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@i-am-your-highlady - hoot hoot bitches

@bowdownhumans - sushi is my favorite food

@gayeclipse @fiercehowell @energeticwarrior @pansexualphil @nasaphil @volcaniclester @angelphannie @lovebirdlester @lesterp @starinorbit @becausedodie - phetus weirdos (or their names individually)

@helllointernet - bear

anons answered- mischief managed

queue- that’s what happens when queue go fast queue idiot

my selfies- look it’s my face

my friends’ selfies- look it’s their faces

personal/rants- no one cares liza

aesthetic- i like pretty things

stuff i do- my crap

dan and phil- no homo bro

dan- soft squish in overalls

phil- vampire child

tagged- look i have friends

let me know if you want a tag but that only if i interact with u regularly, but even then it’ll probably just be your name/url

(i’ll be continually adding to this in case i forget stuff)


tagged by @stariousfalls to do 9 selfies from 2016 ! >:o tysm !!

tagging (but only if you want to!) : @kinikxluna @chanthehuman @theawesomeadventurer @tateratots @tropicoola @itsonlyfi @teal-girl @thewinterwulf @galactibun @heteromarceline @elasticitymudflap @thecooler @eva-chi @p-uppystars (and whoever sees this and wants to do it go ahead !)


finally finished those Crow Crew tattoos ˂⁽ˈ₍ ⁾˲₎₌

oh and ~~

There’s not a particular reason for me to be doing this, consider it as an appreciation post for you all  ♥ I love you all!
ps: forgive me for my image editing skills

Bolded: Buddies who have an endless patience for me and my rants




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i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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Actually Accurate Signs as RT Employees
  • Aries: James Willems (April 6)
  • Taurus: Ashley Jenkins (May 3), Miles Luna (April 24), Kerry Shawcross (May 1), Blaine Gibson (May 14)
  • Gemini: Geoff Ramsey (June 19), Gavin Free (May 23), Jeremy Dooley (June 4), Matt Bragg (June 6), Adam Ellis (June 7)
  • Cancer: Barbara Dunkelman (July 2)
  • Leo: Michael Jones (July 24), Adam Baird (August 14), Bruce Greene (August 12), Sean Poole (August 18), Matt Peake (July 24)
  • Virgo: Joel Heyman (September 16), Jon Risinger (September 12), Lindsay Jones (September 6)
  • Libra: Matt Hullum (September 29), Caleb Denecour (October 8), Arryn Zech (October 4), Joel Rubin (September 23)
  • Scorpio: Kdin Jenzen (November 14), Jordan Cwierz (October 23)
  • Sagittarius: Ryan Haywood (December 6)
  • Capricorn: Burnie Burns (January 19), Jack Patillo (January 3), Chris Demarais (January 18), Lawrence Sonntag (January 7)
  • Aquarius: Aaron Marquis (February 7), Brandon Farmahini (February 12)
  • Pisces: Meg Turney (March 12), Gus Sorola (Febuary 22), Steffie Hardy (February 23), Adam Kovic (February 20)
2016 in Gratitude

I know 2016 has been a rough year on a lot of people, it certainly wasn’t easy on me either. But throughout this year I’ve been in contact with so many lovely, wonderful, amazing people that made surviving this year very much worthwhile.

So I want to take a moment to thank these people below the cut. I’m going to try my best not to forget anyone, but if I do I’m truly sorry. That being said, each and every one of you is a blessing and a gift and I am so very grateful for you!

Happy New Year, lovelies! Let’s make the most of it! <3

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This is about you. Yes, you!

For all those who tagged me in G/Valentine’s posts, THANK YOU. I saw them I read them. They were the sweetest. And now I want to say something to you (and others I am tagging) (and basically everyone because this is for you even if I don’t know you).

@hamartiamacguffin @babypieandwhiskey @myfand0msandm0re @impala-dreamer @jpadjackles @growningupgeek 

You are amazing. Yes, you! Despite what you say about yourself or what others do or say, you are amazing. You are magic. You are the bomb. You are talented. And you are loved, by me and by all of the other amazing Tumblr people you have met. 

Yes, some of us get insulted sometimes. We get hate mail and rude comments, but those can’t cancel out the awesomeness that we are or the love that we have for each other. It’s like someone trying to shout at you during a rock concert. It’s so irrelevant it’s almost comical. 

So here’s to drowning out that ridiculousness some more and to supporting each other in this crazy SPN family. It may be the day after Valentine’s, but it’s always a good time to spread some love!

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Your Heart’s Desire

a very late submission to @tmntflashfic‘s valentine’s day prompt thing, since it got insanely long, and has to be broken up into parts. I’ll post the next part within a few days.

Master Post of Chapters.


In which Casey makes a lot of bad decisions, buys more groceries than he wants to, deals with his own mistakes, makes a bad drunk decision, almost dies more than once, falls in love, and summons a demon.

Not in that order.

Chapter One. 

Casey heard his alarm sound, and he rolled over to slap the snooze. However, his had made contact with something… not plastic.

Casey grumbled, refusing to open his eyes yet. Too early, it was way too early… too much hangover, not enough sleep…

He slapped the thing again, trying to find his alarm clock.

“Quit it before I bite your hand off,” Someone growled.

Casey’s eyes snapped open, and he yanked his hand away so fast it smacked the wall behind him. Tangling his legs in his sheets as he did, he scrambled into sitting position.

There was someone in his room. Sitting by his bed. A pair of acidic green eyes glared back at him, standing out against the man’s darker skin.

“Wha- what the hell’re you doing in my house?!” Casey yelped.

The man glared harder, sneering at Casey. “You’re the one who brought me here!”

Casey frantically tried to recall if he’d brought a dude home with him last night, and failed.

“Shit- did I really?” He said, wincing apologetically. “God, I was so smashed last night, I can’t remember anything.”

The man gave him a look of disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You can’t remember anything?”

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anonymous asked:

do you have any 17 blog recs?

hello sunshine~~ i actually answered a similar ask here
but i’ll recommend a few more along with that ask ^ ^

@najmooni @kwon-grandma @junhue @blondkwan @blondshua @josshuahong @channosaurus-rex @dinope @cheolsgirl @chae-seung @jeonghan-1004svt @svtcarat1004 @healinghoshi @hit-the-kwon @hiccup-hoshi @wonswooning @wonwoozi @woozifi @booseuksoon @wonnmoo @junhuisass @themoonjunhui @suga-frost @97skmn @iludk @shinin-diamond

that was way more than a few ahhaha but hopefully that’s a start for you sunshine! and please do keep in mind some might be a tad multifandom

To: You…you now if you want…

From: Garbage

Happy Valentine’s Day