sorry for drawing a lot of depressing stuff lately

hello friends, im really sorry for being inactive here. i have been going through a lot lately. but i will get back to posting soon..!!

pls send me some requests c: i would like to edit some cute stuff next time. its been a while since i last edited anything.

also, i have been meaning to draw blue again, but as depression would have it, im blocked.. lol. i have no guarantee that i will draw straightaway, but if u guys could send me some cute suggestions to my art blog @ztaryoumi thatd be pretty neat c:

i hope u have all been doing well, stay safe <3


Prompt: Lawlight as Doctors, but in this case is more L the doctor taking care of little Light-o who like to help other kids cause he hates bullies (also i hate bullies and troll ppl)

This prompt Lux-mea-lex gave it to me loooooooong time ago in twitter but just now I fill up, im so sorry Lex! sometimes it take me a lot of time to draw something ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ so i hope you like it!

Also im sorry guys I’ve been pretty inactive lately when it comes to draw because I didn’t feel very well, I was having a lot of anxiety and  the worst is that for the two last months my depression was stronger than before (and problems,etc) I couldn’t even draw something decent and i didn’t even want to play online (and im a addict lol) but i think now im fine lol…for now


Talking about other stuff… the tv drama was not so bad, was decent althought still i dont like that L with baby face and k-pop stylish? also…I was expecting a more handsome Soichiro? not dat…..and Watari (if you know spanish or know certain Mexican comedy you would understand this)….he looked like Doctor Chapatin! LOL

 and when child!Light appeared in the TV drama I had to pause the video cuz I almost lost my shit! that was so damn cute!  #MoreChildLight2k15

I better shut up now! LOL 

Feeling a little stressed

Ok so college is hard to me now
I am so busy
The only thing I can do now if I am having a free time ( draw or reblog like stuff) I want to get back to my old hobbies like taking photos and reading 📖 or watching movies with my sister but i can’t because of college ,
I am sorry if I am late or didn’t respond or can’t complete your favorite comic on time ,I am very tired and stressed and I think little by little my depression coming back
All I want to ask form you don’t rush me to draw comics, I know I have a lot I didn’t finish yet, but they will be soon ,they have an ending .
That’s all I want to say and thank you for reading


I have gotten loads of asks, both for this blog and the comic blog, I’m sorry I haven’t answered many of them lately. I am also sorry for not answering many messages on kik or snap chat etc.

I’ve been rather depressed lately and I have a lot of school stuff to do so I don’t have much time for tumblr, but I promise that I do read every single message and I still get very happy when I get so many nice words from people

Also a lot of people have asked if I take requests, the answer is probably no, at least right now, I might still draw some of your requests and ideas if they seem fun or easy to draw, but I wont draw anything that takes too much time because I’m just too tired heh