sorry for chibis

Am I allowed to squee over my own art? Because dang these marshmallows are cute. X_X

I know they’re more respectful of Error’s haphephobia, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to draw this cuteness. So I guess that makes this some sort of OOC fluffy torture scene? Who knew torture could be fluffy… (Well I guess tickle torture can be if fluffy feathers are involved? ;D)

I’m feeling especially eager to post this, so instead of spending another day or two coloring it first, I’ll probably edit in the colored version if/when I get around to making one.


Follow up from this post
I’ve read your tags, darlings, of course Hanzo have a McCree Plush- just nobody knows about that except D.Va 

McHanzo Plushis as Extra, they have little magnets inside of their hands so they will hold hands when they near each othre :///3 (I want that….someone pls sew them and send them to me QQ)

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