairstyles! (7.6 MB) 

Hello everyone! How are you!? Yesterday i mashup two cute hairs!! Shaved bun from Get to Work and a Bang from Base game!!! I love this hair a lot! This is my second mashup, im happy i learn how to do this x)! And its Base game compatible!!!


  • Base Game Compatible!
  • 18 base game texture colors
  • Test in game
  • No glitch or other errors
  • Female only!
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Recoloring allowed but not include the mesh!!
  • Download HERE! (simfileshare thank God!)
  • I put the GTW mesh in BG hair mesh sooo is the hair is Base game but, if something don’t work. YOU need Get to work!! Sorry

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims or mysims4screenshots and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

Truth or Dare?

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the avengers are playing truth or dare and the reader gets dared to give Bucky a lap dance since he’s never had one and the reader gets really embarrassed because she thinks he doesn’t like her since Bucky never really talks to her but he’s actually secretly in love with her?

Summary: Basically what the request its; you give Bucky a lap dance and you get embarrassed ;)

Warnings: Fluff and kinda angst ?

A/N: I love doing requests! Also, if I don’t get to yours right away it’s most likely because I’m busy with homework / I’m doing research for the request. I finished my homework for today so I have some free time hence why I’ve been basically bleeding these fanfictions. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii!! I Loove sono much your blog 💕 I would have never immagined that two of my favourite things could exist together and you always do an amazing jog. I've watched the new Run episode and I was wondering if there is anything in Tae chart that explain his cheating habit, because It isn't the first time for him breaking rules during games ^ㅅ^ . Sorry if I wrote something wrong in English

people say scorpios are the most ruthless when it comes to competition but i think capricorns take the cake. they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if that includes bending a few rules. it just shows how intelligent he is with that mercury conjunct uranus, always finding unique solutions that the others don’t. and isn’t that one of the qualities a good special agent should possess? 🤔 we love a cunning man!

  • Dan: well played Arin
  • Arin: what
  • Dan: as, as that last episode ended, i was like, "oh, can i..." hehehe... "do you mind if i respond to this text message?" and Arin was like "sure go ahead." and as i;m - as i'm texting, i get a text FROM ARIN that says,.. wehehehe, it says -
  • Arin: no, i said, i said ill take the time to respond to a text of my own
  • Dan: oh yeheheh thats right! and then i get a text from arin that says, "yeah hes responding to text messages, wasting my fucking time" followed by "sorry wrong person"
You Have Me

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Word count: 2170

Characters: Finnick x reader

Warnings: Flashbacks to the reader murdering someone, general Hunger Games issues, references to depression

Summary: You fall in love with Finnick after you win the Hunger Games.

You walked into the Victor’s Village alone, twisting your hands together unconsciously.  You had sent the camera crews away as soon as you could, because having a swarm of cameras pointing at you still felt strange.

Huh. You’d killed people, and it was the cameras that bothered you. That probably just showed the type of person you’d become.

Victor’s Village was quieter than you’d though it would be. At least it meant that you wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, though. It had been so long since you had a moment to yourself.

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Wrong room

I have fallen so deep into this snake eyes (or devil dice idk) ship that I have written something for it! Welp, may as well let you guys read it and fyi this is THE CLOSEST i will ever get to doing full nsfw. Anyway, on with the show!

Mugman and cuphead knew that the casino was big but not this big! They had been searching for the devil’s battle room for a while now and every room they had checked along the ever expanding hallway, had either held poker tables or slot machines.

“Aw c'mon cuphead! My legs are gonna fall off if we keep goin’ up stairs and down hallways! Cant we take a break?” mugman whined as they closed yet another door. Cuphead shook his head.

“No can do brother! We gotta find that dastardly demon and sock ‘em in the kisser fer makin’ us do his dirty work! Maybe it’s this room?”

Cuphead was about to open another door when they heard a scream. It came from the very end of the hallway.

“Someone’s in trouble brother! We gotta help 'em!” mugman exclaimed.

“Or there’s a swingin’ party and we aint invited! Let’s crash it!” cuphead said as he ran down the hallway.

“Hey! Wait up!” mugman said following the other.

After running for what felt like an hour the two brothers skidded to a stop.

“Now which one of these doors is it?” cuphead said. Mugman tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the door with flaming torches on either side and a sign that said,’ Devil’s Domain’.

“That might be it.” he said and cuphead nodded. Mugman went to push on the door but there was that scream again but this time it was followed by a….moan? The toon put the side of his cup to the door to listen and his eyes widened.

“Ah..ah…ung…ah l-luci…(smack!) Ah!”

“That’s boss in this room dice head.”

“Mph! Yes…ah b-boss. that again.”

“(Chuckle) What? This?”

A loud smack was heard and mugman’s porcelain face turned red.

“AH! Yes..please boss…again!”

“Quiet! You dont give the orders, I do.”

“Ung…yes b-boss.”

Mugman couldnt take it. He fell over onto the floor, steam coming out of his cup and his face red. Cuphead leaned over him and raised an eyebrow.

“Brother? You okay?”

“Wrong door.”


@sevenpabosandabunchoffans said : BTS, “You’re on” smut 

A/N: this is from my “free week”… which was like five months ago… I’m sorry oml.

Namjoon: You’d been trying to work Namjoon up all day. You’d tried everything from innocently sitting on his lap, to literally grinding against him. However, he’d remained calm and composed throughout the entire ordeal until you’d huffed and decided to give up, going to stand up from his lap. His hands came up to grip your hips tightly, pulling you back on top of him. His lips brushed against your ear lightly, his breath hot.

“If you think you’re going to get away with teasing me all day, you’re wrong Y/N. We need to finish this little game of yours.”

“You’re on Namjoon…”

Originally posted by yoonseok

Seokjin: You’d made a bet with Seokjin to see who could last the longest without sex. He’s simply said, “You’re on”, his voice low and taunting. He knew you wouldn’t last. He was planning on making you frustrated every chance he got. He was subtle: ghosting his hands over your sides, walking around shirtless, grinding against you lightly when he kissed you. Honestly, it was driving you crazy, so crazy that you finally took charge one night, not caring that you’d lost the bet.

“I knew you couldn’t last Y/N.”

Originally posted by fawnave

Yoongi: You’d been trying to keep your moans quiet all night. The other members had come back to the dorm earlier than expected and, to be completely honest, you were a little embarrassed about the current situation. Yoongi became more frustrated with each moan you swallowed.

“Baby, I’m going to make you scream my name by the end of night.”

Yoongi’s hips snapped up, making you let out a gasp. However, your stubborn and competitive side wouldn’t let you give in.

“You’re on.”

Originally posted by beui

Hoseok: He’d been trying to get you to dance with him for what seemed like forever and finally you’d agreed. You knew he was trying to work you up by the way he kept grinding against you lightly, but you were determined not to let him. Yet every time he pulled you closer to him, you felt your resolution weaken. 

“I know what you’re doing…” you mumbled, deciding to play a few games of your own.

Hoseok simply hummed in response, grinding against you harder. The dance session had changed into something much different… not that you were complaining.

“Think you can last Y/N? Or do you want to stop?” Hoseok asked, a smirk plastered on his face, his voice sweet, yet taunting.

“I can last… but can you?” you teased, pushing back against him.

“You’re on baby.”

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Taehyung: Whenever you had teased Taehyung before, he’d always gotten flustered and become submissive. However, today was different. Today there seemed to be an unspoken challenge, a silent you’re on about who could tease the other to their breaking point. You were determined not to lose, but Taehyung wasn’t letting up. His hand gripped one of your thighs, his fingers ghosting over the inside of it. The only thought on your mind was what his fingers could do to you…

“Give up Y/N?” 

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Jimin: You’d been teasing him before he had to go on stage and perform. He was more than bothered, his pants uncomfortably tight. He wasn’t angry, but he was going to give you a little payback.

He walked by you to go on stage, whispering, “You’re on baby. I’m going to make you wish you’d never teased me.”

He kept his promise, making you unbelievably turned on with his dancing. You needed him, though you were hesitant to admit it. However, when you did tell him the effect he had on you, he simply smirked.

“Oh no Y/N. You’re going to have to beg.”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Jungkook: He was frustratingly hard…. hard to rile up that is. He was always able to make you uncomfortably turned on in public, yet you never seemed to be able to have the same effect on him. So you decided to make it a competition to see who could rile up the other more, knowing Jungkook would never turn it down. 

When you proposed your idea to him, he simply smirked at you.

“You’re on Y/N. But are you sure you can handle it?”

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derrekshales  asked:

congrats on the followers zoë!!! i'm terrible with prompts but if you could do something for andreil + dealing with the press (make it as angsty as you want) that would be great :) (sorry this is super vague i know) - kayleighsday

thank you!! this is a great prompt and i spent way too long thinking about it and trying to get it right! i really hope you like it!


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Neil wasn’t sure exactly how it was supposed to happen but he knew this was all wrong. Perhaps it would have been in an interview, him and Andrew sat side by side, or maybe a statement at the end of a game. It wasn’t a picture of the two of them in a dark corner of Eden’s Twilight plastered against the front cover of every gossip magazine in the country, their names trending on every social media site. It certainly wasn’t countless reporters and paparazzi camped outside their flat, chanting his name as though calling him to a sacrifice.

They’d been stupid. They’d thought they’d be safe in Columbia. They’d always been safe in Columbia, the flashing lights and the loud music of Eden’s Twilight hiding a multitude of sins. Not that they were hiding. Not that they were sin. It was easier though. Simple. He’d once told Nicky “our relationship is ours, not theirs” when he’d asked Neil whether he cared that Andrew displayed nothing other than complete apathy towards him in public the majority of the time. Now though? Well now their relationship was the whole country’s, the whole world’s, and it made him feel sick to pit of his stomach.

He’d called Andrew the second he’d seen the first news article. “Don’t leave the flat” was all Andrew had said before he’d hung up. He’d be back as soon as he could. Neil knew that but he also knew he was thirty minutes away and that he had to get through the crowd which stretched from their front door down to the road and across it, causing a build-up of cars as they blocked the road in their desperation to be the first to get a statement from either he or Andrew. Thirty minutes was too long to be left with nothing but his own thoughts for company and so he’d done something he rarely did. He’d retrieved the unopened bottle of vodka in the fridge.

He’d always used to wonder how Kevin could drink the stuff like it was water. He’d judged the striker for the way he’d turn to alcohol the first time anything got difficult, drowning his fears rather than facing them head on. Neil has spent his childhood running. The Foxes had put a stop to that, had given him a reason to stay and a reason to fight even when his fears threatened to swallow him whole. He couldn’t face this fear though because this wasn’t just about him. This was about Andrew. He would do anything to keep Andrew safe and he’d failed.

In the end, Andrew somehow managed to make it home in twenty minutes. It may have been sooner than expected but it was enough time for Neil to get through more of the vodka than he should have. When Andrew came through the front door, Neil was slumped on the sofa, the bottle in one hand and his phone in the other. He’d never been good at leaving wounds to heal. Maybe that’s why he’d found himself searching their names and scrolling through the countless articles, countless comments, countless tweets about them. Even when Andrew silently crossed the room he couldn’t stop himself from poking at the injury. Every word he read had the knife in his chest twisting a little more, the hand around his lungs squeezing a little tighter, the sickness in his stomach growing a little stronger. It didn’t matter if the words were positive or negative, each one elicited the same response. They should never have been written. They should have never known.

The sofa dipped as Andrew sat beside him but he still didn’t speak. The only noise he made was one of disgust as he ripped the phone from Neil’s hand and sent it skidding across the floor away from them before leaning forward to take the bottle. Lifting it to his lips, he took a swig of it only to then put it on the floor, out of reach. And then he did what Andrew did best. He sat in silence and stared straight ahead. His hands were resting on his thighs, fingers slightly curled as they dug into his skin through his jeans. Neil took in every tense line of Andrew’s body. The hard set to his shoulders, the clenched jaw, the unblinking stare. It was a position Neil knew well but it had never been directed at him before.

Seconds ticked by. He counted them in his head. When he reached sixty-seven Andrew still hadn’t spoken to him. The silence was killing him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I—”

“If you wanted sympathy, you should have phoned Nicky.”

It was a no more blunt statement than anything Andrew usually said but here, now, on the wrong side of a bottle of vodka and with the sounds of the reporters outside seeping in to their home, the harshness had him flinch. Their relationship wasn’t one of crying on each other’s shoulders and it wasn’t one of telling each other everything was going to be okay. They dragged each other up off the ground, put themselves back on their feet and pushed themselves to keep walking when all they wanted to do was give up. It was an acknowledgement that no, everything might not be okay, but it was better than the alternative and at least they were together.

Usually it was what he wanted. Today, though, he needed a little softness.


For the first time since arriving home, Andrew turned to look at him. Really look at him. It was as if Andrew could read his mind just by looking at his face. Perhaps he could; Neil didn’t know what truths his fears and the vodka had painted on his expression. Whatever Andrew saw, it had him reaching out and roughly pulling him forward into a hug. Neil kept his hands at his side but he buried his face against Andrew’s shoulder.

“Do you remember when they found out about Nathaniel?”

Neil nodded once.

“Do you remember when they found out about Drake?”

Another nod, smaller this time.

“Do you remember when they found out about Seth? Or the ski trip? Or Moreau leaving? Or any of the other shit that happened?”

A third nod.

“They’re vultures. They pick at the bones until there’s no meat left and then they move on.”

Silence for a few seconds and then, “I didn’t want them to find out like this.”

“We don’t always get what we want, Josten. You know that as well as I do.”

Neil pulled back just enough to look up at Andrew’s face. “What are we going to do?”

“What we always do. We’re going to keep going.”


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