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Why can't i submit anything 4 you?? now im sad ;-; (sorry for the bad english btw) Love your art so much dude!!!

ah yea, about that i happened to turned off the submit thing :’y i’m sorry i’m not turning it on, cuz it can get a little spammy haha

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finding the monster like: ♥

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I don't mean to be rude or anything but can you put who's talking to who in the tags? It might just be me but it's kinda hard to tell whose talking to who some times. Sorry to bother and love your stuff!

it’s ok! yea i tend to do that, but in the minis it’s all up to interpretation since it’s usually just texts between my friends and i

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I tried to choose one but I couldn't lmao so choose u between 15/30/36 btw ill <3

Choose?? Haha very funny yea no I’m doing them all

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It’s sideways I’m sorry to computer users who have to tilt their head to read it ajwfka ((ILY2 NOVI))

This one is sideways too apologies aa a aaaa a aa ((and yea I know I like some stale memes shhh I’m out of date I’ve been informed. At least I’m not listing 2012 memes))

As always my handwriting is shitty as fuck so if you need a translation into legible English then by all means ask. I know my a’s are just straight up weird and my handwriting is kinda cursivey and loopy so if you can’t tell what letters are supposed to be bc they’re connected then you’re gonna have a bad time


welcome to the new age

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Name: Brailey
Nicknames: Bray, Gracey, Goose
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5'4
Orientation: I just like people and I can appreciate beauty in all genders so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nationality/Ethnicity: Jewish American
Favorite fruit: Kiwi
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite book: That’s a hard question. Either Fight Club or Milk and Honey
Favorite scent: Rose and cedar
Favorite color: It changes a lot but right now I’m really diggin purple
Favorite animal: It’s a tie between either doggos or puppers
Coffee, Tea, Or Hot Cocoa: Tea. Can’t live without it.
Cat or dog person: Dog, but cats are chill. My therapist works from home and her cat just sits on my lap during our sessions. It’s really relaxing.
Favorite fictional character: Daria, but I also really like Toki Wartooth
Dream Trip: Norway
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Now that the first season of Riverdale is over can you list the characters from favourite to least favourite

cheryl b.
veronica l.
polly c.
valerie b.
josie mc.
kevin k.
betty c. (i’m sorry but they’re ruining her character with lice and i’m not the biggest fan of her anymore)
melody v.
reggie m.
pop tate
alice c.
archie a. (i’ve never really been a fan of archie)
mary a.
rose b.
fp j.
hal c.
penelope b.
shithead j.
chuck cl.
cliff b.
mrs p*dophile

norcani replied to your post “At that anon: sorry if those tags were salty but seriously, I’m unsure…”

i looked through your recent posts because i have nothing better to do with my life and you mention a gf in a tag so maybe anon thought that was a different person than your fiancee?

Oooh yea that could perhaps be it. My partner’s bigender so I rotate between bf, gf, partner, fiancé, fiancee, etc. I just typically use gf so that people know it’s very gay. 


im really proud of me right now ok shh ahrhuhgh

i plan on doing more aw yeah this was sort of just a ‘do i even really know how to lipsynch’ sort of practice…i think it was relatively successful all things considered hhh/// SORRY ITS ONLY LIKE 3 SECONDS LONG LAFFS..

audio taken with permission from heerrree B] TYTYTY to fadeintocase because he’s p rad and runs that blog and said 'gopher it’ when i had indirectly asked for permission.  hah..puns.

so yEA..expect more maybe B] theres a really long one i want to do but i think i should practice more before i tackle that one hwehhh..



fuck you staff, this rant is over

Edit: don’t reblog this i don’t even ship billdip anymore, this is still an issue with many things on tumblr but billdip does still step over the line and shouldn’t really be justified at all thx ~ Nov 2016 Parker
#3- Elastic Heart- 5SOS Boys

I am absolutely in love with this Sia song and I just had to write a preference based on it. I hope you enjoy it because I did work kind of hard on it. But forget I said that because if it sucks then I look like a shitty writer.

Word Count: 3026

Requested: Nada!


And another one bites the dust,

Oh why can I not conquer love?

“I love you.” Your boyfriend Luke whispers into your ear while you lay on his chest, staring at the television with his fingers running through your hair. You laugh and shake your head, continuing to stare at the television. His hand halts and he looks down at you, shifting on the couch causing you to look up at him. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was frowning.

“What?” You questioned, wondering where this conversation was going to end up.

“Do you think I do not love you?” Luke stated, sitting up with you still on him. You were on his lap now, his hands around your waist. You pulled his hands away from your waist and shook your head.

“We are not talking about this right now.” You told him as you pulled yourself up off his lap and started walking towards the kitchen before he grabbed your hand.

“Yes we are. We have to talk about this now.” Luke said. You looked down at your feet and let him pull you back down onto the couch. “Why do you think I don’t love you?”

“You can’t love me, Luke.” You said, looking up at his eyes and squeezing his hand.

“Why not? I do love you.”

“No you don’t! Stop saying that!” You scolded, ripping your hand from his and moving over to the other side of the couch.

“What’s wrong with you right now? You never act like this.” Luke stated worriedly, a fearful expression covering his face.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You mumbled as you brought your knees up to your chest.

“Please tell me.”

“Everyone who has ever loved me has left me.” You told him sadly, looking towards him. “The boy who was with me before you and the one before him and the one before him. It’s just an endless cycle, Luke. They all left me, but apparently they loved me? How could they leave someone they love? I gave myself to all of them, thinking they actually loved me, and I do not want you to be one of them. I can’t survive another heartbreak. I cannot conquer love, no matter how hard I try.” You explained to him. He moved to your side of the couch, pulling you into his lap and kissing you deeply, before pulling away and shaking his head.

“Only death will separate me from you. I am so deeply in love with you, beautiful. You have no idea how much I love you. I love you more than a mouse loves cheese, more than the sun loves the moon, more than a Christian loves God. I love you and I don’t care what all your other lovers did to you. You shouldn’t either. I am here now and I refuse to let you doubt me. You will conquer love. You will conquer love with me. Trust me when I say I love you. Please.” Luke said, pulling you closer to him and resting his forehead on yours. “Please.” You let out a shaky breath and nodded, bringing your hand up to his cheek and smiled slightly.

“I just might believe you, Luke. I just might.” You whispered. His face lit up and he cupped your face, whispering into your ear how much he loves you and sneaking little pecks every chance he gets. It might take you a while to actually trust his words, but for now the both of you were content with your answer.


I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard,

I may snap and I move fast

You sit on your couch once again waiting for you boyfriend to come through the door later than you would like. You knew where he was. Fans have tweeted you enough, saying they’ve seen your boyfriend dancing with some busty blonde at some night club. This had happened so many times, but you never said anything for you are afraid of losing him, but you were tired of being such a pushover. You didn’t know what to do in this situation. You’ve never wanted to yell at him because of his antics, but you know that if you don’t say anything he’ll only continue. You frown at the thought of a screaming match that could most likely happen. You groan and pull out your phone, checking the time and calling one of your good friends.

“Hi, gorgeous. What’s up?” Your friend stated through the phone. She had always been there for you, had always stood up for you because… well you were a pushover. Enough said.

“I need help.” You told her. She sighed and giggled.

“No, really?” You laughed and rubbed at your tired eyes.

“It’s Calum.”

“Are you finally going to stand up to that asshole? If you say yes I’ll give you fifty bucks.” Your lip quivered and you took in a deep breath. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yea, I’m fine. I’m just so tired of his shit but I have no idea what to do. Please tell me what to do.”

“Well first, you need to chill out. If you’re crying he isn’t going to take you seriously. Second, as soon as he walks through that door you ask him where he was and what he was doing. If he lies, point it out. If he doesn’t acknowledge you just walk out. If does, continue the argument until he realizes that you aren’t some piece of shoot pushover, but an actual person.” She explained. You nodded and swallowed.

“Yea, yea. That sounds good. Do you think I can do that? I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Bitch. You can do it. Stop doubting yourself and just do it. Be strong. If it doesn’t work out just head on over to my house and we’ll eat ice cream and watch How I Met Your Mother. Okay?”

“Okay. Okay. I can do this.” You hear the keys jingle in the door and you tense up. “Oh my God he’s here!” You whisper shout.

“Get your ass over to that door and be ready to fight for your relationship. Good luck babe. I love you.” She hung up the phone and you threw it onto the couch, stalking over to the door and standing there. You fiddled with your fingers and watched Calum try and sneak into the apartment, lightly shutting the door.

“What are you doing?” You said loudly, putting all of your might into your voice.

“Hey, babe, what are you doing up?” Calum questioned, rubbing the back of his neck.

“What are you doing out this late?” You asked him, trying to stand up straight and look directly at him. You folded your arms across your chest.

“I was out. Is there a problem?” He asked, walking into the question to grab a glass of water.

“Yea it kind of is. Usually when your boyfriend walks through the door reeking of alcohol and cheap perfume most girlfriends get a little worried, Calum.”

“Jeez, get of my ass, I was just having a little bit of fun.”

“What the fuck Calum?” You shouted, causing him to drop the glass in shock. You were shocked. You never screamed at him. You never screamed at anyone. He turned around and swallowed. You couldn’t stop now though. “You think dancing with some busty blonde at a club is okay? Or going out whenever you fucking want to? I’m tired of being a fucking pushover! I can’t take it! I am so tired of you!”


“Shut up. Shut up. I’m done with you. You used me because you knew I had a disadvantage and that I would never say anything to you, but now I give up. It’s over Calum. Fuck you.” You stomp towards the door, grab your coat, slip on your vans, and prepare yourself for the long drive to your friend’s house. Finally, you were free.


And I wanted it, I wanted it bad,

But there were so many red flags

You awkwardly sit on the couch with the boys in the front room as you hear the loud moans coming from the bedroom down the hallway in the boy’s apartment. Luke and Calum were playing video games, not paying attention to the sexual sounds that were projecting down the hallway, but you and Ashton definitely noticed. Ashton looked at you and mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ which only made you shrug nonchalantly. You didn’t want to think about the activities that were going on in the back room and you definitely didn’t want to think about the poor girl who’s going to be kicked out afterwards.

“God, he is such a dick.” You told Ashton. He shrugged and looked at you.

“Well, he’s your best friend.”

“Trust me, I didn’t choose him. He chose me.” You said, standing up and walking into the kitchen to grab a drink. Ashton followed behind you, frowning.

“I know Michael’s kind of a douchebag but you shouldn’t talk about him like that.”

“He knows I love him, Ash. Don’t worry about that. I just wish he would notice that these girls have feelings too.” You told him, pouring coke into your glass.

“You really should just tell him you like-like him. It’ll stop him from banging all these girls.” Ashton told you, leaning against the counter and staring at you.

“The last girlfriend Michael had he constantly cheated on her and made sure no one would tell her. If that’s not a red flag, then I don’t know what is. Michael is a player Ashton, let’s face it. Michael can’t have a girlfriend. If I was with Michael I would end up heartbroken.”

“If you think that you’re a fucking idiot. Michael would do anything for your love.”

“You sure do know how to win a ladies affection, Ashton. Maybe if Michael would shape up I would consider it, but I am not going to date a boy who thinks with his dick and not his brain.” You explained. It hurt so much to say these things about the boy who you wanted more than anything. You loved Michael, but you knew that there was more bad than good if you decided to ever have a relationship with him. All he wanted was sex and you wanted more than sex. You wanted love. You heard the bedroom door in the back open so you walked back into the living room to sit down with your drink, Ashton following behind you.

“Thanks, beautiful. I had fun.” Michael stated, pulling her in for a sloppy kiss.

“I’ll leave my number on the counter?” The girl stated. She was gorgeous, that was for sure. Definitely a step up from the girl two days ago.

“No need for that, babe.”

“Oh. Do you already have it?”

“Nope. Just don’t need it.” He walked over to the couch with Luke and Cal, grabbing a controller. “You can show yourself out, right?” The girl scoffed and stomped out of the house, the front door slamming. You rolled your eyes and pulled your phone out. You heard a fake chuckle and saw Michael staring at you.

“What?” You snapped, texting one of your other friends to see what she was up to. Anything had to be better than this.

“Who shoved a pole up your ass?” Michael scoffed, throwing the remote down. The boys all cautiously looked at each other, not prepared for one of your awkward arguments.

“Fuck off, Michael.” You stated, texting your friend back, telling her you were on the way to her house now. You stood up and grabbed your bag, saying bye to the boys before stomping towards the front door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Michael shouted, chasing after you and grabbing your wrist.

“I’m going to a friend’s house. A house where I don’t have to worry about them fucking the entire female population.” You told him, yanking your hand away from his.

“Is that what you’re so pissed about? Look, I’m sorry about that but she showed up and who was I to turn away a beautiful girl?”

“If you don’t shut up I’m going to kick your ass and never speak to you again. I don’t care about your fucking sex life but can’t you keep it in your pants while I’m here?”

“Is it a problem that I want to have sex?”

“Yes when you ditch the girls afterwards without even showing them out!” You shouted at him.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it! They know what they’re getting into!” He responded.

“Well, how about I go find some guy in the club who will fuck me over like you do to all those girls.” With that Michael shoved you against your car door, scowling down at you.

“Don’t you dare talk like that. You are a million times better than those girls.”

“What? I have standards and they don’t?” You hissed. Michael nodded.

“Exactly.” You stared at Michael for a few seconds, shaking your head.

“Let go of me, Michael.” You whispered. Michael shook his head, gripping your arms tighter.

“Not until you say you’ll stay.”

“Mikey, I am not staying here. I don’t want to be here right now. Let me go. Now.” You stated, your face stern. Michael swallowed and nodded, letting go of you and backing away. You opened your door and started the car, pulling out of the driveway and not looking back. You needed a break from the friendship and that’s exactly what you did.


Well I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart,

But you’re blade – it might be too sharp

You liked to think of yourself as a strong willed woman who could never let a man get to her. You were thick skinned, at least that’s what your mother had always told you before she passed away a few years ago. You didn’t want a man to be in your life. You wanted to focus on your career and career only. That’s what you were doing until Ashton Irwin walked into your life. Ashton Irwin was… odd. He was like any other boy you had met but at the same time he was different. He was a sweetheart with long curly hair that you wanted to run your fingers through and his lips always looked so soft. He was funny and tall and handsome and you wanted him, but you didn’t want him to interfere with all of your hard work.

“Ashton!” You shouted down the hallway, running towards him and hoping he’d stop.

“Oh! Hey, darling. How can I help you?” Ashton questioned, grabbing your arm to help you stand up straight. You really needed to work on your cardio.

“Did you get Dr. Johnson’s homework for last night? I forgot to do it and I’m freaking out because I don’t understand any of it and class is in an hour and…”

“Hey it’s all good. I can help you. Starbucks?” You nodded your head and smiled up at him.

“Yes, that would be perfect. Thank you so much.” He held his arm out for you and you wrapped yours around his, blushing lightly at the small physical content. You both made small talk as you walked down to Starbucks, talking about basic things like your majors and such. You both walked into Starbucks, Ashton politely holding the door open for you and pulling out your chair. “Such a gentlemen.”

“Not really. Every man should do it for a woman.”

“Well I guess chivalry isn’t dead.”

“Would you like a drink or anything before we start studying? I’ll pay.”

“No, you don’t have to do that.” You stated, pulling out your textbooks and wallet.

“I insist. What would you like?”

“Um… Just a green tea please. Thank you, Ashton.” He smiled down at you and went to buy your drinks as you turned to the homework pages Johnson had assigned. You sighed at the complicated psychiatric questions that covered the page, groaning in frustration.

“That is such an attractive sound.” Ashton stated, placing his drink down in front of you. You blushed and looked down, coughing slightly and turning the page. “So, what are you stuck on?”

“What if I told you this was all a ploy and I just really wanted to take you out for a drink?” You teased.

“I would say that you’re a terrible date, making me pay when you wanted to take me out.” Your mouth opened and shook, quickly shaking your head until he started shaking his head. “I’m only teasing. Plus, I’ve been wanting to take you out for a while anyways. I’m glad you instigated something.”

“Well actually, I really do need help. I’m so confused.” You explained to him. He nodded and brought his chair over to yours, resting his hand on your knee and helping you with the questions. You couldn’t pay attention to any of the words he was saying though due to his hand being placed in such a non-erotic area, though for some reason he made it seem so dirty. All you could focus on were the way his lips moved, his green eyes rolling over the words on the page.

“Are you even paying attention to me?” Ashton questioned, pulling you out of your trance.

“Oh. Yea. Totally.”

“Repeat the last instructional thing I said.” You stared at him and he shook his head, laughing at how adorable you looked in that moment. “I think that we should skip class today and hang out. I think I want to take you out for lunch.” Ashton suggested. You didn’t even skip a beat, automatically saying yes. This boy was something else, making you skip one of your most important class, but you didn’t care. There was something about him that made you want to do anything for him. His blade was sharp and he was cutting right through your thick and towards your elastic heart. You wanted to know more about him and that’s what you planned to do.

I really hope you liked this. If you did you could totally ignore me or send me something about how much you adored it whichever you prefer. If you hated it I like being told that to. Lets me know that I need to become more creative or something. Well… thanks for reading!

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March 3rd, 2014. This is the face of a stupid man. 

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Finn's working at a car garage and has grown out his hair!

So this is a one shot inspired by today’s Instagram pictures that some of the cast members posted, and how it was noticed that Finn was wearing some kind of work overalls and maybe that meant he was working in the car garage with Chop… I got carried away and actually wrote something. It’s actually my 2nd attempt at writing a fic but first time I actually finish. I didn’t do any type of research so some of the dialogue or wording is off for the time and place ( I actually know nothing aside from what I’ve heard on the show and reading fics :( ) Um yea so this is something new for me completely.. had no idea what I was doing while I was writing it, but the words just spilled out. I’ll appreciate constructive criticism if I get any. I just hope this isn’t complete trash and a waste of anybody’s time lol I just felt good about posting it…. 

Idk shit about tw’s but let me know if you guys see any so I can tag them (just in case)

and sorry about all the non sense above^ and any mistakes below


It was another Thursday afternoon working late at the car garage where chop had convinced him to take on a part time job about a year or so ago. It was past closing time and everyone had long since gone home, but he had stayed working late on an old red classic truck that he got the privilege to work on. He usually left with the rest of the mechanics at the end of the work day but he had gotten distracted under the hood and had lost track of time. It wasn’t until the shops phone rang that he noticed the time, it was past 7 now and he cursed himself, he was suppose to have met up with Rae an hour ago! Fuck! He went to answer the phone knowing it would be her on the other end.

“hiya” he answered sheepishly

“alright? I’m guessin you lost track of time hanging out with your other girlfriends” Rae teased.

He ran his greasy hands through his hair that was getting a little too long for his taste but hadn’t gotten a proper haircut on account that Rae seemed to love running her hands through it so much and he didn’t mind one bit that she was obsessed with his shaggy hair.

“shit” he murmured into the phone when he realized he got car grease in his hair

“I’m only teasing Finn, s’not like we had actual plans..”

“oh no, that was … never mind that” he assured her while wiping his dirty hands on his blue work overalls

“well I was thinking of taking a walk down there and surprising you..” she said

“oh yea?”

“yea, you can show me around the shop and ….stuff”

Rae already knew every corner of the car garage but it still took him a minute to understand what she meant”

“oh… you want me to show you around the shop is that right?” he smiled cheekily into the phone, his eyes scanning around him as if someone was around listening to the private conversation.

“mm hmm” was all of Rae’s response

“well nobody’s around so…”

“I’ll be there in 20!” she said not letting him finish the rest of that sentence and hung up.

Finn stared at the corded phone in his hand with an amused expression on his face. This wild girl of his was going to do him in one of these days. The past year and half had been the best time of his life, getting closer to her in every way possible and falling more in love with each other with each passing day. Sometimes he felt his chest was going to implode with happiness. She had that affect on the people that surrounded her, she was a ray of sunshine the people gravitated towards to for warmth and happiness. She was more than a ray of sunshine to him, she was the Sun that gave him life, the reason his lungs filled with air with every breath, her name was the rhythm his heart beat out. “Rae Rae, Rae Rae, Rae, Rae”…he laughed at himself for his inner thoughts. He was so in love with his girl that he didn’t care how ridiculous he sounded to the world. She was the constant fire burning inside him. That thought brought his attention to the flame that had started stirring in is lower abdomen that was sure to come whenever he started thinking of his girl like that, which was more constant than he would like to admit out loud.

“oh shit” he looked around the garage in its usual state of disarray and perfect organization.

Rae was coming over for some “extra curricular shenanigans” as she once called it. They had both busted out laughing at that but he hadn’t missed the sad look in her eyes afterwards. She later explained it to him, the phrase as well as the look.

He started looking for a clean white sheet that the mechanics kept in the garage to protect the paint jobs of the cars they were working on. It was a good thing the owner had just bought new ones that were still inside their packaging…. he could throw it in the wash afterwards, no harm done.

Now on to cleaning himself up! He stepped into the employees restroom and looked himself up and down in the wall mirror. His blue overalls where being held up by the arms sleeves being tied around his waist in his usual style and they were grease stained, as was his white singlet that had a couple of holes from the beating it got in the wash. He sniffed his armpits and was pleased his deodorant was getting the job done, he washed up well past his elbows and under his finger nails which were almost non existent because he constantly clipped, bit or picked at his nails. His dad thought it was a nervous habit he picked up after his mum had left. It was a habit Rae had helped him get more under control this past year.

He finished washing his face and was going to try and get the grease out of his hair when he saw Rae’s reflection staring at him from behind

“Ey you!” he said in a teasing voice trying to hide the fact that she had startled him. “that was not even 20 minutes!”

“yea well maybe I was in a rush to get here” she said feigning innocence “you know, excited for a tour of the garage and all”

He couldn’t help but laugh “alright yous c’mon” he took her hand in his and led her out the restroom. She giggled behind him and he tried to ignore the flame that was slowly growing in his belly.

He led her to the cash register first “This is where the business is handled” he said in a serious voice, gesturing to the machine like it was a great piece of art”. 

“oh wow, Finn can I have a try?” Rae said trying her best to suppress her giggles.

“nope” he simply said “moving on” he tugged at her hand and gestured with his head over to the coffee pot.

“this right here, this glorious pot makes the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted! Only the most prestige of men or women can have the privilege of tasting its sublime brewing abilities”.

“Really?” she said in an awed voice and wide eyes. She reached out her empty hand as if to touch the grimy coffee pot but he blocked her hand before reaching it.

“Ah ah ah” cant touch! he said.

“sorry” she said as she leaned into him to kiss the cheek.

They went about the garage for a couple of minutes in the same manner, Finn trying his best to be serious and sometimes failing and Rae playing along and peppering his face with kisses after making her laugh.

They got to the classic red truck he was fixing at last and Finn introduced them.

“Rae this is Michelle, Michelle this is my Rae” he gestured to both of them as if the truck were a person.

“Very nice to meet you Michelle” Rae bowed her head playing along, “but I came all this way for a tour and its not over yet so you’ll have to excuse me for being so rude”

Finn was about to protest when he felt Rae’s full lips on his slightly parted ones, the kiss was a quick one but sweet and breathless non the less. She pulled away from him and smiled in a way that meant she was going to tease him to no end. The thought send a shiver up his spine that radiated to his toes and he instinctively leaned in to kiss her again but was pulled up short with a hand on his chest and a small push that put his back up against the side of the truck.

“I wont be needing a guide this time Finnlay and I can touch whatever I please” she said saucily

All he could do was concentrate on her lips caressing his stomach, chest, neck and lips, her hands moving up his sides, arms, shoulders and up to his shaggy hair that she enjoyed so much.

Whenever he would reach out to touch her or try to wrap her in his arms she would shake her head and gently smack his hands away, suppressing a giggle. He knew she was still shy and self conscious about being the one to initiate sex. This wasn’t a new thing for her, being brave and daring, but for him to watch and experience her like this was always mesmerizing, a new experience each time.

He was still standing against the passenger door of the car, now shirtless, his overalls had been kicked aside, she was still fully dressed but was pressed tightly up against him, their bodies making a heat between them that was both suffocating and welcoming at the same time.

Rae’s lips now traveled along his jaw and downward to his neck where she nipped teasingly, eliciting a groan from inside him that grew more desperate as she planted little kisses where she had abused his skin, but when she started to suck he couldn’t resist any longer.

He stepped sideways in quick motion to be out from under her and just as fast he was back being pressed up against her, her back against the car now. Their breathing had become heavy but now he couldn’t here her and the fire that he felt burning his whole body was now displayed clear in her eyes. He felt like he could devour her completely in that instant, but he forced himself to slow down and take in every little detail of his girl. He knew her completely now, every inch of her beautiful body was engraved in his memory but still he loved to soak her in like this. The way her chest rose and fell as she breathed, the way she looked at him with the same intensity he felt within himself, the beads of sweat that covered her forehead and the bridge of her nose, the lovely blush than had formed on her cheeks, the same lovely pink shade that would be covering her breasts now….

That brought his attention back to her lack of undress, and as if she could hear his thoughts she began to remove her flannel red shirt, from her shoulders and he helped her with the sleeves. They giggled and fumbled over each other limbs but the seconds that it took for the shirt to be on the ground next to their feet felt to stretch out.

“why do you wear so much clothes” he groaned

“shut up,Finnlay, you love it” she quipped

She was right of course, it still made him feel so good to see her wearing his shirts or leather jacket.

“not right now I don’t” he kissed her neck as his hands found the hem of her shirt, slipping his thumbs underneath the material to feel her soft warm skin of her sides. He started to raise her shirt higher, slowly, enjoying how her skin felt like satin under his finger tips. He ran his hands gently and slowly along her sides which he knew would made her weak and urgent for him. She quickly took matters into her own hands and lifted her shirt over head and threw it on the floor next to the flannel.

His eyes and hands went to her breast instinctively, which were the most beautiful things he had ever seen, she was so soft and sensitive here. She was wearing a light pink bra with white lace trim that just barley covered her nipples that were now clearly visible underneath the thin fabric, the fabric that was delicate and beautiful and sexy and strong just like the girl wearing it he thought.

She undid the bra herself and he pushed the straps off her shoulders in a delicate motion, her black long hair splayed on her shoulders beautifully. Her hand went to his shoulders as his arms wrapped around her thighs to lift her onto the hood of the old car. A pair of hands pulled on boxers as other hands tugged at leggings.

They had sex on the hood of the old car right then and there and somehow they ended up laying down in the trucks bed with a white sheet underneath them with both their legs intertwined in the heap of it. They lay silent in post coital bliss for a couple of minutes enjoying the last lingering sensations of their orgasms.

Rae broke the silence first. Turning her face to look at Finn,

“well that was the BEST tour of a car garage anybody in all of history has ever taken…or given”

Finn squinted his eyes at her, “nah! ..You think so?”

“most definitely” she said with a smile and leaned over him to kiss him once again, taking his bottom lip in between her own lips and teeth, letting her tongue briefly travel along his lips. Their fire threatening to start up again.

They broke apart but stayed looking at each other. Finn was transfixed on her big doe eyes that changed colors in the light or with her mood. One moment they would be a forest green and another they were chocolate brown, he loved her expressive eyes and how she let him inside her in this way as well. One look could hide everything she kept inside or they could grab a hold of you and tell you and make you feel exactly what was going on inside of her with out a single word. He cupped her still flushed cheek in his hand as he murmured “I love you”. In response she drew the same words on his shoulder in their secret language and lightly kissed his warm skin.  

As they got dressed, Finn noticed a grease stain between Rae’s breasts.

“oi how did that happen? thought I washed it all away” he laughed

“I think it was when you were motor boating me Finnlay” she said with a bemused smile and ran her hands through his hair to show him that was the source of the grease.

“oh come on!” he groaned in annoyance 

“I kinda like it” she said laughing and shrugging. 

“you what?” Finn looked at her funny

“yea I like how you end up all greasy and sweaty after a hard days work” she confessed shyly

“you don’t mind I get grease in my hair? I know you cant resist running those fingers of yours through my luscious locks”

“oi you” she giggled and smacked his shoulder playfully “nah i love your hair no matter what”

“good to know, cuz I’ve been dying for a haircut for ages now” he said

“Finn don’t you dare..” she menaced

“Ha I knew it! you prefer my hair long” he teased

“I prefer you just as you are, haircut or no” she said bringing him into a hug tucking her head under his chin

“yea?” he asked.

“yea” she said.

“and you’re sure you don’t mind my job and me getting all messy like?” he asked again

“I think that has already been established” she said smiling

“alright girl” he said as he kissed the top of her head

“I’m thinking we’ll be spending a lot more time in this garage after hours’”

“I was just thinking the same thing girl”.

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I’m sorry I’m just fucking around. But tonight has been filling up with… TRYING circumstances all around, so I figured everyone could benefit from a closeup boodty grab.




Yea, I decided to wear cat whiskers and my Danosaur t-shirt bC WHY NOT but you can’t really see my tee but oh well

So uh yeah

It me, hello!

Age: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Year: 7 in Aus, so IDK what your equivalent is
Height: 153 cm, so 5’‘1
Favorite Dan video: hmmmmmmm don’t make me choose! PSYCHO FRENCH TEACHER (or power nap or the panic alarm or the time i got sunstroke or the story of my hamster) (idk i just really like story videos) 

Favorite Phil Video: Things that I thought were true that were actually not true series, or chat logs :3

Favourite Dan/Phil collab: I guess all the PINOF’s and Gaming Channel videos (ESPECIALLY THE SIMS :D)

So yea, le derp me :3