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Our True Love - Chapter 6

A/N: Bucky doesn’t appear in this one but he is mentioned. But, still it helps with the storyline a little. Thank you for those who have been following my series! I really appreciate it. Please enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,086
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

“Why should I give him another chance, Y/N?”

Rosaline’s angry voice echoing in the shop. I look around at the other people there, hoping they would just go back to continuing their own work. I watch Rosaline sip on her cup of coffee.

Bucky had left early in the morning of the day after. He left a note saying “I’m sorry, Y/N, but thank you.” on my coffee table. I tried contacting him, but he didn’t pick up his phone. He must be crashing at Steve’s since Steve returned from his mission that morning too. I asked Rosaline to meet up two days later since it is my day off.

“Bucky really cares for you, Rosaline. You know that. He didn’t mean to do that to you.” I plead with her. She looks at me with her angry brown eyes.

“The nerve to accuse me of cheating! I’d never. He embarrassed me in front of my friends. I never want to see him again!” She folds her arms over her chest. I let out a sigh.

“Yes, it’s fine to be mad at him, but really to the extent of that? You know the things he had gone through in the past, right?” I say while holding onto my cup of coffee.

“The past in the past! He needs to learn to accept what happened to him and get over it. I did when he saved me from HYDRA seven months ago!” She is still raising her voice.

If I could, I want to crawl into a hole and hide out. I know she’s not angry at me, but the attention she is attracting is enough to make me want to crawl inside of my own self and disappear. Keep your voice down, woman.

“Besides, he’s a man. He should be strong and learn to be in control of his own mind again.” She says while looking down at her cup. That statement made me furious. If I could, I’d love to strangle her for treating Bucky like this.

“Rosaline. It’s not a matter of him accepting the past or not. It’s the matter of his mind being a wreck. You kept his mental status stable as Winter Soldier. But now he, as James Buchanan Barnes, lives with the pain of memories of his past. Memories of crimes he doesn’t remember committing as himself.” I say gritting my teeth. She has the right to be angry, but to bash on Bucky’s condition is too much.

“I don’t care. If he doesn’t get his mind fixed, then I don’t want to see him.” I can see tears in her eyes as she looks away. She wants to help Bucky, but doesn’t know how. It’s not like she has the tools and machines she had before.

I clench my fists together, feeling the anger heating up inside of me. So much for being his wife. This is what happens when you rush into something so quickly without thinking first. Then, a memory of Bucky’s tears from the other night comes flashing through my mind. I take a deep breath to calm myself down.

“Rosaline. I ask you to please consider Bucky’s feelings. He is an emotional wreck who needs the support of others to stay on his feet. He says he can manage on his own, when really he can’t.” I plead with her again. Rosaline looks at me, her eyes staring right into mine.

“Please, for Bucky. He needs you.” I say feeling the sadness replacing the anger. I don’t like seeing Bucky upset. It really is painful.

“And you? Don’t you both have some kind of history together?” She asks straight on. I blink before backing away onto the back of the chair.

“Not… so much of a history. We… we’ve only been friends.” I answer. She leans forward on the table.

“Just… friends?” She asks again. I feel a lump growing in my throat. Not from the fear, but from how painful that reality is. But right now, I’m more concerned about Bucky than anything else.

“Yes. Just friends. I’ve just been there for him most of the time.” I answer again, not showing the hint of my voice shaking.

“It makes me wonder why he comes running to you instead of Steve the other night. He usually does when I kick him out.” She crosses her arms over her chest again. I raise an eyebrow. Steve was out during a mission four nights ago. But to my surprise, apparently, it wasn’t the first time Bucky got kicked out by her.


“What did you both do that night?” She asks. A sense of fear wraps around me at how darkly she is staring at me. But I brush that feeling away. We were innocent anyways.

“Nothing happened.” I answer truthfully. She keeps her gaze on me.

“You’re lying.”

If there’s one thing I hate, it is being called a liar. I stand up, reaching over to her shirt and pulling her up to look at me properly. I have to admit, the sudden fear in her eyes was satisfying.

“If you are trying to accuse Bucky of cheating on you. You are dead wrong. You haven’t been the proper wife he deserves. Who turns away from their husbands the second he does something wrong? You stay there and you support him through it all. Not run away and kick him out. What kind of a wife are you? I thought you were a gentle and kind woman, Rosaline.” I say darkly at her. She looks at me, still with a hint of fear and anger mixed together.

I didn’t care how many eyes were on us now despite what I felt earlier. I wanted to get my point across. I push her back down onto the chair before picking my bag up and getting ready to leave.

“Think again about Bucky, Rosaline. You both share a history in HYDRA together. You should understand better than anyone else of how cruel things can be there. When you do remember, then you’ll be able to find the heart to help Bucky again. You have no idea what kind of pain he’s going through.” I say. I can feel Rosaline’s eyes staying on me as I make my way out of the shop.

Even though I left in such a cold manner, inside, I was beating myself up.  

How can I do that to Rosaline?? I’ve never done anything like that to anyone. Oh gosh. I want to run back inside and apologize to her. But then again, if I didn’t, she probably wouldn’t think twice about Bucky’s situation. It was the right thing to do.

Tough love.

I sit on the park bench with a sandwich in hand. I watch the little kids play on the field with their parents watching them or sitting on a picnic blanket. After meeting Rosaline earlier that morning, I needed to air myself out. I don’t like being angry at people to the point I would lash out at them.

I toss the crumpled up paper into the bin.

That night had been so painful to see how broken Bucky was. I wanted nothing but his happiness. I wanted to see him smile again. I wanted to hear his laugh again. I just want the James Buchanan Barnes that I know back. So, this morning was my chance to help him out with Rosaline. I hope she does do the right thing to help Bucky.

The browning leaves and cold breeze are giving me a sense of peace within. I walk down the path of the park, listening to the leaves crunch up under my shoes. So satisfying.

I pass over a particular bench where Bucky and I used to sit on one winter morning after returning home from a trip together.

Just friends.

The words ring out in my head. I laugh to myself and run down the path since I was alone. I dash down that path until I reach to the fork. I stop by a lamp post and hold onto it as I catch my breath. I laugh again loudly to myself, feeling my cheeks growing cold from the tears on my face.

I slide down onto the patch of grass, laughing and crying at the same time. Emotions swirling around in my mind. Was I still somehow in love with Bucky? Is this why I was doing all of these for him? Sacrificing my own feelings to see him happy? I wanted to see him smile and laugh.

But who is that person making him smile and laugh? Is it not myself that I imagine making him laugh? Is it not myself that I imagine holding him at night when he gets his nightmares? Is it not myself that I imagine spending the rest of his life with?

I don’t know anymore. I hit the back of my head against the lamp post while taking a deep breath.

“Y/N?” Richard’s voice calls out from behind me. I turn to look at him. He’s with another man next to him. Equally beautiful and fashionable man. I wipe the tears away quickly before getting up.

“Richard. I didn’t know you are here.” I say while approaching him for a hug. My voice is a little shaky, but not enough to tell that I had been crying. He returns the hug a little nervously.

“Yeah. I was just taking a walk with Harry. Harry, this is my friend, Y/N. Y/N, this is my photographer, Harry.” He points towards the man. Dark skinned, curly short hair and glowing brown eyes. This man looks like a model himself. Jawline, neck and shoulders a little sexier than Richard’s. I smile and shake his hand.

“Hi, Harry. I’m Y/N.” Harry gives me a shy smile before nodding.

“What’s good, Y/N?” He says. His voice was deep.

“So I assume you took the modelling job, then?” I nudge Richard’s arm gently before turning to look at Harry. He laughs and nods.

“I did. You promised a celebration, no?” He asks while looking at me. I nod.

“Yeah. How about a nice dinner at a restaurant of your own choice?” I say before looking at Harry. “And you should come too, Harry!”

“That would be cool.” Harry answers back, nodding at me. Richard smiles.

“Okay, well, Crissie’s then?” Richard says pulling the sleeves of his sweater down a little.

I nod while exchanging glances between them. When I finally realize that there are actually two beautiful men standing in front of me, I blush. My mind was so clouded from before that I didn’t process this situation right now.

“When?” Harry’s deep voice shaking my core a little. So attractive.

“Wednesday night?” Richard suggests while looking at Harry then at me. I nod quickly. I feel really small among both of these men. And Steve and Bucky are the ones given the serum to turn into such beasts themselves.

“Wednesday night it is!” I say.

“We’re about to get lunch. Want to join us?” Richard asks, slipping his hands into his pockets. I shake my head.

“I had lunch. I’m about to head home. I’ll see you on Wednesday though.” I say before giving him a thumbs up. I’m channelling out my cheery attitude to throw off any suspicions Richard might have when he saw me sitting by a lamp post earlier when there’s a bench just a foot away from me.

“Okay, I’ll see you then, Cherry.” Richard leans in to kiss my cheeks again. I blush and wave at them when they make their way down the path again. I yelp inside happily watching the way they walk. Truly beautiful men.

I let out a sigh, making my way back home. I pull my sweater a little tighter around my body. The wind is giving me chills. I remember to the night again. How Bucky held me tightly in his arms. It felt like he was afraid that I would disappear from him if he didn’t. But he was the one that disappeared that morning.

I look up at the clear sky, stopping in my tracks momentarily. I want to make Bucky happy again. I want to make him shine again. That’s all that I’m really sure of right now. When everything is cleared out and returned back to normal, then I’ll deal with my own feelings.

Who knows I may even find an answer for myself after it all too.

★ ★ ★

A/N: Not so much happened in this one. I’m sorry for those who expects a little bit more of Bucky. Next time there will be Bucky, I promise! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Inbox me if you’d like to be tagged in my series! Thank you for reading! Guys, again, thank you for all the likes, reblogs and comments. You have no idea how they really make my day. So thank you very much! <3 

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A Letter to my Ex Best Friend

Sorry for any grammatical errors. I haven’t edited it yet so I’m sorry in advance lolll. But this is something very personal that I wrote today and hopefully someone else could relate. 


I was going through my memory box today and a lot of stuff that involved you came up.  It brought me back to the good times and I almost texted you but then I remembered that you’re just a stranger now. It’s been a couple months since we last talked. Crazy huh? How in just a year we went from being inseperable to complete strangers. If someone had asked us a year or two ago if we could see our life without each other in it, we would have laughed and said no; Now here we are.

I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about you or that I didn’t miss you. I do miss you, a lot. So much has happened since we last talked, and I wish I could share it all with you. There has been times where I picked up my phone to text you but then I would remember you’re not that person anymore; And it’s sad because for the longest time it seemed like you’d be that person who stayed in my life for a long while. I miss being close with your family and being able to call your home my home as well. I miss having the privilege of saying I had more than one family. It’s crazy how much can change in a short amount of time.

I hope you don’t hate me for walking away when I did. I hope one day you understand that I had to or else we would have never known just how toxic our friendship had been. There is quite a few things I know I could have done better and shouldn’t have done, same goes for you. We are both to blame for our friendship being as unhealthy as it was. Though it was so unhealthy, we shared a lot of great memories and I’d like to think it was equally good as it was bad.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry we’re not best friends anymore and I’m sorry I had to be the one to walk away. I’m sorry for any pain I caused. I’m sorry I couldn’t be your person anymore. I’m sorry we couldn’t do everything we wanted to. I’m sorry I tried to blame you for our friendship ending. I’m sorry I tried to hate you because damn did I try. I tried so hard and for awhile it worked because hating you and being mad at you was easier than missing you. But I realize that I could never hate you, no matter how mad I am about what happened. I’m sorry this is how it had to end for us, but that’s life for you. Not everything goes the way it should or how you want it to.

But I would like to thank you. Thank you for being my person for as long as you were. Thank you for being patient with me while I learned how to trust another person. Thank you for the memories I will never forget. Thank you for caring enough to break through the walls I had worked so hard to build over the years. Thank you for being the person I could run to for everything and anything. Thank you for being the person I could count on. Thank you for being the person I could confide in without the fear of judgement. Thank you for teaching me how to love and be loved. Thank you for showing me that I can still trust others and be trusted. Thank you for proving to me that people come into our lives for a reason and though they may not stay, the lessons learned are a blessing.

I would like to say I can see us being friends again in the future but I’d only be spitting out false hope. It would never be the same and if I happen to see you one day, I’ll smile and walk away. My heart will break a little and all our memories will hit me like a train but I’ll feel grateful for the time we did have together. Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever and unfortunately I learned you are one of those people. They say some people only come into your life to teach you a lesson and leave, but the most important people leave a mark. Well you left a mark and I am thankful for you coming into my life when you did.

I know you may never see this but I needed to get it off my chest. There were a lot of words unsaid and a lot of words I wish I could have said. I guess I’m writing this to get a small sense of closure for myself.

I hope you and your family are doing well. I hope you get everything you want and more in the life you chose for yourself.

You’ll always hold a place in my heart.


Your Ex Best Friend

🔷 Busy

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Requested by anon 

Summary: Yoongi and you are friends with benefits. Your boring day at work becomes exciting when he texts you all of a sudden. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: smut

Words: 2 167

A/N: After 2345654 years I finally finished smth. I’m sorry for such a long break. I apologize for any grammatical errors. Hope you like it ❤️

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cliché || newt scamander

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word count: 2624

summary: reader x newt scamander

*lowercase intented*

author’s note: okay so, the reader being a slytherin is not mentioned very often, but it is there. also, this is a bit shorter than the last one, but that’s okay i hope.  (sorry for any grammatical errors) i don’t think this is the best i could have done… but i just hope you enjoy it anyways.

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Stargazers - pt. 5

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Pairing: Newt Scamander x Ravenclaw!Reader (eventual)
Based on this (x) and this (x) imagine!
One shot( ) or
Chapter (x) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)
Word count:
7000+ (YIKES.)
none. just fluff and weirdness and a lil bit of angst.
A/N: I’m so sorry this was posted so late! I couldn’t help myself after I found out Newt’s criminal record post. Also, it’s REALLY, REALLY LONG. Beware. At first it was going to be regularly long, about 2.5k….. but… it got out of hand… I hope you guys don’t mind! Please tell me if it’s annoying so I could break it down into more chapters in the future. I just wanted this one to be the last part of Stargazers so I could go ahead with the timeskip. Sorry for any and all grammatical errors! (English isn’t my native language and I haven’t proof read.)
P.S. The student that appears here, as well as the librarian, are made up for the sake of the story.

She had been searching for you everywhere that day. Elizabeth, who could only go so much without having your curious presence around, was certainly distraught. You were there during breakfast, and you were there for the classes you actually decided to attend (for, you see, sometimes they were just terrible and you figured there was no point of going through the torture some days) but sometime after Transfiguration, poof!

During dinner she was sure to have caught a glimpse of you stealing a plate of mashed potatoes and Merlin knows what else, and then you were gone again. Elizabeth had thought that maybe you were in a quiet part of the library, but upon visiting it, not finding you and being told of your growing list of borrowed books, she resorted to the only other person you seemed to be attached to: Newt. It wasn’t because you didn’t have other friends and acquaintances, but because she had caught you frequently exchanging words with the fellow, more so than with anyone else.

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The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 6}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Hamilton - Modern AU (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,349 words

Part 6! Man, I feel like this series is getting a little long… Don’t worry. It’s almost over. I didn’t proofread this at all, so sorry for any tense changes or grammatical errors :) I think I spent more time researching French foods and the French Riviera than I did writing this! 

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“But I said, ‘Hell no! You better give me another chance!’”

You giggle at Thomas’s story, completely enraptured by his storytelling—his wide eyes, waving hands, the way he did the voices of the different people. He has so much passion for life.

“What did he say to that?” you ask excitedly.

Thomas merely shakes his head. “He kicked me out!”

“No!” His grin widens as you burst out laughing. “That’s insane!”

Your phone buzzes on the table and you see an incoming text message from John Laurens. It would be rude to check your phone during the date, so you slide it into your pocket and pick up your menu. He was probably just checking in to make sure Thomas hadn’t insulted you yet.

“So, what do you recommend?” you ask, scanning the menu in confusion. “I don’t know what any of these dishes are.”

He chuckles and leans across the table so the two of you can share a menu. He skims the list with his fingertip until he finds something called Bouillabaisse.

“This is a stew of mixed Mediterranean fish, tomatoes, and herbs,” he says, his voice low. His dark eyes meet yours, and you can’t look away. “It’s a dish from Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera. Along the Mediterranean coast. I stayed there for six months, just soaking up the culture and dining on this very dish.”

“How do you pronounce it?”


You grin, never realizing until now that talking about French food could be so sexy.

“How about that one?” you ask, pointing to another dish.

Pieds paquets,” he says, the French rolling fluently off his tongue. “Are you impressed yet?”

“Very. The only French foods I know are crepes and ratatouille, because of that Pixar movie.”

“That was a very cute movie.”

“You watched it?” you ask in disbelief. “You don’t seem like the kind of guy…”

“Pshh! It’s about France and food. My two favorite things.” He grins lopsidedly and looks you up and down. “That dress would be my third favorite.”

You look away, hoping that he won’t notice your blushing. The front door to the restaurant opens roughly and a harried young man with long dark hair rushes in. It takes you a moment to recognize him, but the three other men who straggle in behind him help jog your Thomas-fogged memory.

Panic floods your chest as Alex scans the restaurant, registering the wrathful expression on his face. He knows. You lift your menu to obscure most of your face, peeking over the top. He is speaking with the maitre d’, getting more riled by the moment.

Thomas frowns at your strange actions. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Alex is—”

“JEFFERSON!” Alexander bellows across the restaurant, his eyes boring into the back of Thomas’ head. “YOU SON OF A—”

“Alexander!” Thomas drawls, his entitled, obnoxious persona sliding expertly into place. He rises from his seat and stands, slightly shielding you, to meet Alex, who rushes across the restaurant with wings of fury. “As usual, it’s a delight when you show up uninvited.”

“Jefferson, what the hell do you think you’re doing with Y/N?”

“Well, I think I’m taking her out on a date. What do you think I’m doing with her?”

“You can’t go anywhere near her, talk to her, touch her. You have hurt her so many times already. This is just an elaborate plan to destroy her self-esteem and ultimately force her to go back to Nebraska.”

“You can’t tell me what to do or what not to do, little Hammy,” Thomas says tauntingly, taking a step closer to Alex. “If I want to take Y/N out, I will. And you can’t say anything about it.”

“You’re so entitled, Jefferson. I’d love to see you without your money and family name. You’d be floundering in the shallows.”

“You know nothing of loyalty. You’re so desperate to rise above your station that you will take advantage of anything and anyone to gain it. Is that why you’re friends with Y/N?”

Alex glances at you, his anger cracking slightly. Thomas shoves his shoulder antagonistically.

“What does she give you? A shoulder to cry on? She’s smart and beautiful and compassionate. Did you think you’d get her at some point? Just keeping her on the back burner while you explore this thing with Eliza Schuyler.”

Alex lunges at Thomas, fists flying. A woman in the restaurant screams. You scramble out of your seat as the two men stumble toward your table. Thomas extracts himself from Alex’s grip and punches him solidly across the face, causing Alex to fall backwards. Flailing his arms, Alex lands on your table, pushing a glass of red wine onto your dress.

Everyone freezes.

Your heart drops as you look at the stain forming on the front of your dress. Touching the liquid with your fingers, you feel your temper rising. How dare Alex come in here and make a scene! How dare Thomas speak about you like you’re nothing more than a consolation prize! How dare Laurens break his promise and tell Alex!

“Damn it, Alexander!” you yell, glaring at him as he lies on the ground. “I finally find a guy who likes me for me and you have to come in here and ruin it with your old grudges and lack of respect? You don’t get to decide who I date or where I go! Stop being such a child and trust that I can handle myself.”

He bows his head in shame, wiping his bleeding lower lip with the back of his hand.

“Same goes for you, Laurens!” you continue. Laurens partially hides behind Hercules’ shoulder, regret painted across his features. “I am an adult and I can make decisions for myself. You don’t need to protect me! You promised that you would keep this secret, but you didn’t! How can I ever trust you after this?”

Shaking your head reproachfully, you turn your attention to Thomas, whose smirk quickly vanishes from his features.

“And you,” you mutter darkly, taking a couple steps so you’re nearly chest to chest with him. “You don’t own me. You are lucky that I agreed to go out with you, but this childish display with Alex shows me that you’re not capable of being respectful of my friends. No matter how much they irk you.”

“Y/N, what are you saying?” he asks, his expression vulnerably worried.

You gaze into those eyes you like so much and your heart begins to hurt. “I gave you a chance, but you’ve shown me that we wouldn’t work. I’m sorry.”

A tear slipping down your cheek, you grab your purse and jacket and push past your friends, your almost-lover, and a gaggle of waiters. You let a sob out once your face hits the cool outdoors air. How could this night have turned out so bad? You wore the dress, he brought you flowers. It was supposed to be perfect.

Walking away from the restaurant, you fish your phone in your pocket. Laurens had texted you, you remember. You open the message and read it. He had tried to warn you.

A million scenarios ran through your mind. What if you had read the message? Perhaps you and Thomas could have escaped the restaurant and found another place for a date. Maybe you could have prepared for Alex’s confrontation. Then you wouldn’t be limping down the darkened street in your heels with a dark stain on the front of your perfect dress.

You don’t want to return to your apartment. It would still have that aura of excitement and hope, which was something you wanted to avoid. John is someone you wanted to stay away from until you had the opportunity to cool off. Hercules and Lafayette would only try to talk you out of being mad at Alex. Peggy is at her boyfriend’s, and you don’t want to disturb them.

A dark car pulls up beside you. The driver rolls down the window.

“Hey, you wanna lift?”

You ponder the offer for a moment before hopping in the backseat.

Sleepless Nights {Stiles Stilinski}

Request: can you do a smut where the person is sleeping in with stiles bed after a rough day with Scott and being a beta and all that jazz after the person falls asleep is like on top of stiles and he starts to get a boner but you just keep sleeping and don’t move off him then he starts to move around then you can take it from there💜

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1489

Warning: Smutnickens is not lowkey in this imagine, sorry for any grammatical errors.

  Darkness swirled around the room, and your soft snores were the only thing to be heard. After a long day trying to explain to an anger issued teenager, that he was now a wolf you was exhausted. Being Scott’s beta was tiring considering that Scott helps everyone who asked. Stiles looked down at you, seeing your lips parted and your furrowed eyebrows. He couldn’t help but to smile, he adored you. You meant the absolute world to him.

   When the two of you kissed for the for the first time in Mexico, he knew it was forever. Looking back at the ceiling he remembered ever night spent with you, and that meant every night. Especially the most intimate ones, he remembered how it felt to have your hands roam all over his body. Then it was how you called his name, as he explored your body. Snapping out of his thoughts, Stiles felt his sweatpants tighten, he was hard. Of course, he was, he had just thought about the time he had sex with you.

   If he could just sneak off to the bathroom and take a cold shower to take care of himself, he’d be fine, but you were on top of him. Moving you would wake you up and you could’ve never gone back to sleep. So here he was, hard as a rock with you on top of him. Thinking it couldn’t have gotten any worse, you were moving around every five seconds.

‘Great, she’s having a nightmare’

   From his fair share of restless nights, he knew waking you up would result in a cranky Y/N in the morning. The sudden stroke against his crotch made Stiles bite his lip. Your leg had just slid up from his thigh to his crotch. There was no way this was going away, he was horny and needed to get off. Slowly and gently he tried to pry your limbs off his body, but every time he successfully removed a limb, you’d just put it back. Sighing softly he stayed there, hot and bothered.

“Stiles?” You’re soft voice released into the silence.

  Looking down he found you rubbing your eyes, before sitting up. He snaked an arm around you and kissed your temple.

“I’m sorry, go back to sleep baby.” He whispered, pulling you closer to him.

“I can’t, I had a dream, -it wreaks in here.” You grumble, he chuckled.

“I can open a window,” Stiles suggested but you shook your head.

“No, it wreaks as in you wreak of hormones and- wait…” A light blushed appeared on Stiles’s cheeks but it was too dark for you to see, “please tell me you weren’t having a wet dream.”

“Not exactly.” Stiles whispered quietly, “I’m going to go take a cold shower.”

“Why?” You asked confused to why he’d do that when there was a better option, “no, just come here.”

   Surprised and curious, he leaned over to you, only to be greeted with your lips. It was mutually satisfying, you yourself had been having a wet dream, that would explain your tossing and turning. Your hands worked their way down to his crotch and messages his length.

“Y/N, it’s alright I could take a shower,” Stiles muttered against your lips, he didn’t want to make you feel pressured into anything.

“Stiles, I need this, I need you.” You say before moving your hand inside his sweats.

   You knew he was feeling as if, he was pressuring you but he wasn’t. You had been just as horny as he was. Two horny people in one bed, of course this was bound to happen. He softly thrust his hips, at your movements. Throwing his head back he sighed in pleasure. You moved in a position where you could’ve pulled his sweats off. Being Stiles he didn’t wear boxers when he slept, so his erection sprung up slapping against his stomach before standing straight.

“Just relax, babe.” You whispered grabbing his shaft hungrily.

“Holy shit Y/N.” Stiles moaned when he felt your lips wrap around his throbbing cock.

   Swirling your tongue around his tip, you felt his hands crawl into your hair. You bobbed your head up and down, sucking softly but slowly on his erection.

“Fuck baby,” he moaned softly, “just like that.”

   Slowly you felt yourself getting worked up. The heat at your core made you moan on his cock. His hands moved in rhythm with your head and felt his body twitch uncontrollably. You released his cock from your mouth’s grasp and used your hand the replicate the movements, twisting your hands up and then down.

“Yes, fuck baby.” He said shivering at your touch.

   Quickly, Stiles brought you up to him kissing your lips tenderly before flipping over. Now he was on top of you, eager to feel your tight little womb suck him up. Pulling his shirt over his head from the collar, he reached down to pull off your shorts. Exposing your lace panties, you blushed.

“You didn’t expect me to cum like that, did do?” He whispered in your ear seductively. With one tug he ripped my panties and threw the now piece of fabric aside.

A gasped escaped your lips, “Stiles, that was my favorite pair.”

   He kissed down your neck, humming in response to you scolding. Of course you weren’t upset at him, how could you when he was pleasuring you senselessly. You groaned feeling his cold rough hands slide underneath your shirt. Nipping at your soft spot he smiled against the skin when feeling your exposed breast.

“No bra?” He whispered impressed, for being tired you sure as hell was prepared for him.

“Please baby, touch me.” You breath staggered.

   You wanted to feel him take you, dominate your body. You wanted him to claim you. He knew as well but he couldn’t help but tease you. Your folds caressed his length as he rubbed his cock against them. You moaned softly in his ear, making him only want you more. Your juices coated his cock, preparing him for what was next.

   Feeling cold and empty when he pulled away you whined in his absence. He brought your shirt over your head pulling it off. Lips connecting with one nipple, his hands tended to the other and his cock found itself running up and down your folds again.

“Stiles, baby don’t stop.” You moaned feeling your body shudder in pleasure.

“I want you Y/N.” He moaned against your chest.

   He teased your entrance with his tip, making you moan loudly. You needed him, you couldn’t wait another second, “Take me, baby, fuck me till I can’t walk tomorrow.”

Slowly you felt your wet cunt being filled with hard cock, your walls tightly grasping him. Melting beneath him, you bit your lip holding back from screaming his name. His rolled to the back of his head, feeling how tight you were. It was amazing how you stilled hugged his cock, no matter how hard he’d fuck you.

“Your so fucking tight.” He groaned pulling out slowly, before driving into you again.

“Take me, make me yours baby.” You moaned unable to open you eyes.

   He drove deeper into you with every thrust, building up your orgasm and his. Looking down at you, he attacked your exposed neck, breathing heavily in the crook of his neck.

“Faster,” you moaned quietly.

   Obeying your command he pounded into your tight cunt faster, making you claw at his back. The spring in the pit of your stomach was being pressed down on, ready to pop free at any moment. Stiles felt himself twitch inside of you signaling he was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum.” He said in your neck breathing heavily.

“Cum for me baby, I want your load.” you moaned seductively.

  He leaned up and gripped your waist, roughly bring you down his cock even further. Gripping the sheets you let out a loud moan, feeling him hit your g-spot. He twitched again but this time, he collapsed against you, his thrust becoming sloppy.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” He groaned in pleasure pounding you harder desperate to fill you up with his whites.

   You felt him twitch again before releasing his hot load in you. That was all it took to push you over the edge, your orgasm was strong and long. The both you cried out feeling your climaxes. 

As the two of you rode out your orgasms, down the hall of Stiles room, Mr. Stilinski stares at his son’s door proudly. He had heard the loud moaning and the sound of skin hitting against each other.

“That’s my boy.” He whispered to himself before walking back to his room.

Title: “Bloody good work”

Warnings: Complete spoilers for Fantastic Beasts

Based on this post sent in by @izadorablog

Length: 3,000+

A/N: I did not mean to make this so long. I didn’t want to separate it into parts though because I know I hate searching around for them. I just got so into this character and I love Newt and I just wanted to write. Hopefully this is good, I have gone and edited it so I’m sorry if there’s any misspellings or grammatical errors. If you want to beta my work please message me! I also tried my best to remember how the movie went, but it’s been almost a week and I’ve only seen it once. Sorry if there’s anything inconsistent. I hope you all enjoy this!

Nothing like being out on patrol for the Department for Magic Beasts during a country-wide ban. Sure there was some crooks that you had managed to catch, but all in all there wasn’t much to do. Just wander around New York City and pretend like it was important work. On this particular day you decided to pass by the bank where the crazy anti-witch lady was giving another speech. It was something that amused you because it’s not like there was anything else to do. However, at this one you noticed someone who probably shouldn’t have been there. A woman from MECUSA called Tina who had already gotten herself in trouble for going to these events. You rolled your eyes, but didn’t bother confronting her about it, it wasn’t any of your business, until it was.

Tina began to hurry up the steps of the bank, following a man in a blue coat carrying a brown leather case. Now this ought to be good, you thought as you followed the pair into the bank. The man branched off into the main atrium and sat down next to a no-maj. Tina lurked behind a pillar watching the pair. You stood near the entrance, careful not to block the doorway.

Suddenly the man jumped up and headed across the atrium of the bank, definitely chasing after something. He seemed to be going everywhere, leaving the no-maj with what seemed to be an egg. Standing very close to a woman who was trying to retrieve her money. Ducking under a bench and talking to something there. This behavior was suspicious, but not enough for you to do anything about, until he did something truly illegal. He magically whisked the man he’d the left the egg with over to him and disapparated with the no-maj. Not technically your department but most definitely a breach in the statute of secrecy. You didn’t know where the pair had gone but Tina raced up to you.

“Did you see that man use magic on the no-maj?” She asked in hopes that wasn’t the only one.

“I definitely did, this is not going to end well for either of them,” you said. The you heard it, the faint sounds of metal clinking to the ground. “I think they’re in a vault.”

“You go in there and I’ll head outside to cut them off,” Tina said taking no more time to plan the capture.

You headed to a dark corner and apperated inside the vault where the man was tickling a Niffler in an attempt to get all the shiny objects out of its pouch. The no-maj stared on in shock, obviously very confused about what was going on.

“Sir, that’s a Niffler you’ve got there,” you said advancing on him.

“Why yes, it is, naughty little boy isn’t he?” He said still tickling him and shaking him.

“Sire are you aware of the ban on magical creatures inside the United States?” You asked raising your wand.

“Yes, but you see, I needed to get a creature from a breeder who’s only located in America, it’s for my book you see,” he said getting the last of objects from the Niffler and stuffing in unceremoniously back into the case.

“I don’t care why you’re here, you have brought magical creatures over international borders and that’s a violation of the law. I’m going to need to take you in,” you said reaching to grab his arm. Then an alarm went off as a well dressed man smashed a button by the vault.

“I believe this is our cue,” the blue coated man said, grabbing the no-maj and disapparating in front of the well dressed man and several security guards.

“Obliviate!” You yelled before doing the same, you couldn’t just let these no-maj’s remember something like this.

You appeared outside the bank, near a corner of the steps, luckily only a few steps away from the man and the no-maj. Unfortunately the no-maj grabbed his case and ran off very quickly into the crowd of people, somewhere too dangerous to do magic.

Tina rushed over to the two of you, out of breath.

“Please tell me one of you obliviated that man,” she said breathlessly.

“I managed to get the man and the guards who saw us in the vault, but the no-maj was running away by the time I got here,” you explained.

“Well, did you get him?” Tina asked the man.

“Not exactly, you see he’s very fast for such a stout man,” he said hanging his great.

“Great, now I’ve got to bring you in, send people out to look for the no-maj, and make sure you don’t cause anymore trouble,” you said turning to Tina.

“At least let me come back to MECUSA with you, if I say I helped bring him in, then maybe I’ll be allowed back,” Tina begged.

“Fine, you can come, but don’t get in the way of my report or apprehension,” you said grabbing the man and apparating outside the MECUSA building. Tina followed shortly. You explained to the man at the door about the situation and he let the three of you in after you flashed your badge.

The man was fascinated by the inside of MECUSA and didn’t stop staring around in awe the whole time. You led the two over to the elevator and pressed the button for the floor for filing reports, better to get it over with now than have to do it later.

“Shouldn’t we bring him to Graves?” Tina asked.

“No, we shouldn’t, because that’s what’s been getting you in trouble all of this time,” you said. You could hear Tina let out a huff but she stayed silent and didn’t fight you anymore on the matter. It didn’t take long for the elevator to reach to floor you needed and you stepped out with the man and Tina in tow.

You reached your desk where your papers were properly filed and pulled out the one for illegal beasts.

“Name?” You asked pulling out a quill and ink and gesturing for the man to sit in front of you.

“Scamander, Newt Scamander,” the man said.

“Wand permit papers,” you asked holding out your hand.

“I sent them in earlier by mail,” Newt said nervously.

“Tina would you get check the registry for Mr. Scamander’s wand permit?” You asked not looking up from your work.

“Of course,” Tina said hurrying off.

“So Mr. Scamander I know that you have at the very least smuggled a Niffler onto American soil, and if you’d be so kind I’d like to have a look at what’s in the that case,” you said nodding to the leather case clutched to his chest.

“Oh, um, well, there’s nothing but the Niffler, and maybe a few others,” Newt said nervously.

“I need to document them, so if you don’t mind please open the case,” you said sternly. Newt wasn’t looking to get in anymore trouble but he weighed his odds and knew that refusing the case could lead to jail time for more than just illegal creatures.

“Yes, alright, here,” he said and placed the case gently on your desk and popped open the clasps. You expected to hear a multitude of animal voices, but you heard nothing. Nothing stirred and you could see extreme worry on Newt’s face.

“Well what’s wrong?” You asked standing up and peering over the lid of the case. Inside was a bunch of pastries, but no magical creatures.

“Mr. Scamander, you and that no-maj had very similar cases. Could there have been any chance that there was some confusion when he ran and that he picked up the wrong one?” You asked very slowly trying to keep calm. This was going to be a lot of labor and paperwork if you had to go and retrieve a magical case filled with magical beasts from a no-maj before he opened it.

“Well, yes, I suppose there’s always that possibility,” Newt said nervously. Just then Tina rushed back over to you.

“I found his wand permit so that’s in good order, but what’s this? Who ordered a case full of pastries?” She asked when she saw the case lying open on your desk.

“No one, Ms. Goldstein, it appears we’ve had a mix up with whose case was whose,” you said.

“Oh dear, you mean a no-maj is wandering around New York with a case full of illegal creatures just waiting to be set loose?” Tina said very worriedly.

“It would appear so. Mr. Scamander I’m not going to arrest you right now, I need your help to track down that case. However, when we get it back you are not going to see the outside of a prison cell for as long as I can manage it,” you threatened. This was going to be a long day and you were not looking forward to having to deal with this idiot for more than necessary.

“Understood,” Newt said closing the case swiftly and standing up. He allowed you to exit ahead of him, most likely because he didn’t know how to get out of the building, and the three of you set off to find the case.

With Newt’s, Tina’s, and your skills it didn’t take long to figure out where the no-maj lived. People were running out of a building yelling about a gas explosion, and the one guy who wasn’t got obliviated. The three of you rushed inside to find that the no-maj was fighting with a Murtlap. Newt pried him off quickly and stuffed him back into the wide open case. He dealt with the situation as best he could, repaired the walls and you and Tina calmed down the no-maj who introduced himself as Jacob Kowalski. All you could think about was how much worse this situation was now that the case had been opened and the creatures had been set loose. It was going to be a very long day indeed.

Tina invited the three of you over to her house that she shared with her sister. It was a pleasant apartment and Jacob was intrigued by all the simple magical goings on it. Especially that of Tina’s sister Queenie who was very indecently standing about in just a robe and a slip. You and Newt both averted your eyes at the sight to be polite. You would never be caught dead like that with a strange man in the house. However, you were fascinated by the fact that she was a legilimens, you had never met you before, that you knew of. Tina and Queenie prepared a nice dinner and loaned you some clothes. The three girls slept out in the living room, knowing that Jacob and Newt were probably more exhausted than they were and needed the beds.

“Anja would you be a dear and bring these hot chocolates in to the boys, they looked like they needed them,” Queenie asked handing you two mugs.

“Sure thing,” you said taking the mugs and heading to the small bedroom. You pushed open the door where Jacob was sitting up in bed reading a book and Newt was already curled under the covers. “Queenie asked me to bring you these,” you said handing off the hot chocolates two the two men.

“Excellent, quick Anja, close the door. I’ve got some business to attend to,” Newt said jumping out of bed.

“What in the world could it be?” You asked as he slid his case into the middle of the room and opened in.

“You two follow me and I’ll explain,” he said as he made his was into the case which must have had an undetectable extension charm. You knew that the fastest way to get his continued cooperation was oblige and so you followed him down the steps. It led into a wooden store room filled with various herbs and other items needed to mixing and serving. Your observations were cut short by a stuck Jacob and the two of you were able to pull him into the case.

Newt began rambling about all his creatures, getting the foods ready, and even yoyoing a Swooping Evil at you and Jacob. You could tell her was excited to be spending time with his creatures and to be showing them to two people. Both of whom he knew would take at least some interest, one because he had never seen magical creatures before, and the other because it was her job. He spent ages showing you ever creature, talking about all the missing ones, which seemed to be a Billywig, the Niffler, a Demiguise, an Erumpent, and finally an Occamy. Any one of these creatures could cause mass panic among the no-maj community and needed to be found as soon as possible.

Despite how angry you were with how careless Newt had been it didn’t deter you from being entranced by the sheer number of creatures kept in his case. In your years working for the Magical Congress you had never even seen some of these animals before. Seeing how well he treated these animals and how much they meant to him you were beginning to feel bad about wanting to lock him up. It didn’t seem right to separate this man from his creatures. You would worry about that later though, first priority was to get all the creatures back into the case and off the New York streets. After you and Jacob had been properly introduced to all the creatures, including Frank the Thunderbird and Pickett the clingy Bowtruckle Newt made an announcement.

“We’re heading out, we need to get to these beasts as fast as possible,” he said putting his coat back on and packing up some stuff.

“We can’t just bring Jacob, he’s not trained for stuff like this,” I said looking apologetically at the man.

“I want him to come, he’s able to appreciate the creatures, I trust him. Besides, it wouldn’t be doing anymore harm that it is now,” Newt stated.

“You know what, fine, but if you’re idiocy gets a no-maj injured or killed then I’m not going to defend you,” you said.

“He’ll be fine,” Newt said. The three of you exited the suitcase and packed it up, sneaking out of the window. You didn’t tell Queenie or Tina much to the disapproval of Jacob, but you didn’t have time to be dragging even more people along. Once the three of you had successfully exited the apartment the hunt for the missing creatures began. First you looked for the Niffler, the creature that would probably most easy to find considering its niche likes. It wasn’t long before you found him hiding in a jewelry store pretending to be a stand. After a little bit of an issue with the no-maj police and a misunderstanding about a jewelry heist he was caught.

Next you headed off to find the large and quite dangerous Erumpent which turned out to be “hiding” in the Central Park Zoo. Jacob was dressed in a keeper’s uniform with a chest bit and a leather helmet. Newt assured him that it was totally safe despite the extra precautions he was taking, mostly by your advisement. When you finally got to where the Erumpent was it was attempting to mate with the Rhino that was being kept there. You had no idea how to deal with an Erumpent in mating, but as it turned out Newt did. He covered himself in a certain scent the Erumpent would like and handed off the bottle to Jacob. He asked you two to step back so as not to interfere with the mating dance. As you watched the sandy haired man you couldn’t help but be even more interested in him. He had taken the time to learn this mating dance and was performing it without a second thought. If MECUSA was involved with this you knew that it wouldn’t be as gentle of an approach. He was showing you a different side to your job that you never had considered. Something stirred in your stomach but you couldn’t quite tell what it was.

That was when it happened, Jacob spilled the bottle of scent. Newt, the Erumpent, and you all turned to look at him and the fear in his eyes. He knew he had messed up. Suddenly the Erumpent began to charge him and Jacob took off running closely followed by yourself and Newt.

“Everything’s fine, she’s totally harmless!” Newt called after Jacob as he sprinted to a tree. He climbed it as fast as possible and hung upside down from a limb like a sloth. The Erumpent was having none of that and began heating the three in order to bring it down. Once she had done that you made the snow extra slippery so that Jacob would have an edge on the Erumpent. Newt was able to get the Erumpent onto the ice, finish the mating dance, and finally lure her back into the case.

Once he had shut the case and locked it you saw the Billywig flying through the air, conjured up a net and swooped it out of the air. You felt bad because the little moth like creature did not want to go back into the case. All he wanted to do was flying about and be free, but you knew that he couldn’t be seen by no-majs.

“Alright, we’ve got two left, lets keep going,” Newt said obviously high on the thrill of the chase. You weren’t about to argue with him, at this rate he would have the other two in the case in no time.

The grand adventure for the creatures ended up culminating in the Macy’s department store with the whole gang there. Queenie, Tina, Jacob, Newt, and you were all hunting for the invisible Demiguise. It didn’t take long for him to appear and the five you followed it around until Newt realized what was going on.

“He’s taking care of something, and I think I know what that something is,” he said.

“Taking care of? You don’t mean…?” You questioned realizing what he probably meant. That the Demiguise was helping take care of the very last missing magical beast.

“I do mean,” Newt said and you all snuck up into a store room following the Demiguise. He had brought a various number of objects and the second you entered the room you knew why.

“I knew they could fill what ever space they had, but this is insane,” you whispered to Newt when you saw the Occamy the size of a dragon hiding in the rafters. Newt walked up to it behind the Demiguise trying to comfort it by reminding the Occamy that he was it’s “mummy”. The things went awry. The Demiguise must have predicted something because as soon as Queenie’s foot pushed a fallen ornament he rushed into action and jumped around Jacob. The Occamy grew and everyone was pushed against the walls.

“Quick! I need a bug and a teapot!” Newt yelled urgently. Immediately you all went into a frenzy in an attempt to find the two objects Newt needed. There were plenty of roaches around but it seemed that no one could catch one. It took what seemed to ages before Jacob was able to wrap his hands around one. You searched the floor for a teapot and luckily enough you found a simply china one packed away in some boxes.

“I’ve got teapot!” You yelled across the room.

“Excellent, now Jacob, throw the bug over to Anja, and Anja do your best to catch it in the teapot,” Newt instructed. You nodded and sprang into action when you saw Jacob release the roach. You jumped across the room over the coils of Occamy, knowing that if you didn’t the bug would fall short. As you did this the Occamy realized what was happening and began to follow the bug. You did you best to position the teapot right under it and soon the bug and the Occamy fell neatly into it. Newt slammed a ceramic lid onto the teapot top and looked up at you with a big smile.

“Bloody good work, Anja,” he said looking incredibly proud of.

“Why thank you Mr. Scamander,” you said returning the smile. Your stomach stirred again and this time you knew what it was. You were falling for the gentle hearted magizoologist. Simple as that.

As the night unfolded and you all escaped death multiple times, you quit your job at MECUSA. It was an incredibly hard night what with the death of the boy Credence, the discovery of Grindelwald, and the final issue of Jacob needing to be obliviated. You cried and cried about all of it because you knew that nothing was going to be the same.

You didn’t stop crying until Newt was standing on the dock waiting for the boat to go back to England.

“I’ll send you a copy of my book,” he assured you when he saw the sad look in your eye.

“Thank you. I’d love that,” you said smiling holding back the tears.

“You’re welcome. Goodbye,” he said waving to you as he headed up the boat ramp.

“Goodbye Newt,” you said getting to ready to cry when he was out of sight. About halfway up the ramp he turned around and hurried back to you.

“Actually, how about I come back and give it to you in person,” Newt said thinking it over.

“I’d love that as well,” you said realizing that you would at least see him one more time in your life. You were wasting no time though and as he went to brush a strand of your hair behind your ear. You grabbed him hand, pressed it to your cheek, leaned in and kissed him. He was startled at first but soon melted into it, coming to same conclusion you did. That it was going to be a while before you two saw each other again.

“Please come back,” you whispered to him.

“I will love, don’t worry,” he said and kissed your forehead. You watched as he got on the boat ramp again and finally got onto the boat. You cried again, not being able to keep in the tears. Luckily Newt didn’t see you, but at least these tears were ones of joy and not sadness. You would see the adorable magizoologist again and you would be able to fall in love with him properly this time.

Who Do You Think You Are?

So this is my first ever fanfic and I am really nervous about it. I have always wanted to write fanfic and have many ideas but I am either really busy or really nervous that no one will like it. BUT, I am now going to shake off the fear and post this! Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors. Thank you so much if you are reading this and I hope you enjoy it!

Bucky x Reader

Word count: 2704

Warnings: Angst (maybe a little too much) and cursing

Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Bucky Barnes.

(Mentioned are Thor Odin, Bruce Banner, and Clint Barton)

Song is Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Summary: Y/N has something to say, well sing, about their feelings towards their ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes.


“C’mon Y/N, you have to go to Stark’s party with us” your best friend, Wanda, said while picking clothes out of your closet and throwing them onto your bed.

“I don’t know Wanda,” you paused while looking at the pile of clothes that were starting to pile up “I just do not want to run into him”.

You were talking about your ex, Bucky Barnes. You two met a little after he had awakened from the cryo and you were starting your training to be an Avenger. You didn’t have any powers; you were the top of your class in S.H.I.E.L.D before it fell and came to live with your aunt, Pepper Potts, and her boyfriend, who you basically thought of as your uncle, Tony Stark. Tony felt that your training should not have been put to waste and invited you to become an Avenger and train under Natasha, who later on become one of your closest friends, along with Wanda.

Soon, you became close with all of the other Avengers. You thought of Steve and Sam as your older brothers, they would do anything to make sure that you were safe and happy, plus they made it their life’s mission to annoy and embarrass you whenever they could. Thor was one of your best friends and you could not imagine a world where he would greet you with a box of Pop-Tarts every time he would come to visit you. Bruce was like another uncle to you, but was very more cautious and wanted to make sure you were always healthy and that you had no broken bones. Clint was like a father figure to you and always invited you to stay with him and his family when you needed to get away, who also welcomed you with open arms. You simply adored his kids and would always offer to babysit them. You loved everything about your little family and would not trade them for anything in the world.

Now cue Bucky. When you guys first met, it was during training and he had accidently gave you a concussion while you guys were sparring. He carried you to the medical area and kept whispering that he was sorry over and over again. Let’s just say that he got scolded by both of your uncles and that made him feel even worse. He made it his mission to make sure that he would not hurt you again, even though that has begun to annoy you. You told him that it was okay for him to knock you out a couple of times and that was what the training is for, to learn how to prevent it. From then on, you guys would train together and soon became closer. Eventually, he has asked you out and your relationship was amazing, or at least you thought. Turns out after two years of a fun, happy relationship, Bucky decided that he would start seeing another girl and hide it from you. You only found out after seeing them at the movie theater when you were with Wanda, kissing and hugging another girl who you thought looked gorgeous compared to yourself. You confronted him when he returned to the tower and that resulted in you leaving Bucky and the tower to find your own apartment. It had been four months since you last saw him, as you tried to make it to where your schedules wouldn’t clash so you wouldn’t accidently run into him. You had been successful in doing so, but this resulted in you not training as much and rarely seeing those who you thought of as family. Today, however, Wanda and Natasha decided to change that when she showed up to your apartment and begged you to come to one of Tony’s parties.

“Y/N, you need to forget about him. He was the asshole and idiot, you need to get over him and I believe that a night of drinking, dancing, and flirting with other guys will be good for you” said Natasha while sitting on the bed.

“I don’t know, I just feel bad about not explaining why I left and I feel like everyone is going to hate me when I show up out of nowhere” you sighed, sitting next to Natasha.

“Y/N, believe me no one hates you, we all seriously miss you” said Wanda as she joined you two on your bed.

“If anything, everyone has just been worrying about you, even Tony has been quiet. which you know is hard for him to do” said Natasha while nudging you with her elbow.

“Trust me Y/N, it will be good for you. You will get to see everyone and you know that you have missed us all” said Wanda.

You smiled softly, “Okay fine that actually does sound a little better than moping around like I have been lately”. You started towards the closet and picked out the one outfit that always made you feel as if the whole room had their eyes on you. You then put your hair in your favorite hairstyle. If you were going to be in the same room as Bucky, you had to make sure that he couldn’t see just how miserable the last few months have made you.

Wanda smiled and pulled you in for a tight hug, “You look simply gorgeous Y/N, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of you when you walk in”.

You pulled away and smiled back, “C’mon, let’s head over to the party”.


When you arrived at the party Wanda was right, almost all eyes were on you and you had no idea if that was a good or a bad thing. You walked up to your group of friends, who were all smiles when they saw you. You were attacked with hugs and kisses on your cheeks and you never felt happier.

“Y/N, we missed you” said Steve as he hugged and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

“Yeah Y/N/N, where have you been? The tower isn’t the same without you” smiled Sam as he pulled you in for a hug as well.

“Well, I… uh just needed to get away for a while, I am sorry for not visiting you guys more often, I have missed you all like crazy” you said with a sad smile.

You continued talking to your friends until someone tapped you on the shoulder.

“Hey Y/N” you froze as you heard the same deep voice that used to make your stomach flutter. You turned around and saw Bucky standing there, with a sad smile.

You just stared at him for a while until you finally felt the courage to speak up. “Oh, h-hi Bucky, h-how are you?”

“I am good thanks” he said, still smiling, “do you think we could go somewhere and talk?”

You felt a little confused, but mostly angry that he had the nerve to try and talk to you after all these months of you desperately waiting for him to call and explain why he did what he did.

“Well uh…” you started to say, until you felt a pair of hands grab your shoulders and turn you around towards them. You were face to face with your Aunt Pepper and Uncle Tony and suddenly felt relieved that you did not have to answer Bucky.

“Oh Y/N we have missed you so much” said your aunt as she pulled you in for a big hug. You hugged back and smiled at Tony, who also joined in for the hug.

“I have missed you guys too, I am so sorry that I have not been in touch lately, I have just been really busy” you sighed, pulling away from the hug.

“Well now that you are here, you are just in time for karaoke!” exclaimed Tony as he started pushing you to the stage that was set.

“What?? No one told me there was going to be karaoke,” you said, trying to free yourself from Tony’s grip. You were now on the stage, all eyes were definitely on you now if they weren’t before. Tony put a mic in your hands and gave you thumbs up. You felt as if your heart was pounding out of your chest and looked around the entire room until you saw. Bucky, who had moved away from the group of your friends and was smiling with his hands around the waist of the same girl you had caught him with. He turned towards the stage and saw you there and his smile dropped and he looked at you with the saddest eyes. Then, the music began and you felt as if the universe was playing a big joke on you right now.

I know I can’t take one more step towards you
‘Cause all that’s waiting is regret
Don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half a life

And now you want me one more time

You looked around the room and everyone was still watching you, even Bucky. It was so quiet other than you singing. You started to become even more nervous, but determined to sing as this song was everything you had felt the last few months up to tonight, as Bucky thought he had the right to try and talk to you while bringing the very girl he cheated on you with.

Who do you think you are?
Runnin’ 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are?

You kept trying to avoid looking at Bucky, even though you wanted to make sure that he knew this song was directed towards him. You looked towards your friends, who just stared, Wanda and Natasha giving you sad smiles.

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

I’ve learned to live, half alive
And now you want me one more time

You kept singing, letting the entire pain and emotion you have felt these last four months spill out, knowing that those one pair of blue eyes are staring at you.

Who do you think you are?
Runnin’ 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are?

All of those memories of the two of you began to swirl through your mind. Your first date, when you two first kissed on New Year’s, the first time you made love where you finally both admitted to yourselves that you loved one another. How he could let those moments go to waste and find another girl baffled you. You finally looked towards him and let him know through the lyrics what you were feeling in that very moment.

It took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
'Cause you broke all your promises
And now you’re back
You don’t get to get me back

Who do you think you are?
Runnin’ 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don’t come back for me
Don’t come back at all

You stared at Bucky, and he stared back. It felt as if you were the only two people in the room. All of what you were feeling finally came out after all those months. He knew this was how you felt, and he looked down in sadness.

Who do you think you are?
Runnin’ 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
Tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don’t come back for me
Don’t come back at all

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?

As the song finished up, you almost forgot where you were. Everyone started to clap for you as you made your way off of the stage and to your group of friends. You hugged everyone as they started to praise you.

“Wow, Y/N I didn’t know you could sing like that” said Steve as he finished hugging you.

“Yeah Y/N/N you were amazing” said Pepper, smiling towards you.

You smiled sadly “Thank you guys, I didn’t know I could sing like that either. Guess the song just does wonders for me”.

“Well you have to sing like that more often,” laughed Sam while putting his arm around your shoulder.

You laughed a little, “Thanks Sam. Okay guys I think I am going to head out, all of that singing made me exhausted. I will see you guys soon, I promise for real this time”. You hugged everyone and made your way out of the tower.


When you got to your apartment, you felt relieved when you got out of those clothes. You took a nice, long shower and got ready for bed. Before you got settled, you heard a knock on your door and figured it was probably Nat or Wanda coming to check on you. When you opened the door, you saw that same pair of blue eyes from earlier.

“Hi Y/N” said Bucky with a sad smile.

“Bucky” you nodded, “what are you doing here?”

“I came to talk to you, I tried to talk to you at the party but then Tony dragged you away from me and then after you sang, I tried to find you but I figured you left” Bucky said while looking down at his shoes.

“That’s not what I meant, I meant how did you find out where I live?” you said with an annoyed tone.

“I asked Nat and Wanda, they didn’t want to tell me at first, but I begged them to because I need to explain myself”.

“Explain what? How you cheated on me? Or how you let me cry myself to sleep for the last four months without hearing from you?” you said, feeling the sadness start to come up once again.

“Y/N please, just let me in and I will expl-“

“You know what Bucky? You do not get the right to explain  yourself right now” you began to raise your voice, “you had four months to do so but instead you decide that now is the perfect time to explain why you cheated on me. Do you know what I have been through these last four months? I couldn’t even bring myself to see my friends; my own family because I was so scared that I would run into you”.

Bucky finally lifted his head and stared at you with those sad eyes “I know Y/N and I am sorry, I know I fucked up, but please just let me explain”.

“No Bucky, you had all the time in the world to try and talk to me, but you wasted it to spend time with the one person that you cheated on me with”.

“Y/N please” begged Bucky, his eyes glistening with tears as he tried to place his hand on your cheek, something that he used to do to you when you would be crying.

“I think you need to leave Bucky,” you said, looking away from him as your eyes threatened to spill tears.

Bucky stared at you, and nodded as he pulled his hand away and started to walk away. You kept staring in the same spot until you decided you needed to know the one answer to the question that has been on your mind for the last couple of months.

“Bucky” he stopped and turned around, “I just need to know why you did it”.

He looked down, a tear spilling down his cheek, “I-I don’t know”.

You nodded your head, “Goodbye Bucky”. You closed the door and slid down it and started to cry.

can’t it be me instead? chpt 2

chpt 1, chpt 3, chpt 4, chpt 5, chpt 6, chpt 7, chpt 8, chpt 9

Summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want. 

Genre; Angst, Fluff 

(based on the Japanese film ‘Heroine Disqualified’)

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Firestorm: Part I

Prompt requested by anonymous: What if Carlisle’s mate was a witch, or had some powers..

I wasn’t quite sure how to to write this one, so I broke in into two parts. The first part is about how they meet, and the second one is going to be about their relationship. So here is part one.

The character in the story is unnamed. Her background story is sort of left in the air, along with her appearance. So everything is left to the readers discretion. She can be anyone from a very very AU Esme, to an original character of the readers liking. Enjoy!

WARNINGS: Corny ass character dialogue

Words: 1,650 || Rating: PG

Sorry for any grammatical errors or for anything that just doesn’t make any sense. I’ll probably slowly revise it and give a good polish. I’m lazy.

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First post by Bri on the blog!! 

A/n:  This was 1179 words. Sorry not sorry. Includes consent checks, cuteness and all that. Hope you enjoy ♡ Sorry for any grammatical errors!

Warnings: smut.

You and your fiancé, whom is now your husband, have been together for almost 3 years. In those 3 years, there have been many failed attempts at sex. Tyler finally told you that he wanted to wait a while before the whole ordeal. He mentioned he was inexperienced and he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

Totally accepting about his decision, you didn’t press on the subject anymore after that. Now was the night of the honeymoon, and you both had the honeymoon suite in the Four Seasons hotel in New York City all to yourselves.

You wondered if Tyler had conjured up enough courage to make a move yet. Both of you had just got to the suite, and your new husband was in the bathroom while you were clad in his white evening shirt. It hung a little loosely around your naked frame as you stood in the mirror, trying to fix your hair a bit. You wanted to look irresistible to hopefully egg him on.

The bathroom door opens and your gaze shoots from the mirror to the floor as you blush, but soon a hand is under your chin, bringing your head up. Your eyes meet Tyler’s. You still got butterflies when you two got intimate.

He strokes your cheek with his index finger knuckle softly, a small content smile resting on his lips.

“I can’t wait to make love to my beautiful wife for the first time.”

“You mean you’re ready now?” You ask, looking into his brown eyes for reassurance.

You’ve had some experience with past relationships, but this one with Tyler was more special than the rest. Well, it proved to be special- he did have your hand in marriage now.

Tyler nods in reply, a grin creeping up on his face as he grabs your hands and leads you towards the large king size bed. He falls on the white duvet and pulls you down with him, and you giggle. He was only in a plain white tee and boxers while you were only in his button up. The thin fabric left nothing to the imagination.

You straddled his waist, your hands still intertwined as you smile down at Tyler, your bangs falling in your face.

“I love you, Tyler Joseph.”

“And I love you, y/f/n Joseph.”

A pair of warm hands are on your cheeks, pulling your face downwards. Your lips meet sweetly, neither of you able to wipe your smiles off. Slipping your hands under his shirt, you tell Tyler to move towards the headboard.

You strip him of his shirt, kissing along his neck and collarbones while leaving marks on his tan skin. A sigh of content leaves his lips as you lightly trace his tattoos with your tongue. Tyler’s hands rest on your hips as yours rest on his thighs.

Trembling hands reach up to undo the buttons on your shirt, the opening fully exposing your chest.

You can feel his dark eyes drinking you in, memorizing every crease and crevice and imperfection. His teeth attach to his bottom lip as he lays you down and puts his hands beside your head. Hoisting himself up above you, he looks into your eyes for consent. You smile softly and nod as he kisses you again.

As he travels from your lips to the valley of your breasts, Tyler makes sure he’s making you feel good.

Though he was doing a fantastic job to you so far, he was still hesitant about if he was ready to touch you or not.

He makes sure to tell himself over and over that you’re completely fine with all of this before he starts to give your breasts some attention.

Chills scatter along your skin and a gasp hangs in your chest as your husband makes contact with your left nipple. His left hand massages the other one lightly as his tongue does laps around the area of flesh.

Your legs instinctively wrap around Tyler’s waist and pull him closer to you. The heat between your legs presses against his evident erection, causing a moan from your husband.

“Damn, you’re wet sweetheart,” he says lowly, moving to your other breast.

Rolling his hips to cause only a little friction, he locks your gaze with his in an asking manner. You nod your head again quickly, throwing it back against the duvet as his hips roll again.

A moan bubbles in the back of your throat and escapes as he picks up the pace.


He hums in response, kissing the sensitive skin where he left marks.

“Do you think you could, y'know?” You ask, motioning towards your core.

“Let me know if I’m doing it right, okay?”

You nod.

When a thumb makes contact with your clit, your hand automatically tangles in your husband’s hair. Another moan leaves your mouth as he circles your bundle of nerves quickly, Tyler’s light stubble tickling against your thighs.

He makes sure to kiss every inch of your bottom half, leaving the one area where you need the it most, alone. Several pleads fall from your lips on a whisper, heat beginning to pool in your stomach. You need Tyler and you needed him now.

“Baby please,” you whine.

Before you could reassure him it was okay, you feel his warm tongue dip into you. He presses his nose against your clit as he laps up your lust, and it brings stars to your eyes.

A loud moan leaves your mouth as a finger finds its way inside your folds, curling and moving in rhythm to Tyler’s tongue. For someone who had never really done this before, he was certainly doing a good job.

Your whole body was buzzing, and all you could think about was TylerTylerTyler.

“Are you ready baby?”

“I was born ready,” you say, a smile growing on Tyler’s face at your reply.

He slides his boxers off, tossing them where the other discarded clothes were. You reach for his hand as he leans down to kiss you, distracting you while he guides himself inside you.

Your eyes roll to the back of your head, electricity shooting through your body as it lurches upward.

“You okay?”

You nod breathlessly, finally adjusting to his size.


Tyler’s hips roll slowly and damn, if you weren’t turned on before, you were now. You whispered for him to go faster, because you couldn’t trust your own voice at the moment.

He starts thrusting and it causes you to scream, a hand gripping the back of his neck. Tyler lifts your leg and rests it on your shoulder to get a better angle.

“I-I’m close,” you pant, and you feel his thrusts getting sloppy.

Your stomach burns as your orgasm reaches its depth, your nails dragging down your husband’s tan skin.

You ride out both of your highs, laughing when Tyler falls onto you. He wraps his arms around you and nestles his face into your neck.

“Where did you learn all that?”

“Josh gave me some tips at the bachelor party.”

“Bless him.”


Wonderwall (pt 3)

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Yoongi x Reader

Cursed | Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3

(A/n): Eck I’m posting something, what is this madness? Anywho, tell me what you think and sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors you see ;; I’ll try and go through it again if I have time;;

Warnings? Mentions of drowning, suicide, death

Vivid images of a man with metallic hair runs through your distraught and confused mind as a doctor and nurse proceed to test your vitals and question how you feel. The pure milky skin, the gummy smiles that blessed his good-looking face, the deep and raspy voice. Had it all been a dream?

You remember clearly the relationship that evolved between you both, and it leaves you confused to suddenly awaken in the hospital with Namjoon, who you eventually recognize as your boyfriend. Perhaps Min Yoongi or Suga had just been a figment of your imagination, a character your brain had made up to be so scarily realistic and simply perfect. Everything about him in your dreams seemed so drastically real, the emotions, the touches. Along with Yoongi, his wicked ex-girlfriend was just a nightmare to add a spark to your dreams. Perhaps they were faces of strangers you’ve seen in the streets, brain brewing up random names to go along with them, you’re not sure.

“If… I may ask…” you croak, clearing your throat as your voice comes out slow and hoarse, “What happened…?” You have no recollection of what’s going on, confused as to why you’re in the hospital in the first place.

“You’re a lucky one Miss (Y/n),” the doctor began, offering a soft expression as he continues, “Most people don’t survive near-drowning, the deprivation of oxygen got you in quite a bit of a fix - but it’s a relief that you’re awake now.”

You blink, waiting for them to elaborate but no answer is given as to why or how you nearly died. The troubled glances between Namjoon and the two are suspicious, but you choose to leave it as is and be thankful that you’re awake.

Soon enough they leave you alone with your boyfriend, the man immediate to return to your side and engulf your hand in his. His thumb gently skimmed over your knuckles, a smile tugging at the ends of his mouth.

“I’m glad you’re okay… I thought you were gone (Y/n)…” he whispered, leaning down to let his plush lips graze over your knuckles. Your fingers twitch, but your hand remains still just like the rest of your paralyzed body, muscles tight and difficult to move. “You don’t know how terrified I was to… I-I’m just glad you’re alive,” he trails off and deviates from his intended sentence, biting his lip and quietly scolding himself. You want to ask, question what it is that is holding them back from talking to you about what happened, but you dismiss it.

What are they keeping from me, you continue to wonder however, the thought repeating over and over again even as you begin to rehabilitate your body into functioning correctly again. Therapy helping you be able to stretch out your stiffened muscles, you feel like a child learning how to crawl and eventually walk. Namjoon is there the whole time, being your support and picking you up when you fall with a large smile as he whispers that he’s got you and that you’re doing so well.

Much like a child, you evolve from having to be spoon fed and using diapers due to your inability to move, and eventually you’re able to feed yourself - though Namjoon likes to take it upon himself and feed you despite your newfound strength - and take yourself to bathroom and the common room.

As your brain hadn’t been necessarily horribly damaged, and your coma hadn’t lasted longer than at most a month, your recovery is quick and you’re thankful and relieved to finally be able to walk on your own again without the help of Namjoon.

When you return home, a shared apartment between you and Namjoon, your immediate thought is to finally relax and reward yourself to a nice bath. At least relinquish a bit of your dignity when the nurses would be the ones to aid you in the hospital showers. Same gender or not, you’d like for your own hands to be the ones scrubbing your body thoroughly instead of a stranger’s. However, your boyfriend is immediate to shut down the idea and insists on a shower with him.

“Why not?”

“You don’t want to shower with your ever caring boyfriend?” he pouts, but you’re not having any of it and refuse despite the adorableness of the brunette. He sighs over exaggeratedly, throwing his head back and plopping down on the couch, “Ahh… this is how I’m rewarded for being such a good boyfriend?”

You squint your eyes at him, to which he grins mischievously, “Go and take your shower then babe, but call for me if anything happens, yeah?”

You wonder what he’s referring to or why he’s so adamant on you taking a shower, but you know sure as hell you’re taking a bath to reward your rehabilitated limbs after weeks of therapy to get you functioning again. Namjoon calls from the living room about Seokjin coming over later to celebrate your recovery, and you yell back in acknowledgement while you retrieve new clothes and a fluffy white towel.

Ignoring Namjoon’s advisory that you take a shower, the second the skin of your fingers graze over the chilling metal of the tub faucet your body stiffens as it hits you. Your throat closes up, mouth agape as you gasp for air, remembering the overflowing tub of ice cold water, your body still clad in clothes as you take a deep breath and submerge yourself under the water. You weren’t thrashing, you just let the water enter your lungs and deprive yourself of oxygen.

Your hand recoils as if burned by the faucet, throwing your body back and away from the offending bath tub. Eyes wide and chest heaving, lungs desperate for air, you feel tears spring to your eyes when you remember the ongoing depression, the inability to find a job despite Namjoon’s reassurance that he could support you both, and the death of your dear brother that locked in the gun and officially shot your sanity away. Were you that far gone to the point you’d look towards death to cope with the pain?

Was he afraid? That you’d go and drown yourself again, or remember what had happened since he and the doctor decided it would do you good if they kept you in the dark about why you were nearly drowned. Here you were thinking that you probably couldn’t swim or some asshole decided to shove your head underwater until you were nearly dead.

Breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, you slowly calm your breathing and let your head hang. Great, what were you supposed to do now? Humiliate yourself and ask for Namjoon’s presence, possibly risking him making fun of you, or take a shower and have him make fun of you later because he could obviously hear the difference between running a shower and running a bath?

You end up sucking it up, opting for a shower, your body stiffening underneath the stream of heated water pelting your skin. Now that you were alone and unattended to by nurses, you quickly grew anxious, unsettled and starting to breathe quicker and heavily. Grasping blindly at the tiles of the shower walls, you gasp when you blink and you’re underwater, hearing muffled as though your head really were dunked in water.

Slapping your cheeks, you squeeze your eyes shut and pry them open hesitantly, sighing when you’re in the shower and not delved underwater. Exhausted, you continue to take a shower, in a hurry to get out as soon as possible.

Whilst drying your body, you can fairly hear boisterous laughter and conversation from the living room, you can only guess that Seokjin isn’t the only one who came to celebrate. Kim Seokjin, you think, racking through your memories of a tall brunette with broad shoulders and an unhealthy love for food and his reflection. He had been the one to introduce you to Namjoon, he was also a close friend of your brother’s before he passed away.

Hanging up your towel and getting dressed, you peer into the hall before heading over to the living room where your boyfriend is animatedly speaking with Seokjin and Jung Hoseok. Chocolate hair, eyes seemingly always arched into crescents, and heart shaped lips are what make up Hoseok. He’s a choreographer at Namjoon’s entertainment company, while Seokjin is an actor.

The brightest of the trio, pops up from his seat, Hoseok encasing you in a rather tight bear hug, even so much as lifting you off your feet as a noise akin to a scream comes out of his throat. “It’s so good to see that you’re better again (Y/n)-ah! I have good news as well!”

“News?” you repeat curiously as he sets you back down on your feet.

Nodding enthusiastically, he rummages through the pocket of his joggers to fish out a badge holder connected to a black lanyard. Taking the badge into your hands, you scan over contents of the card inside reading staff and your name.

“I err… heard you were in a little pinch at finding a job…” he started out cautiously, glancing back at Namjoon and Seokjin who beckon him to continue, “So we finally managed to get you as an intern, more like an errand runner at the entertainment company.”

Your chest swells, a sudden onslaught of tender emotions assaulting your heart and bring tears to your eyes as you choke out a thank you and fall into his arms. Namjoon complains about Hoseok spending such a great deal of time touching you while Seokjin laughs heartily.

The night finishes with a round of drinks along with pizza and chicken, the trio filling you in on anything significant to happen while you were unresponsive to reality. They avoid the depressing talk about your attempt at ending your life and your brother’s death, and focus on Namjoon crying like a baby for the first time. There’s something, however, that is concealed under the facade of happy and joyful celebration. You don’t know what it is, but you notice that they’re holding something back. If only you looked harder, then maybe you would have noticed the sharpness in Seokjin’s eyes and the crookedness in Namjoon’s stature and half-hearted happiness.

You wonder when or if you should confront him about the incident. He’d most likely dodge the confrontation and change the subject. But you needed to know what was making him keep you in the dark like that. You needed to know what happened before you went into a coma.

The next day Namjoon is up and getting ready for work, preparing to head to the company building where you’ll be going to soon. He greets you with a tender kiss to your temple, nuzzling his nose into your cheek lovingly before coaxing you out of bed and get ready for your first day. You make a fuss out of what to wear but Namjoon dismisses it and tells you to just wear a blouse and jeans.

Your apartment isn’t too far from the building but you have to deviate from the path and leave Namjoon to run a quick errand when Hoseok calls you to pick up a few things at the nearest convenience store.

“Oppa, why couldn’t you have just gotten them yourself?” you whine into your cell phone as you wave goodbye to your boyfriend and locate the store. The walk isn’t bad, but you wished you’d gotten to at least walk to work with Namjoon and have him wish you luck like the caring boyfriend he was.

‘Sorry! It totally slipped my mind, ahhh and I’ll pay you back as well don’t worry!’

“I’ll see you at work, Jung Hoseok,” you groan, hanging up as you enter the store, grabbing a shopping basket and proceeding to scavenge for the wanted items.

‘Ahh Miss (Y/n) is mad at me already? Do I have to remind you that I got you a job in the first–’ are his last words before getting cut off.

At this point you’re going to have to get used to running errands first thing in the morning before you go to work, it was your job. Which also meant you were totally going to be Hoseok’s little slave until you get promoted or get a new job offer. Most likely the latter.

“Who am I shopping for… kindergarteners?” you scoff as you toss a Pororo carbonated drink into the basket already filled with various snacks. If you were shopping for Hoseok and Jimin and Jungkook, these were not healthy choices to be snacking on between dance classes.

Last items on the list are cans of coffee, which you huff at when the brand and flavor he specifies are closer to the top. Your fingers manage to clamp around the cylinder until a person bumps into your shoulder and you almost fall over.

“Well that guy was an asshole,” a deep voice rasps.

A hand curls around your waist, another catching the falling can of coffee and placing it gently into your basket. Finding balance, you inwardly curse out the stranger whom so rudely bumped into you and turned with a smile to express your gratitude to your savior. Upon turning around, you stiffen and can’t help the jolt in your heart and the enormous amount of shock to find a familiar face gazing down at you.


He squints down at you, tilting his head slightly, “Have we met before?”

Hold Me (JB One Shot)

Requested by:  ANON ~~ I hope you like this.  If ever this is not something that you’re expecting, let me know so that I can write another one :)

Characters:  JB (GOT7) x You (Reader/OC)

Genre:  Super Angsty :D, Fluff, AU, Suggestive 

Beware of:  Angry and hot-tempered JB which is hot AF

Length:  3193 words (UGH so long lol)




“Fuck.”  You cursed under your breath upon checking the clock.  You stood up from the couch and walk around the living room.

It has been six hours since your husband should’ve gone off of work and this has been going on for the last few weeks.  If you will ask him why he’s always late, he will just tell you that he needs to work extra hours to meet quotas, attend to meetings, etc.

At the first few instances, you didn’t really mind, because maybe it was true that his job suddenly became demanding than before.  However, as the days and weeks progresses, it has become a habit, and you’re like a burning candle that might die soon if this continues.

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Home // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Eventual Stiles x reader
Word Count: 883 (future parts will be longer!)
Warnings: A few swear words
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king​: “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: I loved this prompt wayy too much just to make a one-parter out of it so this will actually be a mini-series instead! Hope you don’t mind! Enjoy! P.S sorry if there are any grammatical errors! I wanted to quick post this before I had to go out!

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First page of “romeo and juliet”
Sorry for any grammatical errors
Good mechanical day ^^

page 2

Behind The Scenes (1/???)

Author’s note: I apologize in advanced if “Y/n” seems to be very specific. I did not originally intended for that to happened, but this scenario series manifested itself into what it is now. I hope you all can still put yourself in the story and will still be able to enjoy it. It is going to be a long series. I’m not the best writer and writing all this was challenging, but I really wanted to share this story. I hope you all like it. Sorry for any grammatical errors. 

Genre: Intro

Word Count: 1319

Summary: You first meet BTS while attending one of their concerts/ fan meeting. You get closer to the members and get stuck in the web of their real lives.

Other parts: HERE 

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Ø  You have been an army since the day BTS debuted.

Ø  Your all time ultimate bias is Jungkook.

Ø  After stanning them for 4-years, you finally have the time and money to go their 4th anniversary tour and get a VIP pass for a fan signing. This concert is going to be the biggest concert of the tour because is the final concert of their tour.

 You couldn’t believe it. You were actually at your first BTS fan signing. Finally, you were going to get to meet the 7 boys you have been obsessing over for years! You looked at the line in front of you, when your eyes fell upon the seven boys, you could feel yourself shaking. You tried your best to calm yourself down. You still couldn’t believe they were actually real. Before today they have only been little people on your screen and now they are actually sitting a few feet in front of you. They look so much better in person!

It was finally your turn. Jin was the first member in the line-up. Your nervousness doubled as you stumbled your way up to him. As you stood in front of him, you quietly handed him your poster. You’re so shy that you use your hands to cover your face, mostly just your mouth. Jin noticed how nervous you were and he tried to make you feel better by saying, “Aw, you really shouldn’t cover up a cute face like yours. Look at me, I’m so handsome and I want to show my face to the world! You should do the same!”. This made you laugh and you felt a bit more comfortable. Then he handed you back your poster, giving you his signature smile.

The next members you met were Rap Monster, Suga, and Jhope. They were all so polite and cute with you, just like they were with the other fans. you felt less nervous as you met each of them. They were so down to earth that they made you feel so comfortable being in front of them. They asked your name and asked you how your day was or if you were excited for the concert that was going to happen after the fan signing. As they all had a tiny conversation with you, they signed your poster. They left tiny cliché, but cute, notes under their signatures.

The next member in the line-up was Jungkook. Even though your nerves left you, they returned once your eyes landed on Jungkook, and they returned with a vengeance. The butterflies in your stomach were doing backflips in your stomach. You could feel your face heat up.

You forced yourself to walk over to Jungkook. When you are in front of him, he gives you the cutest smile ever and tells you that you look really cute. You could feel yourself blushing even more and you look away so that he can’t see you. When you did that he said, “No! Don’t do that! I want to see your face!”. Despite that fact that you wanted to run away because you were flooded with emotion, you did what he said and looked back at him.

When you look back at him, he is sitting there giving you that adorable smile of his. He asks you what you name is. When you told him, he said that it is “really nice to meet you”. You suddenly felt the need to apologize because you could feel yourself getting nervous again and you were scared to embarrass yourself in front of him. At least by apologizing you would be giving him some kind of disclaimer to your actions. “I’m sorry. I’m just so nervous. You are my bias and I can’t believe I’m seeing you in person.”

When you say this to him, you notice his demeanor change. He goes from all cute, to all “rude”. He says, “Oh really? Why?”. You go on to tell him you find him so handsome and tell him how angelic his voice is. You knew you were speaking rather loudly, but you didn’t really care. All you could focus on was his cute smirk growing more and more as you complimented him.

As he signs your poster, you are too busy looking to the next member you are going to, that you don’t see it when he writes something on the back of your poster. Before you leave, you tell him good luck and to do well on stage. You move on to V and he is just as cute with you as Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, and Jhope were. When he is done signing your poster you move on to Jimin.

Jimin was very different from the rest of the members. As you are walking towards him, you noticed he looks towards you as if he were annoyed by you. You got in front of him and gave him a big smile, but he only gives you a half smile and tells you hello. You don’t want him to be mad, so you tell him how much you love his voice. He then, in a rather passive aggressive attitude, asks, “Is my voice just as angelic as Jungkook’s?”.

You are a bit taken aback. You didn’t think that you were that loud when you were complimenting Jungkook that he was able to hear. You were also curious as to why he even brought this up. You replied with “Of course it is! Honestly, your voice is even more angelic than his.” This made Jimin smile a little bit. He signed your poster and you left the fan signing and went to wait for the concert to begin.


The final concert of their tour was beyond amazing! It was the best BTS concert of the tour. Out of all the concerts you’ve been to, this one was the best ever. BTS sounded so amazing live, the vocals were the best you’ve ever heard them and all the choreo was on point. Throughout the concert all the members were being extra… very extra… especially Jungkook.

It wasn’t until after the concert that you had a chance to look at the merch you bought and read your signed poster. On the poster, each member signed above themselves. The little notes they wrote were all similar to each other. There were things like, “You are the best!”, “BTS loves you!”, “BTS loves army!”, etc.

It was Jungkook’s note that made you want to run up a mountain and scream your heart out. He wrote “Hi Y/N! You are honestly the prettiest army I’ve ever seen. I hope I’ll be your bias forever!” You get so excited that you let go of the poster and started jumping up and down and screaming in your bedroom. Once you were done spazzing out, you go to pick up the poster. You noticed a tiny noted on the back. On the bottom right corner there is a phone number written down and under it, it says, “Hope to hear from you soon. -JK” You practically pass out from reading this because you were holding your breath forever. You couldn’t tell if this was a dream or not. This was too good to be true.

For the next hour you debated whether or not you should call/text the number. “It could be a fake number. He might not remember who I am. Maybe this is all some kind of sick joke that he likes to play on random fans. You can’t be the only fan he gave a phone number to, assuming this is even his number.” you thought.

You finally decided to call the number the next day. “What do I really have to lose? If it’s really his number, he’ll answer. If it’s some random number, then I’ll just lie and say that I called them by mistake.”

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Thank you @biasedshawol for giving me the idea to this scenarios series!!!! i had alot of fun writing this!  Thanks @colamaus for brainstorming with me and helping me with this story along the way!


I’m assuming these were from the same person, but if not, I’m sorry that I assumed they were, but these questions go along with each other anyway, so addressing both at once. I am aware that Hank Williams was a country star, as many people have pointed that out to me through reblogs or messages. However, at the time, I didn’t, but I assumed Ponyboy was homophobic because he was created by S. E. Hinton and she…well. Moving on, I reblogged those reblogs, and if you read the tags section, I’ve already addressed this, but I understand if you haven’t because not everyone reads the caption nor the tags of every single reblog, I get that. Basically what I said was “oh, so Pony might not be homophobic because he’s a greaser and stuff, and he might just not like Hank Williams just like he doesn’t like the Beatles.” So, yes, I know he probably wasn’t homophobic, I just haven’t changed anything on the post yet. Similar with the Dallas and the beard issue. Dallas has a “light stubble.“ I said he had a beard because I find that “beard” is a more common term, and again, at the time, the word “beard” and “stubble” had no significant difference to me, but since the book said he hadn’t gone to the barber for months, I said, “What the heck. Beard it is.” That seemed to freak out a lot of you guys, so I’m sorry, clearing things up, he had a stubble. And I know I said I was going to change these things, but I didn’t, and I probably won’t moving forward, because that post has what…300 notes now? And I’m assuming it’s not gonna go up much, because it’s relatively old — so everybody’s already seen it.

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