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the new episode gave us a Cliffhanger about when Dewey found out a Painting that has His (and His Brothers) mother in it alongside Donald and Scrooge.  (THIS PART CRUSHED ME BTW)

the episode stopped there… without any explanation. the only thing we know is that Dewey Recognized his mom looks like and he’s the only one knows the painting.

and before that, Dewey’s the only Triplet who heard Scrooge’s and Donald fights about Selene when they were in Atlantis… 

which is MIGHT be a reason why These two ignored each other for 10 years and COULD be the reason why Della (HDL Mother) is nowhere to be found.

Okay, remember this scene from Dewey’s promo?

it looks like he’s snooping around in Webby’s room. 

so, what if He’s trying to find a clue about his Mom or whatever happened to his uncle separating for about 10 years?? why webby’s room? well, he knows that Webby’s really obsessed with Knowing and learning about Scrooge’s Family…since she told that herself.

eh, idk. tell me what you think?

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Hi! Sorry for bothering, but I was wondering if you have any tips for drawing people? My friend and I have an amazing idea for a comic book, and we have the storyline and everything together, and she asked me to draw the pictures. I'm horrible at drawing, so I was wondering if you had any tips? Sorry for wasting your time CX Thank you so much!

thank you :)

  Well Let’s draw!

Tip number I :Basics

i cant even draw a single bone of bone guy….anyway back to business, I mean boneguy

well damn….

thoes features will be our basic


btw lol sorry for my spell mistakes and english in general :I

SPN 13x04 Coda

Dean felt warmth, as if his heart was finally showered with sunlight for the first time in a cold and a dark while.

it was alien but achingly familiar all at once.

he doubted that it was the beer he just had, because ‘let’s be real,’ he was thoroughly satiating his body with alcohol since that day and only today this happens, not the booze then.

he wondered if it was because he and Sam talked things out that a weight was lifted off his chest, but it was so strong to be a result of just a heart-to-heart.

Dean turned over in his bed, facing the ceiling; a crease between his brows formed as he placed his palm over his beating heart, he closed his eyes and breathed slowly, focused hard on why he felt this and on how pleasant it felt until he drifted off to sleep.


“Hello Dean.”

this isn’t a nightmare, at least it didn’t look like one, not like last night’s or the ones before.

this time it was bright, calm and easy, nothing around them but warm-white space.

and Cas was… well, not dead, also wasn’t being repeatedly killed by Lucifer in front of Dean with him being incapable of doing anything to stop it. Cas looked peaceful, standing not very far away, and a soft smile playing across his lips, his face illuminated by the ardent brightness surrounding them.

Dean attempted to call his name again but his breath hitched, so he just hurled forward and enveloped Cas with his arms, he buried his head in the crook of Cas’ neck as a muffled sob escaped his throat, and he let go of the tears he had been holding for so long.

in the end this is just a dream.

Castiel’s arms wrapped around Dean, and he whispered, “Dean…”

“i fucking miss you so much, you know that?” dean struggled out, his voice breaking, with his face still hidden as he did so, Cas then gently tugged at him, so Dean pulled away slightly to lock eyes with this version of Cas that his brain managed to create, tears rolled down his face.

He knew that he was dreaming, but he was so tired of holding it back every time; even though it was way too late, he just felt the need to say something, he wanted to so bad, even if it’s to a fabrication of Castiel created by his desperate imagination, maybe it will help make him feel a little better some day, maybe the shapeshifter shrink had a point, maybe he needed to say goodbye one last time.

“you didn’t have the right to die on me like that you son of a bitch,” he chided with a pained smile, his hands clutching onto the collars of Cas’ coat.

with a sad smiled he replied, “Dean i’m sorry,”

“well, sorry ain’t gonna bring your ass back to life,” Dean joked between sobs.

Cas’ brought his hands up and cupped dean’s face, then pulled it gently so that their foreheads bumped.

Cas’ eyes formed tears of their own.

with the corners of Dean’s lips quivering and eyes shut, he said, “I was a coward, i could’ve said it,” his breath catches, “I could’ve,” he shakes his head.


“I loved you Cas,” he lets outs with a shudder.

“Dean look at me, please,”

and dean does so, with red eyes and frowned brows, he locked eyes with Cas after pulling back a little.

Castiel was crying too, but he was smiling, and there was something about it that made dean’s heart beat faster.

“i think the correct way to say that would be 'love you,’ not loved,” he said, then looked down shyly, then back up, locking Deans eyes as he continued, “and i presume you already know that i love you in return.”

and suddenly everything became pitch black.

then Dean opened his eyes to the darkness of his room, he wiped his wet cheeks with the back of his hand, he breathed heavily as his heart raced, his chest now felt warmer than when he went to bed earlier, and aside from feeling embarrassed of how crazy he thought he was right now, he felt hope too.

A note about the anti-trans buses we keep hearing about:

“I don’t know if you already know this but I think it’s important that you know the story behind the (disgusting) “up with cis bus”.

Believe it or not it all started in Spain about a month ago, when this bus appeared on the streets of Madrid:

External image

It says “Boys have penis, girls have vulva, don’t let anyone fool you” (the best translation I can come up with). It was made by an ultracatholic association Known as “Hazte oir” which is against LGBT rights. The bus was in circulation for a day before people protested and it was inmoviliced by Madrid city hall for promoting a hate message.

A few days after that another bus was spotted but it had a slightly different message:

External image

It reads “Do boys have penis?, Do girls have vulva?” and they parked it in front of Madrid city hall as a protest for what happened to the first bus. It was again quickly inmoviliced and retired from streets.

But the story doesn’t end here because a third bus appeared after that:

External image

This one said “Boys have [censored], Girls have [censored]” and this time it could not legally be retired because the message was not splicit.

After all this the association moved to the USA, but I think you know that story better than I do. 

As a response to all this issue the media turned very pro trans for several weeks, you could see that news were suddenly filled with trans stories and positive messages towards trans people and a popular TV show (El intermedio) made its own pro trans bus and dedicated a whole week to trans people.

External image

External image

It had its own message “Gender identity isn’t chosen, don’t let anyone choose it for you”.

I’m proud that my country reacted so quickly and so strongly against a such a toxic message, but there’s still a lot to do.

I hope it was useful to you and anyone who reads it and sorry if it had any mistakes, english is not my mother language. Also I wrote this from what I could remember so maybe there are some minor mistakes with the facts but this is esentially the whole story.

Please keep people informed of the misadventures of the trans-hate bus in the USA if you can and spred the full story.”

Note from Lady Feral:  Thank you @aljini for this super informative submission.  Your English is amazing, btw!

☆ do not give up

recently, i’ve talked to alot of people who are struggling and losing motivation while trying to learn a new language, and i’ve been through those times too. i wish yall good luck on learning korean or any other language. i know its not that easy and sometimes it can be really difficult especially at the very beginning. but don’t give up! learning a new language is NEVER easy. of course you will have times where u’ll feel like giving up and that you’re not good enough. but the thing is : we can all do it! you can succeed in anything as long as you put your heart in it! we’re all here to help each other so never hesitate to talk to me about anything and let’s improve together. never compare urself to others! 파이팅♡
btw sorry if i made any mistake, english is not my native language!:-)

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I have just found your blog and I fell in love. Not only you make great use of gifs but you also have an exquisite writing voice and narrative skills (which is probably very ironic coming from me, since I don't speak English and I know this message is going to be full with mistakes, but still...) I wonder if I can make a request? How about boys reacting to Guardienne at the verge of death? (I'm so sorry, but I love suffering.) Keep the amazing work <3

((My my my, thank you so much for your kind words ! I am very sorry I left your message without any answer for so long. ;__; I’ll do my best in order to obtain your forgiveness. Don’t worry, your English is fine <3 ( btw I am not a native English speaker just like you so you might find mistakes in my messages from times to times -) ))

For this one I imagined Gardienne, trapped alone in the forest, being deadly wounded during a battle. She was found unconscious after a while and brought back to the HQ right away after being given first aid. Unfortunately, it was too late to heal her, she was only a few hours away from death. Everyone gathered around their favourite human to give her their last farewell.

I also choose to stay with the “obsessed lover” Leiftan. Ofc we know he’s a bad guy now but still we have no idea about his real feelings for Gardienne. It makes things easier to keep believing he’s trully in love with her for now. Only time will tell us if it is true !

Ezarel : “No, no, no, it can be… It can’t be possible ! I swore I’d protect you even if it costed my life. I swore it ! No… Why wasn’t I near you when it happen ? WHY ? My dead body should lay here, not yours !  ”


Valkyon : “ How dare I call myself a soldier if I’m not even able to protect you ? ”

Leiftan : “Close your eyes in peace, don’t worry. I’ll find whoever dared to take your life and avenge you.” 

Keroshane : “Ykar, I… why ? If only we had found her before we could have saved her…”

Ashkore *new* : “Wow… So she’s about to die. I enjoyed her company. I guess I’ll kinda miss messing with her.”

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what do you know about dildo keyboard's father? I've seen pictures of Sue but I've never even heard about his dad

Ok first of all dildo keyboard bye omg

It’s like extremely hard to find any information on either Eric his parents or on Dylans dad, since only Dylans mom openly comes out about what happened.

I’ve read the first half of Sue’s book (got busy with college and had to return it to the library before i could finish it) and it definitely sheds some light on Tom Klebold so I really recommend it. 

-He and Sue were art students at Ohio State University which is where they met I’d assume.
-Tom grew up in Ohio and had lost both his parents by the time he was a teenager.
-Tom and Sue got married in 1971 and Byron was born in 1978.
-Before the shooting he was a geophysicist and got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which damaged his job.
-He was the one who called Sue to tell her about the incident at school apparently ‘yelling at her to turn on the TV’.
-He wished that Dylan had killed them, too.
-They both contemplated changing their names and moving towns.
-His family got a bunch of death threats as well.
-Neighbours would bring them food but they got told to throw it out in case it was poisoned.
-The person who performed Dylan’s funeral called them “the loneliest people on the planet.”
-Tom was more concerned about Byron than Dylan, as he thought of Dylan as ‘a piece of cake’. (I guess this means he was more worried about Byron getting in trouble than Dylan)
-They are now divorced and he has chosen to not speak publicly, and i genuinely hope he is living a somewhat normal life now.

That’s about all I know about Tom, btw english isn’t my first language so sorry for any mistakes bleh.

You only live once ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘’Can you make an imagine? G or E being a tattoo artist and while tattooing you he slowly falls in love with you? You describe everything so well and I just 😫😍‘‘

Response: Thank you so much :) I had a really cute idea for this one, so I hope you like how it turned out! Btw sorry for the lack of Ethan imagines, I don’t get a lot of requests for him and most people like my Grayson ones better. Buuut I have an imagine for E coming up! xx (Y/F/N = your friends name)

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Come on Y/F/N, we really have to go now… This is getting out of hand,’ you say to your best friend. She leans onto you with her whole weight, almost causing you to fall. She was obviously very tipsy. ‘Noooo! I want to stay! Please, Y/N,’ she whines, but you had to be the mother-figure now. ‘No babe, I have a curfew. And so do you. I think your parents won’t like it when they see you like this,’ you chuckle. You put your arm around your friend’s waist to support her while you walk back to your car together.

You help her get in and put the seatbelt on, since she was too drunk to even open the porter. Or she was acting like she was, you didn’t really know. You also get in the car and start driving back to her house to drop her off.

You had decided to go out to a party since the first time in weeks. You weren’t really the type of girl to party every weekend, but now and then you did go out and if you were with your best friend, it was really fun. So, you didn’t regret it, but when Y/F/N was beginning to act drunk, you knew it was time to go.

‘Y/N,’ Y/F/N says suddenly. ‘I want to get a tattoo!’ You blink your eyes. ‘What?! Like, right now, you mean?’ you ask, looking at her. Her eyes were wide and she looked really exciting. ‘Yeah, come on! I heard there is a new tattoo shop around here somewhere. We should really get a tattoo.’ ‘What do you mean, ‘’we’’? I don’t need a tattoo! Besides, you are way too drunk. You’re going to regret it when you’re sober,’ you smirk. Your friend had some weird ideas sometimes.

‘Nahh, I won’t! I have wanted a tattoo for quite a while now. By the way, you only live once, right?’ She pokes you with her elbow, trying to encourage you. You sigh and can’t help but smiling. ‘Okay then, if you say so…’

You try to push the door open while you carefully held Y/F/N by her arm. You walk into the shop, but it’s complete empty. ‘I don’t think there’s anyone,’ you say, looking at your friend. ‘Sure there is. Hello?!’ she yells. ‘Sshh!’ you hush her, feeling a bit embarrassed. ‘Hello?’ you hear a soothing voice coming from behind you. You turn around to see a very tall, muscular guy. Not to mention a very handsome one, too.

He was wearing a plain white shirt, some jeans and in his ear a dangly earring. He had beautiful brown eyes, but his hair was the thing what attracted you the most. It was messy and fluffy, with blond highlights. You just wanted to stroke it. You assume he was the tattoo-artist since he got a few small tattoos on his arms.

‘Eh, hi there. We wanted – or actually she – wanted a tattoo,’ you say, stumbling over your words. Your friend raises her hand to greet him and giggles. ‘Yeah, sure. Just follow me,’ the guys says kindly. Your friend and you follow him and you can’t help but notice his delicious scent and his large, muscular back. Your friend whistles, causing him to grin. ‘Eh, sorry… She isn’t totally sober, so… yeah,’ you apologize and give your friend a warning look. The guy gives you a sweet smile, showing his white teeth. ‘That’s not a problem. Take a seat please. I’ll get my stuff and then we can get started.’ He looks at you and your friend and then walks back, disappearing into another room.

You help your friend to sit her down in the deckchair. ‘Behave yourself,’ you say, but she only giggles. ‘He is cute, right?’ she asks, a little too loud. You feel your cheeks heating up. ‘Yes, he is.’

‘There you go, all done,’ the guys says after about twenty minutes. ‘Wow! Thank you so much! You’re amazing,’ Y/F/N smiles at him, trying to be flirty. Normally she was really good at that, but the guy didn’t really pay attention to her flirty comments. He wasn’t being mean or anything, but it was quite obvious that he wasn’t into her. The guys strokes a hand through his hair. ‘Well… Thank you. I’m glad you like it.’ He helps your friend getting up from the chair by holding her hands. For some reason this really turned you on because his tensed muscles became clearly visible.

‘So, next one?’ he asks, looking at you with raised eyebrows. ‘What? Me? No thanks, I’m good,’ you protest, chuckling. ‘Oh come on, Y/N! You always tell me that you want that flower-thing on your wrist! This is your chance,’ Y/F/N says. The guys laughs. ‘Yeah, come on. You have to do something spontaneously at least once in your life.’ You’re weren’t sure, but Y/F/N was right… ‘Okay then, why not? You only live once, right?’ you say, looking at your friend. She claps her hands in excitement. ‘Yay!’

You sit on the chair while the guys shoots closer to you. ‘So, what’s that flower-thing that your friend meant?’ he asks with a sweet smile. God, he was even more beautiful from up close. You grab your phone out of your pocket and show him the picture. He grabs your hand that’s holding the phone so he could have a better look. Your hand almost drowns in his. It was so big and warm.

‘Hm, I see… That’s not too hard, I think,’ he says. ‘So, just lay your arm on here…’ The guy gently raises your arm and puts it onto the handrail. His stroking fingers against your skin causes you to get goose bumps. You hope he didn’t see it. When he has all of his stuff he starts on the tattoo with a concentrating and confident look on his face.

‘So, what’s your name?’ the guys asks curiously, a few minutes later. ‘Y/N,’ you answer. ‘What’s yours?’ ‘That’s a lovely name,’ he compliments you. ‘My name is Grayson.’ Grayson looks up with a crooked smile, making your heart pound ten times faster. You don’t know what to say. Or do. You were just speechless by his beautiful face.

‘I assume this is your first one?’ Grayson asks. ‘Yeah it is, actually. Don’t know how you guessed that.’ You guys laugh but he immediately puts a soft hand onto your arm, causing you to gasp quietly. ‘You have to lay still, though. Otherwise I’ll ruin it.’ You smile at his cuteness - and his hand that he doesn’t remove from your arm. 

He starts asking you all types of questions, simply because he wanted to know you better. Sometimes he looked up, but most of the time his eyes were focused on your arm, nodding or smiling when you said something. If it was true that you could fall in love at first sight, then that was what had happened to you.

Everything about his face was cute. His eyelashes, his eyebrows, his nose, his pink lips - that he licked very often. Sometimes he bit them out of concentration. He used one hand to make the tattoo, while his other one was touching the skin just above your wrist. Sometimes he stroked your arm with his thumb. You didn’t know why he did that; maybe it was just a habit. Or maybe it meant something else. 

‘I don’t know if I can ask this, but do you have a boyfriend?’ Grayson asks, not looking up. His cheeks get a little red. ‘Eh, no, I don’t.’ You exchange a meaningful look. ‘You don’t?’ he asks confused. You smile. ‘Is that so weird?’ Grayson chuckles and shakes his head. ‘No, it surprises me, to be honest.’

When he’s almost done, you realize you were falling in love with him. He was kind, funny, and looked just like a model. What more could you ask? Grayson pulls back, looking at the result. ‘Well, I think I’m done here,’ he says. You were actually kind of sad he was done. If it was up to you, he could go on forever. His warm touch on your arm was very pleasing, to say the least.

You look at his creation. It was absolutely beautiful. It exactly looked like the picture! No, even better. ‘Oh my gosh!’ you say happily. ‘This looks amazing, thank you.’ He bites his lips, looking at you with a big smile. ‘Thank you. I was happy to do it.’

He grabs your hands to help you get up. You place your feet on the ground, suddenly standing really close to Grayson. He looks at you intensely, almost as if he wanted to kiss you. You quickly take a step back. ‘Eh, so, how much costs it?’ you ask. Y/F/N had already gotten her wallet out of her bag.

‘No, it’s fine. These ones are on me, since they’re your first ones,’ he responds. ‘Are you serious?’ Your friend asks as her eyes grow wide. Your mouth drops open and you want to protest, but Grayson holds up a hand. ‘Really, it’s okay.’ ‘Wow… Thanks.’ you say gratefully, not believing that he meant that.

‘I really have to go to the toilet,’ your friend says. ‘Sure. Just walk up the stairs, it’s on your left,’ Grayson says while he points to the stairs. ‘Be right back,’ your friend says with a wink, trotting towards the stairs. Suddenly she had no trouble climbing up the stairs. ‘Sooo…’ you say, playing with your fingers. ‘Again, it’s really kind of you. But are you sure you don’t want us to pay? It isn’t a problem at all. I don’t want to feel guilty, like I just stole something,’ you say with a quiet laugh, looking up to him.

‘Don’t worry about it. But, if you do feel so bad, you can make it up to me,’ he says, taking a step closer to you. You could see the dark dots in his eyes and smell his shampoo. ‘How?’ you ask with a soft voice. ‘By going on a date with me,’ he whispers, giving you an intense look. You could tell he wanted to kiss you. ‘Yes. I’d love that.’ You felt happier than ever and were glad how this night had ended.

Imagine Liam helping Theo with his nightmares…

Theo was sleeping wih Liam (no wrong thoughts x)) when Scott’s Beta felt the Chimera moving beside him, shaking, and breathing loudly.

«Theo?», Liam whispered. «Hey baby wake up… It’s just a nightmare»

Theo woke up, he was completely lost. He took a deep breath and looked around himself… he was okay, he was with Liam. There were no revengeful sisters, and there were no ripped hearts… it was just him and Liam.

«Baby are you Okay? »

Theo didn’t look at Liam… his eyes full of tears, he didn’t want his boyfriend to see him like that, so vulnerable. A sob shook Theo’s body. Then the tears started to roll down his cheeks. He couldn’t help but cry…

«Oh my god », Liam sat on Theo’s lap. «Theo look at me… calm down babe it was just a nightmare.»

Theo tried to focus on Liam’s voice… he began to calm down, but he was still afraid. He was afraid and he knew he totaly deserved this.

«It’s my fault… I’m so sorry Tara… I’m so sorry…», Theo was repeating over and over.

Liam didn’t know what to do… so he just grabbed Theo’s face and kissed him… it was pure, it was soft… The kiss got Theo out of his thoughts… out of his nightmares.

«Theo… I know what you’re living… I can’t understand it but I know what you’re facing-»

Theo cut off Liam sentence.

«I deserve it.»

«But I forgave you», Liam said. «And I’m sure your sister did too. Now you need to forgive yourself babe… You’re not the same person anymore, the Theo who used me to kill my alpha is dead now. I only see the Theo that saved me, so many times, the Theo that helps the other, the Theo that prevented me from killing people. That is the Theo I love. My boyfriend. And I’m proud of you. I’m proud of being yours.»

Theo smiled softly and pulled Liam into another kiss.

«Try to sleep now… I love you», Liam whispered.

«Thank you baby wolf… I love you too.»

Theo cuddled beside Liam, placing his head on the younger boy’s chest, listening to his regular heart beats.

(Sorry if there is any mistake, English’s not my first language and I’m still learning x)) , and btw If I made any mistake, please tell me, I have to improve my English)

Let’s make The Joker gay again!

Hi! It’s Lexie_Squirrel aka Joker-ka.

Usually I don’t do text posts (because my english is very very bad - I’m so sorry for any possible mistakes, btw), but I can’t keep silence any longer. As you probably notice, last few weeks I posted some pictures with the Joker using tags #Queerness and #Love Hints. Because Joker being gay character is really important to me (and to many of us, I presume). And right now it’s not looks like DC see him as gay person.

I don’t believe that we must just sit here on tumblr, do nothing and waiting for someone in DC Comics to decide fate of our favorite character. Maybe it’s time to do something. Joker is a fictional character and he’s absolutely defenceless against real comic books writers. We must protect him and his canonical homosexuality.

How’s about twitter flashmob for a start? I don’t wanna us to shouting into the void, so we can write tweets right to Geoff Johns (DC Entertaiment President, Chief Creative Officer and Great Mastermind Behind All DC Universe). We can also use hashtag #MakeTheJokerGayAgain (or not).

But it’s important not to make this all about batjokes. Let’s face it, it’s not likely to DC make their bestselling superhero a gay or bisexual. We’re not some desperate shippers who simply wants their OTP being canon. We fighting for the Joker. We fighting against erasure his canonical homosexuality.

Or how’s about a petition to DC and Geoff Johns? Maybe someone could list all proofs of the Joker being gay in comic books and other media? I know, it’s a hell of a work, but damn… We must do something! DC probably don’t think that so many people wants to see “horrible villain” to be part of LGBT-community (heck, even Harley now canonically bisexual). As a queer person myself, I think that straightwashed Joker is offending and homophobic. We must stop it.

We need to save the Joker and make DC write him as gay character in comic books and other media. We’re a comic books fans, they writing their comic books for us, so our opinions must mean something. We can open whole campaign to save the Joker from straightwashing. It is in our hands.


Happy you’re here (2/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: Cursing(a lot, like… A LOT), Fluff(?), claustrophobia mention, dead body mention, violence mention. 

A/N: Ok, I tried, I SWEAR. Well, I’m just bored so…. Yeah. BTW, there’s a Bucky P.O.V. Sorry about any mistakes, as I said on part 1, english is not my natural language (Also, let me know if you guys want me to try to make Y/N genderless, since the characters reffer you as “she/Her”) 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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You did what?” Bruce almost screamed at Steve

“I introduced Y/N to Bucky. You’ve met him before, he wouldn’t hurt her!”

“Of course he wouldn’t. She would kick his ass.” Natasha said with a smirk while crossing her legs. Everyone was there, minus you and Bucky.

“See?” Steve knew she was right; it was hard to someone to beat you up. Impossible, actually. Your reflexes and speed were really good, even Pietro wouldn’t be able to harm you. Since you always knew where he was appearing, not even you understood how.

The abilities you acquired from your years in H.Y.D.R.A stayed, like the scars. To remind you that you’ve done things before, you just didn’t remember what.

“That’s not the point, Steve. The point is that anything can trigger her to remember what she had passed! Nat, do you remember how you found her? Wanda, do you remember what you saw?” Both woman nodded tensely

“She can’t see that… Never.

“So what do you want us to do? To keep her or the Soldier locked in their rooms? The Captain here didn’t do something wrong. I saw Buck in the corridor with Y/N. Again, that weird person gained one of us. For the first time, he wasn’t looking like a grumpy angst teen.” Bruce sighed while massaging the bridge of his nose; he had a soft spot for you. Maybe because at the start you would always go to him and Steve when you didn’t know how to use things or what to do, when you had cute silly questions, when you discovered something new or etc.

“I know, Tony. However, she already has trigger words. We discovered three in these past years. She had nightmares that kept her awake for months; the memories were trying to come back. All of them had to do with H.Y.D.R.A, but there aren’t only words. Anything that remind her of that can trigger the memories.” He stopped for a moment, seeing that he got everyone’s attention “And I’m not only worried with her. Bucky also may suffer because of this. We all know him, he couldn’t even look to ours faces last year. And if he find out he might help her remember? And If the trigger words aren’t just to make her remember her past, but also turned her into the weapon?”

“Is a big IF, doctor.” Clint said, remembering how Bucky’s mood changed as soon as he saw you “She’s good to people, maybe is one of her powers or just how she is. But just like us, he also needs her.”

“What you’re still doing here, Princess Merida?” Your laugh broke the tense silence, FRIDAY had warn you about the reunion you had to go, after showing all the tower to Buck, that was still on the door. As if he didn’t know if he was supposed to enter the room.

“Actually, Steve called all of us, Y/N” Natasha voice made you turn your head quickly to the woman getting up to catch you as you hugged her

“Peter!” You screamed, hearing Sam and Pietro laugh

“Peter?” Wanda asked while glancing at the men she was sitting next to, Vision, her boyfriend.

“I think Y/N made a pun about “Black Widow” using Mr. Parker as a reference.”

“You thought right, my dear evil Smurf.” Steve pulled Buck to enter the room, but he didn’t know what to do. First, because he was too amazed by how you were opened to everyone, how each people smiled when seeing you. Second, because he didn’t know why he was there since it looked like a friend’s reunion.

“Guys, I called you to warn that Bucky is staying with us.”

“Bubbles, let him sit, first. You’re making him uncomfortable.” People laughed while Steve rolled him eyes, letting go of Buck’s shoulders. He almost let a sigh of relief come out of when he heard you coming to rescue him.

“Thank you.” He whispered, sitting in the chair you indicated, right at your side. Pietro glanced at him with a not so friendly gaze, but he got distracted when you winked at him, smiling sweetly

“Any time, love” He didn’t know why he was smiling all goofy. Steve was happy to see you there, making him truly smile in less than a minute.

Bucky was still paying attention to you when Steve continued to talk, making both of you stare at the Captain.

“Well, you all know Buck- Yes, Y/N?”

“Where was I when he first came?” Steve blushed, remembering what he send you to do, so you didn’t get caught in the small war it had between all of them.

“Remember that mission in Brazil?”

“You mean the one you send me to, that I stayed almost three months chasing a non-existing thing? That one?” Everyone laughed at your bitter answer, you almost punched Steve when you returned.

“Yes, that one.” He sighed “Well, I didn’t call everyone just for informing of Buck, unfortunately. Natasha and I found a base that might been used by H.Y.D.R.A and that is possible being activated again, and we are going to need help with this. Y/N, you know I wouldn’t call you for something involving… it. But, we fear that they might have files of you.”

Bucky glanced surprised at you, he didn’t thought that where you had suffered was H.Y.D.R.A, just like him.

You smiled comfortably at Steve, nodding calm with your head.

“I know, Stevie.”

“You don’t need to go if you don’t want you, nether you or Bucky. We are just informing, since involve both of you…”

“I’ll go.” Bucky said, a weird protective feeling growing inside his chest towards you.

“Well, I never run from a good fight, anyways… When?”

“Tomorrow, we need to make sure they don’t have your files.” After all, you were their most important, dangerous weapon, years had passed, and still, you hadn’t discovered all of your powers.

“Okay… Buttercup, I’ll introduce you to Buckbeak, c’mon.” You got up, when seeing that there wasn’t more anything to discuss. Buck looked into everyone’s small smiles when he also got up and you grabbed his wrist, knowing that they were going to talk something more. You always knew. “Sam, you still own me a rematch.”

“You lost?!” Pietro gasped, making you laugh and stop at the door, seeing Sam look at his own shoes embarrassed

“He ran.” You left the room full of people laughing, just like you wanted.

“You were captured Hydra?” He asked while you jogged to catch the elevator, you waited him entry the machine to answer.

“Well, as far as I know. Steve said that Nat rescued me from one of their oldest base. But as I said, I don’t remember.”

“Did they… Mess with your brain?” You stopped for a second, thinking about that question. Did they?

Your head started to ache when flashes of weird and old machines appeared, you saw metal, bright lights, loud screams and pain.

Mostly, pain.

Bucky studied you for a moment, feeling bad when seeing your eyes shut quickly as if you were in pain, frowning your brows and heavily breathing.

“I-… I don’t… Maybe… I can’t remember, sorry.” You whispered, slowly opening your eyes, remembering that you had nightmares about that kind of stuff before.

“I’m the one supposed to apologize, Doll.” A smile covered your lips when hearing his worried voice

“I’m O.K, Buttercup. It happens sometimes. Bruce says that are just some memories trying to force their ways to my mind. Anything can trigger them, so… Yeah”

“Like… Trigger words?” You snapped your head at him, surprised with the precision of his words.

“Exactly. Until now, we found three. Two of them are in Portuguese, the other is in Russian. Nat found it when she was angry at Tony, so she kind of snapped and said “walls” in Russian.” You started to walk towards the living room, next to the kitchen. “FRIDAY, can you please put Harry Potter for us?”

“The AudioBooks or the movies, Mrs. Y/N?”

“The movies, I’ll show him the books later.” Buck settled where you indicated to him, when you were about to sit on his side, he took the spot, making you sit on his flesh arm side.

“Sorry. Huh… What happened?” He said, trying to keep you talking, since he liked your voice. It wasn’t calm, but it also wasn’t energetic.

“Well, apparently, I fainted. But the nightmares were the worst, at the time I just had gazes at what was that. When I slept, I dreamed about a tiny room. It was so small that I couldn’t even sit. I had to be on my feet for what looked to be days… I felt so god damn claustrophobic!” You laughed, trying to make fun of what you had passed. But the memories of that dream reminded you of the worst part, the one you didn’t tell him.

You weren’t alone there.

There was a dead, stinking, cold body pressed against yours. It made you want to throw up, but at that time, you hadn’t eat anything, so there was nothing to come out of you.

“Harry Potter? Uh, the cat is turning into a woman.” He tried to take you out of those sick thoughts, and he did it.

“Minerva McGonagall, she is badass as fuck! You’ll like her!” Bucky smiled at you when you punched – lightly – his shoulder before bringing your feet to the couch, starting to pay attention to the movie.

“So… Everyone seems to like you.” Bucky said, glancing at you when seeing you chuckle a little

“Not everyone. Vision don’t like me.” He arched a brow in confusion “I mean, is not like he hates me. Is more of a… Caution feeling? I don’t know, actually. But I think he is afraid that I snap or something like that, because of my past.”  

He controlled his curiosity, since you told him about the trigger words, he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable

Bucky P.O.V

In the third movie I understood the nickname, but that didn’t stop you to keep me there watching all the movies. You said that no one liked to watch the movies with you, because you would repeat the lines with the movie.

But I thought it was lovely, especially when you turn your gaze at me just to smile and say random things about the movie or the books. It was night before we could even tell, and you just yawned, getting up after we finish all the movies.

They were great.

“Now I’ll leave you alone, you need to get some rest for tomorrow’s mission.” You said, smiling and offering me your right hand, as if you knew exactly that I didn’t like my metal arm “Are you sure you want to go tomorrow? I mean, you just got here.”

“I want to go.” You nodded with your head and, as I did the whole day, I followed you. Walking on your heels to the room’s floor, you stood on the doorway of my room, waiting for me to enter it

“If you want or need anything, my room is the last one of the corridor, ok?” You gazed at me, stocking a piece of your hair behind your ear “Goodnight, Buck.”

“Goodnight, Doll.” You smiled gently at me and turned on your heels before jogging to the final of the corridor, entering a room that – as you said – was yours.

“You’re already charmed, tin can?” Sam laughed, making my smile fall. I felt him coming close, but I hoped that he just passed to his room and left me alone with my small good mood “Don’t worry, it’s normal. We would have a problem if you didn’t liked her.”

I just groaned in answer, making him chuckle and pass through my door to go to his room.

I just sitted on the bed, thinking how grateful I was that those people accepted me there after all I’ve done. But what stayed in my head, was Y/N laughter. The soft, sweet chuckle of yours.

No, Y/N.” Steve said in his Captain tone, making you frown your brows in pure frustration

“So, you make me wake up early to go to this mission, just so I could stay in the fucking Jet?”

“And you are not flying it. Just to be clear.” I heard Clint say from the pilot part, you huffed and crossed your arms in front of your breasts. God Damn that was cute, especially when you were looking down on a man twice your height.

“Captain, you betta give me a good excuse for me not to punch you in your fucking amazing nose right fucking now.” Natasha laughed while entering the Jet, I was already on my way to one sit far from the others, thinking that they might not be used to me on a mission and will want their space.

“It might trigger your memories?” He tried, but the only thing you did was huff in anger

Everything can trigger my fucking memories, Rogers! The stupid walls can trigger them, the stupid sky can trigger them. Hell, your butt can even trigger them, but you don’t see me stopping squeezing it, do you?!” Everyone on the jet laughed, Steve and me included. “The point, Steve, is that I can’t just run of everything and hide under my bed, scared to even look in the mirror. I did things, I’ve been through things, yes. But that is the old me, someone I don’t even remember and that by the scars, I didn’t want to be.” I looked at my hands, feeling those words enter my skin like blazing metal.

“Bruce will stay on the jet, why can’t you?”

“Because dad number two is a doctor and he can’t fight without turning green, big and grumpy, neither can he hold a gun.”

“Dad number two?” Steve’s brows frowned as you sighed

“I made a fucking life-changing speech, you just catch that?!”

“Who is ‘dad number one’?”

“Who do you think, papa?” I chuckled at your ironic, sassy, kind of sexy, side

“Steve, Y/N won’t stop complaining until you let her go. And she’ll be entering that place while arguing with you about entering there.” Sam went to your rescue, as if he had seen that before and knew where it was going to end “And you also know she’s right. She’s a grown ass woman, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Us finishing the mission before than expected?” He chuckled as you high-fived him

“And you are completely out of your mind if you think that I’ll let Wanda and Pietro enter there without me.” You whispered, but I was able to hear it, since both of you were closer to me than to the others.

“Fine! But when you get nightmares, don’t come to me!” He huffed, making you smile widely at him and jump into a bear hug.

“Thanks, dad!” Steve tried to contain the grin that was forming in his face, but ended giggling anyways.

“Don’t call me that, I’m too hot to be a dad.”

“If isn’t the captain feeling himself today, look at that!” Sam said loudly from his sit, making everyone laugh.

“I hope you don’t mind, not that I actually care, but I’ll use you as a pillow.” You said, sitting on my flesh side, aware of my problem.

“So is just the super soldier appear and you replace me, love?” The silvered hair boy said, suddenly sitting on her other side

“Oh, please, Pietro. You know you’re irreplaceable! But his biceps are bigger, like, fuck! Look at this, is bigger than my head!” You played, lifting my arm as I felt a smirk play in my lips

“Are you telling me you don’t think I’m hot, anymore?” He placed his hand on his chest, as if he was hurt “You cold woman!”

“Stop fighting over Y/N, Speedy. And you Barnes, you just got here and was able to finally make her flirt, congratulations.” Tony said, and as I looked into you face, I saw you sweetly blush, huffing and rolling your eyes.

“Oh, please, fuckboy. Nine out of eleven words that I speak I’m flirting”

“I thought it was cursing.” Sam said, earning giggles from you

“What do you think are the others three?”

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Do you have some Regulus headcannons?


  • First of all I need to talk about the relationship of Regulus and his family, most of all with Sirius. We all know how the Black family is and how Sirius was against them. All the Blacks, except for some people, hated Sirius. Regulus were swayed from the family ideas of being pure, but he never hated Sirius. He was his big brother after all. Regulus always looked at Sirius as an exemple anyways, he really loved him. When their parents were mad with Sirius, Regulus always tried to convince them to forgive him anyways.
  • Regulus cried when Sirius left, he couldn’t believe that he left him alone.
  • Regulus had the same ideas like his parents but he was really afraid of them. He was in fact really happy when he was at Hogwarts, because I could stay away from them.
  • His parents weren’t kind with him neither, they had high expectation for him because they didn’t wanted him to be like Sirius. So Regulus couldn’t do anything wrong, or he would pay the consequences.
  • When he was sorted in Slytherin he was happy in a first moment, but when he sat on the table and met the disappointed look in Sirius face he asked to himself why couldn’t be in another house.
  • He had a lot of friends but only few people knew really who he was, he didn’t trust completely to anyone.
  • He was really clever. He loved study, expecially Defence Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy.
  • Regulus always been fascinate by the fact that all his family names were from stars, so from when he was little he liked astronomy.
  • I imagine him going to the astronomy tower at night and just stay there watching the sky.
  • This is like a thing that I imagine a lot, but I understand if people don’t agree with this. I love the slytherpuff headcanons, ok? So I imagine that Regulus first love was a pure blood Hufflepuff girl. I explain my reasons, so: first of all she’s a pure blood because we all know that he had the same thoughts like his family about pure blood and stuff; Slytherin girls didn’t like to him. He had a lot of slytherin girls after him but he didn’t care about them because he knew that kind of girls all his life thanks to his parents; We all know what other houses think about slytherin, that they are only evil and stuff. The things that are at the base of slytherpuff headcanons is that Hufflepuffs look beyond that and they can see Slytherins for what they really are, and this why slytherpuff friendships and relationships are amazing; also Regulus didn’t grouwn up in a affectionate family, so I think that an hufflepuff can give a Regulus all the love that he need (I’m sorry I really love my slytherpuffs headcanons)
  • I think that Regulus agree to become a death eater because he was afraid and also because his family and friends convinced him to do it. I mean ok, he thought all those things about pure blood but for him ended there, he didn’t want to kill people and treat people in an evil way. His thoughts could stay thoughts.
  • At Sirius: I’m really sorry that we’ve never had the chance to make things better between each other. I understand you, I always did awful choices, my life as been a mess. I always admire you, I’m sorry that I’ve never tell you that. I will always love you, you still my broter. I’m going to do the only good choice of my life. Goodbye” - A letter that he wrote an hour before his death, never found.

(btw, I’m not english so I’m sorry for any mistake)

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1/2 Hi. Your biggest fan here. Just coming by to ask you how was your day/ has it been so far. And I don't want to bother you but how is your WIP going? I am waiting very patiently (three asks in so long about it is patient for me, sorry?) for it and would love an update.

2/2 I also have come by with a few hugs. ❤❤😘😘(Btw English is not my first language so I hope I didn’t make any mistakes) (and let’s hope that no one starts fighting about who is your biggest fan because I know there are a lot of people who love you.)

Hello, biggest fan! Wow I didn’t even know I had one of those; I’m very honored!!!

About my WIP, you should probably give up on getting it until sometime (late) next year, hahaha. I did decide that I would prefer to post it all at once, so it’s gonna be a while! I’m sorry to make you wait, but I hope it will be worth it! I don’t understand how some writers can crank out fics like they do– I definitely have to take my time. 😅

And thank you for the hugs!!

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Mixed Dates

Hello again! Here goes my second Harry oneshot, hope you like it! :) Btw, sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

If you didn’t know… REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! so if you want me to write you something feel wellcome to ask :) the main character can be any of the boys ;)


This was another of Harry’s and Melissa’s typical afternoons.

Their cushy living room, a record player and their company were the only things required for having a great evening. Maybe it didn’t sound exciting for anyone else, but for both of them was haven.

Right now they were sprawled on their narrow couch; the vague light the chimney flames emitted was the only thing which allowed them to see each others faces. ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, played on the background, giving the atmosphere around them a romantic hint.

While Harry hummed to the lyrics of the song, Melissa lifted his characteristic white t-shirt, revealing his tattooed chest. She began tracing the shapes, taking her time on her favourite one: the cute butterfly in the middle of his torso. It was quite usual of her to do that. Tracing the drawings made her recall those moments at the beginning of their relationship, when they had late night conversations about the significance of each of them.

As Melissa finished with one she left a feather kiss on it and moved to another, this brought goosebumps to appear on the curly-haired boy’s body. Their eyes met when she looked up to him.

“You’re so beautiful Mel”

Those four words made her flush. Although they were on their way for being three years together, every single touch, sweet-nothing or look felt like the first one.

“I love you little cupcake”

He chuckled, Melissa gave him that nickname since the beginning of their relationship. At first he did everything to change it, he wanted to prove he could actually be a really manly guy, but completely failed on his attempt. According to her, whenever he tried it he only showed more his sweetness. 

Harry caressed Melissa’s pomule, sliding down to her lips. He leaned in and kissed her. The kiss was smooth as well as slow, they took their time enjoying the moment and expressing their love with it. As if it were possible, he pulled her closer, finally breaking the contact when air began to lack.

“Can I have this dance, m’lady?”

His petition made Melissa giggle. They were the worst dancers ever, yet they always danced when the opportunity showed up. It didn’t mind if everyone saw their ridiculous and arrhythmic dance moves, or their constant almost trips. When dancing they just focused on each others orbs without caring about what others would say or think, that was something Harry taught her when he came into her life.

He picked her hand and brought her into an embrace. Placing his big hand on her waist and intertwining his long fingers with her small ones. They began moving back and forth throughout the space the room offered. As always, every now and then, Harry stepped on Mel’s bare toes, receiving a shudder and ‘Ouch!’ from her “Sorry love, I’ll be more careful” Her head was placed on Harry’s hard chest from where she could smell his scent. She filled her lungs with the fragrance and closed her eyes, getting the most of the moment. Harry’s lips fell on top of her head leaving a soft peck.

Before the song’s guitar solo he sang to her ear some of the lyrics,

“She won’t forsake me… I’m loving angels instead”  

With that he made Melissa spin around and abruptly brought her back to his hold, this made her let out a snicker “It would be better if I had a rose on my mouth” “Sure if you had one you would already have pricked yourself with it” “Shhh… I know” he was about to kiss her again but, when the gap between their lips was almost inexistent, her phone interrupted such a cheesy moment “Ughh, honestly, I’m beginning to hate your ringtone” she bit her lip, thinking the same as him “It’ll just be a moment” her boyfriend pouted and sat cross-legged on the sofa, watching Melissa talk:

-“Em, what’s up?”

-“Hi Mel. We’re waiting for you to come” her answer made her furrow her eyebrows

-“To come where?”

-“Jeez, did you forget, again!? Today’s Zoey’s birthday. She’ll come anytime soon!”

-“WHAT?! Wasn’t it on friday?”

-“No you absent-minded it was today… Don’t worry, if she arrives before you we’ll make up an excuse, but you gotta hurry up”

-“Fuck… okay, see ya.”

She rushed to her bedroom taking her clothes off on the way “Hey love, chill. We’re supposed to kiss a little before taking our clothes off” she glared at him “Shut up you sassy cupcake, I’m late” the volume of her voice lowered as she got nearer to their bedroom. Harry followed her “Late for what?” while sliding on her pants she answered “Today’s Zoey’s birthday. I thought it was on friday but Em told me I was wrong… again” she shook her head, Harry couldn’t help but chuckle.

Melissa was that kind of person who always forgot or mixed up with dates. In fact she warned Harry about it since the very first day they started dating. Once, she even forgot her nineteenth birthday and didn’t realise it until she got home, where her parents and friends surprised her with a party. At first Harry found it a bit odd, but with the flow of time he got used to it and now saw it as another of her unique characteristics. He knew she tried hard not to forget them though, and didn’t mind whenever she failed to remember.

“Okay, so… how do I look?” “Stunning” “Harry I’m just wearing some jeans and a shirt, how can I look stunning?” “It really doesn’t matter. If you were wearing a bag I would find you as beautiful as always” he replied while shrugging “Awww, you’re so cute!” Melissa walked towards his green-eyed baby. She couldn’t like more the way Harry showed his love. He didn’t try hard with gifts, fancy dates or stuff like that; his sweet spontaneous words and all those little things were the ones which gained her heart every single day. Between pecks all over his face she mumbled “Promise when I get home we’ll cuddle and kiss all night long” “Yay! but… can I have an advance?” He fluttered his eyelashes and pouted, how couldn’t she call him cupcake? “C’mere” They began a smooching session which went for a bit too long, when she realised it she pulled away “Noooo, one more” “Harry, I’m not gonna get on time” Before leaving she took her car keys and blew one last kiss to the pouty boy who waved her goodbye “Love you!” said both at the same time.

*Two weeks after*

Melissa squeezed her eyes, trying to clear her vision.The feeling of a wide awake Harry spreading kisses all over her body tickled every inch of skin he got to brush with his plump lips “Wake up sleeping beauty” she groaned, trying to get rid of him “Hazz… just lemme sleep” he ignored her and trailed all the length of her neck with his lips, finally, reaching her soft spot, right on the area where her jawline and ear met, making her huff. With a chanting voice he whispered on her ear “Happy third anniversary beautiful! I love you so much!” That comment made Melissa to fully wake up, freaking out on the inside ‘What the hell?!’  Harry frowned as he didn’t receive any answer back “Mel, are you okay?” she abruptly propped herself up “Uh? yeah, I was just recovering from my sleep… Happy anniversary cupcake! I love you endlessly!” He smirked, then picked her bottom lip with his tooth and kissed her, beginning slowly and intensifying as time went by. He straddled her legs and cupped her face; Melissa’s hands roamed underneath his t-shirt all over his chest, while his caressed the exposed skin of her legs, as she was just wearing his white t-shirt. He moved to her neck, paying careful attention to it. A trail of wet kisses led him to her collarbone, where he left a love bite provoking Melissa’s soft moan. Her hands travelled to the hem of his grey jumper, but, before reaching a point where there was no turning back, he stopped her attempt “Love, as much as I’d love to continue I gotta go to work” She sighed but nodded “Yeah, you’re right, we can leave it for later”


After Harry left, Melissa felt the worst girlfriend ever to be. He was so nice and sweet, and she couldn’t even remember such an important day after three amazing years with the love of her life. He didn’t deserve that. 

She cursed her bad habit of mixing dates, and, as misery tool control of her body, wiped a tear streaming down her cheek.

Some minutes later she calmed down and realised she neither had a present. The one she ordered a month ago was planned to arrive a week later, when she thought their actual anniversary took place. “What am I gonna do now?” The best idea which came up to her mind was searching if it was out there in any shop in the city.

On one trip to France, while they were strolling, they came across a boutique window where Harry spotted a coat which took all of his attention. He looked amazed as a kid with a new toy when he admired for the very first time that long black Saint Laurent item. In the moment he placed his eyes on its price all the thrill felt dropped and was replaced by the resignation of not being able to own it ever. Words were not necessary, his face spoke itself. Since that moment Melissa would save money whenever she could to buy it for him.

In a matter of minutes, after in depth research, she found out there were only two coats left in the whole city. She wrote down the location of the boutiques, took a quick shower and headed straight on its search.


Having driven for an hour and a half, Melissa made it to the first Saint Laurent store. Her legs were sore from being sat for such a large amount time, so when she stepped in the street she had to stretch her limbs subtly, trying not to be seen by pedestrians.

As soon as she got in she eye searched the coat. Frowning, because she didn’t find it, she approached to one of the shop assistants “Good morning. I was wondering if you still had this coat. I did some research and found out this was one of the shops which still had it on the market” handing her phone to the middle aged woman she waited to hear an affirmative answer “Of course, let me guide you to where it is” she couldn’t believe how easy she got with it. Honestly, she reckoned it was going to take longer time. However, she was grateful, it would have been worse if she hadn’t found it.

Her bliss soon went away when she walked past a man carrying the exact same piece of cloth to the till “Wait… isn’t it the coat I’m looking for?” the woman turned to where Melissa was facing “Oh… yes it is. What a shame” the young girl was raging on the inside ‘My luck sucks’ she thought. Despite her upset she answered in the most polite way, after all, it wasn’t the woman’s fault “It’s okay… I guess I should’ve been faster, anyway… thank you” the assistant gave her a compassionate look “Hope you find it. Good luck”

As she got nearer to the exit door she watched how the coat which was supposed to be Harry’s was taken by another man. This one tilted his head on her way and grinned mischievously, making her mumble an ‘idiot’.

Melissa began her way to the second store, praying the coat was still there. She didn’t want to ruin Harry’s and her’s day, and this was her last chance to make it possible.

After two long hours of driving and putting up with a long traffic jam, she was standing in front of the boutique. Although she knew she had to get in sooner or later her feet didn’t feel like it. She couldn’t believe she was that way just for a coat, but remembering Harry’s bright face when he saw it and how it changed when he realised it was impossible to have it made her comprehend the reason for her tension: It wasn’t about the coat; it was about how bad she wanted to make him just as happy as he did with her every single day. She was genuinely thankful for everything he did over the past three years and wanted to express it in the shape of a gift.

So before entering she took a deep breath and got in.


“Thank you so much, you made my day!” “Have a nice evening with you boyfriend, and, happy anniversary!”

Ecstasy occupied every inch of Melissa’s system. She wanted to jump, scream, dance, do whatever to express her joy. The Saint Laurent bag she carried felt as the trophee gained after a long day of driving and stress, but it was worth it for her cupcake.

With a wide eagerness she began walking to her car, but her way was interrupted by a familiar deep voice calling her. She froze and stood still, turning around slowly to meet his look “Harry, what are you doing here?” “I was going to catch the tube to get home. What about you? What’s that that you carry in your hand?” she swiftly shoved the bag away behind her back and tried to avert his gaze but it was impossible. She also struggled to make up an excuse but anything came up to her mind “Melissa is everything okay?” “Uhm… “ She scratched the back of her head. At that simple movement Harry knew she was nervous and all of a sudden the reason for her behaviour showed up “Hold on, let me guess. Are you here buying me a gift because you forgot our anniversary was today?” she couldn’t believe how predictable she was, and waited to see a disappointed or sad Harry but his reaction was far away from that, he was slightly grinning which made Melissa to get confused “Ehmm… yes…” her head hung low but Harry didn’t waste any time in letting her know he wasn’t mad at all “Hey love, don’t be sad. I’m not even upset” Melissa frowned “Why?” “I noticed you did forget this morning. When you were ‘Recovering from your sleep’ what my ears really heard was “oh shit not again…” “Harry, really, you don’t have to pretend you aren’t mad, it’s okay” he limited to shook his head “Don’t you understand it? I’m not mad because remembering this date isn’t important to know you truly love me-” “And I do” her interruption and the unconscious pout her lips made melted Harry’s heart making him cup her cheeks and brush the tip of his nose against hers “I know boo, and that’s why I’m not upset, because that’s what matters to me. We’ve been through so many things and even when I was at my worst you still were right by my side. That’s what should be taken into account in a relationship, not remembering to celebrate a date just because it means that you can add a number to the time you’ve been putting up with your partner” Harry’s speech reached Melissa’s heart and brought her eyes to full with tears; she didn’t know a few of them were travelling down her cheeks until Harry wiped them away.

“I’m so fortunate and grateful to have you.”

In that precise moment everything around them vanished, just leaving them gazing at each other with loving eyes. They didn’t even notice the cold breeze of the London streets cause their entire bodies were numb of love. “My angel…” Harry leaned in and brushed his soft lips against hers then whispered “Let’s go home”


After getting home instead of going out for a romantic dinner they decided to prepare it themselves, both coincided it was going to be more intimate and special. Between stolen pecks and continuously staining their aprons they ended up in front of a mouthwatering dish.

With satisfied stomachs they sat on the sofa, Melissa’s head was placed on Harry’ lap making her lay on her back to meet his eyes. He gently caressed her hair, and sometimes, tried to braid some locks, but they ended up being a mess of knots “Now that I remember… what were you carrying in that bag you had?” “Oh yeah… wait here” Melissa completely forgot about the gift and ran upstairs to take it. When Harry saw her come back with a Saint Laurent bag he kind of shocked “Open it Cupcake” Harry took the large fancy box and looked up to her, she impatiently motioned him to open it. The wait was worth it because Harry’s look was priceless “What the… Oh my dear, Mel this is the coat we saw on France!” “I know, I know” Melissa answered between giggles “Love you didn’t have to, it was really expensive” “Don’t think about that Harry. If I bought it was because I knew how much you wanted it, and you deserve the best. Put it on, wanna see how good fits on you” Harry pecked her lips thanking her, and didn’t waste any time on putting it on. He looked really hot on it; his man bun, and the outfit under combined really well “You look sexy” Harry blushed, normally she wouldn’t say that kind of comments aloud, usually her looks spoke for her “Thanks.”

With the coat on he warned Melissa he was going to the garage. When he got there he tried to turn the light on but the bulb was broken; he had to fumble for her gift, stopping when his fingertips detected a canvas.

By the time Harry came back his girlfriend was placing a disc on the record player ‘Angels’ again played, it was one their favourite songs because it meant a lot to them. She began swinging throughout the lounge with eyes closed, stopping when she crashed with Harry’s body “Finally. What’s that behind your back?” he ignored the question and motioned to the black sleep mask resting on the coffee table “Put it on and don’t take it off until I say so” hesitantly she did as ordered and patiently waited, while Harry approached to the spot he saved on the wall for his present and hung the canvas. He took her hand and guided her. After taking the mask off of her he payed attention to her reaction. A sleeping Melissa was flawlessly drawn on the material. She brought her hands to her mouth in surprise. Her fascinated stare said it all: she loved it. Everything on it was perfect; the colours made great contrast among each other and the delicate brush-strokes made her features precise. It was a masterpiece.

“Harry… it’s… beautiful… really beautiful. Thank you very much” she turned around and hugged him tightly “I love you” said both at the same time letting out a chuckle.

“Can I have this dance gentleman?”

They melted on a tight embrace and Harry nuzzled his face on the crock of Melissa’s neck, whispering into her ear:

“She won’t forsake me… I’m loving angels instead”


Okay, let’s talk about Zervis in the Present

  In the last days the FT fandom are talking a lot about one of my OTP’s, Zervis, thanks to the last chapter that tells their love history, that happened a century ago. (That I just always had be sure that existed, tbh, but this is a thing to another post).

 This is hella cool, tbh, so many fanarts and all, but a question has been raised for really many ppl.

 If they loved each other that much we saw in the last chapter, why we see this hatred eyes here:

How I said, they are one of my OTP’s. I love them. But lets not romanticize everything, like “Oh, they would support anything each other do, not matter what this is” or “They wouldn’t do nothing that could hurt each other”.

 It’s sad to be the one who say that, but: This is not how love works. This is not how a relationship works.

  Putting aside the love they feel for each other, their ideologies are in opposite sides right now.

 Zeref is in his final breakdown. After like three(actually, four, now?) hundreds of years of suffer and sorrow, of losing things and loved ones, he just can’t  stand in this world anymore. He is crazy, - and even out of his mind. He is not randomly making this to pass the time. This isn’t a choice for him. His  last ray of hope, of light, disappeared. Now, the only thing that guides him is his hatred for the world that rejected him.

 Mavis knows this very well. She CARES about his breakdown. But, beside the love and care she feels for him, let’s remember WHAT is he threatening. He is threarening Fairy Tail. He is threatening the world that her family, her friends lives, dream and make their future. To Mavis, Fairy Tail is the only truly home that she ever met. Even after death, she always protected the guild. Fairy Tail is her family. And now, he is the one threatening this.

They are not only each other loved ones. They are fucking badass mages, and have priorities.

What doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore, though.

How this chat started, after all? 


 All the mind connection thing. You just realise how sublime is their relationship? They didn’t were together for so many time. But, they just know each other better than anyone. They just feel each other mind and feelings. Some ppl have said that this is because they are so fucking powerful. I don’t think that. It’s more than it. 

 This is not about just magic and mages. I have seen real-life couples and friends communicating with looks, finishing each other sentences and knowing each other  actions before they do anything. It’s not only about time together. My actions still surprise my relatives that have lived with me my entire life.  No, it’s about bonds. Sometime, you have this “click” when you met someone.  That thing that immediately link you with that person, like you have know each other your  entire life, your entire lives.  Some people call it destiny, some people call it coincidence, I use to call a little kind of miracle.

 Zervis relationship just fits like this. They just know each other. They know what their feelings are about, what their thoughts are about and what their hearts are about. They just know.

If it’s not enough to you, we have this:


Okay, let’s talk about EACH one here.

First, we have Zeref’s phrase. 

 The thing is: He just knows she still loves him. He knows that she cares about him, and he is just… Sad about it. Because, besides his madness, he KNOWS he is mad. The interesting thing about the contradition’s curse, is that a part of his mind stills untouched. He knows Mavis, he loves her. And he knows that he is out of his mind. He realise that he can’t be the person she deserves now. He thinks he isn’t even a person now.

 He is telling her to move on. In his mind, he is a lost cause. He is telling her to give up of him, because he just have given up of himself already.

And then we see Mavis reaction.

She is so sad. She is sad because she knows that she can’t reach him anymore. She can’t be on his side to help him. She couldn’t be. And now, what she sees is the person that she loved most, buried in misery. He is telling her that there’s nothing she can do for him now. And, we could tell looking at her face, she knows he is right.

But, she still doesn’t give up of him. Nope, instead she promises to give him what he wants more: annihilation. It isn’t just a threat. It is a promise to rid him of his curse.

  People are questioning and doubting of Zervis because the chapter 340. For me, chapter 340 was when I just confirmed I was right in this ship.

It just didn’t make me even a little less sad though