sorry for bad colouring i made this really quickly

Hi, @therealjacksepticeye~! I’m so sorry this picture isn’t all that good ;v; I thought I’d upload this one anyway, though, as a way to cheer you up! I made this really quickly, so I’m also sorry if it looks rushed!!!

dear jack, I haven’t been in your community for all that long, but I’m so, soo sorry that all this negativity is surrounding you lately. I think people sometimes forget you are human and that you can be hurt by people’s words. You have helped us out so much more than you probably think, and we just want you to be happy again. We understand you need time to heal. Take as long as you need to :”> 

I’ve also wanted to show my art to you for a long time, but I’ve just always been super scared to ever post any of it. But, finally, I’m going to, even though I’m super afraid and nervous. I want to say thank you jack, for always being such an amazing, kind, understanding, open and selfless person. I want to be like you one day, and I want to help people like you have. Thank you again for everything!!! we all appreciate what you are doing! :’ )