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Hello! I've been trying to get into calligraphy lately, however, I got a tombow pen and it's been really difficult :( its the one everyone suggests but I'm finding that it just doesn't work with me. What would you suggest for calligraphy? Your posts are adorable btw, you inspire me so much <3

hii♡ so these are what i usually use for calligraphy, including :

- brush pen i found in the stationery store near my school. i have no idea if they are selling these outside my country or not, sorry ;;-;;

- koi colouring brush pen! these are my favs♡ when i first started doing calligraphy, i use these♡ and i would suggest you using this one, it might work for you too! ヽ(*´∀`)

- and the last one is pentel touch brush sign pen ses15, i think it’s a bit harder for me to use, comparing to the koi one; but still, it’s great

“practice makes perfect!” when it comes to calligraphy, please don’t always rely on the pen; it’s you who make those letters stunning and elegant; and i believe you can always do it with every pen you have in your hand, tema♡ and thank you sooo much, your words made my day♡

  • Me: Year 2, I'm very sorry about the colour of the playdough. The only dye I had at home was "all natural colouring" and apparently, it's not very strong, so instead of having purple and bright green, we have kind of purpley-browny-grey and pale green.
  • Kidlet 1: That's okay, Ms R. I think they're still pretty!
  • Kidlet 2: And no one else has ever made us playdough before.
  • Kidlet 3: We still love you!
  • Kidlet 4: It looks delicious. Can we eat it?

klance movie theater au where keith just had to fall for the employee whose favourite movie is this terrible lowbudget 80′s sci-fi film called voltron which happens to be keith’s favourite, too

plus he’s cute

more of this totally accidental AU, which i did not mean to create, in which lance is a sk8r boi and keith does ballet and no avril lavigne songs were involved at all whatsoever until y’all barged in with y’all’s “see ya l8r boi”s except sk8r boi lance is definitely good enough for keith *bows out*


There’s a place you just cant reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.
We call everything on the ice “love". 

–– Happy Birthday to Annie (@shotous) !!! ♡ * :・゚✧ ♡