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Requested #2- Jungkook

To the person who requested, I’m sorry if it’s crap. Don’t claw me to death please!.

It was the middle of the night, everyone was sleeping pretty much. Except for you who made an emergency trip to the bathroom. All the boys were in their rooms while you made an attempt to search for yours.
Your feet padded against the bare floor as you walked fast paced, trying to get out of the dark.

“Y/N” you heard a voice whisper. Soon enough one of the hall lights were turned on, just barely illuminating the hall. You whipped around and saw Jungkook leaning against his door frame. Shirtless, and tired with sleep.

“Oh,what are you doing up?? Did I wake you?” You asked worriedly. He merely shook his head, though you could tell he was only halfway telling you the truth. “Well, go back to sleep” you said after a few seconds. You began walking towards your destination when Jungkook stopped you again.

“Hey!” He whisper yelled, causing you to turn around.

“What?” You asked. “Something wrong?” He was about to respond again, but stopped abruptly when he was able to get a full view of you.

Your exposed legs from lack of pajama bottoms, the way your sweater slipped off your shoulder, exposing the smooth skin along it. Your tired gaze which somehow managed to come off as alluring.

Raising an eyebrow when he wouldn’t respond, you trotted over to him. Taking one of your hands, you put it over his forehead.
“ Are you feeling okay?” Now that you think of it, for this past couple of days, he’s been acting strange. “If something is wrong, you can tell me” you spoke.

The man before you gave a single harsh laugh, startling you. Wrong? Nothing was wrong at all. He couldn’t bear seeing the sight of you like this.
Oh, all the things he wanted to do to you…make you feel, make you say.

“I have to ask you something?” He said suddenly.

“Of course” you answered. You were always closest to Jungkook, you swore you’d do anything for him.

“At night….do you think of me?”
A mental record scratch went off in your head. What kind of question was that? Most importantly, how the hell could you answer that without telling him the truth.

“Why do you ask me tha-”

“Because at night, you’re all I think of” he cut you off. Taking your hand and using it to stroke his cheek. “When I see you like this, I sometimes see you in my dreams…just for me.” He whispered. Sucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he let your hand go gently. “So answer me…”

Without being able to find the words, you nodded. His fingertips gently began grazing down your cheek, moving towards your neck. This prompted a slight squeak to escape your lips.

Your eyes widened. Where did that sound come from, and why now of all times would your body make make this happen.

“Such a cute moan….do it again” he spoke softly. Before you could ask him what he was doing, he leaned forward. His lips were right next to your ear when he mumbled. “Moan for me again, beauty”
Slowly, he pressed a single kiss to your ear, then moved downwards.
Wrapping his arms around your waist, he was able to create less space. If that was even possible.

“Where is this all coming from?” You found yourself asking.

“Months…and months of watching you torture me without even trying” he answered. “You still haven’t answered my question” he tsked, kissing further down your neck.

“Yes” you choked. You always pictured him as he is now.

“Can I have you?” He sneakily asked, almost as if he was afraid of the answer.

“Yes” you whispered. Was this a dream? Because it had to be. A DREAM you didn’t want to wake up from, ever.

Jungkook pulled away from your neck and stared at you. His eyes were even darker than before. His gaze darted down to your lips. It was his chance, or else he might not get another one.

Suddenly, your mouths clashed. His hands roaming every centimeter of your body. You both forgot you were standing in the middle of the hall.
It was just as you both imagined, the connecting, the stroking of tongues flicking against one another, the heat rising in your chest. He pulled away, your bottom lip taken slightly between his teeth.

Before you could make another sound, you were yanked into his bedroom. He slammed the door, not caring if he woke his elder members. You were way more important. You were propped against the door as he claimed your lips again, this time harsher.

His tongue invaded your hot mouth, drawing mewls big approval from your throat. Good thing you were breathing through your nose.

“Fuck, beauty.” He grunted. “We can’t do this just yet…tthey might hear me-” suddenly he paused. An idea popped into his head.

“Have you ever heard of thigh riding?”
You eyed Jungkook suspiciously, nodding slowly. You have heard of it, you just never tried it.

“I want you to ride my thigh” he said flatly, straightforward.

Slowly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards his bed. Now you were kind of glad you didn’t wear pants to bed. He sat down first, his hands never leaving your waist as he situated you on his right thigh.

“Just rock your hips forward, beauty” he chided. His hands sat just above your ass as you began rocking your hips forward. Your arms rested on his shoulders, only to partially dig your nails into his bare skin. You felt your core brushing against his thigh and it grew more and more rough with each jolt.

“Fuck, Jungkook” you moaned, biting your lip as his nails dug into your back more. You whined slightly more audibly when you heard him moan as well.

He could feel your wetness. He could fell himself growing harder and harder for you and you haven’t even touched him yet.
You were growing closer and closer, you both could feel it.

His lips found yours again and your hands around clasped at either side of his cheek.

Suddenly as if a dam burst, you were shaking and struggling to breathe normally. Your center was throbbing and no doubt dripping. Your nails dug into his shoulder and You out a chocking moan, as quiet as you could muster.

“Fuck, baby” he praised, his lips finding your neck again. “Is this a bad time to ask you to go on a date with me?”

All you could do was laugh.
“Now’s a better time than any” you giggled. “Then again, a bit earlier would have sufficed” you continued.

“Allow me to apologize for keeping you waiting..”

Once again…I’m sorry )


I promised Necker pics so here are some Necker pics.

Necker being the hospital where Combeferre interned. Or the one he mentions anyway, presumably he interned in multiple hospitals?

The first pic is a view from the street. The second one is from the main entrance to the courtyard.

(Tbh, looking through these, the angles are actually kinda crap. Sorry ;;;; uh… @midautumnnightdream do you have better ones? Where you could actually see the main entrance maybe?)

(I mean this is still better than nothing but I could definitely have done a better job. In my defence, I was super tired at the time.)

Anyway more under a cut:

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A wild Adrinette appears!! 

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