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Actors AU (Please open image in a new tab if it’s too small!)

I know loads of people have probably done this AU already but I wanted to do a short comic on it too. So basically no one died and they’re all actors in DR3. It’s what actually happened, seriously ;w;

Sebaceil Christmas fanfic (on request )

Sorry about its crappy-ness…. I’m really tired ya’ll Part 1

All over London, people had out festive decorations, and colorful lanterns. The streets were filled with delicious smells, and laughter everywhere, but at the Phantomhive manor, it was as gloomy as ever.

Ciel sat in his office, looking out the window at the bright, colorful town lights. but he wasn’t thinking of the people, or of the celebration. His thoughts were consumed by his tall, handsome, and charismatic butler.
A sudden knock on the door interrupted him from his thoughts.
“What do you want?” Shouted Ciel.
“Bocchan. May i come in?”
It was Sebastian.
Ciel Turned towards the door, blushing.
“Um, yes.” He said, trying to collect himself.
As the door opened, Ciel could feel his heartbeat beating more rapidly. Sebastian stepped in, with his long, black tailcoat flowing smoothly of his muscles.
“So, why are you interrupting my work?” Asked Ciel, trying to sound annoyed by Sebastian’s unexpected visit.
“I apologize, Bocchan. Although, may I ask what you are working on?” Sebastian said, as his eyes scanned Ciels Empty desk.
Ciel could feel himself blushing harder.
“Never you mind! Now, please answer my question. What brings you to my office?”
Sebastian smiled, and Ciel felt his heart skip a beat.
“Well, Bocchan, I believe that there is a human holiday called Christmas.” Said Sebastian, walking towards Ciel’s desk.
“What about it?” Snapped Ciel, as he watched Sebastian gracefully stride towards him, his muscles pressing against the fabric in his suit. Ciel Caught Sebastians eye, and he felt his face grow hot.
Sebastian grinned. He loved it when Ciel was flustered.
“I was wondering why you are not celebrating it.” Asked Sebastian, leaning against the desk.
Ciel let out an exasperated sigh. “Christmas is such a childish holiday, and I do not wish to participate in such futility.” Although, despite his words, he felt strangely indifferent to them….this year seemed somehow - different. The lights now made him feel warm, instead of sad, and he couldn’t get the devilish Butler out of his head.
“It does not seem so futile to me.” Said Sebastian. “I believe that if you tried it, you might enjoy yourself, Bocchan.” Sebastian shifted against the desk, smiling as he watched Ciels eyes carefully following his every movement, with with a kind of adorable, bemusing hunger.
Ciel sneered. “And what makes you think this, Sebastian?” He said, noticing every time Sebastian inched closer to him.
“Just a hunch, Bocchan.” Sebastian said.
“you should forget that notion.” Said Ciel, turning towards the window. “As I will never participate.” Ciel felt a tinge of dissapointment as he stared out at the lovely, little lights that illuminated the town, and the festivity that appeared to set the night sky ablaze.
“What if we set a wager, Bocchan?” Asked Sebastian.
Ciel was caught off guard by this.
“What type of wager?” He asked.
Sebastian moved towards Ciel, and Ciel blushed a bright pink, which made Sebastian grin.
“You and I shall enter the town, and celebrate with the townsfolk. And if I can make you smile, by the end of the day, than I have one.” Said Sebastian.
“And what does the winner receive?” Ciel asked, his words catching in his throaght, as Sebastian leaned in towards him.
“One Christmas wish, that the other must fulfill.” Sebastian said, his eyes blazing into ciels, making him feel like his heart was to explode.
“I accept” said Ciel.

Part 2

The town was filled with bright lights, and ornate lanterns hung from every shop and house. Candy bells were strung in every window, street, ceiling, and alley. The sounds of laughter and chatter echoed in Ciels head, and the delicious smells of all the foods and treats wove their way through the air, until try overtook it. The sky was illuminated by the towns glow, but the stars shined bright throughout the festivities, but none as bright or magnificent than the almost tangible glow that seemed to come from Sebastian.
Sebastian turned towards Ciel, his smile seeming gentle, his eyes almost appearing to twinkle.
He took Ciels hand again, guiding him through the street, and Ciel flowed along as if in a dream, keeping in focus Sebastian as everything else around him became a surrounding blur of bright lights and laughter. Sebastian pulled him into a small shop, and stopped. It was a small bakery that Ciel didn’t recognize. Pastel-colored sweets and small shining candy’s lined the store. He could smell the sweet smells as the Baker made more sweets in his oven.
Sebastian walked up to the counter.

“An bag of mixed, and one of those” said Sebastian, pointing to a tray of soft, strawberry cakes, with a flakey chocolate pastry layer held down with custard. Sebastian payed the Baker, and handed the cake and candy to Ciel.
“Thank you-” said Ciel, surprised, yet pleasedI hope that you’ll enjoy my choice" said Sebastian, smiling radiantly. Ciel was very unaccustomed to this side of Sebastian, which he rarely saw. He bit down into the pastry, and his mouth was flooded by an orchestra of sweet perfection making him feel warm. he smiled.
“What?!?!” Said Ciel. Turning indignantly toward Sebastian s him.
“I think I just won.” said Sebastian, smirking. Ciel had been so caught up, that he had completely forgotten the bet. He had smiled! Sebastian turned towards him, and tried to bring Ciels attention back to him.
“How does it taste?” Inquired Sebastian.
Ciel turned towards Sebastian, and held the pastry to his mouth.
“Here.” Said Ciel, Blushing fiercely. Sebastian was taken aback. He stood, face lit with shock.
“Well!?” Snapped Ciel, waving the pastry in front of his face, growing embarrassed. “Oh-uh…. thank you….Bocchan….” Sebastian said, taking a bite. Ciel looked away. “Finally….” he scoffed.
Sebastian looked down at him, locking eyes. He leaned slowly down, bending at the knees, until his face was less than an inch away from Ciels, his breath brushing against Ciels lips.
“You have a few crumbs there, Bocchan….” Sebastian said. He reached up and gently brushed them off, caressing Ciels face. “Now, let’s continue.” Said Sebastian, smiling.


They had been walked around the fair for hours, yet Ciel still filled with energy and life when they returned to the manor. All the servants had already fallen asleep, but Ciel was restless. As sebastian began to undress him, and had lain out Ciels sleep clothes, he suddenly remembered their bet.
“You won” said Ciel.
“Hmm?” Sebastian kept working at the buttons on Ciels vest, not looking up from his work.
“The bet. You won. I smiled.” said Ciel.
Sebastian looked up, not pausing as he removed the vest, and Moved on to Ciels underlying-jacket.
“Oh, yes, that. What about it, Bocchan?” Sebastian said, his eyes returning to Ciels garments.
“Your wish. Your Christmas wish. If you won, you got one Christmas wish - remember?”
Ciel said, tilting his head a bit.
Sebastian stopped suddenly.
“Oh. Yes. That.” He said. He looked up at Ciel, smiling deviously.
“W-well?!” Exclaimed Ciel. “Wh-what do you want?”
Ciel felt his face grow hot.
in response, Sebastian only moved closer to Ciel, smoothly flowing towards him, silently. Still saying nothing, he leaned in, until his body pressed against Ciels, and his face was so close to his, that’s Ciel could feel his heat Flowing between them like electricity. Ciels breath caught in his throat, and he could feels Sebastians lips brush against his, softly at first, and then locking with his, into a tender kiss. Slowly, the kiss grew more passionate, as.Sebastian undressed Ciel and himself. Neither of them said a word - because neither of them needed to. There was such an intimacy between them, that look was a word, and their souls felt as one. Fully undressed, Sebastian began to kiss Ciels neck, slowly moving down his chest, and along his stomach. His light, tender kisses brushed along Ciels soft stomach, making Ciel suck my in a deep breath, collapsing along the bed. Sebastian let out a soft chuckle, and moved down to Ciels pelvis, his breath triggering a torrent of shivers throughout Ciels body. Sebastian carefully grabbed Ciels penis, and delicately put his mouth around it. Ciel let out a soft gasp, closing his eyes tightly. Bemused, Sebastian slowly started sucking at it, starting at a steady rhythm. Ciel dug His nails into his bed sheets, moaning with pleasure and excitement. He was nervous, of course, but he felt unbelievably amazing. Sebastian started to pick up his pace, rapidly going faster, as Ciels heart beat faster in accordance. Ciel could feel his penis start to throb inside of Sebastians warm, moist mouth.
“Nghhhhggg!!!!” Shouted Ciel, as he came in Sebastians mouth. Ciel blushed a dark crimson, mortified by this. Sebastian brought his head up, and swallowed. He licked his lips.
“Bocchan…. are you ready….to have sex?” Asked Sebastian, resting his hand on Ciels leg.
Ciel felt as if he were aflame. He slowly nodded, locking eyes with Sebastian, who began to smile wickedly. Sebastian held his penis, and slowly started to guide it into Ciels anus, as he hunched over him. Ciel bit his lip as he felt Sebastians penis rub against his anus, his heart going faster than he thought possible, as he pumped with adrenaline, fire racing through his veins. “AAAAAA” Ciel screamed, as the tip entered. He could feel it inside, warm, and pulsing. Sebastian stopped. “Bocchan….if this is to much for you - ”
Ciel shook his head, his nails digging even harder into the bed. “N-no. Keep going.” He said, the words choking out through his chest, pushed out through his heart, stopping it’s beat completely for a second, before restating, ad growing more rapid than before. Sebastian pushed inside all the way, and Ciel clenched his teeth, beads of sweat shaking along his body, blazing against his skin, his whole body searing with painful ecstasy …. But for every bit of pain, he was doubled with pleasure, as Sebastian moved in, out, in, out….shaking Ciel, as he moaned with plepleasure, his chest bursting, and his heart trying to leap out. Despite the icy December air, and him being completely unclothed, his skin burned from the fire and flames racing through him, leaping from his every muscle. As he reached his climax, he felt Sebastian pull into him, his muscles taught against his hot, sweating skin, as he came into Ciel. They both collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air.
Undoubtedly, Ciel now loved Christmas. SORRY Sorry about how crappy it is!!!! I’m really tired

Twenty one questions

[ffnet] For hpshipweeks (can’t believe it’s finally jily week yay)

(this was written very quickly with minor edits so sorry for crappy-ness)

The date is September 3rd, and the Head Girl is waiting for the Head Boy to arrive in the west corridor of the second floor at Hogwarts, on which they will take their very first patrol.

The aforementioned Head Girl is bored.

“You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!” sings an off-key Lily as she sits in the corridor, “Do-do do-do do-doooo.” She taps the rhythm on her knees and keeps humming the same line, (the only one she actually knows) over and over until a voice breaks her solo.

“Evans?” James Potter says, walking towards her. Immediately, Lily’s mouth slams shut.

“Hi, Potter.” Pushing herself off the ground, Lily tries to look half dignified and waves awkwardly, slapping herself internally when he raises an arched brow in bemusement. He doesn’t say anything though, to her relief, and so they set off.

“Sorry I was late,” begins James to break the silence, “Peter needed some homework help.”

“S’alright. I was only waiting for a couple of minutes,” says Lily. He runs a hand through his hair.

“So,” clearing his throat, he asks hesitantly, “Do you want to patrol together or separately? I mean, I don’t really mind, but I thought it would be less boring if we do it together,” he runs a hand through his hair again, “But it’s up to you.”

“That’s fine,” Lily says, and she tries for a smile at him but fears it might have come off as more of a grimace. Somewhat uncomfortably, the pair continues to walk down a corridor, listening for random noises and checking for stray students as they go, of which they only find a few.

It’s Lily who speaks first this time, breathing in deeply, “Congrats on the badge, by the way. I don’t think I ever told you earlier.”

He grins down at her and says, “Thanks, Evans. I swear Remus should have gotten it – I asked him as well, but he said I’m better for it. Dunno what he was on about, to be honest.”

Lily smiles, “I don’t know, James. I think he has a point – you’re a very good leader.”

James blinks in confusion, “Really?”

“Sure,” she says, nodding, “You run the Gryffindor Quidditch team pretty well, I’d say.”

“Huh,” says James, “Thanks, Lily.”

Smiling, Lily shrugs and runs a hand over the walls, skipping her fingers into the cracks of the stones as they walk at a steady rhythm. James shoves his hands into his pockets, starting to whistle.

It takes a good few seconds for Lily to realise what exactly he is whistling, and why exactly he is smirking at her as he does so.

“Merlin,” gasps Lily, “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”

James shrugs and laughs, breaking off his tune, “You weren’t being very quiet.”

Lily smiles embarrassedly, and she can feel her cheeks burning. “Shit.”

“You’re a good singer, Evans,” says James teasingly, and Lily shoves him.

“Shut it,” she says, though she’s laughing too.

“No, really,” he insists, “You should be in a choir.” Lily sticks her tongue out at him childishly and he chuckles.

A short pause passes until Lily speaks again, “Let’s play a game.”

“Feeling like a first year again, Evans?”

Lily rolls her eyes, “No, Potter. I’d just like to pass the time.”

James laughs. “Okay, then. What game?”

“Twenty questions.”


“You ask me twenty questions to learn stuff about me, and I do the same.” Lily explains and she asks James if he’d like to go first. James nods and silence falls between them yet again.

“Got one!” he says, and Lily motions for him to ask it.

“What’s the song you were singing called?”

Lily glares at him, “Did you have to bring that up again?”


“If you must know, it’s called ‘Dancing Queen’.”

“Okay. Your turn.”

“Right,” Lily says, and wonders what she’d like to know about James Potter. Finally, she speaks. “Do you have a middle name?”


“Well, what is it?”

“That’s a separate question, Evans.”

Lily makes a noise of irritation and he laughs, “It’s all about the wording, Evans.”

“You go, then.”


They turn a corner and he asks, “Have you ever kissed someone?”


“Who was it, then?”

“Can’t tell you,” she is already laughing, “That’s a separate question, Potter.”

His mouth falls open jokingly and she laughs at his expression. “Fair play,” he admits, and she smirks smugly.

“What is your middle name, then?”

“Charlus, after my dad. Who did you kiss?”

“My parents, on the cheeks.”

James glares at her again and she snorts, “It’s all about the wording, Potter.”

Throwing her a dirty look to which she giggles at, she asks, “Who have you kissed on the lips, then?”

“Why do you want to know, Evans?” he asks cheekily, but answers anyway, “Kate the Ravenclaw from the year above in fifth year. Also, Charlotte from Hufflepuff last year when we dated. Oh, and Sirius once.”

Lily bursts out laughing, “You kissed Sirius?”

James shoulders shake in laughter, “In my defence, we were reasonably smashed, and it was a dare. Neither of us ever back down from dares.”

“I always knew your relationship wasn’t completely platonic.” She laughs, and James protests.

“It is, though! We landed up having a fight afterwards because neither of us could believe that we’d actually done it!”

“Whatever you say, Potter. Why haven’t you ever dated Sirius?” Lily smirks.

James glowers, “It’s my question, Evans.”

They carry on asking each other all the stupid questions they can think of (Why is the sky blue, Evans? and Do you think Sirius is ever going to ask Marlene out? and Why won’t you tell me who you kissed? and Would you rather wash Snape’s hair for him or swim naked in the Black Lake?), until a different one pops up.

“Do you hate me?” James asks quietly. He’s stopped laughing now, and his brows are furrowed.

“James, if I hated you, I wouldn’t be talking to you,” she sighs. “Honestly, I never hated you. You were just kind of…”

“An arrogant, bullying toerag?” He smirks at her and she looks slightly sheepish.

“Well, even that’s a bit harsh. But we’re friends now, yeah?”

“’Course we are.” They smile at each other and Lily realises that they’ve come all the way round the floor to the stairs leading to Gryffindor Tower.

“Hey, James?”

James smiles, “Lily?”

“I think that was twenty questions.”

“Huh. So it was. I had fun, Lily.” He says, and suddenly they’ve reached the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“So did I.”

They stand together outside the entrance to the common room, and Lily asks, “James?”


“Could I have a bonus question?”

He laughs, “Depends on the question, I suppose.”

“Okay,” she says, “What are you doing for Hogsmeade on Saturday?”

He breaks out into an almost nutty smile and says, “I dunno, Evans. I’m pretty sure I’m free, though.”

“Great,” Lily says, and muttering the password to the Fat Lady, she winks. “I’ll pick you up at ten.”

Lily steps into the common room, skipping off up the stairs. Outside, she leaves an astounded James Potter standing in the corridor, wondering just how on Earth he’d managed to get a date with Lily Evans on his very first patrol.