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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (11)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Busy week( I got my license and passport and hopefully will be leaving to the USA in a month of two to go aupair) So here it is, hope you like it! Please hit me up with requests if you have any, I might need a break from writing this soon… because Part 12 is already done and 13 is on it’s way! ;)

Word Count:  1905

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )( Part 10 )

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ok idk if its a little too early for a Halloween themed headcanon but maybe,,,,? MJ dresses up as Spiderman for Halloween (to mock him) Peter not ok™

HALLOWEEN SPIDEYCHELLE. high school group costumes are fun, right?? cool. that’s what we get here.

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Partners| 2.|

SUMMARY:Mark and Y/n, Y/n and Mark. Best friends attached at the hip,almost literally. At such a young age kids only know who they like or dislike, Mark knew who he liked and so did Y/n. They had their life planned around each other, but what happens when a school in South Korea happens to catch Y/n’s eye? Will they remember each other 4 years later?

Originally posted by got7official

CHAPTERS: 01 02 03

WORDCOUNT: 884(sorry I don’t add on as much as others))

GENRE: fluff, angst, smut(last chapter)


*warnings* NONE

((sorry I time skipped a bunch, and there is not much dialogue))

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CHILLIN LIKE A VILLAIN. Pleased with yourself, are you, Becky with the good hair?

-Oh quite, though I’d be more pleased if my damn arm would unglitch.

HA looks like it got stuck while you were putting your filthy hands on Wyatt. God’s punishment is swift. Know what else is gonna be swift? YOUR DEATH. Get him, Waylon Fairchild Dementia Raven Way!

-Ugh, no way, I’m exhausted, everyone is in love with me and I just want to be with Draco, ok? Why couldn’t Satan make me less beautiful? IT’S A CURSE

Waylon sis truly don’t even talk to me about curses and Satan right now, this entire lot is cursed and crawling with evil spirits and beelzebubian energies. Ever since we moved here my life has never known peace. Next thing you know snakes are gonna start manifesting in this house physically.


-No way bitch, time to suffer. Look at it and weep, look at it with your own two eyes!

First of all I’ve been weeping since yesterday so joke’s on you. Secondly I still can’t believe you did this to me after I generously gave you this whole debonair look YOU’RE THE WORST

-La la la can’t hear you over the sound of your plans crumbling all around me!!

I’m seriously gonna murder you a thousand times. Wyatt what about you, you dumbass bimbo? What do you have to say for yourself?

-Not beaucoup, I honestly don’t know why I’m doing this, it makes absolument no sense! Huhu! 

I hate you both so fucking much I might actually vomit.

Ugh my poor Jojo </3 I’m so sorry that your love life has turned into a giant pile of crap.

-Please, who cares.. Definitely not me!

Yeah well that much is obvious! Are you sure you’re alright tho? Because you look, you know. worryingly expressionless and in denial.

-Oh no, I’m just focusing on my new proposal,“Project MKUltra: The Comeback”. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I have to deal with adulterous whores again!

Good, good, pour yourself into your art. Speaking of, maybe it’s also time to pour yourself a refreshing drink?

Attaboy, milk that cowplant, Jojo!

-Hmm this process feels oddly sexual..

Yea, I can tell by your massive erection, jesus, I mean even for you-

-Ew no what the hell? That’s just because Ti-Ning is dead!

Oh ok, that’s fine then!


Hard to believe anything can course through your veins with all that ice in there but alright. Now we just have to wait..

..for the cowplant to get hungry again. I literally can’t with Daniel and Gunther constantly picking fights with Jojo’s former suitors, especially since Jojo doesn’t seem to give enough of a fuck to fight them himself. We are family, I got all my sisters with me!

Ugh I keep forgetting Daniel has 9 nice points, what a crybaby. How you gonna fight capitalism when you can’t even fight Wyatt?? MAN UP DAN

Nice, there we go! I’m truly living for Brit’s utter lack of interest in fights happening next to her. Her aspiration bar is about to hit the crapper bc I’m even worse at playing popularity sims than I am at getting couples not to whore around, so the time has come..

TO PARTY HARD, TOGA STYLE. I really threw this party thinking it would be a success and save Brit from aspiration failure, so obviously the time has come to acknowledge that I’m even stupider than Wyatt. Things get off to a good enough start with the profs tickling each other, which everyone knows is the mark of a wild college party!

Ti-Ning, gone but never forgotten.

-Hey Brit, want some Ti-Ning to wash down that pizza? 

-Please stop addressing me.

-That’s right, address moi instead! 


………………………………………………………………..all I can say is LMAO

Wyatt, sweetie, full offense, exactly how dumb are you?

-What? I wanna marry Jojό! <3

Ok. Do you have any recollection of breaking his “heart” 2 hours ago, setting him on the path of a complete nervous breakdown?

-Oh, that was just a bump on la route, don’t be so dramatique!

-Does it count as a win if the only thing you put in the hole.. are your tears?


Meanwhile and to the surprise of no one, Gunther is being sexually harassed by a professor, namely Down-With-The-Kids-Pink-Beanie.

-Sooo Gunther, half-alien professor told me all about you, you little ginger minx.. What do you say you and I adjourn somewhere private and I see if the carpet matches the drapes..

-EW forget it, lady, you’re not even in the art department and I only have one rule: no whoring without extra scoring.

Um what about the rule of monogamous dating which you are currently doing with Mel?

-RIGHT that too!

Once again…god.

The one person having a great time at this party is Kevin Beare, who eats half a pizza by himself..

..and then moves on to chips. He legit came here for the free food and didn’t talk to anyone the entire time, which is what I do at every party except with drinks. Live your truth, Kev!

Look who’s back from class and still glitched lolol

-Can you please reset me already, I had to take an exam like this!!!

Pfff grades??? There are so many more important things in life, Fran. Live a little, join the celebration.. party like there’s no tomorrow. CAUSE THERE ISN’T

I’ve no idea what happened here but Tiffany is non-stop bullying this 2006-Oliver-Sykes haired professor. Judging from Pink Beanie and sims professors in general it’s safe to say he deserves it. GET HIM TIFF 

-Why doesn’t anyone want to fuck me, Frank? What am I doing wrong? Has Woody Allen been lying to us about hot young women being uncontrollably attracted to neurotic, misogynist, mediocre intellectuals over 60?

Oh great, I thought this party was gonna end as a dud but I see we’re going for full-on disaster.

-I’ve just about had enough of you and your passé casquette, communiste! 

-My casquette is not passé, it’s classic!


-Aw come on, please? For mommy?

-You should use that line on Jojo where it might actually work!

Enemies,                                                                                                         these bitches my enemies,                                                                                 not on my level so they just pretend to be,
yes, why do you envy me?
Cause I am the MVP,
these bitches my enemies


Yea, seems about right. Whatever though, cause after the party..


Goodbye Francis, it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise!


It’s a beautiful morning and our llama friend is back to spread some school pride and presumably some bodily fluids. We almost went an entire day without seeing him but here he is again!  GET OUT OF MELODY’S SHOWER YOU FUCKING CREEP


Yea don’t worry that day is permanently coming as soon as we milk Frances out of the cowplant. Honestly this fucking llama is the last straw, the time has come for me to take back control of this house..

..starting with getting sweet, dumb Wyatt back with Jojo! I really think the Frances thing was a fluke, I mean W wasn’t in a committed relationship with Jo, he didn’t initiate it and he rolled the want to get engaged to him for the second time after it. So the whole thing = Fran’s + ACR’s fault!!!1 Also and more importantly we have literally 0 other viable options and college is almost done so it’s time for Jojo to put Lemonade on repeat and get over it.

Let’s bring out the big guns!

-Mom! it’s so good to hear your insufferably domineering voice. Did you get my latest murder pics?

-Ha! Yes they are great, thank you mom. Soon I’ll add the french courtesan to my album. Now tell me, in as much detail as possible, how proud of me you are!

-I don’t know how Wyatt is doing, he’s the french courtesan, I’m going to kill him! Are you even listening to me?

-What do you mean it’s probably my fault? Can you divorce dad already, his influence on your brain has been catastrophic.

-Love is a battlefield? Mom seriously. Divorce. Now.

-Ugh yes, I could imprison him in a gigantic safe for a few days instead of killing him, but what on earth would that achieve?

-Well I don’t care about having a husband! Worst case scenario, I’ll just marry Max!

-Yes, Max does look like dad. Yes, he is as dumb as him. YES, MOM, I KNOW. HONESTLY YOU’RE ONE TO TALK 

-Well, I have to go now, but you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about. And by that I mean which care home to put you in cause you’ve obviously lost it. Goodbye, mother.

As soon as Jojo hangs up the phone Melody runs over to autonomously lecture him. Nice move, Mel, let’s peer pressure him till he caves!

-Jojo this is an intervention but please don’t mistake it as me actually caring about you. Your bullshit harem drama has taken over the entire greek house storyline and enough is enough, we demand equal airtime. Just forgive Wyatt already, he’s too hot for you and you were literally dating 2 other dudes at the same time and you also treated him like shit and you are the worst and Gunther is the best and he’s gonna beat you for heir. Melody out.

Yes, powerful stuff, thank you, Mel. Now Wyatt, let’s apologize!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3

That’s a great start Wyatt, now let’s try it facing the right way!

-I’m so sorry I kissed Frances, Jojό, I don’t know what I was thinking </3 Also I’m totally planning our wedding in my head you right now.

Ok, smaller steps, let’s get him to not hate you first!

If there’s one thing I hate about ts2 it’s how ridiculously hard it is to be forgiven for cheating, shit is unreal. Wyatt has been apologizing for about 3 years now and Jojo is still furious jfc, it’s legit easier to get forgiven for cheating irl than it is in this game.

-For the thousandth time, I’m so so sorry Jojό, honestly in the dark of the nuit at first I thought Frances was you and then it was too late!

-Yes, it was also broad daylight.

-Well you know I have bad eyesight, mon cheri :(

Wyatt seriously, we’ve reached the point where you’re throwing junk out there, so let’s take a break.. 

..from this fucking house! It’s date time! Time for dinner and public woohoo in that vegan restaurant downtown, cause I’ve ignored Gunther so hard his aspiration is currently scarlet red. Mel is doing great though, like all knowledge sims in uni, she’s legit never not-platinum. The adorable couple make themselves right at home, by doing literally what they do at home 20h a day. NOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR GET UP

-Maybe if we act like children they’ll think we’re under 12 and we’ll get a discount!

-We’re so in sync, babe, I brought my monster trucks with me for this very eventuality!

-Here, let me blow you a kiss, babe. A prelude of tonight’s blowing. 

-Honestly, every time you talk, I just see the eggplant emoji <3

I didn’t vomit from Wyatt/Frances but this date might actually do the trick!

-Do you think the waiter is mad that we insisted on lobster in a vegan restaurant and he had to go fishing for it?

-Whatever, babe, we deserve it. 

-We really do. I ship us.

-I ship us too <3

Good because I don’t anymore.

Yaas, aspiration problems taken care of! Mel’s shy ass hilariously had a fear of having her photo taken, but public fornication she has no issue with.

-Having your photo taken is unnatural! I’m just using the photo booth as god intended. 

Ofc, on the 6th day, god created the photobooth for people to publicly fuck in.

-Wow Mel, my reflection in your sunglasses is so beautiful.

-So is mine in yours, babe.

-I almost wish we could look into each other’s eyes but then it’d ruin our whole look. You know what, screw it..

-..I was gonna wait till we graduated it and were more mature and crap like that, but whatever, babe, when it’s right, you know. Will you marry me, Melody Tinker, despite the certainty that one or more of our kids will get the Komei nose?

-Oh my god, Gunther! I literally thought you’d never ask, because, let’s be real, you’re a gigantic slut.

-These days are gone, babe, I’m a changed man!

-This ring has been in my family for half a generation, ever since my mom stole it from Florence Delarosa who was obviously never gonna need it.

-Oh it’s beautiful and the fact it’s stolen makes it even more precious!

It’s morphin time! Let’s pretend the red around Gunther’s memory signifies passion and not a crippling fear of commitment. Congrats you gross, crazy kids!

It’s also morphine time, cause damn are we broke as shit. In hindsight perhaps we shouldn’t have gotten the lobster.

We return home, where I’m trying to fulfill Jojo’s longstanding wish to see Ti-Ning’s ghost but apparently Ti-Ning is an even bigger asshole dead than he was alive. Bitch seems to be deliberately refusing to scare Jojo, I mean we’ve been standing around playing ghostbusters for like 4 hours now and it’s just not happening-

-but some scary shit IS happening inside. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS.

-What!? We’re just talking about our mutual interest in entertainment.

Brit seriously, don’t make me kill you cause I’ll do it, I’m kinda on a roll here and completely exhausted from this fuckery.

-Gawd, fine, I’m gonna go to sleep.

GO TO A DIFFERENT BED. I’ve noticed a sudden and disturbing reappearance of slutty wants in Gunther’s panel immediately after the engagement, which I’m guessing is some kind of regression back to his usual pattern, like he’s rolling wants to woohoo 10 sims and makeout with another 20 and idek. It’s extremely pissing me off and it’s also extremely not happening.


-We’re just friends!!! Paranoid much?


Look here, THIS is the distance I wanna see between you two. It’s also NOT the distance I wanna see between Wyatt and Jojo, man this apology shit is taking fucking forever UGGGH

-Jojό, are you still mad at me?

-What do you think?


-Guess again.



-Oh Jojό, I know you hate me but I’m gonna keep apologizing for the rest of ma vie, cause I really have nothing better to do. And also because je t’aime, Jojό.  Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold cœur?




Chance-Part 3

A/N:There’s more part coming!!

Word count:1.45K

Pairings: Liam Dunbar X Reader,Theo Raeken X Reader

Part 4

*next morning*

I barely got any sleep last night,I don’t understand why I feel nervous around Theo.Even few days ago all I could think all day was about Liam and how much I missed him.But ever since that trip to the woods,I feel something towards him.I can’t seem to point a finger as to what this new feeling is but it’s good in a way that atleast I’m not thinking about Liam all the damn time.I guess I feel somewhat sympathy for him,or it’s just the process of me giving him a chance to be friends?Whatever it is I shrugged the thought and got ready for school.I feel today’s gonna be a long day.

Once I got ready,I heard Theo’s car beep outside.I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.My mom went to see my grandma for few days so I was home alone.I locked the door and proceeded towards Theo’s car.Theo being the gentleman he was, hopped out and ran over to my side and opened the door for me.

“Good Morning,“he said.

“Morning,"I smiled.

The car ride was peaceful and we made small talk.We arrived at the school,I checked my watch and noticed we’ve still got twenty minutes for the classes to start.

"Do you have any free period today?"Theo asked as we began to walk towards my locker.

"Umm…oh yea,I’ve my third period free”,I replied.

“What a coincidence!I’m free then too!!"Theo said excitedly.

Damn he looked so adorable.

I chuckled and replied,"we can hangout then,seems like.”

“Yea,I would like that.”

“Me too”.

I glanced across the other side of my locker and saw Liam,Hayden,Mason and Corey standing in front of Hayden’s locker.Corey looked confused,Hayden’s expression was like as if she couldn’t care less.Mason looked slightly shocked and Liam was glaring at Theo.Why are they like this?I asked myself.The first bell rang.

“Uhh,I can walk you to your class…if you like?“Theo said somewhat nervously.

"Okay."I replied smiling.

I reached my class and thanked Theo,also promising to meet at the bleachers in our free period.I took my usual seat which was between Mason and Liam.The teacher didn’t come to class yet so everyone was talking.Liam entered the class and walked towards me quickly.

"What’s up with you and Theo”,he asked.

"Well,hello to you too Liam”,I replied sarcastically.

“Cut it and answer me,he’s dangerous and you know it Y/N”,Liam sighed.

“He’s changed,okay?"I said defensively.

"Oh yea?Just few days ago you still believed he’s evil,what made you change your mind,huh?"Liam asked losing his patience.

"I got to know him”,I shrugged.

"What,within one freaking day?"Liam questioned.

I ignored him,he got a point but something about Theo feels right.

"Listen,Y/N,whatever you do,just be careful,okay?"Mason said calmly.

Whenever Liam and I bicker Mason always makes everything better.He’s the sensible,mature one in our friendship.”

Okay I will”,I smiled at my other best friend.

The teacher came and started the class,I sighed in relief.

*Free period*

“There you are!“I said to Theo as I reached the lacrosse field.

"I almost thought you won’t show up”,Theo said.

“And why would you think that?”

“I don’t,ahh just forget it”,he smiled.

“Damnit it’s so cold outside”,I shivered and we walked to take a seat in one of the bleachers.

“Aw,you can take my coat?"He offered.

"No thanks,I’ll manage,"I replied.

He insisted several times but at last my stubbornness won and he just shook his head.

"You’re so stubborn,"he chuckled.

"Oh Raeken,I have my fair of different sides”,I smirked.

"Is it?What else side do you have?"He asked curiously.

"Well I don’t like to show off you know”,I smiled,“anyway why did you want to hangout here?”

"Well there’s no practice today,so it’s peaceful and we can talk and get to know each other better?”

“That’s a nice thought”,I replied and looked in front of the field.

Few students were roaming around and some sat in the bleachers listening to music and stuff.

“You know how people say,hell is dark and terrifying?Well it’s worse,much much much worser”,he said after being silent for few moments.

"Hey,you’re out of the phase now,okay?Please don’t think about it”,I placed my hand over his hand.

He intertwined our hands and nodded.

“Every night it haunts me,you know I deserved it,but now I got my second chance,I will be a better person,well I’ll try,there’s not dread doctors now to threaten me,"he said.

"Yea that’s what will count”,I encouraged him.

“It felt great to finally tell all the things that I kept inside me all these months,thank you for listening,"he said with a small smile.

"Anytime,you can tell me anything and everything that bothers you,I’ll be here to listen,"I said.

"Thankyou,thankyou so much,"he said and placed a kiss in my cheek.

I immediately blushed at the gesture.He stood up and held his hand for me to stand up as well.Then we walked to our respective classes.

*at the cafeteria*

"HE WHAT?"Kira said somewhat loudly and excitedely,it caught everyone’s attention at the cafeteria,she then took her seat and smiled awkwardly.

"Speak quietly,Kira!"Malia rolled her eyes.

"Before the boys come,tell us more as to what happened,"Lydia said excitedely.

"Well that’s pretty much it,"I said.

"I’m so happy for ya girl”,Malia said.

“And he’s changed you can tell,"Kira chimed in.

Lydia and I nodded.The boys entered and I waved quickly at Theo.He sat beside me and we began to make a small talk.

"Y/N and Theo,are they a thing now?"I heard Stiles ask Malia.

Malia pinched him and asked him to stop talking about it,and I was glad she did that.Mason and Corey sat beside Lydia.Everyone started talking and eating.

"Liam,hey!"Scott said.

I looked and saw him with his lunch,only this time he was alone and not with his girlfriend.

"Where’s Hayden?"asked Corey.

"She’s at her soccer practice”,he said,he looked briefly towards me then took a seat beside Kira.

"This sandwhich is really good,Y/N you want a bite?"Theo asked me.

I nodded and he fed me,I was blushing furiously now.

"Yea,it’s good”,I replied.

Liam’s POV

Everyone was busy eating and chatting,however I saw that little encounter between Theo and Y/N.I felt annoyed.I mean Y/N’s my best friend and we always do everything together,we sat at lunch together,we had playful bickers and we teased and pulled prank on Mason all the time.I miss those good old days.

“Liam,are you even listening?"I was snapped out of my thought by Stiles.

"I’m sorry,what?"I asked confused.

"I said,when’s the next lacrosse practice,I missed few of them I don’t wanna miss anymore”,Stiles asked.

“Oh right,it’s on tomorrow”,I replied and shoved some pasta in my mouth.

Once the lunch was over,we all began to head towards our next class,my next class is with Y/N.I’ll try to talk with her gently now.


“So see ya after school then”,Theo said once we reached my last class.

“Okay,can we please grab some coffee on our way home”,I asked.

“Ofcourse!"he said and then left for his own class.

I sighed.I wish we were in the same class.Why he gotta be two years older than me?Whatever atleast we have free periods together.

I took my seat which was beside Liam,I didn’t feel like arguing with him so I just ignored him.

“Psst..Y/N..”,Liam whispered.

“What?’I mumbled,not looking at him.

“Listen,I’m sorry,okay?I just want to make sure my best friend is safe and happy”,he sighed.

“I get it,and I am happy,thanks anyway”,I replied smiling.

He gave me an odd look and then looked in front of the board beginning to concentrate in class.But I know he isn’t really paying attention.

*after school*

I got outside the parking lot and saw Theo waiting for me.I waved at him and walked towards him.

“Ready for the coffee date?”He winked.

“It’s not a date,just two friends hanging around”,I replied shaking my head.

“Whatever you want to say”,Theo smirked.

Theo stopped the car at a small cafe and we ordered our coffee.I sipped at the coffee looking outside the window.

"So,I have this Chemistry test and I totally suck at the topic”,I sighed.

“I can help you,so which topic are you stuck in?”He offered.

“Chemical Equilibrium”,I replied taking a sip from my coffee.

“Oh that’s easy!I can help you”,he smiled.

“Really?Oh thank you Theo,please save my ass from this effing topic”,I sighed.

"So,tomorrow at the library?Or you can come to my house?”Theo offered.

“I think library sounds fine”,I smiled.

“Okay then,tomorrow in our free period”,he promised.

Theo drived me back home.I closed the door and let out a contended sign.It was a great day.

I Hate You (Part 8)

“Thanks, Mom,” you smile in relief, and your mother sends you a tired smile from across the kitchen.
“Just make sure your friends are gone by twelve, alright? I’m glad you’re having them over, I’ve missed seeing Cassy around.”

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A Rebellious Streak (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: can you do a dad!patrick where he gets very mad on y/n and she kinda sneaks out to her bf (causing her dad to get even more mad)? sorry if this is lame I like rebels 

“I still can’t believe grades are coming out today. My dad’s gonna flip’ I say worriedly as we weave our way down the halls.

“He’ll be fine. Plus your grades aren’t even that bad, except for math and science” Chris says reassuringly.

“Okay, but that’s the problem- math and science. If my Dad finds out I still have a D in math and a C in chemistry, even though I have a tutor, he will murder me” I push out of the hallways doors, and we angle towards the parking lot.

“Your Dad is like the nicest person I know, I’m sure everything will be fine” Chris says, sliding his hands down my arms as he faces me, “Don’t worry”

“Yea you and everyone else is the world thinks he’s an angel who never gets mad, but do you know why that is?” I ask, raising an eyebrow

“Why?” he asks, a ghost of his smile on his lips.

“Because none of you actually live with him. He’s going to be pissed”

“You worry too much” Chris says, pressing a kiss to my lips, “ Everything will be fine, and if not, it’ll all blow over in a couple of days, like it always does. So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course” I say with a smile, “I’ll see you then”

I kiss him goodbye and we split up, heading to our cars. On the drive home I try to reassure myself, but I’m still filled with dread as I pull into the garage.

I quietly enter the house, hoping to avoid this conversation all together.

“(Y/N)?” I hear Dad call.

“Dammit” I whisper to myself, “ Yea, Dad?” I yell back.

“I’m in the office, come here” I hear the yelled response and trudge towards the office

“So…” I say, plopping onto the couch near the desk “What’s up?”

Dad twists the chair around to face me, grabbing a paper off of the desk, “Grades came out today” he says ominously.

“Did they? Wow I had no idea” I say casually.

“(Y/N), come on” he says irritated, “ You still haven’t raised your math or science grades at all!”

“Dad i’m sorry,” I say defensively, “You know how hard they are for me! Nothing ever makes sense, I’m just not a math person”

“Honey, I know,” He says, even more irritated, “ Which is why we got you a tutor. Two months ago. And I happened to call said tutor today”

“Oh, did you?” I ask, worriedly.

“Yup, I did” he says, staring intensely at me, “And he informed me that you haven’t been to see him at all in the last three weeks!”

I cringe as his voice reaches a yell.

“Well?” He demands, “ What do you have to say?”

“I’m sorry” i whisper quietly.

“Sorry isn’t good enough, (Y/N), not this time. I’ve been trying to get you to fix your grades all year long, and you’re not even trying anymore! What do I have to do to get you to care?”

“I do care!” I say immediately, “It’’s just…”

“What? You care about your boyfriend or your friends more than you care about your future?”

“No!” I say, “ I just can’t do it!’

“Yes you can, you just don’t try, and your mother and I are done trying to fight you on this. You’re grounded until you get your grades up”

“What? You can’t do that!” I protest, jumping up from the couch.

“I can and I’m going to. I gave you so many chances (Y/N), and nothing worked. So until we see a change, no more going out, no more boyfriend, no more anything.”

“Dad! Seriously?” I yell, exasperated, to no response.

“This is so unfair” I grumble stomping out of the room.

“(Y/N), come back here!” he yells after me. I ignore him, getting all the way to my room and slamming the door.


The next two weeks are hell. I’m not allowed to do anything except for school, and they even take away my phone once I get home. By Friday of the next week, I’m done trying to follow Dad’s stupid rules, so I tell Chris that I’ll sneak out and meet him a couple houses down the street, at midnight. It’s only Dad and I in the house tonight, so I should be able to sneak out easily.

“(Y/N) why are you going to bed so early?” Dad asks as I head to my room around 11:30.

“Maybe I don’t want to hang out with you” I say bitterly.

Dad lets out a heavy sigh, “Are you not over this yet? I’m just trying to help”

“Yeah” I say sarcastically, “ You’ve helped me sooo much”

Without another word, I escape to my room. I wait for twenty minutes, and I finally hear the thrums of music coming from the office- a sure sign that my Dad is wrapped up in work. I Wait an extra five minutes, and then slowly push open my door. I silently glide across the room, placing my hand on the doorknob. Trying not to make too much noise in the dark. As slowly as possible, I turn the doorknob and slide out of the door, shutting it with a soft click behind me.

I quietly walk across the porch.

“And where do you think you’re going?” I hear from behind me. The voice scares the life out of me and I spin around, only to see my Dad sitting on the porch, glaring at me accusingly.

“Oh, um, I…” I say quickly, racking my brain for an excuse.

“You’re sneaking out of the house?” Dad suggests, standing up, “Deliberately breaking my rules? Doing something that’s both extremely stupid and is about to get you into a lot more trouble?”

I cross my arms and glare at him “Dad come on, I just want to go hang out with Chris”

He shakes his head at me, “Inside. Now.”

“Dad come on! This so stupid, it’s not like I would be doing math right now anyway!”

“I know, but you need to learn that there’s consequences for your action. You didn’t listen to your mother or I, you slipped in your school work, and when we tried to help you by getting a tutor, you ditched him for three weeks straight.”

I don’t respond but glare at him and throw open the front door, stomping inside, “You’re ridiculous” I say angrily

“Excuse me?” He says following me inside

“I said, you’re ridiculous! I’m not the picture perfect little daughter you’ve always wanted, I’m not smart like Declan , Dad, and I never will be! Stop trying to force me to be someone I’m not!” I yell at him, eyes watering

“(Y/N) that’s not what I’m doing, and you know it” Dad says back, walking over to me and placing his hand on my shoulder.

I immediately throw it off, “ No I don’t know that, okay! I’m not you, I’m not Patrick Stump, the world’s perfect angel! I’m sorry i’m not the image of perfection you expect of me, but I’m sick and tired of you trying to turn me into you! I’m my own person, Dad, but for some reason you never see that!”

The tears fall from my eyes as I let out all of my deepest resentments and fears in one rant, and by the end, Dad stands in front of me, shocked and speechless,

“(Y/N)…” He starts quietly, moving towards me with an apologetic look on his face.

“Don’t talk to me” I spit out, turning away from him and running out the front door

The look of hurt and shock on his face made me feel great for a minute, as though I succeeded at something, but once I reach Chris’s car, Dad’s yells following me down the street, I feel terrible. Chris looks at me alarmed and asks what happened, fingers coming up to wipe the tears off of my cheeks, but I just shake my head. With a concerned look in his eyes, he nods and begins driving. As we drive, I talk and I cry, and I realize how horrible and useless this fight is. As much as I hate to admit it, my Dad is right. We drive all night, with me shutting off my phone and ignoring it, and finally Chris drops me off in front of my house at 6am.

“Do you want me to wait? In case it goes bad again?” He asks as I step out of the car,

“No, I’ll be okay, promise, I just need to talk to him” I say, leaning down and kissing him softly, “but thank you for being there”

I say goodbye and walk to the front door, bracing myself and taking a deep breath before I push open the door and step in.

I expect the house to be dead since it’s so early, but it’s not. I walk in and Declan stands, pacing and on the phone, probably talking to Mom on her business trip. Dad sits on the couch, staring at the wall. Joe,Marie,  Saint, Bronx, and Ruby all mill around, looking anxious. Pete sits next to Dad, talking to him urgently.

As soon as the door swings open, Dad’s head snaps in my direction, and I see relief fill his red tinged eyes.

“(Y/N), oh thank god” he says, jumping up from the couch and rushing over to me, pulling me into a tight hug, “Oh, baby girl, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” he asks, pulling back and examining my face.

I smile lightly at him, “I’m okay Dad. And I’m sorry too” I say, voice breaking a little as I pull him back into a hug.

He squeezes be tightly, hand stroking my hair “Shh shh, it’s okay, I’m the one that should be sorry, I pushed you too hard”

I pull away shaking my head, “No, I should’ve tried harder, I’m sorry”

Dad smiles down at me lightly shaking his head, “You’ve always had a rebellious streak, I’ve seen it since you were a toddler, refusing to do literally anything I wanted you to. All I wanted,  I just wanted to make sure you didn’t give up on school, no matter how hard it is, because it’s important. I don;t care if you’re smart, or if you’re even a good student or anything like that. I just want you to be you, and to never give up, even if something gets hard. But I know I was too intense, so I’m sorry”

I smile at him, “I guess we can share the blame. I’m going to try harder, okay? I promise this time”

“Let’s make a deal.” he says, “ You go back to your tutor, twice a week, and you won’t be grounded anymore ” He holds up a pinky.

Laughing, I wrap my own pinky around his “Deal”

He grins and hugs me again, kissing the top of my head.

“Now that everything’s good, anyone want breakfast?” He asks, turning around to the people hanging around the room, grinning at us.

They all agree and head to the kitchen, when my phone buzzes

I pull it out to see a text from Chris, “Everything alright? Are you okay?”

“Yea,” I type back, “Everything is perfect”


Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Summary: What happens when Yoongi’s muse gets taken away from him?

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Slight angst

Word Count: 4089

WARNING: SMUT. AND MIN YOONGI OFC bc he needs a warning of his own.

A/N: This is my… uhh—3rd fic of the series, so we’re halfway through? anyway, hope you like it guys and happy 3rd anniversary ofc. I’d like to thank my sweet and lovable Hydrangea, a brilliant beta reader and dear close friend ♥. If you liked it let me know ;)

“Yoongi, I got a boyfriend!”, you exclaim cheerfully unaware of Yoongi’s reaction at the other side of the call.

“Oh”, he felt how the air left his lungs and the pen that was now motionless between his fingers, “that’s.. that’s nice, I guess”, he said in a leveled voice, not giving away the sad feeling that was now crippling it’s way through his heart. You didn’t noticed though, rambling on and on about your new little boyfriend that Yoongi was slowly starting to hate.

Yoongi was a man of few words and you liked to talk a lot, he liked to photograph stuff and certain people, you were one of them, he loved to make music and you loved to hear him babbling about it and definitely hear it. So why weren’t you together?

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One Of These Days

TW for: smoking, slight mention of homophobia, and vague mention of alcoholic-ness

Word Count: 4448 ((wowza))

I honestly hope you guys like it I literally worked so hard on it. Like, its 5:30am right now. I can see the sunrise and my soul has left my body


Phil walks down the street of the the new town. After his parent both got really good jobs- dad and mum both own a bank together. They used to be incredibly poor, moving from apartment to apartment, struggling to get by. Then one day everything took off and now they live in a town filled with large houses and mansions with gated communities and expensive cars, multiple. They went from rags to riches in what seems like overnight. After unpacking everything and multiple refusals of having someone else do so for him, Phil decided to explore this new world. Phil is entranced by the beauty of it all. Everything is so big and perfectly constructed.

While walking a flashy black car without a top drives down the and a group of boys are laughing loudly and singing along to obscene rap lyrics. When the see Phil the slow down and he sees that they’re around his age. One boy with surprisingly blonde hair smirks at Phil and calls out, “Oh! Looks like we have someone new here, boys.” They come to a full stop now and all of them either laugh or smirk at Phil. “Why don’t you tell us your name, we don’t get new faces her often.” There’s a twinkle in his eye and his voice is a little too harsh to be asking for an introduction. Phil doesn’t stand up for himself, never had, never thought he would. So Phil, complies with the boys. When he tries to speak nothing comes out but awkward stutters. “Awe, look I think we made new boy nervous, how about I introduce myself first?” The blonde says, his smirk looking absolutely malicious. Phil just nods, too scared to do anything. “My name’s Ricki,” he says with a roll of his eyes.

After what seems like a thousand deep breaths, Phil finally speaks, “Um, my name’s Phil.” His voice is shaky and he can feel his stomach tied in knots. Ricki turns to the group and laughs. What’d he do wrong? This is what runs through his head other and other again as they laugh to each other.

“Uhhhhh- my name’s Phil,” one boy with short black hair says in a mock voice.“

Another boy with brown hair and a fringe stares at Phil with a smirk, while lighting a cigarette. Phil inhales deeply. He’s so damn attractive. The other boy blows out smoke before turning to his friends, "Guys c'mon, just leave him alone. We got better things to do than torment a newbie.” A chorus of groans erupted from the car.

“Dan, that’s no fun!” Ricki groans out. Phil looks to the ground, hoping they stop acknowledging him. “Look at him! He’s all fragile, messing with him is fun.”

Dan shakes his head in finality while crushing the bud of his cigarette on the side of the car. “He’s new, there are so many others to mess with.” They all sigh and glare at me, before driving off at a speed that is definitely too high. Phil lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and slouched his shoulders down. He runs his hand through his hair, transforming his fringe into a quiff. He continues walking until he sees a set of woods. He walks into it, going as far as possible, before he finds a large brick wall set aside what looks like an abandoned train track. He struggles to climb up.Once he does he sits down and stars at his surroundings. Way past the trees is the city that surrounds him and in this clearing, he could see the sky above him perfectly. It’s around five in the evening and the sun is setting to the left of him, making the sky look like a wet painting of colors being mixed together perfectly.

He stays in the spot for hours, waiting until the stars come out the the crickets are chirping and the fireflies are flying around. The night is so loud. Phil thinks, while staring up at the stars. The stars are screaming, the crickets are whispering, the moon is crying, and I don’t belong here. He doesn’t belong in a town like this. A town where everything’s so loud. The city lights beg to be seen and the teenagers yell down the street without a care in the world. Phil doesn’t feel like he belongs. Phil’s an outsider in this town. His thoughts are interrupted by the loud ringing of his phone in his front pocket. “Phil, you’ve been out for five hours! Do you care to tell me where you’ve been?”

Phil sighs, “Sorry mom, I was walking around for a bit and i lost track of time.” He checks his phone and sees that it’s nine. “I’ll head home now.”

“Alright, bye Phil. Be careful, I love you.”

“Love you too, mom.”


Phil wakes up to his mom shaking his shoulder at six in the morning, telling him to get up for school.With a groan, he sits up and walks to the bathroom. After a blur or of getting ready Phil stands at the door of his car that he’d just recently gotten. He’s wearing a purple shirt with eyes on it and black skinny jeans, a normal outfit. Too bad this wont be a normal day. By the time he drives up to the school, he can tell it’s not just some public school. There are groups of kids wearing all types of name brands and expensive cars driving into the parking lot. Phil parks next to a shiny black car. When he looks to the side he see’s that brown haired kid pouring clear liquid into a water bottle before swigging his head back and gulping some down. Vodka. Well, this place is just picture perfect isn’t it? Phil thinks sarcastically. Phil turns away and gets out before he gets caught staring.

He heads to the office. “Uh, hi, I’m new here?” The secretary smiles at Phil before typing into the computer in front of him.

“I’m guessing you’re… Philip Lester, am I right?” He asks in a surprisingly deep voice.

“Yea, that’s me.” Phil smiles while shaking his head.

“Well, okay then, here’s your locker number and classes. If you need any help just ask around.” Phil smiles at him before shuffling off into the hallways. He walks with his head down, trying not to make any eye contact. Unfortunately this didn’t work as he bumped into someone rather hard. He looks up and sees the same boy. Phil tries to remember his name. Dylan? Derek? Dan? Dan! Phil gasps and backs up.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.” His words came rushed and his eyes are wide. Dan laughs, his eyes glassed and a nonchalant smile.

He smirks at Phil, “It’s fine, really. It was probably my fault anyways. Totally not in my senses right now.” His voice is drawled and there’s a hint of amusement in it. Phil fiddles with the edge of his shirt, refusing to look at Dan in the eye. “Aren’t you that newbie that my boys were picking on yesterday?” Phil’s eyes go wide.

“Uh- yea, that was me.”

“Sorry ‘bout that, they’re pretty tough on newer people. Especially ones who lack much confidence.” Phil’s face heats up at Dan’s statement.

“Sorry…” Phil mumbles out, not really sure for what. Dan cocks his head to the side in confusion.

“For what?”

“Uhm, I don’t know. For being- not confident?”

Dan chuckles and and his eyes light up. “You’re lucky you’ve got a cute face,” he drawls out with a smirk. Phil’s expression blanks and he opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out. He feels his face heat up even more and averts his eyes to the ground, shaking his head so his fringe is in his face. “Wait for me in the front after school, yea? I wanna get to know what’s behind all this shyness because I can see potential.” Phil scrunches his eyebrows and looks up, but Dan’s already sauntering away. This has got to be a prank. He wouldn’t want to hang out with me. I’m just.. Phil. I don’t know how to be cool or rich. What does he mean by potential. Phil with confidence would’ve yelled after Dan, asking him what he meant. Phil with confidence wouldn’t have frozen up when Dan called him cute. But Phil doesn’t have confidence. Phil’s just… Phil, with the added bonus of being rich.


At the end of the day, Phil is exhausted. No one was kind to him, he got lost twice, and ended up eating outside on his own at lunch. He hadn’t thought about Dan much for the rest of the day, until the last bell rang. Now Phil has no idea what to do. Yea, he was invited to hand out in sense, but it could be a prank between Dan and his buddies. It could be Dan just trying to mess with Phil, or jump him. It’s his first day. Phil can’t be getting hurt or in trouble. Usually they wait a while before they even consider Phil suitable for bullying. Phil just decides to not wait for Dan. If Dan confront him tomorrow he’ll just say he forgot. That’s it. It’s not too hard. Now, all he has to do is get out the door. Phil keeps his head down and tightens his hands around the straps of his bag. Just keep your head down and walk. Remain invisible. Then again, how can Phil be invisible in a bright purple shirt in comparison to all the kids in dark designer clothing. Unfortunately, Phil’s doubts were proven to be correct because he hears his name being called. “Phil! Hey, I thought you were gonna wait for me?” Dan’s voice sounds more alive right now. As if he’d fully woken up. The only thing is, now there’s no light in his eyes. If anything they look pretty tired out compared to the smile he’s got on his face.

Phil widens his eyes and opens his mouth without saying anything for a few seconds before speaking, “I- sorry, I uh, I forgot about that. I’m sorry.” Phil know that in other circumstances his nerves would be written off as lying- which he is- but since this is how he’s been for the majority of conversations the two, that it could just be written off as plain nerves. Dan’s smile softens and it makes Phil feel kind of bad for trying to ditch Dan.

Dan lifts his hand for a second, before setting it back down. “Phil, it’s fine, I get it.” Dan’s voice is so soft and his smile actually almost reaches his eyes for once. “We could still hang out. What do you want to do?” Phil’s nervous as hell. He wonders if Dan’s trying to pull something on him. Normally people get annoyed at how nervous Phil gets by now, but Dan’s just so calm about it, as if it’s not awkward whatsoever.

“Uhm, I don’t know. I don’t really care, I guess.”

“Alright then, how about we go for a ride? You don’t mind leaving your car here for a couple of hours do you?” Now, this made Phil get really nervous. What if Dan’s planning on having his friends vandalize his car?

“Is it okay if we take my car instead?” Phil’s voice is small and meek. Dan just smiles even more at Phil.

“Yea, sure, if I get to drive. I want to take us somewhere fun.” There’s a glint in Dan’s eye and Phil doesn’t really know what to do. On one hand he’s suspicious as hell, on another, he’s thinking, why not? For once, Phil goes against his first instinct. He fishes the keys out of his pocket and hands them to Dan. “Wow, you’re actually letting me. I promise, you wont regret this.”

“Just.. Just be careful, please. It’s new.”



Twenty minutes later and Phil’s nervously fiddling with his shirt as Dan drives down the highway. He looks at Phil and there’s a content smile on his face. “You know, you don’t act like a rich kid.”

Phil cocks his head in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“You don’t have you’re up your ass. Rich kids always grow up in ignorance.”

“I uh- I didn’t grow up rich, I guess I didn’t get a chance to be all that ignorant. What’s your excuse?” Phil just about covers his mouth with his hand. He didn’t mean to be so straightforward. He’s not a straightforward type of person. Dan just laughs,

“I came out to my parents at fourteen and they didn’t like that much. They refused to support me until I 'un-gayed’ myself. Fortunately, I’m a good actor.” This renders Phil quiet and he’s not quite sure what to say, so he doesn’t say anything. Dan looks at Phil with a tight smile before changing the subject, “What do you mean you didn’t grow up rich?”

“I grew up poor, my family owns a bank, the bank got more well known and used, we got more money, I guess you could say we leveled up,” Phil finishes off with a nervous chuckle. He doesn’t want to sound like he’s bragging or anything. It’s a big deal, but he definitely doesn’t want to sound like it.

Dan looks at Phil in interest, “What’s your family’s’ bank name?”

“Lester’s Bank and Trust.”

Dan whips his head to Phil with his mouth dropped open. “No way! My family uses that bank. In our town it probably the most used bank. You could totally ruin their lives like this!” Phil smiles genuinely for the first time because Dan’s excitement over this is absolutely adorable. He giggles at Dan and shakes his head.

“Dan, I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend it is,” he says with a mischievous smirk on his face. “You could totally manipulate all of your bullies like this. Get them to do whatever you want,” Dan pauses for a moment before his face lights up, “I could be your partner in crime! That’d be so much fun imagi-” Dan stops himself and transforms his face into the calm smirk he’s had on for most of the day. Phil sighs in disappointment at the loss of excitement from Dan. “Sorry, I guess I got a little too excited,” he mumbles before chuckling shortly and turning all of his attention back to the road.

Phil pauses before placing his hand on Dan’s arm nervously. His hand is shaking, probably from the nerves of such a simple action. “I liked your excitement, it was nice, kind of contagious. That plan totally sounds cool… kind of villainous, though.” Phil sees Dan’s expression lighten up a bit. He won’t admit that he finds the way Dan got excited adorable, or that he likes the look of excitement on his face. He won’t admit that he finds Dan cute. He just met Dan. He doesn’t even know Dan.

Dan’s body posture softens and you could see the contentment that he let onto his face. They’re quiet for about an hour. It’s an awkward silence like the once Phil are used to. No, this silence was calm and comfortable. It’s the type of silence you read about in overly cheesy stories. The type of silence that Phil always thought was fake. In this silence is the soft sound of the radio playing out random songs. “Hey, Phil, we’re about two towns over from our own. I just saw this Thai place that looks really good, you wanna have a quick rest stop there?”

“Yea, that sounds fine. How long exactly is this ride gonna be?”

“We’ll see.” Dan pulls over into the parking lot and they both walk in. Dan smiles at the waitress, “Can I get a table for both of us please?” The woman smiles and leads us to a booth and hands us a menu. He smiles and takes them, “Thank you.” Phil grabs the menu from Dan and immediately settles for noodles and bubble tea.

Five minutes later the waitress returns to our table, “Have you guys settled on what you want?” Dan orders his meal, and I, mine. “Alright, it’ll be right out!” She hurries away and leaves.

Dan smiles at Phil, “Bubble tea?”

“I fricken love bubble tea.” Dan laughs loudly. It’s an odd laugh, yet Phil finds himself to think that too is cute. The way his eyes crinkle up in the corners and his laugh is just a little too loud and he’s got dimple that’s more prominent on one side while the other looks like a sad face due to two birthmarks on his cheek. Phil leans in closer to Dan’s face and pokes his sad dimple. It’s a bold move but Dan just gives him this confidence he never thought he’d have. Immediately Dan’s calms down. Phil’s still leaned in and he smiles at Dan. “Why do you have a sad dimple?”

Dan smiles softly at Phil. “A sad dimple?”

“Yea, like, when you laugh, your dimple pops out but it looks like a sad face.”

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just another deformity.”

Phil’s jaw drops, “How the hell is having dimples a deformity? Dimples are cute as heck!” Dan’s cheeks pinked slightly and he shakes his head to move the fringe into his face, but that doesn’t hide the smile that comes along with it. Phil smiles slightly and backs back into his seat as he realize what he’d just said. This results in both boys to sit awkwardly with slightly pick faces and shy smiles. It doesn’t last for long though because the waitress comes back to their table and hands them their food. Phil, his plate of noodles and Dan, his plate of sushi. She tells them if they need anything to just call for her when they say her. Dan and Phil both smile and thank her before she walks away. Phil takes it upon himself to end the awkwardness for once. “Ew, I hate sushi,” he says with a voice of disgust. Dan gasps at him.

“You can’t hate sushi! It’s literally amazing.”

“I disagree,” Phil retorts, stubbornly. Dan makes it point to grab a piece of sushi with his set of chopsticks and over dramatically put the sushi into his mouth. Phil scrunched up his face and ate his noodles. “Sushi is gross and noodles are the food overlord.” Dan rolls his eyes and plops another piece of sushi into his mouth.

“Sushi is amazing.”


“Yea- huh”


“Ye-” Dan’s interrupted by his phone ringing. Phil hears yelling and laughing through the phone and he’s reminded of Dan’s friends. They’re inviting Dan to hang out and then go to a party. Of course they are, and of course Dan’s going to bail on Phil. Phil’s just some second chance after all. Dan looks at Phil apologetically, “Sorry guys, I’ve got plans, maybe the next party. There’s a collective sound of groans on the other end of the phone call. Phil looks up at Dan in surprise, and Dan smiles tightly at Phil. This is then followed by a bunch of grunts and "uh-huhs” on Dan’s side, while Phil quietly finishes off his noodles. Finally, “Guys, listen, guys, shut up. Oh my god, I’m hanging out with someone, meaning it’s not about you. Good bye.” Dan hangs up the phone in finality. Dan looks at Phil apologetically, “I’m sorry, Phil. I didn’t mean to be so rude.” Phil smiles at Dan.

“It’s fine, I get it. Stuff happens.”

Dan sighs, “They’re total assholes, that lot. Not sure how I’ve managed them for so long.” Phil just nods while looking at the table. He can feel his earlier insecurity seeping in again. “Hey, Phil, you okay?” Phil just nods his head, looking up at Dan through his fringe. “Uh, okay, lets go now, yea?” He places a hundred onto the table, writing briefly on a napkin that she could keep the change, and grabs Phil’s hand, convincing him to get up though this action. While walking out they hear a gasp from behind them and Dan sees Phil smile. Phil loves knowing that people are happy and he loves making people happy, even if it wasn’t him who did so particularly. They both get in the car and Phil turns on the radio, finding the background noise comforting. “Phil, we’ll be driving for a few more hours, do you mind?” Phil shakes his head no. He pulls out his phone and send a quick text telling his mom that he’ll be out late. He doesn’t really live in a strict environment, and as long Phil isn’t doing anything life- ruining, his mom’s fine with it. The boys sit in a silence that’s not as comfortable as the one they had earlier was. Dan keeps on looking at Phil nervously. Finally, after ten minutes Dan sighs, “Phil is something wrong?”

Phil smiles at Dan, thought obviously isn’t a convincing one. “Yea, I’m fine.” Dan sighs, but doesn’t push Phil which he appreciates a lot more than he’s letting on. Two hours later, Dan stops in the parking lot of an abandoned gas station. It’s six now and the sun is setting. Dan looks at Dan in question.

“We’re gonna watch the sunset, if it’s okay with you,” Dan mumbled out the second part, smiling awkwardly.

“Yea, that sounds fun!”

The both sit on the hood of the car. Dan pulls out a flask and a pack of cigarettes. “Do you mind me smoking in front of you?”

Phil shakes his head, “I prefer not receiving second-hand smoke to be honest.” Phil’s never been a big fan of smoking. He always found it gross and an unnecessary evil.

Dan laughs and puts the cigarettes away, “Fair enough. What about vodka?” Phil shrugs his shoulders. He’s indifferent about alcohol. Dan opens the flask and hands Phil the flask, “You want some?” Phil takes it and drinks some, feeling the vodka burn his throat and chest. Dan takes a longer drink and sigh in content. He looks at Phil, “I probably have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol,” he laughs out nervously. Phil smiles at him warmly.

“Yea, I can tell, you brought a water bottle filled with vodka to school today.”

Dan looks at Phil shocked, “How’d you know?”

Phil rolls his eyes, “I was parked right next to you, I saw you pour it into the the water bottle.” Phil grabs the flask and takes a large gulp. He makes a face at the burn, but he can feel himself getting a little tipsy. Dan grabs the flask back and tilts his head back.

“Well I guess that’s not a secret from you anymore,” Dan mutters before taking another gulp. Phil giggles and takes the flask and mimics Dan’s earlier motion of tilting his head back. Phil hands the flask back to Dan and feels himself becoming entranced in Dan’s features. The sunset makes his skin glow more than usual and his eyes are a bright brown that looks absolutely gorgeous on him. Dan’s got a small smile on his face, which makes his dimples pop out. Phil feels the urge to poke it, so he does. Dan playfully slaps Phil’s hand away, “Don’t touch my face crater!” Dan giggles out.

Phil pouts, “But it’s cute!”

“No excuse for crater touching.”

“Why do you call it a crater?”

“Because that’s what it is, some random hole in my face that has no place being there.” Phil rolls his eyes at Dan. He’s definitely feeling a little tipsy and he doesn’t want to speak in fear of saying something dumb. He already just called Dan’s dimple cute. Next thing he knows he’ll be talking about how he wants to push Dan’s hair back so that he could kiss his forehead, and his cheek, and his lips, and his jawline, and his neck. Phil really wants to kiss Dan. I really shouldn’t have even thought of this, oh god. Phil’s mind comes back to focus and he realizes that he’s staring at Dan, and Dan’s staring right back. The thing is, Dan’s looking at Phil’s lips. And now Phil’s looking at Dan’s lips, and Phil really wants to kiss Dan, but Dan’s not moving in. He knows the alcohol’s gotten to him because he’s leaning in to kiss Dan. He know’s the alcohol’s gotten to Dan, because Dan Isn’t pulling back. Then their lips touched, and it felt great. Dan’s lips are chapped and Phil’s pushing Dan’s hair back and the kiss is soft but intense and they’ve only known each other for a day. This thought comes crashing into Phil and he pulls away. Dan looks at Phil, confusion written all over his face.

“We’ve only known each other for a day,” Phil whispers out. It’s only been a day. Yesterday Dan’s buddies were picking on Phil. Yea, Dan stopped them, but that’s all it was. Today Dan just randomly invited Phil to hang out. They do, and it’s fun. And yea, Phil had fun. And yea, he finds Dan cute. And yea, this is the most comfortable Phil’s felt around someone in a while, but it’s only been a day.

Dan sighs and looks down at his lap, “Yea, sorry about that. I’m sorry.” Seeing Dan like this makes Phil want to kiss Dan again. It makes him want to take it back, and he wants to pretend that it hasn’t just been a day and they’ve know each other for a while. But he doesn’t. Phil sighs, and places his head into Dan’s shoulder, and he looks at the sky. It’s dark at the very top, and fades out into sunset colors. Phil holds Dan’s hand because he can’t stop himself. Dan gives him confidence. They sit there and watch the stars come out. They sit there and whisper the constellation names into each others ears, and making up constellations of their own. They never let go of each other’s hands, and Dan laid his head on top of Phil’s. They forget that awkward moment that happened an hour ago and they’re sitting quietly while songs on the radio play softly in the background. Yea, it’s only been a day, but Phil finds himself falling for Dan within these past hours, and Dan saw himself falling for Phil the second he laid eyes on him. They stay in that parking lot until three in the morning, when their eyes were struggling to keep open and the alcohol left their systems and stars were at their brightest. And they know they’ve only known each other for a day, but they also know that maybe not today, or tomorrow, but one of these days, they’ll end up falling in love.

More than this - Stiles Stilinski / Theo Raeken {part 9}

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Warnings: None, fluff, fluff FLUFF. (okay kiinda a subtle mention of sex ya know me)

(y/d/n) = your dad’s name

I was lying on my bed, head on Theo’s chest and our legs entangled. We we’re watching a movie on Netflix together. After the party, Theo decided to stay over because my parents weren’t home for the weekend, so we spent the whole Saturday together. It was now Sunday morning, and tomorrow the holidays would begin. No school, god bless.

Theo drew little circles with his fingers on my back while I was quietly sniffling at the sad scene in the movie. I didn’t like romance movies that much, I preferred horror, thriller, that kind of stuff. But when I did watch a romantic movie and the scene was sad, I usually cried like a baby. By the time the credits were rolling I was practically bawling.

“Oh my god Babygirl, I didn’t think you’d get so emotional.” Theo chuckled, rubbing my back.

“Shut up! It was heartbreaking okay? Can you imagine how her life will be, now that she lost him forever?” I tried to wipe the tears away but it didn’t work, since new tears were already running down my face.

“Stop crying (y/n), I can’t stand it when you’re upset.” He said, pulling me into his arms even more, hugging me more tightly.

Theo sweetly kissed my head and kept rubbing my back in a soothing manner. It took a few minutes and I stopped crying, feeling rather tired now all cuddled up, the only thing I heard was Theo’s steady heartbeat and his slow breathing.

But as soon as I felt like falling asleep, he broke the silence.

“Do you ever wonder…how we ended up like this? I mean, at the beginning it was supposed to be a casual hook-up. And got me wrapped around your little finger.” Taking my finger in his hands, he playfully bit it, making me laugh.

“Well, I am glad we ended up like this. That it’s not just a one-time thing.” I stated, touching his cheek.

“Me too.” He said with a serious smile on his face, pure adoration in his eyes.

Since my parents would come home soon, the two of us decided that it would be the best if Theo left. I helped him gather up all his things and led him to our front door. He swung his overnight bag on his shoulder and stood in the doorframe, ready to head home.

“So..this was nice. I mean, the weekend together.” He mumbled, a shy smile on his face.

“Yes yes it was. I liked spending so much time with you. In bed for example.” I grinned, taking a step further.

“Oh that’s what you’re thinking about.” He smirked. “Well, now that you’re on the family trip for the next week, you will unfortunately have to wait for it.” I shivered at the way he let his fingers glide over my forearm, the desire in his eyes making me blush.

“How am I going to survive a week without” I leaned in, “this.” I whispered, then closing the distance between us and kissing him passionately. Before things got too heated we parted again, breathing heavily.

“I’ll miss you” he hummed while hugging me tightly.

“I’ll miss you, too.”

I watched him as he got into his car, waving one last time before he took off.

An hour passed and my parents arrived from their work trip, greeting me enthusiastically.

“So how was the weekend honey?” my mom asked me while we were at the dinner table.

“It was…fine.” I said, before immediately shoving a fork of pasta into my mouth, hoping no one spotted the soft pink that crept up my cheeks just by the thought of the time I spent with Theo.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You know your dad and I have been planning our camping trip the last few days, and guess who decided to join us!” I looked up from my plate raising my eyebrows at my mom who’s smile went extremely wide.

“The Stilinski’s!” my mom clapped her hands happily and I almost choked on my pasta.

There is no way in hell that my mom just said I was going to spend the next week on a campsite with-

“That’s great isn’t it? I talked to John this morning and he said he’s so happy to come with us! You and Stiles have been friends since you’ve been three years old and now that you two made up we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate that!”

“Wow, uhm, yea that’s..that’s awesome.” I chuckled nervously, playing it off like I was totally okay with it because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. Our camping trips have always been a tradition and they plan everything weeks in advance.

After dinner, I went to my room to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a list of things I needed for our trip on my desk and began to put all the things on my bed that were on it. When I put the item in my bag, I made a little checkmark on my list. This way I was done in no time and I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. Checking the “red big sweater”, I was finished.

It was about nine pm and I was laying in my bed, thinking about the trip and how it was going to be like to spend a whole week alone with Stiles after what had happened between us. We were practically friends again but there was still some kind of unspoken tension between us. It wasn’t like it used to be, even if we denied it.

That night I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about strong arms holding me close, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, a person with green and sometimes amber eyes.

As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I could hear my parents arguing downstairs. Every holiday, the morning of our departure, hell broke loose. There was no other time in the year when my parents, especially my mom, were this stressed.

“(y/d/n), did you put the air pump in the trunk already? I am not driving back like last year because we forgot to bring it!” I heard my mom yell.

“First of all Love, we wouldn’t have had to drive back if you’d gotten over yourself and just slept under the sky, it wasn’t even cold! And secondly, you wanted to drive back too because you forgot the hand sanitizer.” My dad replied.

And this is how it would go all morning.

Did you think of the paper towels?

We can’t forget the first aid kid!

What if I don’t have enough socks?

Do you REALLY need this sweater in three different colors?

Briefly going over my list and bag again, I was ready to go. Before I left the house I threw on a light jacket and stepped into my beloved Doc Martens. After entering the car, I plugged in the aux wire to my phone. Even though my parents hated my taste in music, I got to be in charge of the playlist because I despised  driving with a passion. Short routes were fine, but everything as of an hour made me sick, which is why I had to take medicine for travelling.

Listening to Work Song by Hozier, I nodded my head and tapped my fingers on my legs in the beat of the music, letting my mind drift off to escape the time and traffic.

When, my, time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her

(The Song has nothing to do with the storyline, I just adore this song. It’s so beautiful, go listen to it.)

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Chance -Part 4

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Word Count:2.2 K

Pairing:Liam Dunbar x Reader,Theo Raeken x Reader

Part 1  , Part 2  , Part 3

*three months later*

Y/n’s POV

“Theo,stop!”I laughed when he continued to tickle me.

“I hate you,go away”,I laughed.

“Oh no you don’t,you can’t”,Theo pouted.

“Okay,please please…stop…bwahahaha”,I tried to say in between my laughs.

“Okay,okay”,he chuckled.

I shook my head and looked around the books scattered on Theo’s coffee table.He tutors me chemistry,he’s really good at it.But like usual we get bored after some time and as a result less studying is done.At first we studied in the library then he invited me to his home and after that,we studied either at his place or mine,mostly his.We have a lot in common,we became very good friends within these past few months.He really changed and I absolutely adore his new side.

“I better get going now,”I said beginning to get up from the couch,

“Oh,you’re leaving already?Can’t you stay a little longer though?”He asked.

“As much as I would love that,it’s already late so it’s better if I go now,”I sighed.

“Understandable,”Theo nodded and begin walking outside to his car leading me.

The car rides with Theo are my absolute favourite.I smiled fondly remembering all the memories with him in this very car,the crazy singing,the gossips,the comfortable silence and those small talks.

“Why are you smiling?”Theo asked me curiously.

“Just  reminiscing old memories,”I shrugged.

“Remember our first car ride?’He chuckled,shaking his head.

“Oh yea,the time when my car broke down and you showed up,I legit thought you were stalking me,”I laughed.

“You hated my guts”,he said.

“That time you just recently moved to Beacon Hills,and–please can we just forget it”,I replied,not wanting to think about past.

“Yeah,but the second time was the best,”he said happily.

“Yeah that ‘Cheap Thrills’ singing session,”I chuckled,air-quoting the song’s name.

He nodded and pulled over in front of my house.

“Thanks Theo!”

“Anytime,see you at school tomorrow.”He said and hugged me.

“Tomorrow”,I hugged him back and said.

*next day*

Liam’s POV

I sighed in frustration and sat on the dressing room.Everyone left so I was alone.The coach really makes me lose temper,he said I’m not fit to be team’s captain.But I was partially upset about this fact.Y/N and I barely talked these past few weeks,because she’s always hanging out with that Raeken.I still don’t trust that guy.

I miss Y/N,now that I think about it she must’ve also felt the same when I cancelled our weekly movie nights and all.I miss my best friend and seeing her with Theo makes me jealous because he’s also become her best friend.I’m pretty sure she likes him more than me.

I heard the door open and I looked up to see Hayden.

“Hey,”she said softly.

“Hi,”I sighed.

“What’s wrong?”She asked worriedly.

“Just lacrosse stuff nothing serious,”I assured her.

“Alright,so my sister and I are going out of town to visit my grandma,I will leave tomorrow and will be back by Monday,”she stated.

“Do you have to go?I will miss you”,I pouted.

“I have to go baby,I’m sorry,I’ll be back before you know it,”she tried to lighten the mood.

“Okay,”I said not wanting to argue.

She kissed me softly,for some reason I didn’t feel spark like I used to feel before,maybe just because I’m too tired after today’s practice.


“Y/N,wait!”I heard Stiles call me as I was heading towards my next class.

“What’s up Stlinski?”I asked as he caught up my pace and walked beside me.

“Scott and I were thinking of having a pack movie night,which is on tonight,”Stiles said,”you’re coming right?”

“Hell yeah,it’s been ages since we last had a movie night,”I said excitedly.

“I know right,so see ya tonight!”Stiles said beginning to walk towards the library.

“Looking forward to it,”I replied and went inside my class.

*after school*

“Finally this week’s been over,ever since the working days,Mondays,start I look forward to Fridays ,”Theo chuckled.

“Don’t we all?’I laughed.

“… the pack’s having a movie night,I suppose?Stiles invited me,”he said smiling.

“He did?!Yeah,I’m so excited,”I said.

“Me too,so do you want to go to the woods?”He asked.

“Sure thing,”I said and he started driving towards the wood.

After Theo and I became close friends it became an unsaid rule to always hangout on the woods after school on Fridays.I really feel comfortable with him and the presence of him makes me happy,nonetheless the place.I feel attracted towards him,this new feeling makes me nervous,I try my best to hide it so he doesn’t catch on what’s up.I’m just afraid that if I tell him what I feel towards him,I might scare him off.He doesn’t seem like he’s interested in any commitment now.So I don’t want to risk the friendship.

I sighed and put my head on his shoulder.

“You alright?”Theo asked quietly.

“Yes,”I mumbled.

He nodded and began to gently play with my fingers.God,the things he does to me.

Theo’s POV

Everything’s been going great so far.Almost everyone in the pack fully accepted me,and Y/N and I’ve become really good friends.I always had a thing for her,but previously when I was working with the Dread Doctors,I didn’t do anything about my feeling because I was scared that she might end up in trouble if the Doctors knew.Now that I was having a complete new start of life,I spent many days thinking about her,about us and what we could have.

However,I didn’t have enough courage.I was scared that she might not like me back because I knew she had a crush on Liam Dunbar.Good thing that he’s with Hayden so for now I don’t have any competition,I suppose.Every time I’m with her my heart beats so fast that I can’t really focus on anything rather than trying to calm myself down.

I looked down at her,she’s beautiful,absolutely mesmerizing.

I took a deep breath,I wasn’t planning to confess my feelings now but now seems to be a perfect time.

“Y/N,there’s something I need to tell yo-”I was cut off by her phone ringing.I caught a glance at the caller id seeing it was Malia,aka werecoyote-with-horrible-timing.

“Hey Malia!”She said.

I heard the werecoyote asking her to be there asap so Y/N stood up and motioning me to do the same and we walked towards my car.

What a way to ruin my mood.Thanks to Malia.

“I’ll be there soon,”Y/N chuckled and hung up.

Once we got in the car,Y/N suddenly asked me,”You were saying something,Theo?”

“Don’t worry about it,I don’t want to talk about it now,”I mumbled.I was pissed off.The moment I almost was going to admit my feelings a fucking-phone call ruined it.

I have no idea when I’ll feel the confidence as I felt earlier again.I pulled up in front of Scott’s home.Y/N tried to open the car door when I snapped.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to open the goddamn car door?”

“Jeez,Theo,why are you acting like this?”Y/N asked slightly shocked by my sudden outburst.

I know it was not her fault,but if something pissed me off I take out my anger on people I love the most.


“I swear,Theo’s mood swings more than a pregnant woman,”I mumbled,filling a bowl with chips.

“He’s been acting weird ever since you both got here,”Lydia pointed out,pouring herself a glass of coke.

“Yeah,”Malia nodded,who was sitting on the kitchen counter and shoved a handful of popcorn in her mouth.

“Maybe something’s bothering him,why don’t you talk to him about it?”Kira suggested,taking out cans of soda from the refrigerator.

“I will once he gets in a better mood,”I shrugged.

“Did you guys choose a movie yet?”Lydia said entering the living room,us girls following her behind.

“Yup,we will see Forest Gump tonight,it’s been ages since we last saw it,”Mason said happily.

“Good choice Mase,”Corey said taking the bowl of chips from me and sitting on the carpeted floor.

“I was thinking Star Wars,but Forest Gump sounds great too,”Stiles said sitting beside Malia.

I sat beside Theo on the couch.He smiled at me,so that means he’s back to normal self again.I decided not to ask him about before,I don’t want to ruin his mood again.

“You okay?”I asked him,handing him a can of soda.

“Yes,”he said and took the can of soda from me.

“Where’s Liam?”Scott asked from his spot beside Kira on another couch.

At that exact moment the doorbell rang,signalling it was Liam.I rushed to open the door to greet him,I frowned once I saw how sad he looked.

“Liam,you okay?”I asked him and and hugged him from side.

“Yeah Y/N,”he mumbled.

He took a seat on the couch,I sat in the middle of him and Theo.Mason mentioned earlier that Hayden went to visit his grandma and something was wrong with Liam,something was bothering him but every time Mason asked him,Liam changed the topic.

I observed him the whole night,he was very distant the whole time.He was quite the entire time not really paying attention to the movie playing.He wasn’t like his general self tonight.I was sure it was not about Hayden,I know Liam like I know the back of my hand.

The movie ended the closing credits was beginning to fill the television screen.Almost everyone dozed off.Theo and I made a small talk.Liam suddenly stood up and began to go upstairs towards the balcony,I know.

I stood up to follow him when Theo stopped me.

“Theo,I have to go,he’s been acting so weird all night,”I said to Theo.

“He might want to be alone for some time,give him some space,”Theo said,he almost seemed nervous.

“NO!I already feel I’m a shitty best friend,he’s been going through a sad phase,something I don’t know the reason why,I have to talk to him,”I whisper-yelled at him.

Theo opened his mouth to say something,then decided against it and let me go.

“Okay,whatever,”he scoffed.

I rushed upstairs and just like I thought he was there looking up at the sky in the balcony.

“Liam,”I said softly and walked towards him.

He sighed and looked at me,he then looked up at the sky again and didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong,huh?You can tell me anything you know that right?”I asked him,gently rubbing his arm.

“Everything’s been going bad Y/N,I’m failing my tests,coach is giving me hard time and I miss the company of my best friend”,he said quietly.

I felt guilty,I cleared my throat,”Liam,I’m sorry okay?But I also felt that way when you initially started dating Hayden,”I shrugged.

“I’m so sorry,I realized it too but you forgive me right?”He asked sincerely.

“Ofcourse,I’m sorry too,”I shrugged.

He laughed and hugged me,we were looking up the sky.

“I love you,Y/N,”Liam said smiling.

“I love you too,Dumbar,”I poked him.

“Heeeyyy,it’s Dunbar!”He pouted.

We always said I love you’s just as best friends,at first I wanted it to be more but now I’m glad no feelings were involved.

“So you’re happy now?”I asked him.

“Yeah,but let’s promise we’ll give each other more time and hang out like old times,”he smiled.

“YES PLEASE,I missed you!”I hugged him tighter.

“Me too,”he mumbled. 

I heard someone gasp and I looked to see Theo watching us,he was upset and looked furious.Before I could call him he rushed downstairs.

“Shit,Liam I have to go,”I said hurriedly.

“Okay,do you want me to come with you?”

“No,thanks I’ll call you,bye,”I said already running downstairs.

By the time I reached downstairs I saw him taking his jacket and going towards the door.

“Theo,wait!”I said,he looked at me briefly then exited.

I followed him and called after him repeatedly.He stopped abruptly,I collided with him and made him turn around.

“What happened?”I asked,trying to catch my breath.

“What happened?Oh I don’t know maybe you just confessed your feelings to your Liam,I thought he was dating Hayden?”He scoffed.

“Wait,what?”I asked confused.

Then it clicked he was jealous and he must’ve heard us when we said friendly “I love you’s” like we did always before but he might’ve got the wrong idea.I smiled looking at him,he was jealous so that means he likes me?

“Why the fuck are you smiling?”He asked gritting his teeth.

“You thought I confessed my feelings to Liam?God,no we were just saying it as best friends,we always did before,”I said looking at him,he clenched his fist.

“Oh please,you always had a thing for him,”Theo said angrily.

“I used to but now I like someone else,someone with whom I’m talking to now actually,”I said rolling my eyes yet smiling.

“Yeah okay,but-WHAT?”He said.

“You heard me,”I said shyly.

“You lik-like me?”He stuttered.

“Well,I’m surprised you didn’t get the hint yet but yea,I understand if you don’t feel the same,I shouldn’t have said anyth-,”I was interrupted by Theo smashing his lips into mine.

I was slightly taken aback then once recovered I kissed him with equal passion.

“I like you too,a lot actually,”Theo said shyly.

I had the biggest grin on my face,he hugged me and mumbled,”you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“Me too,”I sighed contently.

|Nate Maloley|Asshole|Chapter 8|

Soon you and Nate found yourself in the position you were in a couple of a weeks prior when Nate and Sammy had gotten into a fight the first time. The two of you were quiet, the only thing being heard in the small bathroom was his occasional gasps and moans every time you applied something to one of his wounds. “What the fuck are we going to do? He’s probably going to tell everyone.” You couldn’t only roll your eyes. This was so typical of him, only caring about his stupid repetition. “So?” You asked through gritted teeth as you applied more pressure than you should have to the cut to his cheek. He winced, jerking away from you before glaring at you. “I don’t get why you care so much. Are you embarrassed of me? Is that what it is?” Nate slightly pushed your shoulders before getting up from the toilet seat. He began pacing and running his fingers through his already messy hair; a nervous habit. “I’m not having this conversation with you.” He pointed at you, his jaw clenched and his eyes glaring. “This,” his hands moved in a circular motion. “Shouldn’t have happened.” “So you’re saying you regret the night we just shared together.” Nate was quiet. “I didn’t mean it like that.” “Then what did you mean, Nate?” He opened his mouth and quickly closed it, causing you to scoff and walk out of the bathroom. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said before grabbing your stuff and heading out the door.

The next day at school was hell and despite the pleads and begs you offered your father in the morning, he had still made you go. It was third period, almost lunch time, and it seemed like everyone knew about the fight, you, Nate, and Sammy. It was embarrassing to say the least as you watched people point, glance over at you, or whisper. The bell soon rang and you were the first one to leave the classroom in hopes of quickly finding Vee so you had someone to talk to. Vee was already waiting at your locker. “So according to Connor Johnson, Nate gave you an STD, and according to Abigail Robinson, you’re caring Sammy’s baby.” She raised an eyebrow. “What the actual fuck is going on?” “I’ll explain at lunch.” Was all you said as you slammed your locker shut and made your way to the cafeteria. You kept your head down and told Vee to do the same as you made you way to the table. Once there, you quickly sat down, head remain down, as you began to tell the story of you and Nate. Once you were done, Vee had her mouth ajar and her eyes wide. “And you didn’t think about telling me?” You only shrugged, taking a bite of your sandwich. “Nate wanted it to be a secret, for some unknown reason to me. He didn’t tell anybody either, not even his best of friends.” Vee was about to say something when Nate silenced her by taking a seat next to you. “The jacks and their girlfriends won’t talk to me, not even Kenny.” Nate looked a mess. He was wearing sweats and a black shirt, and his usual styled hair was tousled and wild as if he’s been running his finger through them the whole day. “Not to mention the rumors going around.” He said, grabbing your sandwich and taking a bite out of it. “Yea,” was all you said, rolling your eyes. “I honestly just want to go home.” Nate nodded in agreement. “I’m sorry, (y/n). Imma fix it.” You only nodded, biting your lips to stop yourself from crying; this was all too much. Nate’s large hands rubbed your back soothingly as he leaned down and placed a kiss to the back of your neck. “I love you, baby girl.” He whispered against you. “Don’t worry.” He gave you another kiss before moving to your cheek. You turned you head, closing your eyes when he gave you one on the nose. “Aww! Y’all are too fucking cute! Too bad you’re an asshole, Maloley.” Vee playfully cooed, rolling her eyes. “I know.” Nate chuckled, bringing you closer to him. “It seems like I’m not the only one who thinks so; the whole fucking cafeteria is staring over here.” You let out a groan as Nate turned his head towards the people. He groaned as well. “Only a few more hours, and we can go home.”

Those couple of hours seemed to drag on forever. You couldn’t wait to go home and sleep and eat and just forget this shit day. It was seventh period, the last and what seemed to be the longest period, and the whispers and stares didn’t seem to led up. You had a feeling you were going to be the talk of the school for a while now. Through the whispers, you would hear the story of what happened. Each story that you heard made you seem like more and more of a bitch. It was only a few minutes until the bell and as you were packing up, two girls walked up to your desk. “who was better, Maloley or Wilkinson?” The shorter one asked. “I can’t believe you got to do them both, you whore.” Your fist clenched as you slammed your notebook back down on your desk. “First off, I didn’t do both of them. Second, I was never with Wilkinson in the first place, so I suggest before you spread shit and start telling stories, you should maybe make sure your info is intact.” You offered them a tight smile before returning to packing up. The bell soon rang and you quickly made your way to your locker to retrieve you bag and out of the building. You stood on your tiptoes as you searched for Vee’s car and almost broke out into dance once you did. As you made your way towards the car, you turned you head, finding Nate outside his car without the crowd of people that usually hung out around him. His eyes met yours and he offered you a small smile before motioning you over. Hesitantly, you made your way towards him, and he immediately engulfed you in a tight hug. “Um, Nate, people are staring.” You said, patting him on the back before letting go. He mumbled a ‘oh yea’ before letting you go. “Today was shit.” Was all he said. “Apparently I gave you a STD.” He chuckled, awkwardly placing his hand on the back of his neck. “Apparently I’m a whore.” You said chuckling. Nate’s postured immediately went tense as he furrowed his eyebrows and clenched his jaw. “Who said that?!? I’ll beat their ass and make sure they never say it again!” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Then beat up everybody, because everyone is saying it.” You said. At that moment, Nate’s old group walked past the two of you. Sammy sent an ice cold glare as the Jacks and their girlfriend looked ahead. Bianca sent a glare too, before stopping and making her way towards the two of you. Nate stood in front of you. “Nate,” she said nodding, completely ignoring you. “I have to tell you something, but,” she glanced at you. “I want to be alone when I tell you.” You crossed your arms. “I’m staying right here.” “You don’t want to hear what’s about to leave my mouth.” She gave you a smile, crossing her arms over her chest. “Stop bullshitting, Bianca, and tell me.” Bianca uncrossed her arms and took a step towards Nate. She reached up, pressing a hand on his cheek before he took a step back. Sighing, she placed a hand on her stomach. Your gaze fell to her hand and you bit your lip, hoping that she was going to say what you thought she going to say. “Nate,” Bianca took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.”

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Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Summary: What happens when Yoongi’s muse gets taken away from him?

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Slight angst

Word Count: 4089

WARNING: SMUT. AND MIN YOONGI OFC bc he needs a warning of his own.

A/N: This is my… uhh—3rd fic of the series, so we’re halfway through? anyway, hope you like it guys and happy 3rd anniversary ofc. I’d like to thank my sweet and lovable Hydrangea, a brilliant beta reader and dear close friend ♥

“Yoongi, I got a boyfriend!”, you exclaim cheerfully unaware of Yoongi’s reaction at the other side of the call.

“Oh”, he felt how the air left his lungs and the pen that was now motionless between his fingers, “that’s.. that’s nice, I guess”, he said in a leveled voice, not giving away the sad feeling that was now crippling it’s way through his heart. You didn’t noticed though, rambling on and on about your new little boyfriend that Yoongi was slowly starting to hate.

Yoongi was a man of few words and you liked to talk a lot, he liked to photograph stuff and certain people, you were one of them, he loved to make music and you loved to hear him babbling about it and definitely hear it. So why weren’t you together?

Keep reading


*long but worth it I swear ;)*

Niall - His birthday

“Hey princess.” your adorable boyfriend said looking at the camera. “Hey my Irish knight in shining armour.” you giggled waving at him. “So how are you?” “I’m great, how’s tour so far?” “Ain’t the same without ya.” he smiled. “But you’re coming here anyway so it’s gonna change.” “Niall.” you stopped him. “What’s wrong?” “About the tour….” you said as you held your breath. “Yea you’re still coming right?” he asked a his smile started to fade away. “I.. I can’t” “But why? You promised!” he said scratching his blonde hair. “Turns out that my break starts next week not this week, and I couldn’t skip school ‘cuz I got a lot of exams this week and if I do, the teachers are gonna fail me.” you said frowning. “Okay.” he replied short. “Please don’t be mad, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine, nothing’s coming up anyway, you can visit on the next stop.” he replied a bit pissed. “I’m so sorry Niall, I’m gonna make it up to you I swear.” “Tell the teacher that you have to go on a vacation ‘cuz school stressed you out.” “I can’t baby I’m sorry.” “Can’t you come at least 3 days? Like be here tomorrow?” “I can’t Niall, I swear I’ll come if I could but I can’t. It’s not that simple.” “Yeah whatever.” he replied looking away. “But I’ll be with you next week?” “But not tomorrow.” he cut. “What’s with tomorrow anyway? Why Niall? I told you I can’t!” you said raising your voice. “Nothing, just miss you a lot.” he said as you saw his eyes started to get watery. “I gotta go, show’s starting, talk to you later.” he said wiping his left eye. “Okay, good luck, I love you.” you said smiling at him but he looked away. “Ya love ya too.” he said looking back at you then hung up. 

You turned your cam off and called Liam, “Hey Liam.” “Hey Y/N! How did it go?” he asked. “He. Didn’t. Suspect. A. Thing!” you said excitedly. “That’s great! So our plan’s still going right?” “Hell yeah!” “What was his reaction?” he asked. “Well he’s pissed, that’s for sure, so prepare to face pissed off Niall.” “Ah, this is going to be hard.” he giggled. “By the way, thanks for helping me with this.” “Yeah sure no problem!” he giggled as you heard someone shouted, “ HEY Y/N! ARE YOU AT THE HOTEL YET?” “Sushhh Lou! Niall could hear you if you talk like that!” “Yeah Louis, way to ruin the plan.” another voice said. “Hahah hey Lou, Harry?” “Yeah it’s me love. Are you at the hotel right now?” Harry asked. “Yeah, plane just landed this morning.” “Y/N, you’re on loud speaker.” “But Niall…” “He’s on stage for soundcheck with Zayn right now.” Liam replied as he continued,”Y/N, just wanted to make sure, you’re staying at my room right now, am I right?” “Liam don’t take other people’s girlfriends, that’s cruel!” Harry giggled. “Haha yeah, I’m with Sophia right now.” “Okay, you’re staying there ‘till tomorrow. Do not go out of that room when Niall’s back I repeat, do not go out of that room. Because his room is right next to ours.” “Aye aye captain.” you said smiling at Liam’s cuteness. “When are you going to the stadium to talk to the fans as we planned?” Louis asked. “Well, Sophia said that if we go to the stadium as planned, Niall will know ‘cuz not all fans knows our plan and if they spot us, they’ll tell Niall and..” “I understand, so where are you going to talk to the fans?” he asked again. “We’re going to talk to them in the ballroom at the 5th floor, the one near the swimming pool.” Sophia cut overhearing your conversation with the boys. “Yeah, we reserved the whole room.” you continued. “When are you going to do it?” “At 5 ‘till 8 pm, tonight, that’s before you guys finish soundcheck.” “No, our soundcheck finishes at 6.” Harry said a bit panicked. “Don’t worry, we can work something out. What if you needed more time?” Liam asked again. “We can continue tomorrow morning, around 9 ‘till 3 pm, before the gates open.” you replied. “We’ll handle it baby, you and the boys go find the cake.” Sophia said smiling at you. “Yeah we can totally do it.” you said nodding to her. “Okay then.” “Does Zayn know about this or?” “Yes he does! That’s why he’s with Niall right now!” Louis replied laughing. “Oh yeah, okay, anyway, see ya later!” “Bye! Good luck!” Liam shouted. “Bye! You too!” “Bye babe! Bye Y/N!” he continued. “Bye!” Sophia said as you hung up the phone. “So, our plan’s going great so far.” you said as you sat on the edge of the bed, followed by Sophia. “Yeah, did you bring your camera?” “Yeah I did.” “I brought mine too, in case you forgot haha.” “That’s great! We could use two cameras!” you said smiling at her. “Yeah.” “Have you talked to the fans yet? ‘Cuz if I’m the one who tweeted about it, Niall would find out right away.” you said a bit worried. “Oh no worries, I did, through a twitcam actually, my first twitcam ever. I did it with Liam last night when Niall was sleeping.” “That’s great! Thank you so much!” you replied hugging her. “Anything for my best friend.” she hugged back. The two of you were getting closer each day since you spent a lot of time shopping or going out together when the boys are on tour. You waited ‘till the time came as you and Sophia went down to the ballroom around 4:45pm. You walked in with her when you saw that a lot of fans showed up earlier than you thought. “They’re here!!” one of them shouted, followed by the rest of them shouting, filling the room. “Ssssshhhhh….” Sophia said gesturing the fans to keep quiet. “Go on.” she continued looking at you. “Thanks baby.” you said smiling at her as she nodded. “Okay, so, hi! You guys know who we are right?” you asked the crowd and they giggled. “Anyway, this plan of ours is top secret so you guys can’t talk about it the moment you left this room until tomorrow night at the concert okay?” “Okay.” the crowd replied all at once. “Haha great! So let’s get started!” you said as you and Sophia took your cameras out and went into different ways. “Sophia, you start from the left, I start from the right.” “Sure!” she giggled. The two of you walked towards the crowd that were sitting on the carpet floor of the ballroom, “So, say anything you want for Niall okay? But keep it short.” you stated as a group of little girls giggled and nodded. They said their birthday wishes for Niall and you moved on the the next group of fans. Sophia did the same. It turned out that the two of you finished recording all of the fans that you still had 20 minutes to spare. “Hey Y/N, we should say happy birthday with the fans, so not only us and them but all together!” Sophia said and you nodded, “That is a great idea!!!!”. You ran outside the ballroom and called one of the hotel staff that were walking by and dragged him to the room. “Guys, we’re gonna do one last thing! Everyone please sit down and..” Sophia instructed as she told the crowd to do everything that she had in mind. “Soph, here.” you said as you hold the staff’s arm. “Great! Would you please record us?” she asked. “Sure miss.” he replied, taking the camera off Sophia’s hand. The two of you did it, with one take. You thanked the fans for showing up and treated them with the amazing food form the hotel. “Remember guys, don’t mention this to anyone, please.” you reminded. “Yeah! Don’t worry Y/N!” one of them shouted. “We’re gonna do a twitcam tonight and tell you the plan for tomorrow.” Sophia added, meanwhile…

“Niall! What’s wrong mate?” Zayn asked hugging his friend. “Nothing.” “Don’t be upset! It’s not her fault that her school sucks.” “Yeah.” “Cheer up mate!” Zayn smiled tickling him. “Zayn, stop, I’m not in the mood.” he mumbled. “Awhh Niall, baby, sweetie, don’t be sad, we’re all here for you.” he giggled as he pinched Niall’s chin and made him smile a little. “There’s that smile.” he laughed.

“I miss her a lot Zayn.” “I know, but you’re gonna see her next week right?” he said trying to sound as natural and as clueless as possible. “Yeah, can’t wait that long.” “You can! Come on, let’s go bowling with the lads!” Zayn said trying to cheer your boyfriend up. 

You went up to Sophia and Liam’s hotel room to start editing, “I’m gonna do the twitcam now if that’s okay?” she asked sitting beside you on the bed. “Sure Soph!” you replied still elated about everything. She turned the cam on and started broadcasting with you sitting beside her. “Hello, so we’re gonna tell you guys our plan in….. 15 minutes? When everyone’s here.” Sophia said smiling at the camera. You edited the fan videos as you waited with her then you opened twitter and you read people talking about it. “SOPHIA! LOOK!” you said handing her your phone. “What? No!!!!!” she said she turned her cam on again. “Guys guys guys! For those of you who didn’t show up today, don’t worry! Just send the video to my email, I’ll tweet it later, but I don’t think we can use all videos, probably 1-3 from each country okay? Please don’t tell Niall! Don’t trend this! He cannot know!” she said reassuring as the two of you read the fans tweeted a yes, and a sure, even they tweeted their friends to keep quiet. Sophia talked to them and you smiled and talked a little then opened her email and it nearly crashed since she got more than 1,000 emails per 5 minutes! You didn’t know which video to use so you came up to the camera instead,”Guys, we just got more than 2000 emails now and we don’t know what to do.” you said, waiting for the fans to come up with something, and a few minutes later, a few of them did. “You guys could pick randomly from each country.” Sophia read out loud. “That’s not a bad idea, but you guys didn’t write where you’re from.” you said opening the emails. “Umm, we’re gonna make a new email then and you guys resend it and add where you’re from in the message okay?” you asked. “They said yes Y/N.” Sophia smiled. You made the email and told them right away and you got more than 5000 email right away. “Thanks guys! Please don’t be sad or jealous if we didn’t choose yours, it’s randomly picked.” you said frowning. “Yeah, we apologise in advance.” Sophia added. The fans were really supportive, all of them said yes and you said your goodbyes and turned the cam off. You and Sophia spent the rest of the night editing and picking videos together, then Liam came in, “Hello hello, how are my girls doing?” “Your girls?” you asked laughing. “Sssshhhhhh!!! Niall’s outside!” he reminded. Sophia stood up and hugged his hubby, kissed him all over his face. “Get a room.” you giggled. “This is our room.” Liam said looking from Sophia’s shoulders. “Haha touché.” you giggled. “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” you asked. “You’re gonna sleep on that bed with Sophia.” he replied. “How bout you?” “I can sleep on the sofa or I can always go to Harry’s. He’s sleeping with Zayn but I could fit in, Louis’ keeping your moody boyfriend distracted for the night.” “Okay great, thanks.” you said as you stood up and hugged him, then sit back and continued editing. “I’m gonna go swim, good luck geeks!” “Wait!” Sophia cut. “What is it babe?” he asked before changing his clothes. “Record yourself saying wishes and all, and also please record the boys? Give it to us later, or tomorrow morning okay? Before the show!!” she continued. “Sure.” he replied kissing her then left the room. The two of you went crazy all night and luckily, finished the project in time. You slept at 2:30 am and woke up at 8 that day, Liam woke the two of you, “Rise and shine geeks! Today’s a big day!” he smiled as he gave you his phone. “About time.” Sophia mumbled as she took your laptop and started editing again. You were still editing when you heard voices from outside, “GREAT JUST GREAT!!” “Niall, what’s wrong?” “LEAVE ME BE!” he shouted slamming the door. Liam went out then went in with the boys right after. “What’s going on?” you asked worried. “Nothing, we acted like we forgot his birthday that’s all.” “Haha awhhh.” Sophia giggled. “Did you get the cake?” “Yep, save and secure ma’am!” Louis said smiling. “Great! I’ll give the video to the tech later!” “No! Don’t! I’ll do it!” Harry said stopping you. “Why?” “Niall? Backstage? Show?” he replied. “Oh yeah! Haha!” you laughed. The boys left the room and went to Niall’s to prepare for the show. 

You finished your video in time and took a shower then went straight to the stadium with Sophia. “What time is it?” you asked panicking as the car stopped in front of the gates. “Relax, it’s 2:45.” she replied. The two of you walked to the gates when a group of fans stopped you,” Y/N, Sophia! Hey!” “Hey! Didn’t i see you yesterday?” “Yes you did omg you remembered!” they shrieked. “What’s up?” Sophia asked. “Well, we made this and we copied it, around 10,000 papers so when we put it up together the whole stadium floor will form this letters.” “Happy Birthday Niall.” you read. “That’s crazy ! Crazy amazing! I’d never thought you guys would do this! This…This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!” you said hugging them. “We gotta go though, we’re still going on as plan okay?” Sophia added. “Yes! See you guys!” they replied excitedly. You went into the stadium and met Harry on stage, soundcheck, “Harry! Here!” you said as you gave him the disk for the video. He nodded and ran backstage. You went to the far right seats on the floor, where Niall wouldn’t suspect a thing. You waited there with Sophia, talked to fans and so. Finally, the time had come, the show. The show started as usual, Clouds for the opening, then the boys went on stage, and all of them knew where you two were, except Niall. Then the time came, the middle of the concert, where the boys go backstage to change. You and Sophia climbed the railings, helped by security, and ran to backstage as fast as possible. “Niall, I’m going to take a wee if you don’t mind. In the meantime, would you please tell us what do you think about this concert in 17 words?” Louis asked as he ran backstage with the boys. “Sure.” Niall replied smiling. Everyone knew that he was still pissed about everything, but it was amazing to know that he came out with a smile and tried to be as happy and as excited as possible on stage. “This… Is…One…..Of….The…” 

Before he knew it, the lights were all out, pitch black. “Hello?” he shouted through his mic and the crowd were so quiet he felt like he was the only one there. “Anyone?” he asked again. No reply. Then the giant screens on stage lit up as he turned around, still figuring what was going on. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL…..” the sound of the speakers emerged. The video was turned on and pictures of him from when he was a baby, till now began showing, even his weirdest, most embarrassing videos. Then the video where he took his glasses off like he’s James Bond,“Wait, no one was there when that happened.” he said and everyone giggled, still watching the video.

The video kept rolling as you, Sophia, and the boys prepared the cake backstage. It started with the fans videos from all over the world where they said their best wishes for Niall, then the boys one by one, starting from Harry, then Liam, Zayn, Louis, followed by Sophia, then you. “Hello my Irish knight in shining armour.” you said in the video, he was shocked,”Happy birthday! Look what we made you! Well, you’re looking at it now!!” you giggled, “I miss you so much, the fact that I had to lie to you about this hurts. I love you. I hope that you have a great year ahead, hope we can still be together, hope the fans support gets you to places, hope that you can be a better person even if you are one!” you smiled as tears starting to fall of your face. “I….I love you so much, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it.” you said wiping your tears. Niall saw the whole thing and shred to tears, even though he was on stage, in front of thousand of fans. Then the crowd, as told, took out the paper and held it in the air as he read it, the one’s on the tribune seats took out their glow sticks, “Let’s sing it together shall we?” Liam shouted as he came out again. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…” they sang as one by one came on stage with you at last, holding the cake, “DEAR IRISH KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOURRRRR!!!!” you shouted, as the crowd continued to sing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY, TOOOOOO, YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” “Happy birthday Nialler!” the boys said as they ran towards Niall and hugged him followed by you and Sophia. Sophia hugged him and then your turn. He looked at you, wiping his tears off, still couldn’t believe that his girl, his everything, his world was there, standing in front of him, on his birthday. You walked with the cake, he ran towards you,“ Make a wish!” “You are my wish.” He replied wiping his tears away then blew out all the candle and took the cake, giving it to Louis. He ran back to you hugging you, lifting you up, twirling, “Princess!!!!! You came!!“ he shouted. “Hey dork. Surprise!” you giggled, kissing him on the nose. “GUYS, THIS IS A CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!!! HELLO???” Louis shouted. “Haha get a room you two!” Harry added. “FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!!!! RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!!!!” Niall shouted at the top of his lungs while holding your waist. The crowd screamed and cried as they saw that sweet moment on stage. #IrishKnightInShiningArmoursBirthday was trending right that instant even though the show were still going. You hugged Niall one last time and you came off stage, helped by security. You and Sophia moved and sat at the VIP section right in front of the stage where Niall was standing. You could see that he was so happy, touched, he couldn’t hold his smile, his laugh. The show went better after that, he was funny, he joked a lot, he played on stage like never before. He sang with the boys happily. He were so happy we even took a stool and sat on it in the middle of the stage, “This is for you guys, all of you, thank you.” he said as he strummed his guitar. He sang as the crowd swooned from left to right and sing along. “Niall, we’ve never heard that song before.” Harry said after he sang it. “I just made it, it’s for everyone here who made this happen tonight. Thank you!!!” 

He giggled as he and the boys continued singing their songs. The show went a lot longer than usual and he tried not to keep looking at you every time he sang another song or when he walked by, but he couldn’t handle it, he loves you too much. You knew that he was going to see you through the show, that he was going to smile or tease you from stage, you knew. You made a sign in a big piece of carton. Liam saw it first then told Zayn all about it, then Louis told Harry, Niall was still clueless till Liam turned his body around, “Niall, look!” he said pointing at you and your big sign. “There’s more.” he read then smiled. “OH MY GOD Y/N WHAT DOES YOUR SIGN MEAN?” Louis asked bursted out laughing on stage. “NIALL, YOU LUCKY LAD!!” Zayn added. 

But what they didn’t know is that the phrase “There’s more” meant something else. Niall just stood there, smiling at you with his adorable grin, “There’s more.”

Forbidden Love (Brett Talbot Imagine)

-Y/N’s POV-
Imagine having to hide your relationship from your twin brother, and your best friend. It’s definitely not the easiest thing I have ever done. But I do it because I love him. I love Brett, and I refuse to let him go because Mason likes Brett a little too much and Liam doesn’t like Brett enough. I know I shouldn’t hide something like this from them, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if Brett and I keep sneaking around.
“Y/N I’m in love with you. We should tell them they deserve to know.” Brett brought up for the one hundredth time this week.
“Brett I want to tell them, I do but they aren’t going to like it and they sure as hell aren’t going to accept this.” I respond as I move my finger back and forth between Brett, and I.
“Y/N/N they will find out sooner or later. You know what my pack says. "Three things that cannot long be hidden, the sun the moon and the truth.” The longer we don’t tell them the more they are going to be hurt when they do find out. And the more hurt they are the harder it’s going to be for them to accept us later on.“ Brett said. And I agree he has a point but everything has just been so great and having to tell the two idiots I have grown up with scares me half to death.
"Okay I’ll tell them soon but first let me try to get Liam to accept you more.” I said knowing that if Liam hung out with Brett more he would ease up when he finds out.
“If you think that’s going to help.” He said sighing in defeat.
“I do but I have to go I promised Li and Mas we could work out together. As if I’m actually going to do something.” I said as I put all my school shit into my bag. He chuckled as I kissed Brett goodbye, and left his room.
On my way to the school I just thought about everything. Six months ago I was making fun of my brother because he believed he was attacked by a berserker (which at the time I didn’t know it was a berserker) now I’m dating a freaking werewolf. Of course Mason just found out about everything but Liam was pissed when he found out I knew about the supernatural world before he got the chance to tell me. As my thoughts traveled to my two best friends I started to think about how pissed they will be at me when they find out. Both will be pissed because I kept it from them but Mas will be more pissed because I’m dating “The Brett Talbot” as Mason would put it, and Liam will be pissed because him and Brett have a bit of a past. Slowly I started to near Beacon Hills High School. When I finally got to the front doors is when I saw Mason, and Liam waiting with impatient looks on their faces.
“Hey guys I’m so sorry I’m late.” I said greeting them both with a hug each.
“Where the hell have you been your 20 minutes late I was starting to get worried.” Liam said in a aggravated tone.
“Chill Li I was helping a girl from my math class with her homework.” I said making up a lie on the spot.
“Oh yea what’s her name?” He said with a challenging tone.
“Lydia.” I said with a sassy tone back.
“You were helping Lydia Martin with her homework your kidding right.” Liam said.
“We were helping each other.” I said knowing Lydia would back me up since she’s the only one that knows about Brett.
“Your lucky your smart or you wouldn’t be able to use our senior friends to your advantage in lying to us.” Liam said.
“How do you know I’m lying did my heart skip a beat.” I say trying to get under his skin now.
“No it didn’t but I know you. And you don’t help or ask for help so why would you be at Lydia’s.”
“Why can’t I hang out with one of my only girl friends."I said questioning Liam’s logic.
"We don’t know and we don’t care I want to work out so are you two done acting like five year olds.” Mason interrupted out little banter. Liam and I both rolled are eyes and said fine.
-one week later-
My plan to get Liam to warm up to Brett isn’t going as well as I planned. Apparently Liam’s new girlfriend Hayden had different plans when she leaned over to my brother and started to fan girl over Brett which only pissed me off and made Liam jealous and hate Brett even more.
“Come on Li it’s not his fault your girlfriend realizes he has a nice body.” I said trying to talk Brett up.
“Why do you care if I like him or not Y/N it’s not effecting anyone is it.” He said in a pissed off tone.
“It’s effecting you Li holding a grudge like this will only hurt you more.” I said trying to sound concerned even though I know Liam’s fine.
“Don’t worry my grudge against Brett will be the last thing that puts me in Eichen House if anything you have to be more worried about the supernatural world driving me insane instead of Brett.” Liam said walking off.
I knew there was only one person that could change Liam’s mind and that was Hayden.
“Hayden could you possibly do me a favor?” I ask giving her an innocent smile.
“Y/N/N I will not put another piece of gum on Liam’s chair no matter how funny it was or how much he deserves it.” She said remembering the last time I asked her for a favor.
“It’s not that. So you can’t tell either of the idiots but Brett and I have been dating for four and a half months and I was wondering if you could get Liam to warm up to the idea of Brett in general before I blow up this ticking time bomb which is my relationship.” I say to her keeping my voice down not knowing who was listening.
“Omg are you serious. I knew it you guys are so cute. I totally ship it.” She said gushing over the new information she just received.
“Yea thanks Hay but I really need to know if you can try this for me.” I said in a desperate tone.
“Oh my god yes of course. Don’t worry I’ll get Liam aboard the Talbot team don’t you worry.” She said chuckling to herself.
“Thank you so much I owe you one.” I said hugging her.
“No need to thank me if I can use how whipped Liam is for good then I might as well.” She said as we both laughed knowing Liam would probably try to fight a five hundred pound man if Hayden told him to.
-later that day-
I saw Liam and Hayden talking when they hugged I saw Hayden give me a thumbs up which made me squeal.
“What the hell was that Y/N/N?” Mason said looking at me.
“Sorry ummm.. I thought I saw a bug on my shoulder.” I said looking at my twin who looked unconvinced.
“Okay whatever you say.” He said walking off as he was mumbling something about not believing we could be related. As Mason walked away Hayden walked up.
“So everything went good and I just told him that I was worried that all this pent up anger towards Brett was going to cause him to explode. And he just nodded and said he would talk to Brett tonight and try to ease the tension.” She said as I looked at her with an astonished look.
“You mean to tell me that my idiot best friend listened to you when you said that but when I said it he told me that that wasn’t his biggest problem.” I said not believing the double standard that is Liam freaking Dunbar.
“I guess.” Hayden said chuckling nervously obviously uncomfortable.
“Chill Hay I was just pushing your buttons. But really thank you maybe it will be easier if Liam and Brett get along.” I said hugging Hayden for the tenth time today.
“Don’t worry about it we’re friends and I totally ship you and Brett so..” She said laughing and hugging me back.
“I’ll see you later.” I said waving to her.
-at Brett’s-
As I was sitting on Brett’s bed reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” for my English assignment Brett’s phone started to ring on his night stand next to me. I looked over and saw it was Liam or in Brett’s phone “Dunidiot” I rolled my eyes and handed Brett the phone internally ready to scold him for the idiotic name.
“Be nice.” I said as Brett was about to answer the phone.
“Only for you princess.” He said while getting up. I sat there for thirty minutes hearing Brett and Liam talk it out then I sat there for another hour and a half trying to read while Brett say there and laughed and messed around with the kid that I could of sworn was his worst enemy like two hours ago.
“Yea I gotta go Dunbar but we can chill tomorrow or whatever.” He said before hanging up.
“That went way better than I ever thought possible.” I said astonished they were even getting along let along making plans to hang out.
“Yea I guess you were right he’s cool and I was just being an ass. Thank you for proving once again that not everyone is as bad as they seem.” He said kissing me.
“Well you know I’m pretty amazing so.” I said getting up ready to go home since it was a school night.
“I love you. You know that right.” He said as I was getting ready to leave.
“Of course I know that and I love you too.” I said kissing him before walking out his bedroom door.
-next day at school-
“Okay so when are you going to tell them because you don’t have to worry about Liam hating your boyfriend but I would be worried about him taking him. Liam’s been texting Brett all morning.” Hayden said chuckling as we walked to first period which happened to be history.
“I was thinking today after we all hang out or before.” I said not having my mind made up.
“I would do it before. You know.” Hayden said.
“Yea I’m just worried about how Mason will take the news.” I said getting nervous.
“He just wants you to be happy don’t worry about it too much.” She said as we took our seats in class.
-during lunch-
Mason, Liam, Hayden, and I were all talking about our plans to hang out today after school. Then Hayden suddenly elbowed me. I looked at her confused.
“Tell them now they seem to be in good moods.” She said
“Okay” I whispered back to her.
“So guys I have to tell you something.” I called attention to Liam and Mas suddenly feeling nervous.
“Is everything okay.” They said in unison.
“Yea but it’s about Brett.” I said looking down.
“Okay.” They once again said in unison seeming very confused all of a sudden.
“I don’t want you guys to be mad at him because he’s wanted me to tell you guys for a while now but Brett and I have been dating for four months.” I said looking anywhere but at them. Then all of a sudden I heard a high pitched scream. Looking up it was Liam who seemed almost excited.
“Look Li if your upset I’m sor-” I began to say.
“Upset? Oh god no since Hayden made me talk to him which now I’m starting realize was probably your plan I have really been enjoying Brett sarcasm and sense of humor maybe we can go on a double date.” Liam said reminding of his girlfriend who had the same idea last night when I was texting her.
“Oh god I think we started a bromance Hay.” I said then I looked at Mas who looked upset.
“Mas I’m sorry I should have told you.” I said but Mason didn’t say anything he just stood up and walked away but of course I followed him.
“Mason please stop I’m sorry I know you had feelings for him and I’m sorry!” I screamed across the hall to him.
“You honestly think that’s my problem right now?” He asked.
“If that’s not then what is the problem Mas?"I asked
"You didn’t tell me. For god sake you told Hayden before me. You and Liam you to bash her and yet she knew before me.” He said getting louder as he got to the end.
“Yea that was when Li and Hayden had problems though she’s really cool though Mas."I said.
"I don’t even care that you like her it’s just we have never had secrets we use to tell each other everything and now I find out that you knew about the supernatural for four months and that you have been dating Brett for almost five.” He said in a duh tone.
“Okay and I’m sorry I just didn’t want to hurt you I knew you liked him.” I said feeling guilty.
“I barely know him you know what I liked about him I liked looking at him Y/N there was no real connection. I wouldn’t have been upset if you would have just told me.” Mason said sounding exhausted.
“I’m sorry Mas I really am.” I said walking closer to him.
“I know you are. How about this promise me no more secrets and I won’t give you the silent treatment.” He said as he held his hand out.
“Deal.” I said shaking his hand when he pulled me in for a hug and we started laughing.
“Now let’s go loser we have the rest of the school day to make you look hot for Mr.Perfect.” He said pulling me down the hall. As I trailed behind laughing.
That day we all hung out Brett and I hugging and holding hands. While Liam and Hayden fangirled and Mason gave Brett the death glare and threatening to end him if he hurt his sister. Which made me laugh because I would love to see Mason try to fight Brett honestly. At the end of the night right before Brett was going leave my house he pulled me into a tight hug.
“I had a lot of fun today. You don’t surround yourself with complete morons.” He said as he held me.
“Yea we’ll get used to those morons because Liam has officially joined the Brett Talbot fan club and I think he’s getting close to being the president. While Hayden’s just excited to have another couple to hangout with which she will use to her advantage.” I said into his chest laughing. He did the same as he pulled away and kissed me.
“I love you Talbot.” I said as he was leaving the room.
“I love you more Hewitt.” He said as he walked out the door.

baloneyinterrogator  asked:

DJWifi (because there is a lack of this pairing), butterflies (the nervous kind, not akuma), level 2 Hope this is okay! Sorry if the prompt isn't that great, I had a hard time picking something.

Whoops! So, here goes my over-enthusiasticness in full gear XO The second I got this prompt, I immediately wrote up a quick breakdown of how I wanted it to go only to have that “quick breakdown” turn into something that is gonna be roughly 5,000 words once finished, so here’s Part 1. I’ll try and get Part 2(final part) posted tomorrow. Let me know what you think. Sorry, this part is pretty Adrienette heavy.

EDIT: Including link to Part 2.

“Alright, dude, I’m totally gonna do it.” Nino whispered, leaning closer to his best friend and deskmate.

“You got this, man!” Adrien quietly said back, pumping his fist to show his encouragement. Nino nodded and smiled in acknowledgement as the two boys bumped fists behind their raised books.

Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling the end of class, and just like that all of Nino’s previous courage was wiped away, replaced with what he could only describe as a serious case of the butterflies. His stomach felt like it was doing parkour tricks off his ribcage, his heart racing like he had just been running a marathon, his palms beginning to sweat profusely. This was a stupid idea, who thought of this stupid idea, this was never going to work.

“Dude? Helloooo?” Adrien waved a hand in front of Nino’s face, noticing the complete 180 in his friends demeanor. As he waited for his friend to return to this planet, Adrien saw the objective of the boys earlier ramblings already on her way out the door. “Nino, look! Alya’s leaving! It’s now or never!”

Snapping back to reality, Nino saw exactly that. The girl he’d been secretly pining for, the object of all his day dreams, walking out of their last class of the day, completely engrossed in a conversation with her best friend by her side. Quickly, he jumped out of his seat, jogging the few steps between his desk and the front door to the classroom and hoping, praying, that he had enough nerve to open his mouth when he got there.

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The Teacher

You take in a deep breath as you walk into your assigned classroom. The desks were arranged neatly to face the front and the sun shone brightly through the windows, making high school seem less like hell and more like a movie.

As more and more students walked in and took a seat, your anxiety grew. What if they didn’t like you? What if they bullied you like when you were in high school? You thought, thinking of all the worse case scenarios.

The final bell rang and you stood up and faced the class. You straighten your All Time Low T-shirt over your little baby bump and make sure that your jean shorts match the school dress code. Jack said dressing like how you usually do would make the students like you more, but after seeing all the other teachers, you regretted the decision.

“Hi I’m Y/N and you can just call me by my first name since I don’t like my last. I’ll be your new English teacher!” you exclaim.

“I like your shirt!” one of the boys yells out.

“Thanks! My fiancé told me to wear it” you explain.

“Oh. How many months pregnant are you?” a girl asks.

“Five” you tell them.

You then continue explaining how the class would be like. You reach into your bag and search for the folder with copies of worksheet you need to hand out to the class. Unfortunalty it wasn’t there and is probably lying on the counter at home. “Shit” you mumble under your breath.

“Sorry guys, this my first time being an official teacher so looks like today we’ll get to know each other and tomorrow we’ll start reviewing everything” you say, letting out a nervous giggle. The class erupts in excitement as you tell them all to stand up to play a game.

A few minutes later your cell phone rings during class, which is weird considering your friends know you’re working.

“Hello?” you answer.

“Hey babe, you left your big folder in the kitchen I’m on my way to school so I’ll be there in like five minutes” he says, and you can hear the radio blasting in the background telling you that he’s telling the truth.

“Oh thank god! Have I ever told you how much I love you?” you ask, receiving many kissy noises from all the guys, well what can you expect from a class full of freshmen.

“Love you too! I’ll see you soon babe” he says before hanging up.

“Okay guys good news! Jack is coming with the worksheets so looks like we’ll be on schedule and if we finish early then we’ll continue the game” you inform them, making them all sit down.

“Is Jack your fiancé?” one the girls asks. You nod with a smile, proud to call him that.

“That’s funny, the guitarist of the band on your shirt is also named Jack” another girls says. You laugh, it looks like a lot of people know about All Time Low in the class.

“Yea, what a coincidence” you lie, waiting to see their reactions when Jack walks in.

“Babe I’m hear to save the day!” Jack screams once he opens the door. Everyone in the class was shocked, some girls even screamed.

Jack hands you the folder and plants a kiss on your lips before surveying the class.

“Guys this is my fiancé Jack” you explain with a smile.

One girl raises her hand and Jack calls on her, pretending to be the teacher. “I love you” she lets out, obviously starstruck and caught by surprise. The other kids laugh at her and continue asking Jack questions.

“Where did you guys meet?” A guy asks.

“I met her after one of my concerts. She was waiting for her ride by the tour buses and it was cold so I invited her to chill with me and the guys” he explains.

“How’d you propose?” A girl asks, looking like she’s in a trance by Jack’s presence.

“Well I didn’t want to be like every other band member and call her on stage, so we went to the beach one day while she was on tour with us and I wrote in the sand ‘Will you marry me?’ Then we played in the water” he says with a smirk since ‘playing’ actually meant conceiving the baby that now lives in your belly.

After a few more questions you know that Jack has to leave so you could finish the lesson.

“Okay, if we’re gonna get any work done Mr.Barakat is going to have to leave” you say, causing the class to sigh.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back. It was great meeting you guys” he says before leaving.

“Now back to business” you say as you hand out the worksheets.


“Thanks so much for saving my butt today” you tell Jack as you sit next to him on the couch. He covers you with the blanket he’s under as well and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Glad I’m here to help” he say with his lips hovering over your neck.

“I was so scared they’d hate me, but now that they know you’re my soon to be husband, they’re gonna love me!” You exclaim, cuddling closer to him.

“Yeah everyone loves me,” he says, “But everyone loves you more.”

“Thanks Jacky” you say, giving him a kiss.

“Oh and cudos to you for willingly going back to hell. I would never stay in high school for more than an hour at a time” he says with an exaggerated shudder.

“Yeah but this time I’m in charge so I’m basically the queen of hell” you say evilly.

“So does that make me the king of hell?” he asks.

“Yuppers” you squeal.

“Then this is an Instagram moment!” he says as he grabs his phone.

“Don’t you mean Hallmark moment” you giggle.

“No Instagram” he says more confidently as he focus the camera on the two of you.

On the first try, Jack manages to get a cute picture of you smiling against his chest as he rests his head on yours.

“I love you so much” you say again, now looking directly at Jack’s dark brown eyes.

“But I’ll always love you more” he says seriously before planting his lips on yours. His large hands find their way to either side of your waist and gracefully lifts you on top of him to deepen the kiss. You slide your delicate fingers under his shirt and your lips split for a millisecond in order to take his shirt off, then once again to take your off. You reconnect your lips with his, causing him to smile into the kiss as he fumbles with unclipping your bra. He starts kissing lower and lower, but as he was about to pull your shorts down, you hear the doorbell.

“Shit” Jack says against your body as he detaches himself from you. “I’m so sorry! I forgot I invited the boys over” he apologises as you two put on your clothes.

“It’s okay. We’ll continue once they’re gone” you whisper against his lips before getting off the couch to answer the door.

A/N Okay I know I’ve been on a hiatus but I’m back for good now! Yeah I just like got a new therapist and and boy probs and school has been shitty and friend problems. But it made me realize how much I love writing and how it’s the best way to escape for me.