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I know Lazytown has become a meme

And it’s really great! I just wanna say how  great this show is in general though.

The main character is Stephanie Meanswell who is described on the official website as “ trying to stay true to what feels right for her”

Also her favorite color is pink and she’s shown to like things that are usually considered girly by society, but also enjoys things considered by society to be for boys such as video games and sports.

Then there’s Sportacus who allows the children to enjoy things like candy cake and video games as long as it’s in moderation. He never shames them for liking those things. 

Also he’s a great role model to the kids and is like a father figure to Stephanie. In Lazy Scouts, when nobody wanted to camp with her and would rather stay with Robbie disguised as a camp counselor, Sportacus came down to camp with her.

While they’re camping they talk about how it’s okay for you and your friends to not agree on things, which is something else I love about this show. It goes beyond on just teaching you to be healthy and has a lot of other lessons, mainly about friendship.

A lot of these lessons come from a surprising person…Stingy!

Usually he learns that his friendship with the others is more important than having things.

In the episode “My Treehouse” where he takes credit for the treehouse everyone built together, he realizes it’s lonely without others to play with:

Stingy: Thanks for saving me Trixie.

Trixie: Ah hey, what are team mates for? Oh and thanks for grabbing my hand, I know you really wanted that trophy. 

Stingy: I don’t need a trophy!

Everyone else: Huh?!

Stingy: Not when I have friends forever!

In The Great Crystal Caper, he sees Sportacus drops his crystal and decides to keep it. However the whole episode he feels guilty about it, and won’t trade Robbie Rotten for it, even when he offers him many things like comic books and money, 

Then in the end:

Stingy: Sportacus…I made a mistake….

Sportacus: Stingy the things you do effect everybody, not just you.Do you understand?

Stingy: Well I found something that didn’t belong to me and instead of giving it back, I kept it. I’m sorry.

Sportacus: You made a mistake, but you admitted it, and you said you were sorry, and that effects everybody.

Mayor Meanswell: And since you returned the real crystal, you get ot make a wish!

Stingy: Is it okay Sportacus?

Sportacus: Of course!

Stingy: I wish that I’ll never take anything that doesn’t belong to me. 

Then despite how Stingy was being greedy and self centered in Prince Stingy making everyone bow and such, you know what the first thing Stephanie did when she got up the tower he was stuck on?

Stephanie: I’m glad you’re all right!

More than anything she cared about Stingy’s safety even though he was being rude to her and the others. Stingy was also more than relieved to see her and hugged back as well. 

Also this isn’t the only time it’s been shown how close the kids are. Look at how adorable they are with each other:

Some of the pictures above were shown the song “We Will Be Friends” which is a song Stephanie sings after a fight in the friend group breaks out, splitting the group between Stingy and Pixel,  and Stephanie, Ziggy and Trixie. 

This song is all about how she hopes tomorrow they’ll all forgive each other and be friends again. Stephanie really does love her friends and it’s shown here. 

In that episode they end up putting aside their feud to help Sportacus after he eats a sugar apple given to him by Robbie.

Speaking of the music, not only is it extremely catchy, but they have great messages as well:

There’s always a way basically tells us we can face our problems head on and there’s always a solution. 

Then again with friendship, Teamwork teaches us not only about well, teamwork, but the importance of friends helping each other. This song also shows Stingy learning to share as well an embracing teamwork.

Now keep on memeing, I just wanted to gush how much I love this show and how positive it is.


Genre: Fluffy oneshot, 2009 (ish, my timeline might be a bit off)

Summary: Fiction. Dan convinces his parents to let him go on holiday with the guy he met on the internet.

Warnings: Mostly phan fluff. Awkward parents Skype call. Also there’s no explicit romance stuff so it can probably be read as platonic if you prefer that.

Word Count: 1,944

A/N: Have a super quick fic written on mobile as I’m currently staying at my brother’s XD

Reminder that this is all entirely fictional and I’m not saying at all that this is what Dan and Phil are really like ^_^

AO3 link

“Tell us again, Daniel.”

“Again? For real?!”

“Don’t you think we have a right to know?”

“I’ve already told you so many times, why can’t you just trust…”


“Ugh, ok fine, I know, I know, I know.” Dan scrubbed at his fringe, staring stubbornly down at the ground to avoid having to look at his parents’ expressions. He blew out a long sigh, lips pursed in an ‘o’. “I’m going on holiday.”

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four times dan and phil discussed about dogs and having children + the one time they didn’t

genre: fluff

warnings: none

words: 2k

summary: Dan and Phil have this weird obsession with adopting pixelated children and adding the surname “Howlter,”, there are four times where they talked about this and the one time they didn’t have to anymore.

a/n: long ass title. What is this, a Panic! at the disco song?

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