sorry for eavesdropping

Cassandra: She was looking for them after they wandered away from camp in the early morning, to retrieve them so they could hit the road. She stopped short when she heard singing, beautiful singing, coming from somewhere nearby. She followed it and watched as the Inquisitor picked elfroot and sang with the most beautiful voice she had ever heard. The Seeker’s breath hitched, and she dared not interrupt the Inquisitor as she stared and listened in silence. The Inquisitor finally turned and saw her staring, wide-eyed, jaw dropped. They stop and turned red in the face as Cassandra sheepishly smiled at them. “I’m sorry to eavesdrop, but you just have such a wonderful voice. Perhaps you would like to sing again later, in camp?” she pleaded, jittery with hope and excitement as they shyly nodded in assent. If Romanced: “Oh, my love, that was…” She beamed. “That was perfect. I would… appreciate it if you sang for me, sometime.” From then on, when they are alone, the Inquisitor often sings to her as she cuddles with him, in utter bliss.

Blackwall: He was baffled when he heard a most beautiful singing voice coming from the stables as he walked back to the barn. He smiled as he nods his head along to the tune and looked around the corner for the owner of the voice. He almost gasped in shock when he saw the Inquisitor tending to their horse, peacefully singing a tune. They stopped, embarrassed, when they notice Blackwall, who smiled again. “Ah, please, don’t stop on account of me,” he reassured, “you have a great voice. It brings a little light into Skyhold. You ought to sing in the tavern sometime!” If Romanced: “My Lady, that was… that was breathtaking.” he said when he was finally able to speak again. “Please, would you be willing to sing again, sometime? You have the most beautiful voice.”

Iron Bull: He heard them sing for the first time when they join in with the Chargers singing their theme song in the tavern one night. The Chargers stop, stare, and listen, Bull included. The Inquisitor, flustered, stopped and before they could even ask what was wrong, the Chargers all groan in unison and egg them on to keep singing. Bull whistled. “Damn, Boss. Come on, keep going! You sounded fan-fucking-tastic.” Sheepishly, the Inquisitor carried on, and all listened and cheered at the end of the song. Bull pats their back and offers a drink on him. “Niiice. One more song? Please?” If Romanced: As soon as they’re done singing, the Inquisitor gave him a playful wink, and he growled lowly, picked them up, and dragged them upstairs. The others cried out in protest– they wanted to hear more– but neither the Inquisitor or Bull cared. Bull had never been this attracted to a voice before.

Sera: She went up to their room to find them to ask if they wanted to go pranking around Skyhold when she heard them. Her eyes widened, and she grinned, almost forgetting the pranks altogether. At the top of the stairs, she found the Inquisitor singing, carefree, as they sat at their desk doing work. They stopped, blushing as they realized there was someone listening. Sera, in turn, pouted as they stopped. “What are you stopping for?! I want to hear the rest!" If Romanced: "Oooh, seren… serenading me, yeah?” she teased as she came up. The Inquisitor doesn’t stop; she just smiled at the sight of her girlfriend and kept going. When she’s done, Sera kissed her and giggled. “You’re not only nice on the eyes. You’re nice in your voice too. Everything about you is nice.”

Varric: The Inquisitor was playing Wicked Grace with him and a table of their companions, and they lost the round. They get dared to sing, and they do it, albeit reluctantly. He never expected them to be such a wonderful singer, however, as the beautiful melody rings through the air. By the time it’s over, he just stares at them, a million words in his head, but all that came out was. “Shit. Wow.”

Cole: He saw and heard their memories of singing before, happy and carefree. He then approached the Inquisitor with a request. “Lifting, flying, free and beautiful, your voice can help people. You should sing. It will make them happy.” The Inquisitor, baffled, asked who is “them,” to which Cole calmly answered: “Everyone.”

Vivienne: She heard the Inquisitor singing to themselves in their room as she went up to speak to them, and she stopped and listened. A grin crawled onto her face, and when it was over, she carried on up the stairs. “Bravo, my dear,” she praised, “we really ought to hold a musical salon sometime. Your voice could enchant almost anyone.”

Like Cassandra, he went off to find them and bring them back to camp when he heard them singing. He follows the voice, curious, and beamed at the sight of the Inquisitor, who stopped short when they saw him. The man laughed and began to clap vigorously. “Bravo, Inquisitor! Encore! Oh, don’t be embarrassed, your voice is outstanding. It almost puts mine to shame.” If Romanced: His eyes glittered with awe as he listened, taken aback by the song. When his lover noticed him finally, he nodded, encouraging them to finish the song. When it was over, he sighed dreamily. “Why don’t you sing for me more often, hmm? That velvety voice of yours… it’s powerful. In more ways than one.”

Solas: He caught the Inquisitor singing in the early morning one day, when no one was in the garden, as they tended to some of the plants. He was taken aback briefly by the beauty of their voice, and when he finally chose to enter the garden, he smiled at their bewildered expression. “Please, don’t stop. Your voice shouldn’t be hidden. You have quite the talent.” If Romanced: Lavellan sang to him one evening as they sat and watched the stars, and a blissful smile found its way to his face. They began to sing together in Elvhen, of an old song nearly lost to the ages. He loves to teach her songs, and together, they sing. One night, Sera heard them and gagged. “Eww. Elfy elf music– just do it already. Away from here.” It doesn’t stop them at all.

Leliana: She found them in the library downstairs by the storage room one day singing as they picked through the dusty old books. The spymaster had meant to find them to talk about some of her agents and plans, but the woman stopped to listen in the shadows. Finally, when they finished singing, she entered the old library, calm and cool as ever, though her eyes were lit up. “Impressive,” she remarked calmly, “you’d make an excellent bard.”

Josephine: When it reached the time a war table meeting was to be held, she arrived earlier than usual, and stopped in the hall at the muffled sound of the Inquisitor singing. Gasping gently, she inched forward and gingerly pushed the door open, so she could better hear the beautiful sounds coming from the Herald. She covered her gaping mouth in shock with her loose hand as she listened, utterly enraptured. The Inquisitor eventually noticed her in the doorway, and they stop, mortified. Josephine frowned as they stopped. “I beg your pardon, Inquisitor! It’s just… you have the loveliest voice.” If Romanced: “Oh, my love!” she declared, beaming at them, cheeks going red. “Please, don’t stop! I already yearn for more of your beautiful voice. Please, won’t you sing for me sometime?”

Cullen: He was looking around Skyhold for the Inquisitor when he heard their voice not far from inside one of the towers. His eyes widened as he followed it to the source, and found the Inquisitor singing, completely unaware of his presence, and he grinned as a small chuckle escaped him. The Inquisitor stopped and stared at him, bewildered, and he feels bad. “Sorry, Inquisitor.” he apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. “Your voice is quite good. I apologize for eavesdropping.” If Romanced: “I… er… I… wow.” It was all he could manage at first; he was just so blown away by his girlfriend’s beautiful voice. His lover giggled and began singing another song. Cullen soon found himself singing with her, all his concerns forgotten for the moment.


Scout Harding: Wooow, Inquisitor!” she cried in utter excitement as she heard them sing for the first time. She was so giddy, practically jumping for joy as an idea unfurled in her head. “Would you have any interest in joining the Singquisition? We’d knock ‘em dead! Heh. Not literally.”


“I don’t know what to do,” Maddie sighs and studies Westley’s face, hoping for some kind of reaction, but his expression remains as rigid and stiff as the knot in her chest. “I don’t love him anymore,” she continues. “I’m not sure if I ever have. Seeing you again yesterday made that even more clear to me.”

“Why?” he demands in a gruff, suspicious voice.

“I miss you,” Madeleine says as she inches closer to him. “The months we spent together were the best of my life. I’ve never felt so safe and cared for before. I’ve never felt so loved.”

“Are you leaving him?” Westley grunts.

Madeleine hesitates, her eyes dropping to the floor. “I want to, but…”

“But what?”

“…But I’m scared,” she finishes with an embarrassed shrug.

“Scared?” he frowns. “Scared of what?”

“Christopher. My father. My sisters and stepmother. Our country club friends. If I divorce him, I’ll have nothing and no one.”

“You’ll have yourself,” Westley replies. “Your freedom and your pride. Your dignity and self-respect. You’ll have your life back, Madeleine.”

She smiles, delicately tracing her fingers along the curve of his cheek. “Will I have you?” she whispers.

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My experience working at Houdini:

Guests are like “Then he was hooking up with my gurl Nancy and I be like oh HELLLLLLLL NOOOOO. GURL U CAN DO BETTA DAN DAT” in the preshow room

And I’m just standing behind them listening like 

“keep talking…. what happened to Nancy???”