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400+ Followers Gift!

So we finally hit 400 followers! I know I say it a lot but I want to thank you all once again! I would’ve never in a million years thought I would get to 100 followers yet alone 400! I am just at a loss of words… I am just so excited! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late/procrastinate  on this gift so I started work on it the second (more like hour) I got to 400 followers! Thank you all once again and enjoy!

Download by clicking on the title of the items :D

Game Face Paint

  • standalone item
  • 18 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • found in the facepaint section

Selection Eyeshadows

  • standalone item
  • 18 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • found in the eyeshadow section

Into the Darkness Lip Set (lipstick)

  • standalone item
  • 18 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • found in the lipstick section

Kawaii Tees

  • standalone item
  • 21 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • mesh NOT included, download it here
  • mesh made by @twinksimstress

(sorry if they aren’t that great. it’s like one of the first times I’ve ever recolored clothing for the sims 4)

Celebration Hair (NOT UPDATED)

  • standalone item
  • 18 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • new mesh
  • found in the hair section

Celebration Hair Updated :

I fixed the LODS so that they work for all settings. Sorry for the inconvenience. If it works fine in your game, you don’t have to download this update. If your sims settings isn’t on high, then I recommend downloading the Updated version. IF you do download the updated version, please delete the file from before.

TOU: Don’t reupload these to any sites, don’t claim as your own, please tag me if you use any of these items b/c I would love to see your creations! 

*Please notify me if you run into any problems*

So first off, if you saw the other version of this I posted and then promptly deleted, the reason is that it was too small as an icon and didn’t work. DARN YOU TUMBLR MOBILE. But I wasn’t deterred and went back and made a different version, which looks much nicer. Still, it was inspired by the always wonderful @markired’s icon, (which I adored, by the way.) I thought I needed a change, so here it is. Sorry for any confusion.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 Recap

Somehow I managed to write seven short fics in seven days (Again!) based on prompts issued for the Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017.  And here they are :

Day One - He Took Her Breath Away - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day One (Non-Canon - First Meeting). The first time she saw him, he took her breath away. Literally.

Day Two - The First Date - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Two (Non-Canon - First Date). The difference between a first date and The First Date.

Day Three - Merry Christams, Molly Hooper - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Three (Canon Compliant - Season 2 / Non-Canon - First Kiss). The first time Sherlock kissed Molly, set during the infamous Christmas party in ASiB. (Pre-Sherlolly)

Day Four - Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Four (Non-Canon - First Sleepover/Sleep Together). The many times Sherlock has sought the comfort of Molly Hooper’s bed. (I would rate it a “Hard T” for a brief mention of wanking, sorry)

Day Five - Another Letter to Mary - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Five (Canon Compliant – The Abominable Bride). A sequel of sorts to last year’s Sherlolly Appreciation Week fic “A Letter to Mary”. Pre-Sherlolly versions of Hooper/Holmes.

Day Six - Hi. - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Six(Canon Compliant – Season 4).  Sherlock said he deletes every text that starts with ‘Hi’.  Molly wonders if he’s fibbing.

Day Seven - Shezza’s Missus - A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Seven (Non-Canon - Free Choice).  Molly has a very interesting talk with Bill Wiggins.

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

Renegade Division series: 2 of 8

Im Jaebum. Debt Collector. Trademark Weapon: Colt M1908 pistol. Specialising in the collection and recuperation of losses from his crew. If you don’t give him what he wants, he’ll take something anyway. Overwhelmingly intense but relatively docile when not in the field. Just don’t provoke him.


(Reposting it on my sideblog because I’m going to delete it from my main, so sorry if you’ve already seen this post). So this was my first try at a human!Bill design, that later got tweaked into a more ooc personality (but I still like the 1st version so I’m keeping them both. Actually it’d be interesting to see them interact! )

For this one I tried to stay in character. I like to visualize his human form as a sugar-high five-year-old with attention issues trapped in an adult body. I’d imagine him having an overly expressive body language, acting like a loud dork with a wide grin full of teeth… which can mislead about his true nature as an insane monster with no morality. By the way, everything I made him say here comes from canon.

anonymous asked:

Hi! In your masterlist it says that we can request drabbles and povs from any of the stories. I´m really curious about the first time Taehyung and mc met, since she just appeared inside his house out of nowhere. Thank you in advance if you actually write it !

Okay so, this is the first ever draft I ever wrote for Void and I think I even posted it on here but deleted it very quickly. There are some sentences I´ve included in the other version because I didn´t want to delete this first try of writing the first chapter, so sorry if some bits sound familiar. Also here the mc has a motorbike and stuff but let´s just say she sold it because I discarded the idea of her needing those things after thinking about it.

Anyway, I hope this 4k of nonsense does the job (?) Idk but here´s how they met:

I run my hands through the wet locks of hair making sure every bit of them is covered in shampoo and I relax as I rinse the excess with warm water. Once my hair is washed I hug my knees seeking to increase my body temperature, but the position makes it impossible for the water to reach past my waist, so I lay on my back again. Staring at the cracked ceiling, I hum to an old song trying to avoid my thoughts. The sound of liquid in movement fills the room as I turn inside the bathtub to face the door, and I close my eyes. What if I stayed here forever? I know it´s not a possibility I should even consider, and I reprimand myself for it. Only thirty minutes left.

I walk towards the fridge with just a towel wrapped around my body, and I frown in disappointment when I open it. There´s nothing inside and my stomach twists in both hunger and frustration. I give up after finding out the freezer is just as empty, and I close it with strength that isn´t needed for completing such a simple task. Twenty minutes.

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Fourth of July Picture 1 of 3 yes! Three pics for fourth of July (two posting today, one posting tomorrow, assuming I have more time to scan). Plus a State of Disunion comic and some Space Mermaids (that I also hope to post soon). I was ROCKING this week. 

First Piece of Art:
Hetalia: Happy Birthday Alfred
OK at SOME POINT England has to be an adult and get over things. I would hope. 


, yes
Hi, if you have not noticed I like Hetalia . .  actually specifically I like England and the various versions of the rest British Isles that various amazing people (who have no mostly moved on, sadly) have created and kinda now have my own OCS. I’m sorry if that is not the content you are here for, but it sort of the content that has grabbed my imagination right now, probably as a result of all the OC’s I create for State of Disunion. I have been in an OC mood the last few years.

That said, I can not stress enough. @stateofdisunion is not and never will be related to Hetalia. It was developed independently and with me having like zero idea of what Hetalia was and I do not intend for it to ever cross over, because I honestly it isn’t even really compatible. For starters, none of the SoD cast exists in the real world with humans. LOL  

ETA: Sorry if this seems defensive. I still continue to get occasional BS about what I am drawing. Do the point that it has affected my willingness to post some of my doodles here and what not.
The hosts + Haruhi go on their first date

This was originally a request but I somehow deleted the message ;-; I am very sorry to the user that sent me this.  

I really hope the mobile version didn’t mess up the formatting!  Big thank you to the lovely people at ouranimagines who reblogged my last post and brought me many new beautiful followers :)

Hope you enjoy :)

Hikaru - Hikaru would want to do something a little unorthodox for a first date, like karaoke. He thinks there’s no better way to bond with someone than embarrassing yourself in front of each other. When you arrive at the karaoke bar, your nerves immediately start acting up. You weren’t exactly confident in your singing skills. Hikaru notices this, and promises that he’s much worse than you. He offers you his hand, and you reluctantly take it, following him on stage. Hikaru’s confidence is almost contagious, and you start feeling more comfortable. The opening chords to “Don’t go Breaking my Heart” begin playing, and the two of you begin to sing. Surprisingly, the audience loves you two. At the end, the crowd cheers wildly, and Hikaru looks down on you, beaming.

Kaoru - Kaoru had planned your first date with him even before you accepted the proposal. He had been dreaming of it since the day he met you. Whenever you mentioned a place or an activity you liked, he would be sure to make a mental note of it. Kaoru remembered how you always carry around your little black sketch book. You wouldn’t admit it, but you loved to draw. This gave him the idea to take you to the art gallery. The entire date would be tailored to your interests, Kaoru would want you to enjoy every second of it because he knows if you’re happy, then he is too.

Tamaki - Although Tamaki could certainly afford to bring you to the fanciest restaurants and most extravagant places, he would much rather bring you somewhere sentimental. Even though much of his childhood was spent keeping his mother company indoors, he still fondly remembers the times he spent outdoors. Tamaki would plan a picnic at one of his favourite parks when he was a child. The two of you would spend the date sharing stories about each other’s lives. He would listen intently to everything you had to say, and would ask tons of questions. He absolutely loved getting to know you.

Kyoya - Kyoya would take a very traditional approach to your first date. He would walk to your front porch and take the time to straighten his tie and glasses before knocking on your door. He would offer his courtesies to your parent, or whoever answered your door before asking for you. When you came into sight, his eyes would widen and his jaw would drop, making it difficult to maintain his usual cool composure. After a lovely dinner at the fanciest restaurant in the city, you and Kyoya opt to walk the scenic route back to your house. He makes sure to get you home at a reasonable hour. When you two make it back to your house, he takes your hand and kisses it gently, thanking you for the wonderful evening.

Honey - Honey would suggest taking a cooking class together. He figured it was just like going to a restaurant, but better because he got to taste your very own cooking. You and Honey would follow the instructor’s steps, sampling each other’s cooking as you went along. When your dishes were done, you two would go to a more private location to eat together. Honey would be super impressed with your skills, claiming that you are the “best chef ever!” 

Mori - Since Mori only ever gets to see you at school or with the host club, he was excited to go on a date with you where the two of you could have some privacy. Bringing a canoe, he brought you to one of Japan’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Aoki. You and him worked together to row far into the lake, until there was no land within a 20 mile radius. The two of you sat there calmly, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the silence. You look at how pure the water is, and give Mori a devilish grin as you begin to rock the canoe. He looks surprised for a moment but then he, too flashes a smile as he takes off his shirt and gracefully dives off the boat. The sudden shift of weight causes you to fly off the boat, and you end up in the water with him. The two of you spend the rest of the day in the water, often in a tight embrace.

Haruhi - After finally summoning the courage to ask Haruhi out, you’re delighted to see that she already has a plan in mind for a date. You loved how this girl was always trying to make things easier for you. You and Haruhi make your way to the music festival in town. You two walk around, admiring the different styles of music and discussing your favourite genres. After a while, you get some fast food to eat while sitting down for the final concert as the sun began to set. 

anonymous asked:

(Same prompt)Sorry. Do you mean me? The one who prompted the soldier who brings home their boyfriend in the end, but his parents are unaware of the partners gender at first? I sent it twice because I sent two versions. The first where the parents only find out when they actually show up back home so giving actual tension before acceptance, the second where the parents find out when they are on the way home giving time for internal processing and thus acceptance when they arrive.

No it wasn’t. I do remember the prompt but can’t find it, I must have accidentally deleted it when I was cleaning out the inbox. Feel free to resend it :) sorry for that

As promised, here are the updated defaults; one is a complete rework for my afBodyBohemian/efBodyBohemian/tfBodyWrapSkirt default; another is a file size fix for afBodyDressWeddingHourglass. The rest are all just shoe sound adjustments that match sounds more closely to the outfit used. Please note that the majority of these will not automatically overwrite! I changed my filenaming system to remove all special characters and spaces after a lot of my defaults had already been released, so these new versions use the new naming system; you’ll have to delete the old versions first. (I’m sorry! But I’ve done it for the sake of load times, so that’s a bonus?)

Links in the original posts are also updated to these new versions.

Critical Fix
afBodyBohemian efBodyBohemian tfBodyWrapSkirt (original post)

File Size Fix
afBodyDressWeddingHourglass (original post)

Shoe Sound Adjustments
afBottomMotoPants* (original post)
afBottomShortSkirtBoots (original post)
afBottomSlinkySkirtBoots efBottomSlinkySkirtBoots (original post)
amBodyOpenCoatJeans (original post)
amBodyParkaBoots (original post)
amBodyTrenchcoat (original post)
amBottomShortApron (original post)
efBodyDressLongFormal (original post)
efBodySweaterVest (original post)
efBottomSlacks (original post)
emBodyLeisureSuit (original post)
emBodyLooseOpenCoatPants (original post)
emBodyResortShirtPants (original post)
tfBodyBohemian (original post)
tfBodyDressWrapArm (original post)
tfBodyTech (original post)
tfBottomHipMicroMiniSkirt (original post)
tfBottomShortsCuffSandals (original post)
tfBottomSkirt (original post)
tmBodyChinoise (original post)
tmBodyGoth (original post)
tmBodyGreaser (original post)
tmBodyHipHopBaggy (original post)
tmBodyTech (original post)
tmBodyTightPantsLooseShirt (original post)
umBodyKilt (original post)

* The afBottomMotoPants default fixed here is the second version I did, with the jeans.

stripped: acoustic versions of k-pop songs by female idols and groups
gee/lies/sorry sorry (iu) ❊ touch my body (sistar) ❊ miniskirt (aoa) ❊ dolls (9muses) ❊ first love (ara/raina) ❊ falling in love (2ne1) ❊ fantastic baby (wendy) ❊ tonight (spica) ❊ b.b.b. (subin) ❊ ah (ara/raina) ❊ short hair (aoa) ❊ don’t be happy (mamamoo) ❊ hug me once (girl’s day) ❊ mister (kara) ❊ catallena (orange caramel) ❊ something (girl’s day) ❊ nobody (wonder girls) ❊ be ambitious (dal shabet) ❊ magic girl (ara/raina) ❊ like a cat (aoa) ❊ lonely (2ne1/sungha jung)


[15/01/22 TAO’S WEIBO] 

“my sunshine” movie version, my debut movie, my first time and it was so fun~ i really miss you guys @/黄晓明 @/杨幂 @/一哥黄斌 @/杨文军TV muah~ in the previous post (deleted), i accidentally published while i haven’t finished yet sorry~

My headcanons if the Yoi staff had a to-do-list XD:

Things that are done:

✔️ Create a realistic and good plot.

️✔ Loveable and interesting cast

✔️ Make the main characters gay for each other in the first episode.

✔️ Make them gayer in each episode.

Include a third main character who’s a grumpy child and is basically the adoptive child of the main characters. - Fans are gonna love it.

Like foR REAL LET the ANIME BE GAYER BUT!!! without being over the top or too much of a fan service

✔️ Throw in diverse characters who aren’t some boring stereotypes - we’re not gonna have it! ;-)

Splendid music/OST tracks, beautiful animations, breathtaking choreographies (except that there won’t be solid skating animations - our budget won’t allow it)

✔️ Character developments of some characters

✔️ NO Queerbaiting! - We want it to become the REVOLUTIONARY sports anime in the first place ;) ;)

✔️ Create a healthy, exemplary, loving, well-paced and realistic romantic relationship between two men.

✔️ Anxieties won’t be brushed off but will be dealt seriously

✔️ NO dramas / NO love triangle shit / NO tragedy / NO homophobia / NO annoying heated rivalries like any other sports anime -> basically NO to cliché tropes

✔️ Reveal back story of Viktor until the final stage of the last episodes.

✔️ Make the biggest plot twist ever -  SURPRISE THE FANS bc no way they’re gonna forsee it :P

✔️ Victor falling in love first/having a crush first

✔️ Let them confess their romantic love to each other.

✔️ Let them hug.

✔️ Let them kiss.

✔️ Let them propose to each other. ->Yuuri being the first

✔️ Let them exchange rings.

Let them be ENGAGED.

✔️ Yuuri pole dancing.

Things that aren’t done yet:

⬜ GPF gold medal

⬜ Pair-skating Victuuri

⬜ Celebrating Victor’s birthday

⬜ Victuuri marriage

⬜ Drunken Yuuri stikes again! :P

⬜ Pole dancing Yuuri at his and Vic’s wedding

⬜ Victuuri Honeymoon 

⬜ Adopting Yurio


⬜ Let the fans crave for more

Things that aren’t clear yet:

⬜ Possible 2nd season???

⬜ Possible OVA/s???

EDIT: I deleted the first version since the ballot boxes won’t show up on mobile so here’s the correct version! :D Sorry guys!

(Did I forget anything??XD And I may add some new things after the ending of the anime^^)



I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to stop being lazy and show my fashion children forever. Thanks to @charrwithacamera I’m doing it now.

I have no idea how this event is supposed to be made but I went through the tag, collected some good ideas and I ended up with something like this

So here’s Ethan Lance, Human Daredevil

Ethan was made as a new version of my first human elementalist after I deleted him (sorry, man). He is my guardian’s half-brother and an ex-ascalonian scout. Despite his previous job for the Ebon Vanguard he has no hate towards the charrs (by the six, he even had a relationship with one before ended up with his human fiance). Now when he works for the Order of Whispers he’s rarely seen in Order’s uniform but he definitely loves the colors.

headgear: adventurer’s scarf

shoulders: sneakthief shoulderguards

chest: assassin’s coat

gloves: sneakthief gloves

leggings: assassin’s leggings

boots: assassin’s boots

back:  lightbringer’s pack

weapons: bo, auric daggers