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i saw that you've been writing small drabbles??? i won't ask you to do the same, but do you have any reaper76 au idea???

I don’t write much lately, but I do have AU ideas. It’s full of Angst™ , though ( @huxlicious can confirm this). It’s probably full of typos, because it’s like, 4:30AM here in France, so….

1. “ghost” AU (unhealthy relationship, beware) : Gabriel can possess people, and, by vengeance, possesses Jack to make his life Hell. I say “ghost”, but Gabriel can interact with the material world. He is more of a sentient undead/ghost hybrid than the usual ghost we imagine.

Gabriel doesn’t really know what happens. He just remembers that rage engulfing him when he sees Jack for the first time after the whole HQ accident, and next thing he knows, he is lunging at Jack, taking his body, seeping into his eyes, his ears, his mouth in a burning, dark mist. 

At first, he invades Jack’s mind forcefully, tries to control him and make him hurt himself. He wants to feel triumphant, victorious, when he succeeds, but Jack doesn’t fight back. Gabriel’s doesn’t feel the satisfaction he imagined having when he sees blood dripping from Jack’s nose.

Jack just whispers “It’s my fault”, when he sees his red eyes, the mark of his possession, for the first time. Then he repeats, voice cracking each time a bit more, “it’s my fault”, and “I’m sorry”.

Gabriel doesn’t know what to do. At first, he yells in Jack’s mind how pathetic and weak he is. Jack just nods along, doesn’t say anything. He closes up in his room, cradles his face into his hands.  

Time passes, and Gabriel begins to feel Jack’s emotions. The guilt is suffocating, and Gabriel contemplates the idea of leaving his host before he is driven insane. But when he tries, something stops him.

Jack is stopping him.

(this is super angsty, and I am not sorry.)

2. failed experiment AU : when Jack and Gabriel both sign up to the soldier enhancement program, they do read that they might die during the process (”a small risk,” the scientists reassure them, “almost impossible”), but accept nonetheless the risk. 

Gabriel’s nose begins to bleed first, then the fevers begin and never stop rising. Jack panics. He calls the medics, pleads them to “save Gabe, please, please”, tears burning his eyes.

Jack is kept away from the medical ward where Gabriel is, but that doesn’t stop him from sneaking inside during the night. He talks gently to Gabriel, takes his hands, kisses his forehead and doesn’t give a shit if Gabriel is drenched in sweat and smells like drugs and death.

A couple of days later, Jack goes to visit Gabriel again, only to find an empty bed. Jack knows something is amiss, but keeps telling himself that the staff moved Gabriel somewhere more comfortable to rest. 

The head scientist, in the morning, just shakes her head and tells Jack “he is gone”. Jack, of course, breaks down. He even almost gives up. If he signed with Gabriel, it was to end with him too. But he still endures the training and the tests because Gabriel would be mad if he stopped.

In the end, Jack is one of the survivors of the program. He doesn’t forget Gabriel, of course not, but the training included many forms of mental conditioning, making him believe everything Gabriel endured was necessary to human survival against the omnics. 

 One day, Jack receives a mission. Retrieve a compromised agent. Something quite simple. Jack, perfect puppet he is, obeys without question.

It turns out that none of his superiors gave him that mission. It was sent by a man that calls himself Reaper. Jack isn’t even sure if it’s a man, really. It talks strangely, survives Jack’s rifle’s rounds like it is nothing, and turns into mist.

Against that kind of unknown opponent, Jack is easily overwhelmed. But he manages to rip off that sinister masks, and faces a deeply scarred, red eyed Gabriel, who just smirks, teeth too sharp in a too wide mouth.

“You left me, Jack,” the thing says. It sounds smug and hurt at the same time, and Jack can only blink stupidly because everything surges up. His memories with Gabriel, when they trained and fought together, when they cuddled together in their bunk, trying to not wake up the others.

Jack cries. A lot. Everything the program drilled in his mind is falling, crumbling, and leaves him exposed. Gabriel just watches. He wanted to hurt Jack for leaving him behind, for forgetting him, for letting him being taken away and pumped full of other, even more aggressive drugs and serums.

He crouches down, sits beside the sobbing mess Jack is. 

Gabriel tells the truth, his voice strangely quiet for his terrible story. He describes how the scientists took him into a strange room with red lights and no windows. How his pleas for help, for Jack, were silenced by the tubes shoved in his throat. How he felt lucky when he drifted off into darkness, only to wake up with new, tender scars. How he noticed his body gradually turning into nothing but mist. How he managed to slip away from a vent when he learned to control the way his body disintegrated and rebuilt, cell by cell.   

They talk. Gabriel doesn’t expect much of this encounter. To be honest, it was a small caprice he deigned to satisfy, and so he isn’t really sad when Jack leaves, blue eyes still moist.

(Gabriel isn’t sad. He is devastated.)

Gabriel doesn’t sleep anymore, and he catches a running Jack nearby a few days later. His eyes are hidden by a brand new visor, and there is without any doubt a sort of light armor under his ugly leather jacket. Behind them, a distant alarm is blaring.

“I was looking for you”, Jack says without preamble.

“What is this shit”, Gabriel replies instead, eyeing the red glowing visor and the jacket. 

“I stole them” .

Jack smirks, and suddenly, they are twenty again. Twenty and mischievous and laughing and in love.

“From Overwatch ?” Gabriel says. It’s not really a question. He is just surprised. Jack shrugs, the giant 76 printed on his back stretching. Gabriel thinks it’s too recognizable.

“Fuck Overwatch.”

 It is an answer enough.

(yeah good ending. kinda. because look at them being fucking f u g i t i v e s.)