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BTS Reaction 2 Calling Out Your Insecurities In A Heated Argument

Requested by anon: “Can you do that argument isecurety thing you did for monstax but for bangtan boys??? Thank you!! Love the reactions you’ve done so far!!”            

You sure can and I’m glad you like my reactions and so sorry this was like reeeeeeeaaaaallllly late…

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Jin: Lately Jin would just snap at the littlest things. Currently you were arguing about the dishes not being cleaned since he left the house earlier. “Okay I forgot. Sorry.” He glared. “Sorry? You’ve been sitting here like some fat man all day. If you actually lost some weight have some energy!” You gasped. “Wow…” He instantly apologized but at the moment you just wanted to be left alone.

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Yoongi: You were feeling down about your decision to switch careers Yoongi knew how insecure you felt about not being able to succeed. When he called it out in an argument you had, you ended up leaving your little place you two got together. He called you over and over and left messages apologizing for what he said. He felt super bad because he was the one to build up your confidence, not bring it down.

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Hoseok: In a past relationship, your s/o often commented on your weight and how you needed to lose weight. You’ve told Hobi all of this and he’s been nothing but good to you. You still felt some doubt, but you tried to push it aside. Hobi and you were arguing over something stupid. It got too heated, and words were exchanged. He yelled, “If you would just mind your own business and focus on your weight then we wouldn’t be arguing!” Instant regret flashed across his face. “Y/N I’m so sorry. I-I,” he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

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Namjoon: You had a problem with one of your arms. One arm was longer than the other and that really bugged you. When you both argue, it never got too far. One day the argument got too heated and Namjoon made a hurtful comment about your arms. Complete silence. You were more hurt than anything. He just stood there. not knowing what to say. His heart sank when he saw your hurt face. He knew he messed up big time.

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Jimin: When you two argue, you both say things that are mean but it’s never about how you physically look. You two got into an argument and for some reason Jimin wanted to make you really angry. He bashed on your age, because you were older than him (and if you’re younger, he bashed on you being younger than him). “Oh my gosh! I’m-” “Save it!” You stormed out, not really letting him say anything to you. Tears began falling down his face. He was shocked that he even said what he did.

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Taehyung: His hand covered his mouth and his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what just came out his mouth. How could he hurt you. He hurried and took your face into his hands. He began kissing your eyelids, trying to stop your tears from falling. He just kept saying sorry, I’m so sorry over and over and over again.

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Jungkook: He backed away as soon as he hurt you with what he said. He couldn’t get the way you looked out of his mind. The pure hurt he saw in your eyes hurt him deeply. He’d beat himself up over it. He just hurt the person he loved the most. He would keep to himself for awhile, not knowing how to approach you.

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*sits down and signs* hey lugiadaily.... Do you ever have a day when you was trying to made one of your freinds happy but instead hurt them because I have that day yesterday and feel bad about it. And it was over thing he like to do and I don't. I try to be kind about taking without being rude but instead made him go offline. And I told everyone the same day but Im not sure if I want to go online again and Im afraid to hurt someone else. *crying * I have to the wrose freind ever T.=.T

But do not take such things to heart. Everyone has good and bad days, and perhaps your friend was dealing with other problems and didn’t know how to express that to you? I’m certain they still care about you as much as you do–Wishing for their happiness and having good intentions is sometimes all you can do. Now that also means that giving them their space when they need such time is equally as important. It’s a fine line knowing when to do which….

Regardless, I feel you should give it a short time, try speaking with them again regarding the issue; I’m certain you can come to a clearer perspective then. Your intentions were pure and your goal sincere, and that’s what matters in the end.

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How would Kuroo and Nishinoya react to have an artist as a S/O?

okay imma assume this is headcanon?? im sorry if you wanted imagine gah!! if you wnat that, feel free to request again!! okay, so anyways, im sorry everyone that i haven’t been active lately gah!! my life is super busy?? exams are next next week and my drama production has been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy right? @theidioticavenger okay so anyways, i will try my best to post soon!! and for those lovely sweeties who have sent me matchups, my apologies, i will not being doing them soon?? but don’t worry once holidays, start, i will complete them!! so please be patient!! thank you all for sticking with me this whole time!! i will do my best!! がんばって!!


-oya oya oya

-this lil fucker would be so impressed with you

-he won’t really show it though

-he likes cuddling you from behind while you draw

-loves just sitting near you and observing you

-he thinks you look cute when you’re all concentrated

-”draw me like one of your french girls”

-he would subtly hint that he would want you to draw him

bonus for kuroo

kuroo: hey s/o

s/o: what

kuroo: i created a masterpiece

s/o: really?? let me see

kuroo: [hands them a mirror] yeah you


-すごい!!(sugoi!!!!! / amazing!!)

-[starry eyes]

-he is so impressed and not afraid to show it ye boi

-jumps up and down whenever he sees you draw

-however, he knows you need to concentrate so he tries to keep quiet

-is just so in awe that his s/o can do something so amazing

-doesn’t really urge you to draw him because he doesn’t need you to draw him

-he just wants you to draw

-he would be happy just seeing you draw a random object

-protect this child he is too good

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Hey so, do you do like, shout outs or something like that? Because a friend of mine (who is being stubborn and won't ask themselves) is working on this cool back story for Rex and has some pretty cool OC clones! "Aliit ori'shya tal'din (Family is more than blood)" is the title by Lamker on FF and AO3 if you could give them some more love please! (also has tumblr but not sure if I should say anything about it) Thanks!

Of course I will! This is such a sweet thing to do for your friend!!

Aliit ori'shya tal'din (Family is more than blood) by Lamker

I have the direct links here:

AO3  and/or FF 

He is the captain of the 501st Torrent Company, under the command of General Skywalker and Commander Ahsoka Tano. But, how did he come to this position? What was like he before? Who were his friends, his batch? Rex used to be a lot different than he is now… 

Drabble Challenge!

Repost this. Followers/Readers send numbers to your Ask. You write a fic/drabble using that line in your piece. Have fun! Expect a ton of requests!! 

  1. “That’s starting to get annoying”
  2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
  3. “You can’t just sit there all day.”
  4. “I’m too sober for this.”
  5. “I’m not here to make friends.”
  6. “I need a place to stay.”
  7. “Well, that’s tragic.”
  8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”
  9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”
  10. “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”
  11. “Dear Diary, …”
  12. “She’s hiding behind the sofa.”
  13. “I lost our baby.”
  14. “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”
  15. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”
  16. “You’re getting crumbs all over my bed.”
  17. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
  18. “What’s the matter, sweetie?”
  19. “You’re Satan.”
  20. “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”
  21. “I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.”
  22. “Did you just hiss at me?”
  23. “Do you really need all that candy?”
  24. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”
  25. “I swear, I’m not crazy!!!”
  26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”
  27. “No. Regrets.”
  28. “How drunk was I?”
  29. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
  30. “Be you. No one else can.”
  31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
  32. “I locked the keys in the car.”
  33. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”
  34. “You work for me. You are my slave.”
  35. “Take your medicine.”
  36. “They’re monsters.”
  37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”
  38. “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?”
  39. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”
  40. “The kids, they ambushed me.”
  41. “Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!!”
  42. “Stop being so cute.”
  43. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”
  44. “You need to see a doctor.”
  45. “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”
  46. “I was a joke, baby. I swear.”
  47. “Dogs don’t wear clothes!”
  48. “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…”
  49. “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?”
  50. “This is girl talk, so leave.”
  51. “Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?”
  52. “There’s a herd of them!”
  53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”
  54. “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.”
  55. “You’re a nerd.”
  56. “I’m late.”
  57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”
  58. “You smell like a wet dog.”
  59. “I could punch you right now.”
  60. “Are you going to talk to me?”
  61. “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”
  62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
  63. “Flea markets don’t carry fleas, you know?”
  64. “Here, take my blanket.”
  65. “I don’t want you to stop.”
  66. “How could I ever forget about you?”
  67. “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”
  68. “Run for it!”
  69. “We need to talk.”
  70. “Not everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s annoying.”
  71. “I want a pet.”
  72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”
  73. “I’m not wearing a dress.”
  74. “I’m not wearing a tie.”
  75. “Quit beating me up!”
  76. “Please put your penis away.”
  77. “It’s a Texas thing.”
  78. “Don’t argue. Just do it.”
  79. “I hope I’m never stuck with you on a deserted island.”
  80. “Does he know about the baby?”
  81. “Hold still.”
  82. “I just ironed these pants!”
  83. “Enough with the sass!”
  84. “Show me what’s behind your back.”
  85. “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”
  86. “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”
  87. “Stay awake.”
  89. “You’re not interested, are you?”
  90. “I’m not buying ikea furniture again.”
  91. “Tell me you need me.”
  92. “Oh honey, I’d never be jealous of you.”
  93. “I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
  94. “I had a bad dream again.”
  95. “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”
  96. “It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”
  97. “You’re not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving.”
  98. “The store ran out of Easter eggs.”
  99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”
  100. “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

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Cheryl loved Jason. What was she meant to do at his funeral, not cry? And yeah Jason was on the football team but Cheryl was at every game too doing as much to help the Bull Dogs win as he did. Also she has a 4.0 grade point average. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being in Cheryl’s class it’s don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her.

xNTx Friends


  • Crazy schedule, still manages to hang around with friends.
  • Insanely driven. Vital necessity of being The Best™.
  • Doesn’t have time for bullshit, ever.
  • Generally sweet, scary when mad (emphasize ‘scary’).
  • Highly motivated and ambitious.
  • No drama, thank you.
  • Flawless facial control (low-key scary as well).
  • INTP’s recklessness makes her have a mini heart attack every now and again.
  • Manners matter.
  • Has been super busy lately.
  • And by ‘lately’ we mean since always until forever.

Common phrases include:

– “You might find this of some help”.
– “This is so interesting”.
– “Yes, I’ve read about it”.
– “Sorry, I already have plans”.
– “I’d actually prefer to do it myself”.
– “Really, just let /me/ do it :)”.


  • Sharp tongue.
  • Comeback generator.
  • Laid back attractiveness and incredible charisma.
  • Bulldozer mode when mad.
  • Put-together and confident.
  • Has a fame for being flirty.
  • Hasn’t had that many partners at all.
  • “wrecking ball” (- mother mother) is his life theme song.
  • Is actually quite delicate.
  • Almost all his facial expressions are masks.
  • Hiding his real emotions seems to have become a life purpose.
  • His deep interests surprise most people.
  • “Is very intelligent, but way too lazy at school” squad with INTP.
  • Is seen as a bad influence.
  • Actually has a pretty solid moral code.
  • Fashion style score: BADASS. (the aesthetics are real).

Common phrases include:

– “Think about it this way”.
– “Why, am I bothering you?” + smirk.
– “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your bullshit”.
– “Why does everyone believe I’m lying?”


  • Works silently because success speaks for itself.
  • The library is his natural habitat.
  • Very specific fields of interest.
  • Seems very polite, and he is.
  • (Doesn’t actually believe in politeness itself, has only learned to follow formalities in order to make his life easier). 
  • Efficient™.
  • Crisis over personal traits of which the analysis were thought to be concluded. 
  • Really brain, why this again. Why.
  • Has learned to master several skills that he doesn’t even enjoy.

Common phrases include:

– “No”. (Default reply to INTP’s proposes).
– “That is /such/ a bad idea”.
– “Actually…” (*insert unasked correction*).
– “I’m still considering it”.
– “What do you mean it’s not polite to tell them how wrong they are?”
– “Of course I cannot change my schedule” (to ENTP).


  • Has strong opinions on matters that she has given a lot of thought (and we mean a lot).
  • Gets overwhelmed by being the center of attention.
  • Became an Ancient Rome expert overnight.
  • Comfy discrete clothes.
  • Deadlines are a very flexible concept.
  • Actually, every concept should be prone to constant revision.
  • Study time is the perfect time for introspection and/or new ideas development.
  • Either absolutely hyped or completely indolent.

Common phrases include:

– “My nights are a mix of insomnia and belated lunch”.
– “What if we…” (Proposes crazily awesome plan to INTJ).
– “There are pubs in which you can hear a much more refined language than in the Congress”.
– “Because apathy is the foundation of my being” (as a response to ENTJ asking her why she doesn’t just /do/ the stuff).

Shared traits

  • Difficulty to compute feelings (we know, we know, ‘such a cliché’. Still true).
  • Allergies: stupidity, ignorance, illogical social rules.
  • “WHY do people refuse to THINK”.
  • Rich lexicon (xNTJs’ default mode, xNTPs’ show it when the situation is worth it).
  • Best debates between them, NFs are sometimes invited.
  • Would always choose knowledge over ignorance, even if it implies unhappiness.
  • “What do you mean it was offensive? It’s the truth!” (As a response to ENFJ).

Tonight, The Focus is on You

Summary: It’s late at night and in the midst of getting yourself a cup of tea you hear Bucky making some mysterious noises in his room.

Warnings: smutty smut, masturbation, fluffish, Sergeant kink, metal hand kink

A/N: I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this and I can wholeheartedly say that writing has taken over my life and I love it. I’ve had to awkwardly click off this page so many goddamn times because my family keeps walking behind me and guys it’s so uncomfortable.

You picked up your cup of tea and strutted down the hallway. You were wide awake, another nightmare had plagued your dreams and woken you up panting. You hoped the cup of tea in your hand would soothe you, stopping your body from shaking, and help you fall back to sleep.

You slowed down as you passed by each door, not wanting to wake up anyone up. You stopped outside of Bucky’s, tempted to go inside. You wondered if he was awake, if he’d hold you and listen to the details of your nightmare. You nearly dropped your cup when you heard the faintest moan through the door.

Shit!” The word slipped passed Bucky’s lips, it was barely audible through the thick wood keeping you out. You pressed your ear too the door, desperate to hear more. “It feels so good, fuck…” Another moan left him as you heard him drop down onto his mattress.

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If singers had a group chat together

Demi: We’re cool for the summer!
Justin: Where are you now?
Selena: I just wanna look good for you
Justin: What do you mean?
Selena: I’m so sick of that same old love
Justin: Is it too late now to say sorry?
Ariana: FOCUS ON ME!
Taylor: In your wildest dreams!
Demi: What’s wrong with being confident?
Justin: I’ll show you
Adele: Hello..
Drake: You used to call me on my cell phone
The Weeknd: I only call you when it’s half past 5

Best Friends (Part 2)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 890

Part 1

A/N: If you aren’t in the tags yet, and you told me you wanted to be in the tags, I apologize. This part was queued up minutes after I made part 1 and I’m at work ahhh. You’ll be included in part 3 for sure. Hope you enjoy!

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Two weeks later, you ran into him again. This time, you were sitting down for your political science final exam and he had taken the seat right next to you. He recognized you first.

“Hey!” he greeted, wide smile on his face as you turned to look at him, perplexed. “Girl that I thought was Dot and snuck into her bed! How are you?”

You tilted your head, your brain still going over political theory and not processing what he had just said.

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Some YOI! Iwaoi babs ☆ For @tartatail​, Happy Belated Birthday Ell

seareyes  asked:

Stiles/Derek + why do you guys think stiles is a defenseless human being? He is literally the only one that can knock Derek out. (Bonus with Hale Pack)

I’m sorry this is so late omg. i hope you like it!

It’s Isaac who really notices first that Stiles isn’t exactly the defenseless human he pretends to be. 

Here’s what happened:

The pack is practicing fighting to prepare for any danger that may come their way, but Stiles sits on the stairs and watches because he is “enjoying the view” as he says with a wink towards Derek. (Really, how Derek doesn’t know Stiles is into him is beyond Isaac, but he’s not touching that with a ten foot pole).

After everyone has done their allotted practice, Derek makes Stiles stand up and try his hand at fighting him. It goes very quickly with Stiles landing on the ground on his back and Derek looking smug.

The thing is, it looks like Stiles completely threw the fight. Like he barely winced when he hit the ground, and he hit it hard that would make any human at least cry out in pain. 

Boyd is next to notice. 

It happens on a summer evening when they’re planning a party with the pack. The celebration reason? Lydia and Stiles perfected a formula of wolfsbane that slows down the wolves’ metabolism enough to get them drunk. Boyd isn’t particularly excited, but Erica is so that’s why he’s helping them carry kegs out to the backyard of the newly built Hale house.

He grabs two, one in each hand, easily, but he knows from experience as a human that these things aren’t light. He is definitely taking advantage of some werewolf strength. However, Stiles grabs one easily and doesn’t look like it really is taking a lot of effort for him. 

Huh. Maybe Stiles isn’t as weak as they all assumed.

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KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow

A lot of people asked for this one (you all sinners), so I decided to took my time and made an animation. And that’s why it took me almost 3 week (so sorry for being late!)

I was going to colored it but photoshop is crashed on me tonight. So…maybe later…who knows. There are some obvious mistakes cause like…this is my 5th animation?but is a good practice and i actually enjoy doing them.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)

Suga Daddy: Part 4

Suga Daddy: Part 4

Word count: 9k

Genre: smut, angst

So this chapter really means a lot to me so I hope you like it. Let me know if you want. Enjoy! Also, I didn’t have enough time to edit this how I wanted to. Sorry about the mistakes.

parts: one | two | three 

The week had gone by super quickly, much to your dismay. You had hoped for a slow week. You had tried to focus on school and your dance classes. Yugyeom had been a great distraction but sadly he wasn’t over today and neither was Yoongi. You had been so use to him spending the night that when he slept over last night you were shocked not to find him in bed with you. The truth was he had been over every night this week. It was weird to you, he’d hadn’t come over everyday since the beginning. One night you didn’t even have sex, you just cuddled on the couch and made out.

Then again he would barely talk to you. He’d come over and give you some of the best sex, fall asleep holding you and then would be gone once you woke up. You didn’t think much of it though because that’s something you were used to. What you were freaking out about was him texting you everyday about your parents.

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