sorry for being biased

Points for Moana Being Slytherin
  • sneaking away from her parents and other villagers to try and get onto the ocean
  • ambition to follow her heart, leave her “safe” island, do everything they said she couldn’t 
  • deep, fierce love, respect, and desire to protect those she considers hers (fuck mankind, she’s protecting HER island) 
  • “ever defeat a lava monster?” “no…have you?” 
  • “you’re no one’s hero. BUT…save the world? you’d be EVERYONE’S hero.”
  • “Maui, Maui, you’re so amaaazing”
  • deals! 
  • “if you can talk, you can teach” 
  • “told you I could do it!” 
  • understanding physical fitness is important; appearances matter and so does self-preservation…physical fitness helps both these things (statue vaulting, rock climbing, fixing rafters, et cetera)
  • punches Maui and then points out she was the one that found the hook first
  • “wow. a shiny, glittery cave. and just like me. it is covered in sparkly treasure. sparkle, sparkle…sparkle”
  • “I bet you get along great
  • false flattery straight in the face of “the crab who became a legend!”
  • covered a barnacle with bioluminescent algae as a diversion
  • doesn’t straight up tell Maui about his shark-head (maybe to spare his feelings but probably because it was amusing if her stifled laughing was any indication)
  • keeps digging into Maui’s tattoos to get the answers she wants/needs despite realizing it’s tough on him
  • pushes Maui past his breaking point emotionally because she knows it’ll help him (“I want to help but I can’t if you don’t let me”) because Maui is her’s now and she takes care of what’s her’s even when they fight her kicking and screaming
  • “the gods aren’t the ones who make you Maui…you are”
  • self-doubt & insecurity is very Slytherin…they and everyone around them hold them to incredibly high standards
  • determination + ambition + intelligence = fast learner (of things such as wayfinding)
  • “probably should have saved it for Te Fiti" 
  • constant vigilance + quick thinking = strategy (“finding you a better way in”)
  • “I thought…I could make it” (sometimes Slytherins are too proud, too sure of themselves…)
  • “we’re only here because you stole the heart in the first place!” (Slytherins lash out with sharp words designed to hurt, at times more aware of the wounds in the people they care about than their own weaknesses)
  • “I never should have put so much on your shoulders” (please remember how young Moana is, the responsibility and expectations she’s been saddled with and her determination to push through it, to prove herself)
  • “I am the daughter of the village chief, we are descended from voyagers” (pride in one’s lineage)
  • “the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me” (a fancy way of saying ambition, huh?)
  • making sure Hei Hei is safe before the showdown (don’t forget Slytherin’s protect those they consider their’s)
  • the look Moana shoots Te Ka after she tricks the lava monster with the rock&smoke combo
  • surprise when Maui comes back (Slytherins have a reputation for tending to look out for themselves for a reason, right?)
  • pretty much immediate understanding that Te Ka is Te Fiti after receiving the two crucial missing pieces of information (Te Fiti is gone from her resting place & there'a a spiral on Te Ka’s chest)
  • shows no fear when faced with a terrifying lava monster barreling down on her (show no fear to those outside your House because they /will/ use it against you)
  • bows to Te Fiti, her goddess (true Slytherin ideals at work)
  • “I may have gone a little ways past the reef” (oh you don’t say?!? sassy little shit, I love her)
  • fucking puts a goddamn shell on the pile of rocks “raising the island higher,” effectively keeping any returning/future chiefs from continuing the tradition and placing their own stone on the pile because she put a BREAKABLE OBJECT ON TOP OF THE PILE (I understand it’s a message, a symbol but COME ON SERIOUSLY?!? that’s fucking Slytherin and you know it)
  • becomes an outstanding leader, a symbol for her people…a true Chief, a true Wayfinder, an excellent Slytherin

For those who missed it : the full-on SunMa mode during the 6mn warm up


1: Favorite M/V Scenes - Mansae (Extras Edition)

i got excited and created more than i had anticipated… sorry for the poor quality gifs lmao. part 2 of this!

sorry for being such a (biased?) trashcan, but. just, listen to me for a bit.

tianshan is such a power couple. the character design, the aesthetics of it, the way they contrast while resembling each other so much, their intense dynamic, their genuineness— all of it. they’re so well-written and real. i cannot stress enough how perfect they are for each other, like, it’s one of those few couples that seem to share an invisible red string, but their lives are already so complicated, they seldom consider looking beyond the everyday harshness. both experience loneliness, a different type of loneliness, which explains why he tian chooses to reach out for people, in his own, kind of flawed but sincere way, while guan shan prefers to hide himself away from everyone. however, one day they will meet halfway— guan shan will finally look back and see what’s been there all this time. just!! wait for it!

i repeat, they are so good for each other. 

Summer 2017 Watchlist First Taste (Thursday to Saturday Edition)

Sunday to Wednesday Edition.

Ballroom e Youkoso | Welcome to the Ballroom

If I have to recommend one new series to watch this season, this is it. This is basically the only show I’ve watched so far that the first episode left me excited and wanting more. Ballroom dancing might not be something that everyone’s into though, but you can probably watch it as a sports anime, but with fancy costumes and inter-high being dance competitions. The protag is your usual awkward, shy-around-girls 3rd year middle-schooler who doesn’t know what to do with his life, but he wants to change himself through learning how to dance and I’m okay with that. The other characters seem pretty interesting, too, so I can’t wait for their introductions into the show. And then I’ll probably read the manga… yeah I can see that happening. 

Shoukoku no Altair | Altair: A Record of Battles

Another series that I was looking forward to this season because it sounded similar to “Arslan Senki” and I love that series to death. Admittedly, it has a slow start but I’m already intrigued despite that. The main character Mahmut, who becomes the youngest pasha (military general) at 17 years old, seems to be a good kid: he’s smart and idealistic but not annoyingly over-the-top. I know it has a huge cast of characters so I’m really looking forward to seeing them all (not to mention KENN being in this I’m sorry I’m super biased in this regard). Also, damn, look at the clothing designs — definitely won’t be as detailed and elaborated in the anime, but still. 

Hitorijime My Hero | My Very Own Hero

Honestly, I didn’t have that much expectation for this show since it’s BL and I find that even though there are tons of BL manga out there to adapt from, the ones that do end up getting adapted are usually… problematic in one way or another. But this one definitely surprises me. The first episode introduces us to Masahiro, who comes from a broken family and joined a gang because he wants a place to belong. He becomes friends with Kensuke through an abandoned kitten, and Masahiro meets his older brother Kousuke, who’s known as the Bear Killer (i.e. he goes around beating up gangsters). Upon entering high school, Masahiro reunite with Kousuke, who’s now one of the school’s teachers. Yes, I know, another teacher/student relationship, fucking great. But I don’t mind it that much since the two characters already know each other from before. I’m also interested in Kensuke’s development with his estranged friend Asaya. Probably not a bad choice if you want a BL this season. 

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Caeda appreciation

I wish Caeda/Sheeda had a lot more recognition in the Fire Emblem fandom especially between all the female characters (bonus points since her design isn’t something with a bunch of fanservice in your face like some characters in the series) and popularity, or even better maybe even on gaming community somehow if they ever did another remake with Archanean FE games while doing the same marketing that they did on Awakening to make it popular, along with making her as the other lord besides Marth because, to be honest, she’s quite important in Shadow Dragon for an example.

She has been around since the 90s in the very first Fire Emblem during the NES era and she was such a nice addition while being the total opposite of a damsel in distress, just like other Nintendo characters such as Samus (Metroid) who were also much more popular. Unfortunately, there was no way for more people to know her since Fire Emblem games didnt come to the west until FE7 in the GBA so it was limited to Japan back in that time, anyway… she was cool (okay sorry if i’m being a bit too biased) before many other female characters in Fire Emblem, who are also quite admired and its totally fine, also showed up later on.

“But why?”

Caeda showed quite a lot of personality back in that time of FE1/FE3 too, she is your legit kindhearted character who shows a lot of empathy (like her nice relationship with Ogma, she intervened and saved him from such a troubled life that he had as a slave gladiator and even got him as a personal bodyguard) but she can also be quite strong and serious in some situations, even to the point of risking her own life, examples like Navarre’s recruitment: she literally went out of the way to recruit him into Marth’s army by going towards him and trying to persuade, it might have been way too risky from her and kinda stubborn at first to do such a thing though since it was either him joining the group or her life, but thankfully Navarre didnt do anything against her since he said he would never harm women and i also like this part since it shows her bravery and courage during a war.
And then there are also other examples of characters who are recruited by her, Castor, Samuel, Roger, Jake… honorable mention to her recruitment scene with Roger which is where it also shows more of a manipulative and cunning, smart side of her to take advantage from her beauty and charm in order to get more allies for Marth while putting the enemy at disadvantage. Another detail: it would be nice to see her as another lord besides Marth since she doesn’t fall into the naivety issue like other characters seem to do very often in the franchise (I don’t want to mention which ones though since this is a post mostly focused on Caeda after all, so I wouldnt like to go off-topic).

There are even support conversations of Marth and her in FE12 (btw supports conversations are a nice addition from the FE3 remake since i kinda missed her presence in the second book from Mystery of the Emblem, while in book 1 she was a lot more active, not to mention at how she’s also present in the prologue from FE12) where he is a bit worried about her position in combat and to possibly leave the front-lines due to her safety, but then she even makes clear to him about how she wants to stay at the front to fight alongside her husband and her allies instead of sitting in the back and watching every other members do their jobs, she wants to be useful not only for the army but also for Marth, as you can see she’s quite protective and fond of everyone who’s in the combat troops due to how she wants to help, especially him.
Also random comment right now, but seriously, she’s a true wife and Marth married such a great woman who would do anything to protect him just like he would for her.

And to finish, her Marth fiancee ending from Book 2 in Mystery of them Emblem:

“After the war her long-awaited dream was realised, as the day of her wedding with Marth came. Clothed in a snow-white dress, her appearance was as beautiful as an angel. And for her it was a joyous day that she would never forget in her life.”

they were so damn accurate and right on that one

badboy!au ;; jung hoseok

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  • the wealthy son of a businessman
  • him owning the rich bad boy name because of how intimidating he looks, and how he isn’t afraid of stepping up to his shit talkers
  • doesn’t like getting his hands dirty when trouble finds him sometimes, so he has his followers take care of the junks
  • is known as a playboy type, who carelessly plays with everyone’s hearts
  • him catching your eyes when you had accidentally ruined his heated make out session with a senior 
  • you getting flustered and hoseok smirking when seeing you like that, and running away immediately
  • him forcibly changing homerooms, that way he can be close to you
  • you nervously and trying to avoid him, but the more you try to run, the closer hoseok gets to you
  • him picking on you by tugging at your ponytail, flicking your ear, and spitting spit balls at the back of your neck
  • him also blowing you kisses when you turn around to glare at him deathly
  • the teacher sending you to make copies of worksheets, and hoseok volunteering on helping you out
  • him trying to get close until you blurt out about being in a relationship
  • “i have a boyfriend! and if you don’t stop, i’ll tell him!”
  • hoseok feeling upset that you’re already dating someone 
  • but it doesn’t stop hoseok from still trying to hit on you, when he knows your boyfriend is from another school
  • you pushing him away every time hoseok gets in your way, but he only pulls you closer
  • you receiving hate letters because hoseok’s attention lies on you
  • him getting hit by your hateful letters and you telling him to leave you alone
  • hoseok finding you being lovey dovey with your boyfriend when he comes pick you up from school
  • him getting angry and feeling jealous
  • him purposely messing with other people in front of you; kissing them and mumbling sweet nothings, while slowly bullies you
  • but in truth, hoseok has been picking fights once school ends because he’s irritated by how you continuously ignore him
  • him meeting you at the karaoke bar you work and saves you from being harassed
  • you thanking him but calls your boyfriend, however hoseok seals you in a tender kiss
  • “what the hell, jung hoseok? leave me alone!”
  • “i can’t when you’re all i think about!”
  • you ignoring hoseok even more to be with your boyfriend, especially when you’re out of school and runs into each other
  • your boyfriend noticing this and telling hoseok to back off, but hoseok isn’t scared and steps up saying that he’ll fight for you if he has to
  • you receiving more hate letters and even gets bullied in the restroom, which concludes into getting locked inside
  • hoseok coming to save you 
  • “who did this to you? give me a face if you don’t know their name!”
  • “just let it go and stop bothering me, and maybe then i won’t be tortured everyday”
  • hoseok finding you crying nights later when your boyfriend leaves the karaoke bar you work at, however you weren’t working that day and was there on a date
  • you telling hoseok to just bug off, but it angers him that you’re crying and the other man doesn’t give a damn
  • him rushing out to beat up your boyfriend, who reveals to have dumped you for being too stuck up and says hoseok can have you
  • “don’t treat a human being as if they’re a broken toy when you don’t want them anymore”
  • you not showing up to school, and hoseok becomes worried so he asks the clique you hang around with about your whereabouts
  • him being greeted by your grandmother, who says you should be at school and him too, since it’s around lunch time
  • hoseok takes his leave in apologies, and continues on finding you
  • he finds you eating inside a lonesome tent at the street food market
  • him joining you without a doubt and trying to cheer you up
  • you learning a few things that hoseok isn’t so bad, and that he only gained that playboy name because a lot of the seniors likes him
  • he doesn’t care for anyone and just kisses them out of pleasure because it’s fun
  • but admits that when he kissed you, it was real and true
  • you blushing like mad because hoseok is really confessing but you don’t wanna hear it
  • hoseok helping you get rid of these hate letters when announcing that you’re both dating, though you haven’t even said yes when he confessed
  • him making sure you’re safe when joining you at work and walking you home
  • your grandmother immediately approving of hoseok, and calling him son-in-law whenever he comes over
  • your ex-boyfriend calling you all sorts of bad names when catching you and hoseok holding hands, when truth is hoseok snatched yours to hold
  • hoseok standing up for you, and saying that you’re his golden trophy rather than a stuck up broken toy
  • you slowly falling for hoseok day by day, but denies it when your friend asks about you and him
  • you meeting his father who looks strict and intimidating, but all in all is an entire goofball who grew to love your presence
  • “hoseok-yah, this one should be kept well!”
  • hoseok ignoring his father, and you learning why
  • “dad and i haven’t been the closest after mother fell into a coma. it’s been seven years since we’ve last had a decent talk. i overheard him saying something about pulling the plugs, and that’s when i shouted out about hating him. everything i do outside is for a show - publicity stunt, so my father could receive a bad name, but does it matter anymore?”
  • you comforting hoseok when he takes you in to visit his mother’s old room, and you telling him everything would be okay
  • you even accidentally slipping out an i love you when hoseok got teary eyed after telling you more of his story
  • hoseok repeating the same beautiful three words in return and softly planting his lips on with yours
  • you and hoseok officially dating
  • you making him and his father reconcile because a father and son shouldn’t hate each other
  • hoseok’s father sending you both on a lovely vacation before senior years starts, because you’re the sunshines of his life
  • you and hoseok watching the gorgeous sunset together and him hugging you from behind closely
  • “i love you and i never want to lose you”
  • “you won’t ever lose me when i love you so much in return”

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omg i hope u dont mind me asking but since ur art is what mainly got me interested in reading x-men whatre ur recs? and also whats on yr pull list in general? lmao id ask for everything uve ever read basically but u must be busy.. ty for yr time!!

OH BOY ANON GET READY BECAUSE I LOVE TO TYPE sorry im replying to this kind of late, i typed up half of it and then got busy with life and then typed up the rest like weeks later…

also disclaimer: i havent even been into x-men for a year yet so my opinions and recs may be noobish and/or objectively wrong. im gonna start with like..the marvel NOW lineup lmaoo whatever oh well

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I don’t get why people are salty over Ukwon for winning over Ten for Hit the Stage. He and his crew did well to incorporate dance and group dynamics into it, they put up a great performance, and yes there isn’t much hardcore dancing but isn’t the whole point of the show to put on a performance WITH your dance? I admire Ten’s technicalities and his stage presence as well. I thought they both did a really good job. Plus the difference was a mere 4 points, which I think would be an indicator of how neck to neck the performances were. All in all, I don’t think people should be that quick to judge that Ukwon ‘can’t’ dance just based on this performance. 

Like he said, when people hear Block B, all they think of is Zico and Kyung. This is his time to at least have some air time and to somewhat shine. Give him a break. Stop being so salty over a dance program where you can see so many great dancers coming together to put up amazing stages. 

People associating Zico’s new track with that Monsta X incident are just being irrational. First of all, they are not the only group to ever mention Zico openly on broadcast and not the only ones to complain about him. They’re not exclusive at all in this context, so why do some of you even associate this song with them? 

I honestly believe he didn’t have a specific target here. The song could be for so many people out there. There are just so, so many people - fans, idol rappers, underground rappers, tv shows, mcs, hosts and so on - comparing rappers to him – and also comparing him to pretty much every single rapper out there, being them idol or not.

Bobby said that Zico is “a mountain to leap over”. Zico was dissed several times by several rappers. Deepflow dissed him. Rapper DeadP dissed him for “being an idol rapper prenteding to be hiphop and bringing the mainstream kpop to the underground community”. A rapper named Aphelia created a diss called “Zicontrol” saying how frustrating it is to him that Zico has a “guaranteed popularity” for being an idol and how hard it is to be an underground rapper. There was one, that I can’t remember his name now, that dissed BBCs for attending their underground rapper to cheer for him.

“Everyone and their mothers say they’re my rival, when it’s hard enough for me to challenge myself”. He’s just pretty much saying that he’s tired of this. No one can fuck with his team because he has his own color, and that he’s constantly getting better and better. He never stops.

Some underground rappers are jealous pissed that Zico freaking made it and they didn’t. That Zico’s talent and skills are finally being recognised. Yeah, being part of an idol group helped him immeasurably, but hey, if he wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t be here right now and they wouldn’t be so frustrated.

And there are some idols who keep mentioning him everywhere too, even though he doesn’t say or do anything to them. It’s not his fault what other people do or say. He’s not responsable for this. No one gives him a break. There are comparison and judgement everywhere, and yet some of you still complain when your favorite rappers are compared to him.

Not to mention that, when Block B debuted, P.O and him were compared to GD and TOP every single time by everybody. For years. Wherever they’d go. You know, it happens when you just debut. It’s hard and it’s annoying, but it’s just not enough time to build a reputation, it takes a lot of time to finally be recognised and to finally be able to show your skills. Especially when the group/ artist isn’t from the Big 3.

Also, what were you guys expecting? A sad, romantic song? He has always been the type to write his feelings down. When other artists do this kind of thing, no one complains. It’s “dope” and “fierce”. But when it’s Zico…

Sorry if you think I’m being too biased, but honestly, really honestly, y’all just wanna drag Zico down for no reason. I know he’s not the only good rapper out there, there are plenty, but stop making a fuss out of things just because it’s Zico. 

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Please don't play with my heart. Be honest. Do you think there's a chance Harry really could become 'Johnny Quick' (if not in the next episode, then some time soon)?

The more I think about it, the more I believe it to be true (if not in the next episode, then definitely sometime in the near future *fingers crossed*).

So, let’s look at the facts:

  • Tom has more control over his own character than probably anyone else in the show, to the point where I think the writers might’ve genuinely sat down with him after season one and said, ‘Sorry for killing off Eobard. Do you still want to be a speedster?’ To which he probably replied, ‘Hells yeah’. In fact, he only agreed to be ‘Harrison Wells’ in the first season because he knew he was really playing a super shady speedster. And Tom is a real speedster in his own right. If you don’t believe me, just check out @politeandnotgay ‘s blog. They’ve got all the information you could possibly want on how physically fit this man. He loves to run. Trust me.
  • He misses the Reverse Flash suit—a suit, I might remind you, Team Flash pretty much wanted to completely obliterate from existence, but ultimately failed to get around to destroying. So here we have this outfit that not only fits Harry/Tom, but which also won’t burn up whenever its wearer reaches Mach 2. Right now it’s just collecting dust wherever the hell they’re storing it, waiting for its chance to shine. All Cisco has to do is give it a fresh paint job. Maybe a domino-esque mask too. That all depends on how much the show wants to make Harry look like his comic book counterpart.
  • *****The full name of Violett Beane’s character is “Jesse Chambers Wells”. In the comics, Jesse Chambers was “Jesse Quick” (although I’m sure you probably already knew that). Her father was Johnny Chambers—or ‘Johnny Quick’, the Golden Age superhero (and, yes, this is the same Golden Age that gave birth to Jay Garrick *winkwink*) who used to recite a mathematical formula in order to tap into the Speed Force, the same way his daughter would when she herself became a heroine. Granted, Harry’s developed Velocity in the show rather than some crazy mathematical magic trick, which is something the later, villainous Johnny Quick accomplishes in the comics (different guy, not Chambers), but I think an actual chemical formula works better for the show, so I’m not going to sweat that discrepancy. 
  • ‘Harrison Wells’ is a criminal and a dead man—and I mean Eowells/Wellsobard/Harribard/what-have-you, not Harry. The poor man’s true identity has been utterly destroyed on Earth-1, so why not let him adopt a new identity, such as ‘Johnny Chambers’ (or ‘Harrison Chambers’ if he’s so attached to his first name). I mean, what is Team Flash going to do if he ever requires any kind of surgery that can’t be performed by Caitlin Snow alone? Is Barry just going to kidnap doctors and zip them into S.T.A.R. Labs? I think it would be far safer to get Harry a fake ID, at least for emergency purposes…
  • I know I mentioned how fit Tom was, but have I reminded you yet of how able-bodied and downright heroic Harry is? Granted, he only wanted to save his daughter at the beginning of the season, but he has long since started to care about Team Flash and the rest of the population as a whole (at least if the Christmas episode was anything to go by). He’s also the ‘Saviour of Central City’, so being a hero is a part of his destiny.
  • Did I mention how much he misses his suit? …Yeah? Okay. Sorry. Just checking…
  • Maybe I’m being biased here, but Mr. Cavanagh has been lauded time and time again in the media for the way in which he and his many characters add to the show. He’s a beloved member of the cast and I feel (hope?) he’s on the Flash for a long time to come, so its all fine and dandy if he remains in the series as an older, sciency, somewhat reluctant mentor of Team Flash, but the man really loves to move around and do his own stunts. I imagine it must have been difficult for him to stay confined to that wheelchair in season one, so I think he deserves a more Action Man role in season three. Granted, he’s an Action Man right now, but that’s because he has a personal vendetta against Zoom to fulfill and a pulse rifle with Tina’s name on it to get the job done. Give him superspeed and a tear-jerker speech from Barry on his newfound duties as a hero, and we’ll get to see more of Harry going one-on-one against other metahumans, guaranteed. Smiles all around. I promise.
  • I reblogged it earlier, but just reviewed Back to Normal, this upcoming episode (the one where Harry gets kidnapped), and they’ve made allusions to him possibly being changed forever but whatever transpires then. They’ve also been quoted as saying this episode marks the beginning of a ‘transition’ that only a man as talented as Tom could make so ‘seamless and smooth’. Of course, they could be referring to a number of things, such as repairing his relationship with Jesse, but I think it also fits nicely with the idea of Harry gaining his own powers. Here’s hoping, anyway. 
  • Not a piece of evidence, but I think it would be wonderfully ironic if the literal Father of Metahumans became a metahuman himself. I would just laugh so hard…

Anyhow, you all know how much I love Tom, so, again, I might be biased—but, I’m not making up the stuff about Jesse and Johnny Chambers. That is fact, and I hope the show fulfills this sly little pseudo-promise, because Harrison Wells as Johnny Quick in season three would be absolutely amazing.

Admit it. You want it to happen too.

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