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Dear Dreamworks and Studio Mir,

This probably won’t reach any of you people, but I just want to say on behalf of the whole VLD fandom(or at least the reasonable part of it) - we’re sorry.
We’ve been giving you a whole lot of bullshit lately, well, actually there was a little bullshit since the very beginning but now it escalated terribly, but the point is that you did not deserve this. No one does. I am sorry for all the discourses and ridiculous behavior, constant whining, bitching and complaining and generally I am- we all are - sorry about being so fucking extra 96% of the time.
We are especially sorry about the leaks and all the drama caused over them. It really isn’t fair from us to be like this.
Our, most deepest, sincerest apologies,

The VLD fandom(or at least all the reasonable members)

PS: I understand ppl who see this will be like ‘who does she think she is talking like this as if she some ambassador or something’ and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong but I just felt like it would be right to say something. The least we owe is an apology. So yea, once again, SORRY, SO MUCH SORRY.

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can you recommend blogs for every nct member? thanks

hi there!! sure!! thanks for asking me :3 uh it’s hard if i need to recommend for every nct member, but they’re the blogs i know and (i think) their biases:

uh so for 

Taeil: @1aeil @taeiloves @yoonnoh (she always posts how she loves taeil do not be fooled by her url) @icetaeil @planettaeil 

Johnny: @princeyoungho @johnnyseod @pawjohnny @pianistjohnny @suhyoungho @suhsexual (she posts scenarios too!) @deosinnage 

Taeyong: @taebreez @taeyounq @hqleetaeyong @taeyongd @taeyongshi @teewhytrack @tybeoji @cutie-lee-taeyong @1aeyong @chantenyongs @cremethorns @grandpa-ty

Yuta: @yutaf @yutagf @yutaeilsgf @doyouta @nakasyuta (i think she loves mark too…i think..) @nakamuto (ok this one definitely loves mark too :33) @@cherrybomb-yuta @yutasings @nakamottoyuta

Doyoung: @dovounq @doyoungce @papadoyoung @doyoukki @dofawn

Ten: @chittaporno (she’s a hoe for jjh too) @ten-ie @tenrais @cherry-ten

Jaehyun: @taeiljaeh (loves taeil too) @beaujaehyun @why-jaehyun@dimplesjae @thirsty-for-jae

Winwin: @pixiesicheng @sichengz @sichecng @sichoeng 

Mark: @markleetrashh @marksvocals @nctmark @makkeuga @mxrksgf @neocity @murkkuri

Haechan: @haenyan @haecha @haechance @haechanz @haechaa @itshaechan

Jeno: @subleaderjeno @jeno-jeyes @flawlessjeno

Jaemin: @jaeminnana @nctjaemin

Renjun: @fairyprincerenjun @renjunology @renhyucks (alex wtf i tagged u and it disappeared ANYWAY this gal is a trash for jjh too.)

Hansol: @hansolsdeliciousanus @h-nsol @i-adore-jihansol

And some blogs that I just recommend in general: @nctjay @neotechs @nakamotens @starrynct @nctaezen @zeusmayo @yuk-hei @scraemin @fyforeignswaggers

I don’t know which blogs stan Chenle, Jisung, Kun, Jungwoo, and Yukhei im so sorry :( i hope this helps u out, anon! and! im v sure there are lots of other cool blogs out there but yea theyre the only ones i can think of rn :”))

(and for those blogs i tag, i hope u dont mind :”))

let my boys be happy

please gogh out with me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
Word count: 1060
A/N: sorry but I’m a grade A art hoe @imaginesyes requested a first date fic and all I could think of was going to the museum and making really funny jokes also I’m sorry for the title I hate puns but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on this so yea. Hope you guys enjoy it! I’m also tagging @hufflepuffholland bc charissa is an angel and i love her so much. If you want to request anything, feel free to drop an ask or message me!

“Are you ready to be bored to death?”

“Try me.”

Peter let out a deep sigh and proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the museum. You giggled to yourself and quickly caught up to him. In all honesty, you were just enjoying yourself to see Peter so nervous and antsy on your first date, especially because he was taking you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could tell Peter was a bit hesitant about his choice. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like a boring first date suggestion. But you were ecstatic; it had been so long since you’ve visited the Met and you were excited to see the new exhibits.

Peter and you had just started dating last week, and today would be your first date as a couple. You’ve always had a crush on him since freshman year, and you couldn’t believe you guys were finally going out. Frankly, you were surprised that he had even asked you out at all; Peter was cute and incredibly nice, but he was also extremely shy and seemed to fumble with his words whenever he was with you. (Peter would argue that it’s because he thinks you’re so beautiful that you make his face turn deep red and cause him to freeze up whenever you’re around, but he would rather die than tell you that.)

Peter was walking you to the bus stop yesterday after school when he asked you out tonight. You were talking about some random comment Ned made in class that caused you both to laugh so hard the teacher had to reprimand you for being a distraction to class.

“I can’t believe Ned said he’d rather eat 5 pounds of sriracha than give up his limited edition collection of action figures!” You laughed to yourself.

“Well Ned’s got a lot of pride. He wouldn’t give those up for anything,” Peter chuckled.

“Tell me about it. Oh, I think my bus is here!” As you’re about to gather your things, Peter grabs your arm to stop you. You’re startled but look back at Peter and his face his red.

“Um, [Y/N]? I wanted to ask you… I-If you wanted to go on a date… With me?” He looks at you nervously.

“Peter. You’re seriously asking me if I want to go out with you on date?” you say with an incredulous look on your face.


“Of course! I would love to,” you reply.

Peter looks so relieved, you would think he just finished a marathon with the way he visibly relaxed his shoulders and loosened his grip on his shirt.

“Oh thank god,” he breathes. “U-Um, I can pick you up tomorrow at 5? I mean, not with my car, I don’t have a car. But my Aunt May can drop us off. I-If that’s okay”

You laugh and say, “Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it, Peter.” You grab the rest of your things and get inside the bus. Peter waves goodbye, simultaneously smacking himself in the face. “Should’ve just lied about the car, damnit…” he mutters to himself.

Inside the bus, you were giddy with excitement. “My first date!” you think to yourself, clutching your bag to your chest. “I wonder where we’ll go…”

After a fun car ride with May, (Peter would disagree) you arrived at the main stairs of the Met. You were so excited to begin exploring the exhibits. Peter bought both of your tickets and handed one to you. You thanked him and started walking inside, but you stop as you notice Peter looking conflicted.

“[Y/N], I’m sorry I asked you to go to a museum on our first date… I really wanted it to be special but they’re ending the Edvard Munch exhibit today and I didn’t want to miss it. God, you must think I’m such a nerd. I’m sorry we can just - ”

You stopped him in his tracks before he started rambling. “Peter, please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to be with you and I love getting to spend time with you,” you say and give him a big, reassuring smile. Peter blushes hard and returns your smile, staring into your eyes for a long time. After a while, you’re a little confused and ask, “Peter? Why are you staring?”

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Because I love the way you smile and it makes me so happy that you’re mine.”

Speechless, you’re immediately taken aback and your cheeks flush at an alarming rate. You turn away from him and bring your hands to your face in an attempt to hide how embarrassed you were.

“Oh my god. Oh my god I just said that out loud, holy shit,” Peter exclaims and you see the panic in his eyes.

Upon seeing the pure shock on his face, you burst out into laughter, earning a few surprised glances from strangers. Peter, all the while a mess, was wondering what was going through your head. You try to maintain your composure and wipe the tears away from the corner of your eyes. You look at Peter, who’s anxiously waiting for your response.

“I’m glad to be yours then, Peter” and your heart swells with warmth and happiness. You really did mean it; there was no other person who made you feel so loved.

Peter sighs and looks at you in awe. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful, amazing girl like you was really his girlfriend. He smiles wide and grabs your hand, seemingly feeling a lot more confident than before. He intertwines his fingers with yours, and your heart beats faster and faster as you feel the warmth in his palms. You like the way he gives you a slight squeeze before he says, “Thank you, [Y/N]. I’m so lucky to have you.” Swiftly, he reaches over and gives you a small peck on the cheek, just inches away from the corner of your mouth.

Slightly surprised, you giggle and find yourself blushing again. Peter was full of surprises today, and you were obviously in for a lot more.

Leading you to the entrance with his hand in yours, he jokes, “Now, will you please gogh inside with me so we can get this date started?”

“Oh my god.”

“C’mon, [Y/N]. Time is monet, you know.”

“Peter Parker, I swear to god!”

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just a quick aside, idk what your tag meant so maybe this is redundant to say but that moss graffiti post is supes fake. or, rather, everyone wants it to be real but it doesnt work at all. when you blend those things together you'll get mold instead of moss, if you get anything at all. the "result" pictures are actually carefully prepared sculptures by artist anna garforth who grows them normally and then glues them to walls. sorry.

yea that’s what people have been telling me lol. sucks because that would be pretty cool smh

EHEHEHEHEHHEHE now @digeridoodler and my charisk together is just… dangerous OvO
so many smol goats ; w;
@hatsuki-chii94 called them brownies family or family brownies? i don’t remember xD
they looks tasty tho  ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)  jk
because of colors ; w; lol


finding the monster like: ♥


Wow a lot of people wanted to know about the spirit, here goes!
This post is referring to this drawing

The spirit is an imposter spirit who hijacks people by taking root in people and suppressing their soul/mind. From there it will keep tearing at and breaking down the “person” until the roots fill the whole “body” and the person is completely gone. This takes up to a month, though irreversible damage happens after one week (sometimes less) of possession.

What the spirit is looking to gain is luxury. It does this by latching on to one person, gain a lot of money either by selling their stuff or working them to death, give that money to their next victim, “dispose of” the previous host, go to the new one, rinse repeat. After a few goes, it spends maybe a year in utter and total comfort, before starting the whole process again. The spirit picks people that are unlikely to be missed, hence Reigen.

(this is a 5 min drawing of how it maybe looks?? Based off the Octopus Stinkhorn mushroom) 

Of course, it miscalculates horribly by picking the one guy working with actual espers able to pull the spirit out and exorcising it. Sorry dude, tough break.

AS FOR REIGEN, he has no idea about anything happening during the event. Thanks to the mind-suppressing thing, he’s like eight miles away mentally. One second you’re walking home from work, the next you’re on the office couch with you coworker ten cm away from your face, ready to call a goddamn ambulance.

Now, no one asked but side effects for having the imposter spirit possess you for roughly one day is motion sickness, extreme sleepiness and generally no energy for about one to two days.

That’s about it, this was mostly just me goofing around as I went tbh. Also Reigen was the first in a new loop so he didn’t even get any cash for it. 

YOSH THAT WAS ALL, this got kinda lengthy I’m sorry fhsdkjfh 

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I hope this isn't too much to ask,, , but can I see a ref of your nepeta, aradia, of feferi? I'd love to draw them!!

oh gee anon thank you so much !! its not too much at all, im not sure if you wanted just one of them or all of them but i made all just in case ! my headcanons change every 5 minutes lol sorry,, this is i suppose my most common/average headcanons that i use? if you draw them i will love you forever and also cry of happiness

noah fence but simon/jason is so good like imagine jason mentioning he’s dating a doctor now and bruce being like oh worm? and going around all like “why can’t you be like your brother and find yourself a nice respectable doctor to date” everytime any of the meta s/o of the rest of the batkids do any shit and always asking jason to bring simon to the manor ( “i don’t even visit that much and you expect me to bring my boyfriend to this *motions to damian and duke fighting with swords* fucking place? you’re crazy”) and all that shit dads do

until one night during a fight when some fucking big green monster takes down like 10 people at once jason yells “thats my fucking boyfriend!!!!!!!”, and bruce is like I’m Sorry What and jason, completely deadpan says “oh yea, my doctor boyfriend? is also kind of an alien monster sometimes.”


tired™ ▻ a personal playlist

i got tagged by the lovely @lsaks and the adorable @kayascodelorio - tysm!! ♡

rules: make a playlist using songs that describe your aesthetic. each artist can only be used once. link to the playlist in the post.

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Sorry I had to leave for like a month…

I may hate them, but exams come first…

But I’m finally done with all my damn exams!! 

I think I did decently in them all…hopefully…

But now that they’re done, I have nothing to do till September so I’m back on tumblr!!

Uh…no new fics for just a few days…

I need to go through my tags for the past month and just favourite those fics so I can read them later…

And I also wanna get watching season 12, cos I know it’s finished and I can now finally watch it!! 

But yea!! I’m back!! Imma answer the few asks I’ve gotten in my inbox since I’ve been gone and then everything will be normal once again…

But yea!!


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remember when antis didn’t exist? when no one actively spread hate by being an anti? remember that? because that was a year ago. i hadn’t even heard of antis before this year. what the fuck is wrong with tumblr?

update: i have too much time on my hands. i literally just do this to piss everyone off. i laugh at all the replies, so replying really just amuses me and both sides make me laugh uncontrollably. i’m sorry for trolling 😂😂😂😂 and i’ll probably do it again. like 800 more times.

tagged by @snepdragon (thank u ily!!)

Rules - tag 20 people

1. Nicknames: juic🇪

2. Gender: yea

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: last time i checked i was like 5′3″ , i wish i was 10000000 feet tall

5. Sexuality: 🅱️i

6. Hogwarts house: GH i did a quiz on it but i for got which one it wa s

7. Favourite animal: ALL

8. Average hours spent sleeping: like 6

9. Dogs or cats: 🅱️🅱️OTH

10. Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

11: Dream trip: anywhere with ppl i lob, maybe mcdonald’s,

12: Dream job: something sciencey i gues,,, i like sciencess

13: When I made this account: the first day of the year

14: Why I made this account: i just wanted to remake,

15: Number of followers: 328 as i’m typing this but someone might unfollow before i finish 👀

im gonna taG @karabootsu @multipledeadlybees @thunderclaw101 @spaceman1400 @glcier @lesbianhueyduck @tenderestboi @grojmadon @newtonns @sher1danblog @tranquil-sleeplessness @cringeculturez @clubpengone @animatedtrash4 @atlascorporations

Mod: Sorry it took so long, but here’s the first update! The next part will come in a few days. 

Update under read more!

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Wings And Fangs

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Originally posted by weeklyspn

Characters: Y/n, Cas, Benny, Dean

Pairings: Cas x Y/n x Benny (MALE READER)

Warnings: Blowjob, anal, bareback, unprotected sex, deepthroat, cum swallowing, creampie, biting kink(vampire), grace kinkish, trenchcoat kink, beret kink, swearing, JUST PURE FILTH, threesome, double penetration. 

Word count: 3887

Summary: Y/n is left alone in the bunker with the two people he doesn’t want to be around. 

A/N: I’ve wanted to write this for a while. @notnaturalanahi​ found my John one sad, so I decided I’d write this. Then @impala-dreamer​ is ill. So I decided it had to be done for today. It’s filthy and long as hell, u are all welcome. I wrote it as hot as I could with added sweetness cos I need that. Umm, yea. Enjoy. Also, sorry for the double gif, I don’t know how to put them side by side and I can’t find one of them both in it. 

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles@d-s-winchester@winchesterreid@teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@december-sunrise@helvonasche@fly-f0rever@kaitlynnlovegood@notnaturalanahi​​ @wayward-mirage​​ @impala-dreamer@loveitsallineed@kittenofdoomage


“Seriously, Dean? Why can’t I go with you?”

“I told you, y/n. It’s just easier if I go with Sam. We love having you around, but this case is simple. We don’t need you with us for this one. Ok?” he asked, his arms on y/n’s shoulders as he looked into his eyes.

Y/n rolled his eyes and sighed, knowing that there was no way he would get Dean to take him.

“Fine. But do you have to leave me with him?” he whispered, his eyes flickering in the direction of Castiel, who was sat at the library table, playing with his hands.

“He might be awkward, but he’ll keep you safe”, Dean stated, a smile on his face, knowing this wasn’t the reason y/n didn’t want to be left with the angel.

“Yea. I know that. That’s not what I’m worried about”.

“Worried about not being able to control yourself and jumping onto his dick”, Dean teased, y/n shoving him and glaring at him, while the Winchester let out a raucous laugh.

“Wasn’t even that funny, moron”, he sassed, walking back to the library as the brothers made their way out of the bunker.

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also sorry if my last ask was all like one of those youtube comments screaming abt checking out their channel im just i like making icons and ive made several for myself and a friend now and i just yea i want to make more so - luke



welcome to the new age


im really proud of me right now ok shh ahrhuhgh

i plan on doing more aw yeah this was sort of just a ‘do i even really know how to lipsynch’ sort of practice…i think it was relatively successful all things considered hhh/// SORRY ITS ONLY LIKE 3 SECONDS LONG LAFFS..

audio taken with permission from heerrree B] TYTYTY to fadeintocase because he’s p rad and runs that blog and said 'gopher it’ when i had indirectly asked for permission.  hah..puns.

so yEA..expect more maybe B] theres a really long one i want to do but i think i should practice more before i tackle that one hwehhh..

All My Fault

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This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ SPN Movie Night Challenge. I got the prompt Jeepers Creepers.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Sort of smut, fluff at first, monster chase, angst, previous character death, sad Dean, drinking, alcoholism?? 

Word Count: 1470

Summary: Dean needs Y/n back, holding onto her in any way possible.

A/N: Umm, yea, so sadness for u all. Sorry for the shitty ass summary, I had no idea what to put for that. Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@helvonasche @fly-f0rever@kaitlynnlovegood@notnaturalanahi@kittenofdoomage @wayward-mirage@nerdflash@riversong-sam @miss-miep@impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498@tttiiigggeeerrrsss @deals-with-demons


“Hurry up, dude. I wanna go home”.

Dean’s heart always fluttered when y/n would call the bunker her home.

She had been living there for over two years now, dating the Winchester for just a year. 

Yet he still wasn’t used to someone actually staying with him, accepting him for who he was and not trying to change him, like other people.

“Sorry, princess. On my way”.

He rushed out of the diner after hanging up, grabbing the bag of food and ignoring the dumb waitress’ flirting, pushing up her breasts and twirling her bleached hair.

“Sorry. Queue was a bit long”, he stuttered, getting into the car and handing her the bags.

“It’s ok. Just wanted you back here, to be honest”.

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