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Switching roles (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: Patrick always has the lead when it comes to sex but this time he wakes up to a little surprise.

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► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, like very NSWF, unprotected sex, swearing.

Author’s notes: I’m so happy with how this imagine came out and I really hope you like it! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language.

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Patrick was laying on your bed, peacefully sleeping while you were doing your homework, the same he should be doing but of course he didn’t care at all.
At first he had tried to persuade you on doing things far more interesting than your literature homework such as study our own anatomies as he had said but you were as stubborn as he was sometimes and besides literature was your favorite subject.
He had growled in a defeated way when he threw his body onto your mattress but he remained silent, letting you work because as soon as you finished the true fun could begin.

Books now closed and the reading lamp off. You turned still sitting on your desk wheelchair to see your boyfriend sleeping and occupying your whole bed. A playful and lustful smirk appeared on your face as soon as the idea hit you.
Sex with Patrick was great, like really great, but there was something you always wanted to try and he had never let you, at least completely; being on control.
When you tried to take control over the situation he always made you know that it wasn’t going to happen, or maybe he’ll let you be the one calling the shots for a short while so when he was leading again he could see your pouting and frustrated face, which he happened to love.
Patrick was a heavy sleeper and you knew that so why not take advantage from it?

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let’s talk about a ptsd thing that’s called sense of foreshortened future. i don’t see anyone ever talking about it here and i think that it’s important that people know that what they experience is nothing but another symptom of their mental illness.

So what is it?

Basically, sense of foreshortened future is a feeling or a belief that for some reason you won’t have a long and fullfilling life. You feel like you will die soon – or sooner than expected – and therefore you shouldn’t make any long-term plans. You try to avoid long-term relationships, you don’t have any career plans, reaching your birthday - hell, sometimes even managing to surivive the week surprises you. 

You feel like you’ll never have a normal life because you’re not only broken beyond repair but also can’t trust anyone anymore. It is an incredibly depressing feeling that makes you feel like there’s no point in… anything, really? Every activity becomes dull and pointless and you don’t know what drags you though life at this point.

I know it won;t make the feeling go away but I want you to know that this feeling is NOT a reflection of reality. You’re not broken beyond repair and you will have a normal happy life if you work on your recovery. making plans is not pointless. You deserve to be happy and you will be happy. Don’t let PTSD and its symptoms convince you otherwise.

Sleepy, Needy, Greedy (M)

⤞ When a simple case of morning wood proves to be much more difficult to get rid of than anticipated!


Pairing: Jackson x reader

Genre: just plain smut, you have been warned!

Word count: 4.7k

Warnings: rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: okay wow this took me FOREVER to finish but here it is, at last! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it ;)

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…the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again

anonymous asked:

(different anon) I'd love to see a tutorial someday too. Specifically, how the heck do you get your pastries and ice creams and bread to look so soft and natural?! I've made a couple simple food pixels myself, but they all seem so stiff in comparison.

hum well personally i think making things look natural starts wi sketching out line work. (i did a comparison of a bread bun, starting with the same blue sketch to show the differences) i always do rough sketches & work over them bc i think it gives me a better idea of the form.

i know sometimes it seems right to have everything perfect & symmetrical but it all depends on what your drawing in the first place - because you mentioned like bread & ice-cream etc those things are rarely perfect anyway, so i guess avoid being too structured

then i think another big thing is the colour choice & the balance of the halftone dots for shading. I feel like too much half tone & its one big ordered gradient & yeah that looks kind of odd. & for the colour.. its tempting to just pick out the darkest tone & just gradually make it paler for the highlighty bits - but in reality when you really look at something there’s usually a lot of different kinds of colours (even if it is just white bread). So yeah id say experiment with that - i usually exaggerate and go for much warmer colours tbh.

the last thing that i think makes a huge difference is how you do the shine (if any). it helps to just think about the actual thing your drawing (goes wi out saying but curved and squishy bread probably has a softer curvy shine) and it’s probably not such sharp stark white

i feel like the picture just explains it all way better haha 

-`mini tutorial about pixel bread bun´-


The Arkham Knight is like a dark reflection of Batman. He seems to know everything about him: tactics, gadgets and weaknesses. He has used this knowledge to create an identity that mocks the Dark Knight and creates a striking image on the battlefield that inspires his army and terrifies the enemies.

Tattoo artist Richie + soft/pastel Eddie

I’ve seen so many Tattoo artist Richie and soft/pastel boy Eddie hc’s so here’s mine because i just absolutely love it.

- Eddie definitely lost a bet to Bev

- He doesn’t know why he even thought he could win against her, and if he could, he would definitely travel back in time only to choke his past self with his inhaler for agreeing on a bet with Bev

- Like???? You can’t win against Bev??? It’s common knowledge??? What was he thinking???

- Anyways

- Now he stands in front of this building he never thought he would enter, and if his mum knew he was about to go in she would probably get like 6 aneurysms at once and he can’t even blame her

- so many germs

- But he doesn’t want to make a fool of himself and back out so he goes in

- the person at the front desk doesn’t even really look up and just checks all the formalities

- The man at the front desk is a very muscular man, with dozens of tattoos and piercings who looks like he killed at least 20 people in his life, or could definitely kill 20 people, and it isn’t helping Eddie at all

- He just tells Eddie someone will come and pick him up in a few minutes and now Eddie is scared

- Eddie feels so out of place in his pastel yellow colored shirt and a fanny pack securely wrapped around his waist

- Then the tattoo artist comes out, and it’s save to say, Eddie is swooning

- It’s a tall boy, with a few tattoos on his arms, and beautiful black curls and a welcoming smile with freckles in his face, and very big eyes behind giant coke bottle glasses that would’ve looked horrible on everyone else, but somehow he makes it work

- he introduces himself to Eddie and tells him to follow him, and all Eddie thinks about is that he would follow that guy everywhere

- When Eddie sits down in the chair, his nerves start acting up again, while Richie rambles about what’s going to happen

- Only when Eddie’s breathing becomes short and erratic, he notices

- He grabs Eddie’s hands

- which shouldn’t be helping, because he doesn’t even know the guy and he must’ve touched so many people, which means more germs, but somehow it helps

- Richie starts rambling in an attempt to calm Eddie down, and asks him questions like name, age etc to ground Eddie

- Richie can easily tell Eddie doesn’t want to be there, so he asks him why he’s here

- Eddie tells him everything and Richie just laughs

- Eddie goes bright red in the face

- “Don’t worry I’m just messing with you Eds! A tattoo is permanent, so if you don’t want to do this a 100% then you don’t have to, I’m sure your friend will understand. Besides I think my friend Beverly is the same Beverly as yours, so I can promise you she won’t be mad” “Don’t call me that, and I think we can start now”

- “I mean, I know we haven’t known each other for long but…. is that a fanny pack??” “shUT UP”

- When Richie asks what Eddie wants, Eddie shows him his design drawn by Bill on a paper

- Los/ver (listen, i have no clue how to do the loser/lover thing properly, because the app is confusing tf out of me)

- While Richie prepares everything he asks Eddie for the story behind it, and after Eddie is done, Richie knows he’s in love with him and ready to kill the Greta girl who wrote loser on little Eddie’s cast

- When Richie starts drawing the design on his arm with a pen ( a little bit over his elbow), he notices Eddie’s getting nervous again and starts telling jokes and tells him about pranks he pulled on his roommate Stan. And when he tells an especially silly story and gets Eddie to laugh, Richie knows he won’t let him leave without getting his number

- Despite being mesmerized by Richie, he absolutely pities his roommate Stan after hearing about all the pranks

- Then Richie starts

- At first it hurts a bit, but after a while Eddie gets used to it

- The constant rambling about nothing and everything from Richie is a big help “Do you ever stop talking” “No my dearest Eds, I don’t” “That’s still not my name, don’t call me that”

- When Richie asks Eddie if he wants to hear his Schwarzenegger impression Eddie is in love. That doesn’t stop him from telling him that the impression is horrible

- When Richie is done and shows Eddie the result he’s actually really happy with it

- Eddie is definitely crushing on Richie, because apparently he has a soft spot for tattooed boys who are actually the biggest idiots on the inside and have the inability to stop talking and do terrible Schwarzenegger impressions

- Eddie only notices the number that is messily scribbled down on the receipt after leaving the tattoo parlor

- He texts Richie on the same night

- Turns out Richie and Eddie are both friends with Bev, and Stan is happy that he doesn’t have to listen to Richie trying different impressions every minute he’s awake anymore, because now he got Eddie for it

Again, if anyone has done this before i’m really really sorry. Just tell me and I’ll take it down. But I’m just so soft for this concept.

I just discovered this hellhole of a tag and have a few questions…

So from what I am seeing here is that people feel like heteroromantic aces shouldn’t be in the LGBT+ community.

The most common reason why that I see is “They benefit from straight privilage” and yeah, I can see how that would be generally speaking. Many hetero trans people would also benefit from straight privilage would they not?

Another rebuttal I see is “They don’t face the same level of violence for who they are” which is oppression olympics but okay. I would argue that people who are ace face repression more so than oppression. Which is still caused by society being shitty and is totally valid.

 Also this societal thinking can lead people to have sex when they don’t  want to, which is just awful. And obviously bullying and teasing for not conforming to societies expectations sexually. Not to mention asexuality having been pathologized as a disorder forever and being perceived as LGB for not partaking in hetero sex.

The last one I believe is important because I think it is why people who are heteroromantic ace are in the LGBT+ in the first place. You can argue that it’s just a perception so why are they here but perceptions are powerful. The LGBT+ comunity wouldn’t exist without other peoples incorrect perceptions. 

For example, LGBT+ people in general are perceived as evil creatures by a lot of religious groups. They are perceived as broken and wrong and in need of fixing (ace people experiance this too). They are perceived as a danger to children. They are perceived as deserving of death. Their existance is debated in wether or not it’s evolutionairly logical/helpful to the human race (ace people experiance this too). This is why the community came together in the first place is it not? To combat these toxic perceptions?

Many people in this tag do not understand why ace people belong in the lgbt community simply because they don’t understand the more nuanced and repressive struggle that ace people face in their daily lives. Even though a lot of LGBT people who live in more accepting countries are already in a similar nuanced and repressive struggle.

I really don’t get why there is a debate besides misguided distain at people you… perceive as “straight”

also idk why people are saying the team doesnt care about keiths wellbeing or rejected him? like keith wasnt focused on voltron because he was too busy focusing on the blade of marmora. they were angry at him which is understandable, even though we know keith’s motivations, the others don’t, but they weren’t rejecting him at all. allura literally said that the team needs him and he still went away. shiro tried to keep him focused on voltron, but he didn’t want to. keith hates being the leader/the black paladin, he wasn’t happier in that position which was obvious from season 3.

keith is obviously going through something right now, but it’s not the team’s fault because keith said that he didn’t want to be a leader and (clone) shiro ignored him and his wants. he didn’t go to anyone else, and made a choice he thought would be best. during season 3 he got comfort and the team was literally upset that he was leaving but weren’t going to force him to stay because they learned that lesson in season 1 when pidge wanted to leave. the team loves him, and it’s not their fault that keith’s in a bad place mentally. they don’t know he nearly killed himself without a second thought because they were literally trying not to die at the same time. i just hope someone figures it out or keith confesses he’s struggling before it gets worse.

ten things that i associate with the signs.

aquarius: heart eyes, deciding to learn a new language at midnight, mismatched socks, blushing cheeks, being unable to hide your excitement, having a folder on your laptop dedicated only to the evidence of cryptids and aliens, suspenders, squeezing your feet into the converse you’ve owned for six years because you can’t bare to part with them, the erasers on top of all your pencils, covering yourself in temporary tattoos because you can’t bare the thought of the pain real ones come with.

aries: fluffy socks, red lipstick, polaroid cameras, picking strawberries in a field, wide brimmed hats, rain clouds, hoop earrings, braids, laughing until you cry, over exaggerating how big the spider you saw in the bathroom was.

making playlists at 3am, sunflowers, long walks, musical theatre, flower crowns, horror movies, running into a loved ones arms, having hundreds of books but only reading the same one over and over again, video games, band shirts.

: forests, low light selfies, dark purple, coffee dates, carving pumpkins, long flowing cloaks, pulling all nighters because you don’t want to stop reading, tucking flowers behind your ear, pretty tea cups, the crunching of leaves beneath your feet during autumn.

love letters, photo albums, black coffee, losing track of time when you are in nature, misty waterfalls, ombré hair, complementing strangers you see on the street, holding onto plane tickets to remind you of the places you’ve visited, writing cute notes and leaving them around the house for your significant other to find, instantly researching topics your friends say they find interesting.

ballrooms, soft pink, roses, comfy sweaters, family portraits hung above the fireplace, waking up to the sound of crashing waves, holding hands, daisy chains, silk nightgowns, wild imaginations.

dark eyeshadow, dyed hair, hidden diaries, decorating your room for every season, contagious smiles, long hugs, singing at the top of your lungs with your windows rolled down, running down the stairs in the morning for your first cup of coffee/tea, knee high socks, colouring your nails with a sharpie.

neon lights, mirror selfies, your old school bag being covered in badges, loud and contagious laughs, karaoke nights, speaking your mind, having that one song that can always make you get up and dance, rhinestones on your clothes, stickers on a nintendo ds, the feeling when you win a game of mario kart.

loud music, tall platform shoes, sarcastic eye rolls, dramatic makeup, deep red, scrolling through an online store for hours, vodka, leather jackets, the cheers from the crowd when the contestant you were rooting for wins, being full of energy throughout the entire day.

: friendly smiles, relaxing at the beach, the proud feeling you get when people laugh at your jokes, frequently changing your aesthetic, big headphones, back and forth texting with your significant other while they’re supposed to be working, pulling pranks on your teachers during class, fishnets, chapped lips, messy bed sheets.

huge earrings, smudged eyeliner, rose coloured lipstick, your hair blowing in the wind, binge watching tv shows, small concert venues, loud laughs, thrift stores, donating hours of your time to pet shelters just so you can hang out with all the animals all day, procrastinating homework.

messy buns, spontaneous tattoos, the smell of cigarette smoke at a jazz concert, witty comebacks, mascara that has run down your face, wearing clothes that make you stand out - not on purpose, you just don’t care for the current fashion trends, having a large CD collection, only buying alcohol that looks aesthetically pleasing, high heels, lip bites.


It has been eight months since I committed the most devastatingly gargantuan error in the entirety of my career - agreeing to be Mr. Wilson’s therapist…

As I suspected, he turned out to be irredeemable.

  I must admit, I had sliced out his tongue but it grew back with a vengeance, criticizing me in every manner. He criticized my culinary skills…

He criticized my art… and went too far with destroying it, mercilessly…

And he criticized my therapy techniques.

I am the Chesapeake Ripper, Il Mostro, Hannibal the Cannibal, yet, I am affected immensely.

He is watching me as I write this. I had to declare a recess mid-session to vent my frustrations, as he has, a few moments back, admitted that he has stolen my samurai sword.

In the end, I must admit, he does grow on you. One may say like a pest, the kind you learn to live with ‘cause you cannot kill it. But to me, he has become a friend of sorts - an uninvited, extremely bothersome friend. And, above all, he makes my Will laugh…

Yes, I have grown fond of him. If one may try to harm my foolish friend, I’d have their heart on a platter.

~ Hannibal Lecter

Friends With Benefits - Theo Raeken Imagine (SMUT)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

Request (anon): can you do a smutty imagine with Theo where him and the reader are friends with benefits?

A/N: So here it finally is, a Theo Raeken smut based on the request above. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but I hope you guys like it. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I still have to proofread it.(:


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT smutty smut smut & cursing?
Word count: 2088

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