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Earth 2 Barry x Iris :)

Note: Based on a text post convo bw @barryiriswest @boniferhasty and @amuzed1

It was the same way every day. He would enter the coffee shop, order his usual, and sit by the table closest to the windows. He enjoyed sipping his coffee while going over data on his latest experiment. And this one was a doozy. The numbers just didn’t add up. No matter how many times he re-calibrated and re-calculated, it just wasn’t working. Ah well. That’s time-travel for you.

He looked up from his papers and almost missed her. There she was, standing in line with her long brown hair hanging over her shoulders. Her head was tilted to one side as she chatted to another patron who was also in line.

Then she laughed.

The other person must have said something to make her smile.

He looked down at his work, and reached his hands up to his face to take off his glasses, wipe them off, and put them back on. He looked up again, back to where she was standing.

“Hey, Barry.” Theodore Williams sat in the seat opposite him with a croissant sandwich in one hand and an espresso in the other.

He nodded vaguely in Theo’s direction and took one last look at her.

All the years of studies and scientific evidence could not account for what her face did to him. He could be having the worst morning ever… but whenever he saw her smile…

That cannot be science, he thought to himself.

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Sleepless Nights {Stiles Stilinski}

Request: can you do a smut where the person is sleeping in with stiles bed after a rough day with Scott and being a beta and all that jazz after the person falls asleep is like on top of stiles and he starts to get a boner but you just keep sleeping and don’t move off him then he starts to move around then you can take it from there💜

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1489

Warning: Smutnickens is not lowkey in this imagine, sorry for any grammatical errors.

  Darkness swirled around the room, and your soft snores were the only thing to be heard. After a long day trying to explain to an anger issued teenager, that he was now a wolf you was exhausted. Being Scott’s beta was tiring considering that Scott helps everyone who asked. Stiles looked down at you, seeing your lips parted and your furrowed eyebrows. He couldn’t help but to smile, he adored you. You meant the absolute world to him.

   When the two of you kissed for the for the first time in Mexico, he knew it was forever. Looking back at the ceiling he remembered ever night spent with you, and that meant every night. Especially the most intimate ones, he remembered how it felt to have your hands roam all over his body. Then it was how you called his name, as he explored your body. Snapping out of his thoughts, Stiles felt his sweatpants tighten, he was hard. Of course, he was, he had just thought about the time he had sex with you.

   If he could just sneak off to the bathroom and take a cold shower to take care of himself, he’d be fine, but you were on top of him. Moving you would wake you up and you could’ve never gone back to sleep. So here he was, hard as a rock with you on top of him. Thinking it couldn’t have gotten any worse, you were moving around every five seconds.

‘Great, she’s having a nightmare’

   From his fair share of restless nights, he knew waking you up would result in a cranky Y/N in the morning. The sudden stroke against his crotch made Stiles bite his lip. Your leg had just slid up from his thigh to his crotch. There was no way this was going away, he was horny and needed to get off. Slowly and gently he tried to pry your limbs off his body, but every time he successfully removed a limb, you’d just put it back. Sighing softly he stayed there, hot and bothered.

“Stiles?” You’re soft voice released into the silence.

  Looking down he found you rubbing your eyes, before sitting up. He snaked an arm around you and kissed your temple.

“I’m sorry, go back to sleep baby.” He whispered, pulling you closer to him.

“I can’t, I had a dream, -it wreaks in here.” You grumble, he chuckled.

“I can open a window,” Stiles suggested but you shook your head.

“No, it wreaks as in you wreak of hormones and- wait…” A light blushed appeared on Stiles’s cheeks but it was too dark for you to see, “please tell me you weren’t having a wet dream.”

“Not exactly.” Stiles whispered quietly, “I’m going to go take a cold shower.”

“Why?” You asked confused to why he’d do that when there was a better option, “no, just come here.”

   Surprised and curious, he leaned over to you, only to be greeted with your lips. It was mutually satisfying, you yourself had been having a wet dream, that would explain your tossing and turning. Your hands worked their way down to his crotch and messages his length.

“Y/N, it’s alright I could take a shower,” Stiles muttered against your lips, he didn’t want to make you feel pressured into anything.

“Stiles, I need this, I need you.” You say before moving your hand inside his sweats.

   You knew he was feeling as if, he was pressuring you but he wasn’t. You had been just as horny as he was. Two horny people in one bed, of course this was bound to happen. He softly thrust his hips, at your movements. Throwing his head back he sighed in pleasure. You moved in a position where you could’ve pulled his sweats off. Being Stiles he didn’t wear boxers when he slept, so his erection sprung up slapping against his stomach before standing straight.

“Just relax, babe.” You whispered grabbing his shaft hungrily.

“Holy shit Y/N.” Stiles moaned when he felt your lips wrap around his throbbing cock.

   Swirling your tongue around his tip, you felt his hands crawl into your hair. You bobbed your head up and down, sucking softly but slowly on his erection.

“Fuck baby,” he moaned softly, “just like that.”

   Slowly you felt yourself getting worked up. The heat at your core made you moan on his cock. His hands moved in rhythm with your head and felt his body twitch uncontrollably. You released his cock from your mouth’s grasp and used your hand the replicate the movements, twisting your hands up and then down.

“Yes, fuck baby.” He said shivering at your touch.

   Quickly, Stiles brought you up to him kissing your lips tenderly before flipping over. Now he was on top of you, eager to feel your tight little womb suck him up. Pulling his shirt over his head from the collar, he reached down to pull off your shorts. Exposing your lace panties, you blushed.

“You didn’t expect me to cum like that, did do?” He whispered in your ear seductively. With one tug he ripped my panties and threw the now piece of fabric aside.

A gasped escaped your lips, “Stiles, that was my favorite pair.”

   He kissed down your neck, humming in response to you scolding. Of course you weren’t upset at him, how could you when he was pleasuring you senselessly. You groaned feeling his cold rough hands slide underneath your shirt. Nipping at your soft spot he smiled against the skin when feeling your exposed breast.

“No bra?” He whispered impressed, for being tired you sure as hell was prepared for him.

“Please baby, touch me.” You breath staggered.

   You wanted to feel him take you, dominate your body. You wanted him to claim you. He knew as well but he couldn’t help but tease you. Your folds caressed his length as he rubbed his cock against them. You moaned softly in his ear, making him only want you more. Your juices coated his cock, preparing him for what was next.

   Feeling cold and empty when he pulled away you whined in his absence. He brought your shirt over your head pulling it off. Lips connecting with one nipple, his hands tended to the other and his cock found itself running up and down your folds again.

“Stiles, baby don’t stop.” You moaned feeling your body shudder in pleasure.

“I want you Y/N.” He moaned against your chest.

   He teased your entrance with his tip, making you moan loudly. You needed him, you couldn’t wait another second, “Take me, baby, fuck me till I can’t walk tomorrow.”

Slowly you felt your wet cunt being filled with hard cock, your walls tightly grasping him. Melting beneath him, you bit your lip holding back from screaming his name. His rolled to the back of his head, feeling how tight you were. It was amazing how you stilled hugged his cock, no matter how hard he’d fuck you.

“Your so fucking tight.” He groaned pulling out slowly, before driving into you again.

“Take me, make me yours baby.” You moaned unable to open you eyes.

   He drove deeper into you with every thrust, building up your orgasm and his. Looking down at you, he attacked your exposed neck, breathing heavily in the crook of his neck.

“Faster,” you moaned quietly.

   Obeying your command he pounded into your tight cunt faster, making you claw at his back. The spring in the pit of your stomach was being pressed down on, ready to pop free at any moment. Stiles felt himself twitch inside of you signaling he was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum.” He said in your neck breathing heavily.

“Cum for me baby, I want your load.” you moaned seductively.

  He leaned up and gripped your waist, roughly bring you down his cock even further. Gripping the sheets you let out a loud moan, feeling him hit your g-spot. He twitched again but this time, he collapsed against you, his thrust becoming sloppy.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” He groaned in pleasure pounding you harder desperate to fill you up with his whites.

   You felt him twitch again before releasing his hot load in you. That was all it took to push you over the edge, your orgasm was strong and long. The both you cried out feeling your climaxes. 

As the two of you rode out your orgasms, down the hall of Stiles room, Mr. Stilinski stares at his son’s door proudly. He had heard the loud moaning and the sound of skin hitting against each other.

“That’s my boy.” He whispered to himself before walking back to his room.

Caroline was dancing with Bonnie at the 20’s decade dance when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around to see Tyler standing there. She hadn’t seen him since he had left her after finding the drawing Klaus drew for her.

“Can we talk?” Tyler asked, his eyes pleading. Caroline hesitated for a moment before nodding. Tyler started walking towards a secluded corner of the room and Caroline followed behind him slowly. 

“Finally decided to talk to me?” Caroline asked crossly.                                                                           

“I know you’re mad and I’m sorry. I overreacted the other night – I don’t know what happened. I just lost it when I saw that picture. I’m so sorry. I just… I don’t want to lose you, Caroline,” Tyler explained.

“I told you that nothing was going on, Tyler! You made a big deal out of it,” Caroline replied.

“I know, I realize that now. I mean, it was just a stupid picture. I know it doesn’t mean anything to you,” Tyler said. Caroline looked away from him while he went on, “And that’s why I threw it away.”

Caroline’s head snapped up when Tyler said that. He watched as her eyes widened and she gaped at him. “You did what?” Caroline shrieked.

“I just thought that since it meant nothing to you –”

“That doesn’t matter, Tyler! It wasn’t yours to throw away!” Caroline argued.

Tyler looked at Caroline intently before saying, “I didn’t throw it away. I just wanted to see how you would react if I had thrown it away. I can see how much it doesn’t matter to you,” he said dryly before he walked away from her.

Caroline sighed. While she was relieved that the drawing was still unharmed, she was worried because she knew Tyler was right. The drawing shouldn’t be this important to her – it was just a drawing. Caroline took a deep breath as she made her way outside; she needed some fresh air to calm herself down.

“What are you doing out here, love?” A familiar voice asked Caroline. She looked up to see Klaus walking towards her.

Caroline sighed and looked away from him. “What are you doing here?” She questioned.

“Well I couldn’t miss going to the decade dance, love,” Klaus said jokingly. Caroline smiled softly and rolled her eyes. “Now, you still have to answer my question. What are you doing out here?”

“Tyler and I kind of had an argument, so I came out here to calm down.” Caroline thought for a moment before going on, “You know, it’s partially your fault that Tyler and I fought.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow. “How so?”

Well, if you hadn’t given me that drawing in the first place, Tyler wouldn’t have seen it and become all jealous,” Caroline explained.

Klaus smiled in amusement, “So I take it that you kept the drawing?”

“Well I couldn’t just throw it away! It was a gift, a-and it would be rude for me to just – stop smiling!” Caroline stammered.

Klaus chuckled softly, “I’m glad you liked it enough to keep it.”

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Yeah, tell that to Tyler.” Caroline caught a glimpse of movement behind her and turned around to see Tyler standing on the other side of the parking lot. She knew he had heard them talking – his face gave it away. Caroline saw his eyes turn to a shade of gold before he came charging towards them.

Once Tyler got close enough, he lunged at Klaus. She doesn’t know why she did it – maybe it was because she knew that Klaus could easily deflect Tyler’s attack, and possibly end up killing Tyler – but she flashed in front of Klaus.

Caroline cried out when she felt Tyler’s fangs sink into her neck. The piercing pain lasted for a split second because Tyler was quickly flung off of her. She touched her neck and felt warm blood stain her fingers. Caroline fell back against the wall and leaned on it for support. She looked up just in time to see Klaus’ hand plunge into Tyler’s chest.

“No, don’t,” she whispered.

Klaus turned his head to look at Caroline. He growled before removing his hand from Tyler’s chest. “Leave,” he growled at Tyler. The last thing Caroline saw before her vision started to blur was Tyler running off in the opposite direction.

Caroline’s eyes fluttered open slowly. She realized that she was in her room as she took in her surroundings. Klaus was sitting on the edge of her bed, his hands on her shoulders. She realized that he was slightly shaking her in an attempt to wake her up. He was also saying something to her but she wasn’t focusing on his words.

“What happened?” She asked in a raspy voice.

Klaus didn’t answer her question. Instead, he bit into his wrist and placed his arm right in front of her mouth. He used his other hand to hold her head up. “Drink,” he instructed.

“What? No speech this time?” Caroline asked teasingly. She smiled softly and his face softened at the gesture. She would make jokes at a time like this. Caroline winced slightly as she felt a sharp pain in her neck.

“Drink, sweetheart,” Klaus said as he gently pushed her head closer to his wrist. Caroline opened her mouth and latched her lips onto his wrist. She moaned involuntarily as she drank his blood. Once Caroline had finished, Klaus set her back down on the bed.

 “Thank you,” she said softly before she began drifting off to sleep.

“Goodnight Caroline,” Klaus said in a hushed voice.

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I am now a member of DONA International (not a certified member, just an I-paid-the-fee member), and I have officially received my certification packet as well. I AM SO EXCITED! I am working on finding some free child birth preparation classes to attend because that shit is expensive and I am poooor (I think I almost have one), I am half way done with the Doula Book, I’ve surveyed a number of local doulas via email, one over the phone, and I am meeting up with one at the Library on Friday to ask her a billion questions. I think I know which workshop I am attending this summer, I am pretty sure I will start volunteering in DC as a doula in the fall or winter (whenever they decide to begin orientation), and I am so excited! This is a little bit of a struggle for me to remain confident and calm but I’m doing well and I know I will keep doing well. I swear in my life I have NEVER EVER come in contact with so many positive and encouraging people as I have through the local doula community. It is remarkable. Not to mention I am genuinely passionate about the career I am choosing for myself. Also, after reading only half of the Doula Book I will never EVER meet another pregnant woman again without insisting that she find a birth doula (I will find one for her if I have to, or, if I am able to, I will do it for her). I definitely could have used a doula. I am ranting. I’m just so excited. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Oh and Erin and Deanna are coming over on Friday to dye Easter Eggs with Dexee and I.

And Patrick just bought me flowers despite the fact that that is SO not him. Funny enough, at one point in time today I had an imaginary conversation with him and I told him to “get the fuck over yourself and go buy me some flowers”. AND THEN HE DID.

Oh the Universe is coming together!

The Countdown

Pairing: Rucas

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,486

A/N: I haven’t written anything on tumblr in awhile.  This came to me on my way home today.  Sorry for any grammatical errors.  I wrote it out fairly quickly.

As they neared her apartment, Lucas sighed.  Another perfect week was rapidly coming to a close.  In a few short hours, he would be on a plane back to Texas, back to school, back to life without her in it on a daily basis.  Just when he was getting used to seeing her everyday, just when he started to forget the two thousand miles that had separated them for most of the last four years, it was time to go back.  It was time to go back and start counting down the seconds until he could see her again.

As their steps drew them closer to their inevitable parting, Lucas decided to not taint the memory of their last few seconds together with morbid thoughts of the loneliness he was about to endure once more.  He studied the distance that separated them from their goodbye.  By his estimate, they were ten steps away from her door.  Ten steps.  Ten reasons why all of the pain and heartache was worth it.

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Hold Me (JB One Shot)

Requested by:  ANON ~~ I hope you like this.  If ever this is not something that you’re expecting, let me know so that I can write another one :)

Characters:  JB (GOT7) x You (Reader/OC)

Genre:  Super Angsty :D, Fluff, AU, Suggestive 

Beware of:  Angry and hot-tempered JB which is hot AF

Length:  3193 words (UGH so long lol)




“Fuck.”  You cursed under your breath upon checking the clock.  You stood up from the couch and walk around the living room.

It has been six hours since your husband should’ve gone off of work and this has been going on for the last few weeks.  If you will ask him why he’s always late, he will just tell you that he needs to work extra hours to meet quotas, attend to meetings, etc.

At the first few instances, you didn’t really mind, because maybe it was true that his job suddenly became demanding than before.  However, as the days and weeks progresses, it has become a habit, and you’re like a burning candle that might die soon if this continues.

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Message from the members:

I decided to translate the final messages of the members of Lycaon regarding their decision to disband on November 6th 2015. I’m sorry for any grammatical, spelling erros, and translation erros. Tell me about those errors and I’ll fix them right away



I’ve been working for approximately 7 years as one member of the band called “Lycaon”, but on November 6 with a final at Akasaka BLITZ we will disband.  We discussed many times. We’ve exchanged words about this way, about the future many, many times , but this the conclusion we’ve derived.

I would like to thank everyone who has come to love us, the people whom  we’ve met, who have given us wonderful memories.

But right now I also feel like I’ve cleansed/washed my heart. This Tour may have become our last one but I want to scatter vividly until the end.

I want to give a spectacular final to you who’ve given “Lycaon” alot of splendid memories.

I want it to die within a lot of voices.

I want to die/want to let it die.

I want to kill with a bite.

I want to kill biting.

Right now, there are a lot of feelings like this.

I had never thought that this day would come.

It was fun, I was happy. Thank you,


 is a lonely word, isn’t it?

The footsteps we’ve left while walking until now, will most likely all be erased. Have I become the treasure of everyone’s heart?

~Reasons for breaking up/disbanding~


【this, that】

It would be ok if I said that but…

If I start I think there’ll be alot.


【musicianship misunderstandings】

is definitely not it.

【coincidences are inevitable?】

~Disbanding huh?~

Even if my usual everyday life hasn’t changed…

Sorry for suprising you like that


I will never have a band, that I’ll love as much, this hasn’t canged. not even now.

It’s not a goodbye right here right now,

All those memories I’ve made until now…

I can’t do it. 

That’s why

I want to convey all those feelings I’m leaving behind this time.

【Laughing alot】
【Crying alot】

Until the end


Thank you/ Best regards,

【Let’s cry out the loudest with everyone  whom we’ve lived with at the end 】


I don’t know how to convey those feelings through this blog.

I am

The Guitarist who loves Lycaon,

I will convey all my feelings through sounds.

I’m Japanese Rock'n'Roller !!



With the Tour final on the 6th of November 2015 in Akasaka Blitz Lycaon will come to an end with 【Disbanding】.

On the way of 5 years of becoming a part of Lycaon, there were alot of officals/was alot of staff, fans who assisted us, collaborations, which made it possible to go this far until now. My heartfelt gratitude (to you). Meeting with those members, experiencing alot of things together with them, meeting alot of people, I’m thankful for everything, that’s what I think now, from the bottom of my heart.

That’s why I can someday go faceforwad from the day of this disbanding I think…Everyone will go their way I think. Really doing a report like this is inexcusable,

But this disbanding was a decision made by one member after another, we thought throughly about alot of things.

Finally, I want you to accept this decision as all members discussed about it and came to this conclusion.

It might be impossible…

Until the final day, the meaning put into MASOCHIST RED, by all of, by Lycaon, let’s make a world together which cannot be comapred, with the lives we have left, one by one, I hope for your support with all of your strenght.

Let’s watch another scenery which no one has seen yet together.

Thank you for this whole time which was always happy.



I’m really sorry for this sudden announcement. I thought writing more respectfully is normal, but my feelings wouldn’t be conveyed through this so I wrote it like this.

I don’t know what’s good enough to say.

When I became a member of Lycaon until now I was a human who did nothing from tour to tour.

But I went to see alot of places, and was able to gain alot of expierence when I started supporting Lycaon which was fun. Going more and more,  enchant bigger places with Lycaon. That had become my dream.

The 5 of us members discussed with each other many times.

What should we do in order to do a cool concert?

What should we do to achieve cool photos?

What should we do so that the guests (of our concerts) have fun?

When I count from 4 years of support, I think I managed to walk everyday together with everyone into the same direction,

The answer which we (the members) gave is this disbanding.  I’m worried until the very limit.

I think there are also people who are convinced this did not go well.

I don’t think

We we won’t meet anymore

I’m glad for all the people who have supported us, the people who helped us, and the many people we have met. Thank you very much

Those are my blunt feelings.

I will do everything will all my power until the end. With everyone’s devotion.

Best regards

Wonderwall (pt 3)

Originally posted by yoonmin

Yoongi x Reader

Cursed | Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3

(A/n): Eck I’m posting something, what is this madness? Anywho, tell me what you think and sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors you see ;; I’ll try and go through it again if I have time;;

Warnings? Mentions of drowning, suicide, death

Vivid images of a man with metallic hair runs through your distraught and confused mind as a doctor and nurse proceed to test your vitals and question how you feel. The pure milky skin, the gummy smiles that blessed his good-looking face, the deep and raspy voice. Had it all been a dream?

You remember clearly the relationship that evolved between you both, and it leaves you confused to suddenly awaken in the hospital with Namjoon, who you eventually recognize as your boyfriend. Perhaps Min Yoongi or Suga had just been a figment of your imagination, a character your brain had made up to be so scarily realistic and simply perfect. Everything about him in your dreams seemed so drastically real, the emotions, the touches. Along with Yoongi, his wicked ex-girlfriend was just a nightmare to add a spark to your dreams. Perhaps they were faces of strangers you’ve seen in the streets, brain brewing up random names to go along with them, you’re not sure.

“If… I may ask…” you croak, clearing your throat as your voice comes out slow and hoarse, “What happened…?” You have no recollection of what’s going on, confused as to why you’re in the hospital in the first place.

“You’re a lucky one Miss (Y/n),” the doctor began, offering a soft expression as he continues, “Most people don’t survive near-drowning, the deprivation of oxygen got you in quite a bit of a fix - but it’s a relief that you’re awake now.”

You blink, waiting for them to elaborate but no answer is given as to why or how you nearly died. The troubled glances between Namjoon and the two are suspicious, but you choose to leave it as is and be thankful that you’re awake.

Soon enough they leave you alone with your boyfriend, the man immediate to return to your side and engulf your hand in his. His thumb gently skimmed over your knuckles, a smile tugging at the ends of his mouth.

“I’m glad you’re okay… I thought you were gone (Y/n)…” he whispered, leaning down to let his plush lips graze over your knuckles. Your fingers twitch, but your hand remains still just like the rest of your paralyzed body, muscles tight and difficult to move. “You don’t know how terrified I was to… I-I’m just glad you’re alive,” he trails off and deviates from his intended sentence, biting his lip and quietly scolding himself. You want to ask, question what it is that is holding them back from talking to you about what happened, but you dismiss it.

What are they keeping from me, you continue to wonder however, the thought repeating over and over again even as you begin to rehabilitate your body into functioning correctly again. Therapy helping you be able to stretch out your stiffened muscles, you feel like a child learning how to crawl and eventually walk. Namjoon is there the whole time, being your support and picking you up when you fall with a large smile as he whispers that he’s got you and that you’re doing so well.

Much like a child, you evolve from having to be spoon fed and using diapers due to your inability to move, and eventually you’re able to feed yourself - though Namjoon likes to take it upon himself and feed you despite your newfound strength - and take yourself to bathroom and the common room.

As your brain hadn’t been necessarily horribly damaged, and your coma hadn’t lasted longer than at most a month, your recovery is quick and you’re thankful and relieved to finally be able to walk on your own again without the help of Namjoon.

When you return home, a shared apartment between you and Namjoon, your immediate thought is to finally relax and reward yourself to a nice bath. At least relinquish a bit of your dignity when the nurses would be the ones to aid you in the hospital showers. Same gender or not, you’d like for your own hands to be the ones scrubbing your body thoroughly instead of a stranger’s. However, your boyfriend is immediate to shut down the idea and insists on a shower with him.

“Why not?”

“You don’t want to shower with your ever caring boyfriend?” he pouts, but you’re not having any of it and refuse despite the adorableness of the brunette. He sighs over exaggeratedly, throwing his head back and plopping down on the couch, “Ahh… this is how I’m rewarded for being such a good boyfriend?”

You squint your eyes at him, to which he grins mischievously, “Go and take your shower then babe, but call for me if anything happens, yeah?”

You wonder what he’s referring to or why he’s so adamant on you taking a shower, but you know sure as hell you’re taking a bath to reward your rehabilitated limbs after weeks of therapy to get you functioning again. Namjoon calls from the living room about Seokjin coming over later to celebrate your recovery, and you yell back in acknowledgement while you retrieve new clothes and a fluffy white towel.

Ignoring Namjoon’s advisory that you take a shower, the second the skin of your fingers graze over the chilling metal of the tub faucet your body stiffens as it hits you. Your throat closes up, mouth agape as you gasp for air, remembering the overflowing tub of ice cold water, your body still clad in clothes as you take a deep breath and submerge yourself under the water. You weren’t thrashing, you just let the water enter your lungs and deprive yourself of oxygen.

Your hand recoils as if burned by the faucet, throwing your body back and away from the offending bath tub. Eyes wide and chest heaving, lungs desperate for air, you feel tears spring to your eyes when you remember the ongoing depression, the inability to find a job despite Namjoon’s reassurance that he could support you both, and the death of your dear brother that locked in the gun and officially shot your sanity away. Were you that far gone to the point you’d look towards death to cope with the pain?

Was he afraid? That you’d go and drown yourself again, or remember what had happened since he and the doctor decided it would do you good if they kept you in the dark about why you were nearly drowned. Here you were thinking that you probably couldn’t swim or some asshole decided to shove your head underwater until you were nearly dead.

Breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, you slowly calm your breathing and let your head hang. Great, what were you supposed to do now? Humiliate yourself and ask for Namjoon’s presence, possibly risking him making fun of you, or take a shower and have him make fun of you later because he could obviously hear the difference between running a shower and running a bath?

You end up sucking it up, opting for a shower, your body stiffening underneath the stream of heated water pelting your skin. Now that you were alone and unattended to by nurses, you quickly grew anxious, unsettled and starting to breathe quicker and heavily. Grasping blindly at the tiles of the shower walls, you gasp when you blink and you’re underwater, hearing muffled as though your head really were dunked in water.

Slapping your cheeks, you squeeze your eyes shut and pry them open hesitantly, sighing when you’re in the shower and not delved underwater. Exhausted, you continue to take a shower, in a hurry to get out as soon as possible.

Whilst drying your body, you can fairly hear boisterous laughter and conversation from the living room, you can only guess that Seokjin isn’t the only one who came to celebrate. Kim Seokjin, you think, racking through your memories of a tall brunette with broad shoulders and an unhealthy love for food and his reflection. He had been the one to introduce you to Namjoon, he was also a close friend of your brother’s before he passed away.

Hanging up your towel and getting dressed, you peer into the hall before heading over to the living room where your boyfriend is animatedly speaking with Seokjin and Jung Hoseok. Chocolate hair, eyes seemingly always arched into crescents, and heart shaped lips are what make up Hoseok. He’s a choreographer at Namjoon’s entertainment company, while Seokjin is an actor.

The brightest of the trio, pops up from his seat, Hoseok encasing you in a rather tight bear hug, even so much as lifting you off your feet as a noise akin to a scream comes out of his throat. “It’s so good to see that you’re better again (Y/n)-ah! I have good news as well!”

“News?” you repeat curiously as he sets you back down on your feet.

Nodding enthusiastically, he rummages through the pocket of his joggers to fish out a badge holder connected to a black lanyard. Taking the badge into your hands, you scan over contents of the card inside reading staff and your name.

“I err… heard you were in a little pinch at finding a job…” he started out cautiously, glancing back at Namjoon and Seokjin who beckon him to continue, “So we finally managed to get you as an intern, more like an errand runner at the entertainment company.”

Your chest swells, a sudden onslaught of tender emotions assaulting your heart and bring tears to your eyes as you choke out a thank you and fall into his arms. Namjoon complains about Hoseok spending such a great deal of time touching you while Seokjin laughs heartily.

The night finishes with a round of drinks along with pizza and chicken, the trio filling you in on anything significant to happen while you were unresponsive to reality. They avoid the depressing talk about your attempt at ending your life and your brother’s death, and focus on Namjoon crying like a baby for the first time. There’s something, however, that is concealed under the facade of happy and joyful celebration. You don’t know what it is, but you notice that they’re holding something back. If only you looked harder, then maybe you would have noticed the sharpness in Seokjin’s eyes and the crookedness in Namjoon’s stature and half-hearted happiness.

You wonder when or if you should confront him about the incident. He’d most likely dodge the confrontation and change the subject. But you needed to know what was making him keep you in the dark like that. You needed to know what happened before you went into a coma.

The next day Namjoon is up and getting ready for work, preparing to head to the company building where you’ll be going to soon. He greets you with a tender kiss to your temple, nuzzling his nose into your cheek lovingly before coaxing you out of bed and get ready for your first day. You make a fuss out of what to wear but Namjoon dismisses it and tells you to just wear a blouse and jeans.

Your apartment isn’t too far from the building but you have to deviate from the path and leave Namjoon to run a quick errand when Hoseok calls you to pick up a few things at the nearest convenience store.

“Oppa, why couldn’t you have just gotten them yourself?” you whine into your cell phone as you wave goodbye to your boyfriend and locate the store. The walk isn’t bad, but you wished you’d gotten to at least walk to work with Namjoon and have him wish you luck like the caring boyfriend he was.

‘Sorry! It totally slipped my mind, ahhh and I’ll pay you back as well don’t worry!’

“I’ll see you at work, Jung Hoseok,” you groan, hanging up as you enter the store, grabbing a shopping basket and proceeding to scavenge for the wanted items.

‘Ahh Miss (Y/n) is mad at me already? Do I have to remind you that I got you a job in the first–’ are his last words before getting cut off.

At this point you’re going to have to get used to running errands first thing in the morning before you go to work, it was your job. Which also meant you were totally going to be Hoseok’s little slave until you get promoted or get a new job offer. Most likely the latter.

“Who am I shopping for… kindergarteners?” you scoff as you toss a Pororo carbonated drink into the basket already filled with various snacks. If you were shopping for Hoseok and Jimin and Jungkook, these were not healthy choices to be snacking on between dance classes.

Last items on the list are cans of coffee, which you huff at when the brand and flavor he specifies are closer to the top. Your fingers manage to clamp around the cylinder until a person bumps into your shoulder and you almost fall over.

“Well that guy was an asshole,” a deep voice rasps.

A hand curls around your waist, another catching the falling can of coffee and placing it gently into your basket. Finding balance, you inwardly curse out the stranger whom so rudely bumped into you and turned with a smile to express your gratitude to your savior. Upon turning around, you stiffen and can’t help the jolt in your heart and the enormous amount of shock to find a familiar face gazing down at you.


He squints down at you, tilting his head slightly, “Have we met before?”

@rendingrosencrantz Okay, here it is! Steve is a secret agent and has been keeping this hidden from his husband, Tony. But his secret is soon revealed when he has to go to rescue him from a kidnapping. Tony’s a badass though so he’s fine.

Sorry about any mistakes or grammatical errors or missing words. Even when I check, they still do seem to randomly appear.

“So…want to explain yourself?”

“Not really.”

“Yeah, I figured.”

Steve managed to resist the wince that he wanted to do as he felt the sting underneath Tony’s words. It had been a tough couple of hours but luckily, Tony was now safe and his captors were now back at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters being questioned.

It was quite a surprise to see that Tony had been able to take care of himself. The moment Steve had stormed through the door, gun at the ready, he didn’t even need to do anything. Natasha and Bucky followed closely behind and were admittedly quite shocked at the sight in front of them.

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Heeeyyyyy guysssss! This is my first piece of KakaSaku fanfiction, and fanfiction in general, and I love them so much like why couldn’t they end up together, ugh. Please let me know what you think! I’m sorry for any grammatical errors !


The first time he meets her, her hair is long and PINK. Kakashi holds his scathing tongue and refrains from telling her that it is completely impractical for a ninja. Rin’s hair was short and brown—perfect for stealth and combat. He blocks out the voice in his head that reminds him of many strong kunoichi with long hair, and chooses instead to judge the other two brats on his new genin team. He wants to fail them; but when the three look at him with bright eyes full of potential, he feels a twitch in his chest that he’s sure is indigestion, and fails them anyway.

The first time.

He passes them the second time only because—and ONLY because—the disappointment on those cute faces makes his indigestion act up again. And, well, he thinks they understand the concept of teamwork…somewhat.


He watches the two boys of the team progress by leaps and bounds and feels a bit of pride for how well they are advancing . And then he looks at the sole female of the team and that pride is squashed under his foot like an insect. He watches her struggle to catch up to the males, and he feels guilty. He knows he should be teaching her, but Sakura is smart and normal. She doesn’t need him as much as the other two do, so he gives her a few pointers he hopes she doesn’t already know, and turns back to Naruto and Sasuke. He doesn’t see her sad eyes when she turns to resume throwing perfectly polished kunai at a circle painted on a tree.

She’ll be fine, Kakashi thinks, she’s normal and doesn’t need him. He doesn’t mention her outrageous hair color and how counterproductive it is as a ninja—she doesn’t need that weight.


The next time he notices her hair, it’s at the Chuunin exams and it is short. He is surprised; he knows how meticulous she is about her hair. He takes note of her bruises, of how dirty she is, and the confident set of her shoulders as she stands with her two boys and Kakashi feels proud. That pride grows when he watches her break out of the Yamanaka mind control jutsu.

“But that jutsu is unbreakable!”

Kakashi chuckles at Asuma’s disbelieving shout and says, “Not anymore.”


When Sasuke leaves, the only time Kakashi notices pink hair is to avoid it.


Some years pass and he sees her again at the hospital. He muses that it isn’t much of a surprise considering she’s apprenticed to the Fifth. He’s bleeding from a gaping hole in his stomach and he swears there are two of that pretty little nurse stabbing an IV into his arm. A commotion draws his hazy attention to the door and he watches as she kicks it open in a flurry of paperwork and pink. The nurse attending to him leaps back with a squeak and Sakura takes her place, all the while cursing his lack of self-preservation with chakra covered hands pressed to his belly. He half heartedly disagrees and as he slips away into unconsciousness, he thinks of how her hair is still so short.

When Kakashi awakes, no ones tells him of how he had reached up and slipped petal colored locks through blood stained fingers.


There are many times after that where he sees her in passing and sends her his customary eye-crinkle behind a little orange book. She scowls before smiling, every time.


And then Naruto comes back and they are now Team Kakashi.

He gives them the same test he gave them years before, fully expecting them to do well. He doesn’t expect the ground groaning and caving in under Sakura’s fist, though. And as she takes in his wide—fearful, but he’d never say it out loud—eyes with a satisfied smirk and wild pink hair framing her face, Kakashi thinks he has indigestion again.

He forcefully snuffs out the voice in his head that begs to differ.


There are many missions after that; many memories are made and many battles won. But Kakashi still thinks pink is an impractical hair color for a ninja.

He decides to tell her one day and he thinks he has about three more seconds before he loses his life so he says,

“But it’s you, Sakura, and it wouldn’t be you without it.”

He ruffles her hair in the way he knows she hates, and catches the pretty blush on her cheeks and shy smile. As he walks away, nose buried in his book as per usual, he wonders if he should be concerned about this odd case of indigestion.


When the Fourth Ninja War is in full swing, Kakashi thinks he won’t live passed it. He is weary, and battle worn and he feels as though his back will break under the emotional weight he carries. War is never pleasant, it is never as glamorous as they make it seem in the history books. He drags his feet towards the medical tent for more bandages when he catches pink in the corner of his eye. He watches Sakura slip behind the trees and without a second glance at the tent, he follows.

He finds her crouching with her back to a tree, head cradled in bloodied hands, and Kakashi dimly notices her hair has grown to her shoulders and some of it falls into her eyes. He awkwardly stands there in silence, the hands in his pockets fidgeting with a piece of lint, and watches the way her shoulders shake.

“He was 12.”

Her voice startles him, for some reason. She looks up at him with eyes far too old for someone so young, and Kakashi remembers bright green eyes under sunny blue skies.

“That’s war,” he says softly. Not because he is cruel and insensitive, but because he’s been through a war and knows enough to keep from lying. To her, or himself, he doesn’t know anymore.

Sakura nods, eyes closed and mouth set in a straight line. She sniffles a few times, wipes her bloodied hands on her once white medic apron, stands up and shakily says, “Yeah, I know.”

Kakashi sends her a reassuring eye crinkle and moves to turn away when he finds himself wrapped in strong feminine arms.

“Thank you,” Sakura whispers against his chest and he slowly hugs her in return. They stay like that for a moment, with her face buried in his chest and his chin resting on her head.

Kakashi takes comfort in the fact that no matter what happens in this war, Sakura’s hair will always be pink.


The next time he sees Sakura, he is looking up at her in a way he never has before. She is standing on top of Katsuyu-sama with Sasuke and Naruto on top of their own summons. They look so much like the Three Sannin that Kakashi has a hard time figuring out whether or not they could even be considered his students.

And then Sakura punches a god in the face and he KNOWS he has had nothing to do with that but he still feels proud all the same.

He also feels it is wholly inappropriate to be currently experiencing that pesky indigestion in a battlefield.


The war is won and the village falls into a time of peace; but even during peace time there are still battles to be fought.

It is during one of these battles where Kakashi lays dying, his blood pumping sluggishly and his mouth feeling like cotton. The sound of battle seems so far away to him and suddenly he feels as though he can’t breathe. Ripping off his mask, he gulps in air that tastes like metal and blood and closes his eyes. He wonders if Konoha has sent the reinforcements he had sent Pakkun to retrieve.

Kakashi has had many regrets in his life, but his newest was not telling his favorite medic about his peculiar case of indigestion. He is sure she would have liked to hear all about it.

He wishes he could see her again, to see the pink of her hair that has always brought him comfort. He’d give anything to open his eyes and see that woefully impractical shade of hair one more time..

His eyes are half lidded and he sees rapid motions of pink and red and green and he wants it all to stay still so he can clearly look at this impossible image his tragic mind has concocted to comfort him. He opens his eyes and realizes with a shock that Sakura is actually THERE, and all of the chaos that had faded away comes rushing into his ears.

He hears her war cry first.

It is a mixture of anguish and desperation and fury as she caves in skulls and chest cavities. He watches as her hair—long and so wonderfully pink—whips violently behind her with her motions. He likes her hair long, it reminds him of better times. He hopes that the blood that runs down her face is not her own, but he morbidly thinks it suits her—her own kind of war paint. Her eyes are like green lightning, piercing and fierce as she punches and kicks and slices her way to him.

He thinks he has never seen something more beautiful in his life.

His breathing gets shallower and it is harder for him to stay awake; he catches her eye and she knows he won’t last much longer. He watches the panic set in as she stomps the ground, plucks boulders from the air like pebbles and launches them at the enemy. The enemy’s numbers dwindle and she finally makes it to his side.

She pulls off her gloves and is cradling his face with shaking hands. He grasps one of her hands in his own and kisses her fingertips, one by one. He hears her sob and he knows he won’t make it.

And then she softly slaps him.

“No! Stay awake! Don’t do this to me, Kakashi!” She pleads as she rips open what’s left of his shirt and starts healing him. The pain begins to fade and he is sure he is dying and he wants to tell her everything. He doesn’t want to have this regret.

“Sakura,” he wheezes, spittle and blood adding to the myriad of gross on his body. He would have liked to have died clean.

“Please don’t talk, Kakashi, please don’t,” she begs fiercely. He doesn’t listen.

“You…I love you…” It takes him so much effort to say those words and his head drops heavily and he doesn’t remember breathing being this hard.

Sakura chokes on a sob, but her chakra flow does not stop.

“Kakashi! What do we say to the God of Death, Kakashi?!” She screams back at him as she feels his pulse drop.

At this, he takes her in, all of her. Her matted, gorgeous pink hair, her blood stained face, her lovely eyes full of such fierce determination, the tears running from those eyes, to the way her teeth grit. She has grown so much from the little girl he once knew and he is so proud. Sosososo proud and he is sosososo in love with her and he’s glad he told her before he was gone. But he feels her pump more chakra into his broken body and is brought back to a face haloed by pink and he thinks that there is more to this.

Kakashi smiles grimly through blood stained teeth and says, “Not today.”

And he closes his eyes.


Kakashi opens his eyes and is greeted by a shock of pink hair and grey eyes on his son’s face. He looks more like his mother, but the eyes and dimple are strictly Kakashi. The baby coos at him and Kakashi is sure he feels some sort of indigestion again; but when he brushes his son’s soft pink hair from his tiny forehead, and then looks back at his wife, who is tiredly looking at them both with a soft smile, he finally acknowledges it for what it has always been.

He feels love surge through his chest and he knows that for now, all is right in the world.


Years later, his 5 year old genius of a son stomps into the living room with an adorable pout on his cherubic face and announces that pink hair is completely absurd for a ninja.

Firestorm: Part I

Prompt requested by anonymous: What if Carlisle’s mate was a witch, or had some powers..

I wasn’t quite sure how to to write this one, so I broke in into two parts. The first part is about how they meet, and the second one is going to be about their relationship. So here is part one.

The character in the story is unnamed. Her background story is sort of left in the air, along with her appearance. So everything is left to the readers discretion. She can be anyone from a very very AU Esme, to an original character of the readers liking. Enjoy!

WARNINGS: Corny ass character dialogue

Words: 1,650 || Rating: PG

Sorry for any grammatical errors or for anything that just doesn’t make any sense. I’ll probably slowly revise it and give a good polish. I’m lazy.

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Mikagura School Suite - Special Music (Bonus chapter from second manga)

Author: Last Note.
Character Design: Akina
Illustration: Sayuki

I’m bored and have nothing better to do so I translated this one instead as practice.. Hope anyone wouldn’t mind me and enjoy it! Please support the original creator too by purchasing the books if you can!

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Christmas Imagines (Dan & Phil)

Imaginespending Christmas with Dan/Phil~

warning:some fluff but aside from that…just a really cute imagine.

word count: i don’t even know. i don’t count the words i type - w -

(Y/N): Your Name.

(E/C): Eye Colour

(H/C): Hair Colour

(H/L): Hair Length

(S/T): Skin Tone

A/N: soooo, these two imagines took me nearly all day to write ;-; so i hope you like them. sorry for any grammatical errors my laptop hates me sometimes….oh yeah and if you have any requests for anything you want me to write that Has to do with youtuber imagines or Anything tell me! :D alright then….enjoy the story!~


          It was a week before Christmas and you were really excited since this would be your first Christmas with Dan, your boyfriend. the two of you laid sprawled out in bed asleep as your phone alarm decided to go off. “ (Y/N), turn it offfffff….” Dan complained dragging out his last word sounding like a big baby. You huffed and pinched his side as he cried out then looked at you as if you were some kind of madman. “ Christmas is nearly a week away. we need to get the tree up and decorate!! Oh, and go shopping for gifts for all our friends!” you giggled and pecked Dan’s lips with a huge grin on your face. he couldn’t help but smile in response. “fine. but you owe me cuddles."he complained and you shrugged as you quickly, and excitedly made your way to go shower.

           About an hour later, Dan was all ready and you were still trying to decide which one of your Christmas jumpers to wear. you finally decided on which of your festive jumpers to wear(a really cute jumper with cats wearing Santa hats) and headed out to the living area.” Alright. lets go!!“ You cheered out and Dan looked up at you from the couch. a soft warm smile on his lips. he stood up and pulled you into a warm, romantic kiss. taken back a little, it took you a minute to respond but you kissed back immediately. Dan pulled away with that half smile of his.” Even in one of your ugliest jumpers, you still manage to look really cute.“he commented and took your hand in his, leading you out the door. A blush crept upon your cheeks as you smiled to yourself.

———-time skip b/c im too lazy to write their adventure in the city———-

    Two hours later you arrived back home with all of the gifts you got for your friends and each other as well. "C'mon Dan! you’re so slow!” you giggled as you set the presents down on the sofa and went to the room you kept the tree in. Dan hobbled into the living area with the last of the gifts, plopping them down and going to make some cocoa for the two of you since you were stronger than him and could carry that tree all on your own. moments later you came back out with the tree and set the box down on the coffee table. immediately you started to clear out the spot for the tree as you hummed ‘frosty the snowman’ all to yourself. “Love, would you like if i put some Festive music on to complete the mood?” Dan chuckled as he stood in the doorway of the room watching you as if you were a child. “Of coarse Daniel! Michael Buble?” You suggested and Dan nodded in agreement. almost immediately the music started playing softly as Dan finally decided to help you with the tree. “Dan, promise this time you won’t break any Baubles?” you begged as you set out the brand new nightmare before Christmas baubles you ordered last month. “Honey I can’t make any promises.” He teased as he started to set up the tree in its designated spot.

              it had been at least twenty minutes already and Dan was tripping over the fairy lights you ordered him to put up as you went to retrieve the tinsel from the other room. “(Y/N)!! Why did you make me do the fairy lights??! you know i get all tangled up in them.” he whined like a five year old and squirmed in them, causing the lights to tighten around him. you walked back with the purple and silver tinsel and his face immediately lit up. you laughed at the sight not being able to help yourself. “Dan, gotta stop getting tangled with these!!” you laughed as you set down the box of tinsel and went over to help him out of the fairy lights. In the process Dan would stare at you, but not in a creepy way. He admired every aspect of your face. those (E/C) eyes, Beautiful (H/L & H/C), and how you’re (S/T) looked under the white LED fairy lights. “What are you staring at you waffly twat?” You looked up at him, finally getting the last of the fairy lights off of him. “Oh..nothing you just…you look really beautiful. That’s all.” He replied as he caressed your cheek with his now free hand, the other finding its way around your waist. That damn blush managed to find it’s way onto your cheeks again along with a shy smile. Dan whispered a small,“I love you.” as he placed a soft and gentle kiss on your forehead.

          After what seemed like Ages you and Dan had FINALLY had the Christmas tree set up. Even Dan had managed to get the lovely baubles on the tree without breaking them! “This looks beautiful!!"you squealed as you wrapped some left over tinsel around Dan’s waist and pulled him closer to you. "It does doesn’t it?” Dan smiled as he nuzzled his nose into your neck. you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. Both of you had started dancing to the music that was still playing in the background as the fairy lights illuminated the room, leaving you both in a Festive trance.



    “(Y/N), (Y/N)!!!” Phil cried out with extreme cheer in his voice. you love Christmas as equally as Phil does so you knew exactly why he was so happy. you were just about to close out your Christmas theme video for your channel when he came in. “Yes Philip?"you giggled as he stood in the door way. Oh! I’m sorry love! are you in the middle of a video?” He asked covering his mouth as he immediately hushed himself. you waved it off motioning for him to come in.“I’m just about to wrap up. would you like to do the outro for the fans???” you asked with a soft smile. he nodded and danced over, sitting in your lap.“ Be good or Santa wont bring you any gifts! Subscribe to (Y/C/N) and make sure you leave a like somewhere down there. Gooooooood byeee!” he covered the camera turning it off and getting off of you. “ (Y/N)!! we can now officially be excited for the 'C’ word!!” Phil cheered and wrapped his arms around your waste, lifting you up and spinning you in circles. you laughed and cheered with him. “ Yeah i know!” you smiled as he finally set you down.“ Well why don’t we do a live show on YouNow while we bake festive cookies??” he suggested as you nodded excitedly in agreement.

      Phil had already sent out a tweet to all the fans as the two of you set up the laptop for the live show and you started prepping the things to bake with. as soon as Phil started up the broadcast, fans started to flood the chatroom, this time there were more than usual. “Hey Guys!” Phil smiled and waved at the camera. he talked with them for a few minutes telling them the same think he told you just a few minutes ago.“ Today we have a special guest joining us to bake these sweets.” Phil smiled looking over at you with a small laugh. the comments exploded wondering if it was Dan(as usual) or you, his girlfriend. “No guys sorry, no Dan this time. He’s out Christmas shopping with Pj and Chris.” he grinned cheekily as he took your hand and brought you into camera shot.“My Lovely girlfriend (Y/N) will be joining us this time. She’s an excellent baker soooo i know these cookies won’t go wrong.” He smiled talking to them as you clung onto his shoulder. the fans would 'awwe’ at how cute you two would be. Phil even decided to draw cat whiskers on you and himself. “(Y/N), SkullKidd asked how did you learn how to bake so well?” he turned to face you as he started to help you place the cookie dough on the cookie sheet. “well my mum taught me how to bake just before she passed away.” you said simply and took some frosting onto your finger and smudged it on Phil’s cheek. he cried out with a small 'hey!’ as he took some frosting and did the same to you.

               Soon a mini food fight began as you two started to fling leftover cookie dough at each other and covered one another’s face with red or green frosting. the chat was exploding with screenshots and people fangirling so hard that “their ovaries exploded”. “ here let me do something for all the fangirls out there that love you as much as i do.” You simply stated and grabbed phil’s face, turned it to the side and licked off some frosting and then placed a kiss on the cheek you just violated. Phil blushed deeply and you smiled at how innocent he was. “Sorry Phil, but it had to be done.” You shrugged and wrapped your arms around him. 

———-skip the baking process because I’m hella impatient———-

             After thirty five minutes of chatting it up with tons fans on YouNow with Phil, the timer on your phone had finally went off signifying that the cookies were done. “ Cookies are ready!!!” Phil chimed and laughed, doing that cute thing he did with his tongue. the fans loved how he did that as much as you did, which was a lot. you excused yourself from the viewers for a second as if they were actually there in order to go help Phil before he burned himself. “Here Phil, let me help."you said as you made your way over, but it was too late. "Ahh!” You heard Phil cry out as he released the tray off hot cookies, letting them land all over the counter top. “Phil! are you alright?!?!” you cried out as you went over to help him, taking his hand in yours and examining the burn. “yeah i just really hurts.” Phil whimpered as you held his hand gently.“ Alright. lets get this fixed up.” you smiled at him and moved some fringe away from his eyes. he smiled softly and inched closer to your face, completely forgetting that he was still running a live show. you blushed and leaned in as well, your lips connecting.

           after what seemed like hours, which was only really two minutes the timer on YouNow went off signalling that he had three more minutes added onto the live show. the little beep scared you as you pulled away and a deep red blush crept up on Phil’s cheeks. “Oops. kind of forgot you guys were there. Sorry!” Phil apologized to them as you laughed sheepishly. you left him to talk to his amazing fans(no pun intended) and went to get the first aid kit. soon you came back and were very attentive to Phil’s surface wound. “ MishaCollins asks how did I get so lucky to have a sweet, caring and perfect girlfriend like you?” Phil smiled as he watched you patch up his hand. “well Philip, I’m not sure. But what i want to know, is how did i end up with the cutest, most adorable, innocent, and perfect boyfriend like you.” you replied and giggled as soon as you finished up. “tada! all better."you said smiling at Phil then giving a thumbs up to the fans.

               another hour or so passed by as you two let the cookies cool down and you were playing the drawing game with Phil. "Hmm, Dan should be here by now. and it’s really getting late.” Phil stated as he looked at the time on his phone. you nodded in agreement as you left to go make sure that Dan had arrived safely. In the meantime Phil signed off with a goodbye to the watchers and shut down his laptop. after checking up on Dan, who threw some random nearby tinsel at you for walking in while he was wrapping your gift along with Phil’s. “ ha ha, what happened??” Phil asked as he approached you realizing the tinsel draped over your head.“ Dan’s here.” You laughed and tiptoed to peck Phil's lips. he leaned over and met with your lips briefly before telling you: “The cookies taste fantastic my love.” you smiled and noticed he has two cookies in his hand. You took one of them and ran to the entertainment room, crashing down in the same spot Dan sits. Phil soon entered the room after you and sat down right next to you.

“ I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, My Phillion.”

BTS Reaction:

Request: Is it okay if i have either a GOT7 or BTS reaction (if you do them) when you tell them your “used to it” when they admit they cheated on you.

I am doing the reactions based on the assumption that they still love you and consider what they did to be a “mistake” and that they still want to be with you

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Rap Monster:

I feel that Rap Monster would be really hurt hearing you say this. He knows that you are such a great person and he hates himself for doing something that hurt you so much. Hearing, for the first time, that you’ve been cheated on before makes him feel worse. He knows that you are someone that deserves better and feels bad he couldn’t have been that “better” someone you deserve. He doesn’t really know what to say because he knows nothing he can say will make the situation any better.

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For Suga, hearing these words will affect him a lot, to the point that it makes his body ache. He truly loves you and he never wanted to hurt you. he wouldn’t say anything, He would just hold it all in and let you break up with him. Although being without you would really hurt him, he would prefer you be happy with someone else, someone that wouldn’t hurt you the way he did.

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Jin would become really sad and might cry a bit when he hears you  say these words. Earlier in your relationship, you opened up to him that you had been cheated on before and he always reassured you that he would never hurt you. You were his “princess” and he promised to always treat you as such, to treat you way better than anyone else had. He begins to hate himself for hurting you, for breaking his promise to you, for becoming just as bad as the other guys who hurt you.

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Jimin would react very similar to how Suga would. He would be really torn up about hurting you and feel really bad about everything. No matter how much he wanted to still be with you, how much he wanted to beg you to forgive him he would stay quiet. He understands that what he did really hurt you and he didn’t want t be the one to hurt you again. Like suga, he would let you break up with him, even though he will feel empty without you.

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After admitting to cheating on you and hearing you sat that you wre “used to it”, he would be really shocked. Considering his personality and his schedule, there was never an opportunity to be serious and talk about past relationships. This would be his first time hearing about this. At your words he would lose hope and ditch his plans of trying to win you back. He figured you wouldn’t be willing to give him another chance. He didn’t know you had been hurt so much before, and knew you weren’t going to risk getting hurt by him again. He would be really, really sad and show his pain more that Jimin or Suga, but like them, he would let you break up with him.

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Compared to the rest of BTS, Jhope would be more expressive of his guilt when confessing to cheating on you. He would also be more expressive about how sad he was when you said you were “used to it” he would probably break down crying. Unlike the rest of the members he would probably he the one to repeatedly apologize and beg for your forgiveness, but he would understand if you wouldn’t forgive him and broke up with him.

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Jungkook would really hate himself. you were his first girlfriend. he imagined that when he finally had the chance to date, he would treat you better than anyone else. he promised himself he would be the perfect boyfriend to you and make up for how bad your past boyfriends were. he let you down and he let himself down.

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Neighbor Girl- Part 3

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Part 3:

Rae pinned part of her hair back and adjusted her black dress in the mirror. It was the only dress she liked to wear to parties because it was the only one she thought she looked decent enough to be at a party in. She tugged her maroon tights up just a tad. Izzy stepped into Rae’s room to check her progress. Izzy was stood in her bubblegum pink skirt and violet top that was tucked in at the waist of her skirt. She brushed some lip gloss on and turned to Rae. “You look beautiful, Rae. As always.” Izzy smiled looking at Rae’s well-worn converse and back up to her gorgeous friend’s face.

        “So do you, Iz.” Rae turned to the wall as she heard the thud of the bass through the wall that adjoined to the boys’ new duplex. “Well this should be fun. Can you just make sure Chloe doesn’t embarrass me in front of Archie. I know she thinks she’s a great helper, but sometimes she goes too far when she’s trying to set me up.”

        “Sure Rae!” Izzy chirped just as Chloe walked in.

        “Right. Are you lot ready? I can already hear the party next door.” Chloe gave them a dazzling smile and pulled her peach dress down a tad, checking herself in Rae’s mirror. The three of them walked next door to the party, all three nervous for different reasons.

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Genre: Angst

Rate: PG-16

Character: Y’/N as in you & Baekhyun

Words: 1899

Author’s Note: im doing this based on my request, my first req. thanks! mentally sends the love. enjoy reading! sorry for any grammatical errors and typos.

You wished the water will rinse your stress, and yet it never happened. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped out from the bathroom. A pair of sharp eyes judging you hard as a welcome. You walked pass him without returning the burning glare.

Opening the wardrobe, you dressed up and turned to your dresser to brushed a simple make up. You took your purse from the drawer and filling it with your phone and the gift for the upcoming spouse. You were about to get done when Baekhyun came and grabbed his car key from the drawer. Immediately headed over to the car.

You hesitated to put some of your make up in your purse. Since you’re not that good at doing make up. You liked casual clothes, baggy sweaters and black legging with your favourite sneaker, spend the day watching new movies at the cinema. You weren’t just like any girls, and you thought girls like you couldn’t be underrated. Yet, you gave the permission for Baekhyun to broke you into pieces by saying you were too tomboy and didn’t suit his type.


You still wondered why Baekhyun took you to be his girlfriend. You both met at your first-year of college. He suddenly grabbed your hand from the janitor room while you were heading to your next class. He forced to put you in and profusely looked at you in the eye, searching for any sign of what he needed. You were there, dumb-founded of what was happening, and told him you still had class to study in.

Until one day, he grabbed your hand again from the same janitor room when you wanted to head to the hall to meet your friends and hangout. You weren’t surprised anymore, and curiously asked “Are you ok? What’s with all of these meetings?” He lazily slid his body and sat of the floor “We’re mates. You’re mine from now on.” With this, a surprised look was drawn on your face, you had so much question to ask him, but nothing came out.

“Well, I didn’t expect this too. I didn’t expect you’d be my mate.” A ‘tch’ slipped from his mouth, sign of frustration. Your heart immediately broke when you heard the statement, because you secretly liked him and honestly, you did know how the mate system worked, and you were destined to be with him, forever.

Deep in your heart, you were still figuring out why is his demeanor to you was cold? He might be tired? Accepting the premise that he was distant to you, you didn’t know what he usually does apart from his and your home.


And now, you were hating the fact that you should put a thin mask to conceal your eye bags

Hating the fact that you should paint a fake smile to his friends, to everybody

You and your boyfriend, Baekhyun, were heading to his friend’s wedding party. You wore black long sleeve mini cocktail dress, black ankle boots, and a choker that lingering your neck to complete your appearance. Baekhyun himself wore a black tuxedo with bowties and black shoes.

You got in the car with him started the car. The drive to the wedding party in the car was completely awkward. None of you said a word, the drive wasn’t losing track of time either, so you decided to play the music on, hoping it would ease the current fettle. You immediately regretted your choice of playing the music since it was getting much more awkward than before, the music played Girl’s Day Minah-I’m A Woman Too song. Earning his index finger impatiently tapping the wheel with a serious frown on his forehead.

Your irritation level had reached the highest “Can we get back home?” it turned out to be a murmur instead of nag, you were too scared to build the courage to properly speak. Baekhyun heard your voice, choosing to reply you with silence and keep driving to the party. You gave up on your attempt “I love you, Baekhyun. Why are you like this.” Whispering, wishing Baekhyun to not hear your small voice when his ear actually peered when the words slipped from your mouth, and all he did was shrug. Looking at the raindrops that defiled the car window, you hoped you can go home soon, change into comfy clothes and rest. With that, you fell asleep.


You were awaken by Baekhyun’s nudge on your side, cracking an eye open, you realized you both have arrived at the building. You went out from the car, following Baekhyun out from the parking lot to the main hall. You really wanted to hold his hand and enter the entrance of the building together. Your hand brushed with his knuckles, attempting to get his hand in yours. Instead of accepting your welcoming hand, he dodged his hand away and flipped it inside the pocket of the tux. Your shoulder dropped and you looked down, the pain was still bearable, though.

You both got in and met Baekhyun’s friends there, they were called exo. They were popular in the college, and they all knew you. So you flashed a friendly smile to them, and felt your body was pulled for a hug. You leaned back and saw it was Chanyeol. “Long time no see, Y/N! How are you?” you rolled your eyes and chuckled, “I thought our classes are mostly the same. I’m good, Chanyeol.” He nodded and turned to his other friends. You looked around, realizing Baekhyun was nowhere to be found.

Looking for Baekhyun, you asked Chanyeol to help you looking for him, because Chanyeol said he knew where Baekhyun was, he said Baekhyun was going to be near the toilet. As soon as you and Chanyeol found him, blood boiled as you saw Baekhyun holding other girl’s waist and kissing the girl’s corner lips, so close to proper delicate kiss. Tears traced on your cheeks, you dropped the drink you supposed to bring for Baekhyun. Since you still tried to be nice, you braced yourself to do little things for him.

You treaded to his way and stood a meter away from the kissing couple, leaving Chanyeol with his mouth agape. Baekhyun was too busy kissing her, and she seemed enjoying his service, placing her hands on his chest.

The sight was too painful for you to see, but you couldn’t do much. You knew the girl, but all you knew was this girl was a close friend of Baekhyun in the campus. They shared the same exact classes and spent their time a lot together at the campus. She was your senior. But Baekhyun never told you about her, he said he was chased by his so-called very busy schedule, and she probably didn’t know you were his girlfriend, because you both had never been seen to walk together at the place.

“Are you both done yet?” You said as you wiped your continuously sliding tears. You tried to let out a stern voice, not wanting to break down again in front of him. Their lips disported as your voice echoed to their ear drums. With the feel of guilty, Baekhyun immediately release his grip on her, on your senior. Confusion could be seen on her face, and without any explanation, he left the girl and dragged you out from the crowd and brought you home.


The drive back home was filled with the bitterness. You didn’t know what you have to do with him anymore. You loved him, you really did. And the sight was tearing off your heart. You wanted to leave the reality, dreaming of the sweet Baekhyun you had always wanted since ever. Baekhyun himself felt guilty. You were his mate, why did he have to do this? Loving his own friend when he had you already. And, how about the girl he loved? “What should I do?” He deeply thought.

When the car finally parked in front of the both of your house, you got out and rushed to your door and unlocked it. Sometimes the thought of him buying the house for the both of you crossed in your head, why did he have to buy this when he actually didn’t even love his own mate? It’s unfair.

Entering your room, you changed into one of your oversized t-shirt and unclasped your bra. For you, using pants and oversized t-shirt were the best sleeping pajamas. You dropped yourself on the bed and cried your heart out, making half of your pillow damp.

Baekhyun was getting ready for bed, changing himself to his comfy clothes. When he sat on the bed, you growled, “Why are you here? Get away from me!” your eyes red, burning him in fire. “I don’t love you! You know that? I love the girl I kissed earlier. I’m tired of this relationship, but I can’t leave this living hell. I met her before I found out that you are my mate, I saw it in your eyes. Back when you were with your friends, in the cafeteria.” He said.

He raked his hair in frustration, knuckles turning into white as he balled his hand into fist. “I came in with her, your back was facing me so of course you didn’t see me. So I started to look out for you, I couldn’t believe I should leave her for you. The girl I didn’t even know the provenience.” Added Baekhyun. You were too tired to argue, too tired to cry, and too tired to think. So you just tried to bursh it off and slept.


The sunrise light peeked through your window, eliminating last night’s cool breeze. You could feel beside of your bed was empty, like usual. Rubbing your eyes, you wanted to get up and start your day. Rolling on the bed, ready to stand up, you found the sticky note sticking to the board of the head rest. It says

I’m leaving for a week to think about this.

You sighed, decided to do your daily routine. Unexpectedly, Baekhyun didn’t even show up at the campus. So you lived your life without struggles, in hope to grant the nice life you had been dreaming of.


A week passed. It was the time of Baekhyun’s return. The night sky was nervous, your hands began to sweat. You sat on the couch and drink the already-cold coffee you had prepared. You hadn’t had drunk it since you were too nervous and forgot to drink it.

Cool breeze swiped your skin, the door wasn’t closed. “Y/N.” It was Baekhyun. You didn’t turn your head because you were too scared. His footsteps were coming closer as your body shivered. Suddenly, you felt a pair of hand on your shoulders, massaging them, “I’ve come back.” He said softly.

Baekhyun had changed?

“Hmm” you replied. It was an awkward silence, yet so comforting. This was the first time you felt this when you were with Baekhyun. “I guess we should start over again. I’m sorry.” He looked down, “And plus, I’m no longer with the girl anymore. I think it was wrong. I’m respecting you, mate.” He added.

“Ok, we’ll start over.” You said with a smile, glad that he knew his mistake.

A smile that was showed in advance, with that, a year later your relationship bloomed.