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in which junior prom is a thing and michelle is having fun at the thing, which may or may not be because peter parker is her date, but shhhhh.

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  • when michelle was younger, she didn’t exactly have a lot of suitors knocking down her door. none of her classmates were leaving cute notes in her locker or asking her to be their valentine. so maybe michelle is feeling a little nervous as she sits in front of the mirror on friday night. prom night.
  • 6:07
  • prom is in the gym of midtown high. everyone agreed to leave her apartment at seven because who needs to show up on time? unless you’re cindy and you’re working the prom, but they don’t have that concern. everyone is supposed to arrive at her house at six thirty for snacks and prom pictures™. which means peter should be arriving in approximately eight minutes if his previous history is any indication.
  • she takes a deep breath, looking at herself in the mirror. her mother absolutely adored the red of her dress. so she took the lead with everything else prom related. she’s wearing her mom’s red heels from the nineties and her mom’s bold red lipstick from…well…from sephora, she thinks?
  • she doesn’t ask her mom about date nights with her dad. that’s just…weird.
  • anyway
  • michelle knows she looks beautiful. but part of her is worried. because, well, her previous crushes haven’t always thought so and she’s nervous that, despite all the signs she’s hoping that she’s reading correctly, peter only likes her as a friend.
  • “michelle.” her father calls from outside her bedroom door. “peter is here.” he slowly opens the door, sticking his head around. his smile spreads wide and bright across his face as he walks over to his daughter. “mj, honey, you look beautiful.” he hugs her tightly and mj smiles into his shoulder. she really loves her dad. but oh god, is he crying again?
  • “dad! you promised!” she pushes him away, hitting him lightly on the shoulder, though she’s chuckling with a bright grin on her face.
  • “I know, I know!” he wipes his tears quickly and takes a deep breath. “but it’s just you and I here, so it’s okay. I won’t cry in front of your boyfriend.” he draws out the word in a song and shakes his shoulders from side to side when he says it and michelle groans and wants to stomp off but these heels are higher than she’s used to so she just walks, simple and dignified.
  • she waits at her door for her dad, nonetheless. and if she grabs his hand before walking to the stairs, that’s nobody’s business. she’s allowed to do-
  • fuck
  • there is no way peter parker should ever be allowed to look that good.

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harutaka in -over the dimension-

—their first interaction in the novel takes up most of the second chapter. haruka is supposed to be designing the enemies for the game they’re making for the school festival, but he’s spacing out and can’t think of what to draw—so takane starts yelling at him. haruka thinks to himself that he wishes she’d stop being so rude, particularly because he’s worried that no one will want to marry her because of it.

—they start talking about what kind of enemies haruka should create. he didn’t want to draw zombies like takane suggested, so they come up with a solution together. he’s happy and inspired when takane suggests they base them off animals instead.

—takane smiles at haruka, which he says makes him smile too.

—haruka came up with the game’s title the day before, but no one has voiced it aloud yet. he gets excited upon realizing that takane’s going to be the first one to say it.

—haruka notes that he’s happy takane inspired him in deciding what enemies to draw.

—he’s on a roll with designing the characters. the thought of takane being excited about it is his…….driving force, to say the least. says he “salivates” at the thought of it lmao and he blushes a little even. he wants to impress her and have her compliment him.

—haruka talks on the phone with kenjirou and thinks about how he’s having trouble creating the game’s final enemy. he gets excited suddenly, then asks kenjirou if he has a picture of takane he could borrow.

—haruka’s over at kenjirou’s house the week before the school festival to work on the game, and he’s spending some time with ayano. after she’s gone, he notes that there’s only one person his age that he feels comfortable around (takane.)

—he closes his eyes and euphorically images her—in very precise (and almost provocative) detail. he notes that he doesn’t need a picture of her, and he can imagine takane more vividly than any photo.

—he’s then overwhelmed by the urge to say her name out loud, and decides to since no one’s around. he starts to when there’s a knock on the door, at which point he feels embarrassed. (in the illustration he looks so blissful when he’s thinking about her omg.)

—kano comes in disguised as ayano. then asks haruka if he was thinking dirty thoughts just now. haruka freaks out and comments (almost guiltily,) that no, he wasn’t, then specifically notes that he was thinking about takane though.

—it goes on to the school festival in the next chapter, there’s a long description (which is honestly kind of on going throughout the whole chapter,) of haruka observing takane playing video games. he’s amazed and even inspired because she’s so good at them, and lives up to her title as “dancing flash ene”.

—not really too ~concrete~ in terms of harutaka but it was still really funny to me: takane calls haruka a dumbass for being as excited as he is, and he just agrees like HELL YEAH I’M A DUMBASS.

—haruka watches shin and takane face off in headphone actor, and notes that he’s feeling unexpected jealousy. he says he wants to be able to play games with takane, and make her feel as excited and “impassioned” as she feels right now.

—he congratulates her even though she lost.

—he comments again in his mind that he wants to play video games with takane, casually mentions it to shintaro, then gets incredibly excited at the prospect when shintaro offers to teach him how.

—later when he and shin are playing video games, shin says that haruka and takane should battle—but haruka still feels too inexperienced to do so, and he’s afraid that takane won’t wanna play against him again if he flat out loses to her the first time.

—in the next chapter, he and shin are at an arcade keeping an eye on momo—when takane calls haruka. takane tells him that it’s ayano’s birthday, and she’s throwing a party for her. haruka wants to attend but has to take care of momo first, so he can’t right now. he then lies to takane about where he is, because he knows that takane doesn’t like shintaro—and he doesn’t wanna put her in a bad mood for hanging out with him instead. after they hang up, he feels terrible for lying to takane.

—takane implies that she wanted to bring haruka to the arcade herself, and also teases him a little that he lost his chance to go with her.

—takane is at the arcade with ayano, and it turns out they’re gonna be facing off against haruka and shintaro in a tournament final. it’s haruka against takane, and shintaro against ayano.

—takane calls his and shintaro’s costumes freaky without knowing who they are (since they were wearing masks,) and haruka gets a li’l emo lmao.

—haruka realizes this is the first time he’s facing off against takane and gets nervous since he hasn’t mentally prepared himself.

—haruka only wins because he calls out takane’s name during the match……for some reason, and distracts her. takane isn’t mad later when she finds out he lied to her, but tells him not to lie to her ever again.

—towards the end of the chapter, takane gets flustered that he isn’t paying attention to her when she’s talking—he’s distracted thinking about how he’s going to die.

—at the beginning of the next chapter, he’s thinking about when he battled takane just because.

—shintaro comes and visits haruka at his house, he thinks about how he considers shintaro to be a good friend. haruka then says he’d also consider takane a friend, but doesn’t feel quite right about calling her that. he admits that his feelings for her might be love, but he can’t act on or even acknowledge the fact, because he knows he’s going to die.

—he goes for a walk later that night, he says he wanted to do something special before he dies. he thinks about how great it’d be if he and takane could face one another in the upcoming dead bullet tournament, and says it could be a precious moment of his life, and he doesn’t feel like it’s wasted.

—haruka’s last moments alive, spent with takane:

“The sounds around me seemed to echo mindlessly in my ears, and soon I could only pick up the barest nuances of Takane’s words. What did she say? I didn’t know. She sounded real sad, though.

Ahhh, I’m sorry, Takane. I’m really sorry. I’ve received so much from you, but I couldn’t give you anything in return.
I bet you’re angry about it. Well, you can be, if you want. You can punch me, even. If it helps you get over it, you can do anything you like.
Oh, but don’t take it out too much on people besides me. You might run into all kinds of wonderful people later on in life. You need to treat them with the care they’ll deserve. 
Yeah. That’s right. You’re a kind, gentle girl, Takane. You need to keep on smiling. You need to be happy. 

So, please, Takane. Stop crying…”

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Hi!! Can I request the RFA crew and none of them have released their identities to mc. Mc then goes on about being in love with them not realizing they are in the chat (ex: mc sees zen in a magazine and comments in the group of how much she likes him but the group doesn't tell her zen is the chat) if that makes sense. I'm sorry if it's confusing 😓

 aaaahhhhhhhh sorry this is so late! i’ve been so busy with ap tests :( but this was so much fun to write!!!

Not Recognizing the RFA


  • You told the RFA how there was this really cute boy in your biology class
  • He was kinda adorkable and overall really sweet and you really like that about him
  • When someone asked what school you went to you told them SKY University
  • Seven immediately asks what your crush’s name was and you told them it was Yoosung
  • Zen and Seven thought it would be funny to keep it a secret that the Yoosung you liked was also reading this entire conversation
  • After that chat, Yoosung gained a little more confidence in talking to you in person
  • He ended up being a little flirty with you omg this lil bean
  • Every time you spoke to each other, you gushed to everyone in the messenger about him
  • You go on a really cute study/coffee date!!!!!!!
  • zen and seven congratulate yoosung on becoming a man lol
  • When the day of the party arrives, Yoosung is super nervous but also really excited to see the look on your face
  • You get to the party and meet everyone but you notice they all have that mischievous smile
  • You realize there’s a member missing
  • *a wild Yoosung appears!* lol wHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE
  • “Surprise! I’ve been an RFA member all along and I’ve been reading everything you ever said about me hahahaha……………”
  • He’s red in the face and you’re red in the face and the members are placing bets on who’s gonna make the first move lol
  • After the initial shock, you both start laughing and you end up staying by each other’s side the whole time
  • The party ends and he gives you a goodbye kiss jasfhsjaikd
  • Zen and Jaehee just won 50 bucks lol


  • Your friend introduced you to some musical that starred Zen in it and you were immediately head over heels for him
  • When you told the RFA about this new up and coming actor, Jaehee started fangirling
  • She starts going on about Zen and recommends some of his musicals and sends photos of him to you
  • Meanwhile, Zen is watching this convo unfold all while smiling really smug to himself
  • He decides to have a little fun by pretending to not be the actor you currently have a gigantic crush on and may or may not actually be falling in love with
  • Also he can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about himself amirite
  • at this point, everyone but jaehee and zen have left the chat
  • He’ll send selfies of you claiming they’re secret photos he got off the internet and your heART GOES HAYWIRE
  • Zen is having fun with this
  • He ends up surprising you by telling you he scored front row tickets to his new show
  • You. Are. Dead.
  • You ask him how on earth he got tickets but he just says he has connections somehow or somethin idk
  • He thinks it’s really cute that you’re such a big fan of him
  • But he especially loves how it’s not just for his looks! You also admire his talent and how kind and devoted he is to his fans!
  • That’s how he falls for you but he doesn’t know if you’ll love him back or just remain a fan
  • Come the party day and he’s a little nervous to meet you
  • When you see him, you start freaking out because how did Zen end up at this party?!!?!?!!?1?1
  • He starts laughing as he explains that he was a member of the RFA
  • you nearly faint bc omg the amount of embarrassing things that you said
  • After letting the news sink in, he proclaims his love for you
  • You’re super happy because of course you love him too because you were able to get to know the real Zen in the chat and not just the actor
  • When you tell him that, he is sososososo happy!!!!


  • You met this really cute girl at a coffee shop one day 
  • She was in a rush but she made quick small talk with you but you never got her name
  • When you told the RFA about her, you were super blushy and everything awww
  • But Jaehee is a super smart girl so she was able to kinda put two and two together and figure out that she was the one you met
  • Now she’s getting all blushy bc “wat MC likes me??? she thinks i’m cute?!!?!?”
  • Since that day, she makes an effort to go to the same cafe at the same time in hopes of meeting you again
  • And you’re doing the same thing so you end up meeting each other every day
  • You two claim it’s just a “coincidence”
  • calling u on ur bullshit
  • The both of you end up developing HUGE crushes on each other it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the RFA is rooting for you two lol
  • Especially Zen and he’s also trying to be that lowkey wingman for baehee in the chat without revealing who she really is
  • You thought it would be a good idea to invite Jaehee to the party
  • She accepts while trying to hide her laugh bc little did you know
  • The day arrives and you’re nervous to finally meet the RFA but even more nervous bc oh god Jaehee is gonna be there too you gotta look nice
  • You spot Jaehee right away and you give her a big hug before leading her around and trying to find the RFA
  • You see a group of men walk up to you and they introduce themselves as the RFA
  • You introduce Jaehee as the girl you’ve been talking about
  • “MC, there’s no need to introduce me. I already know them.”
  • lol wut
  • She giggles and explains that she is the other member and you nearly faint you’re so embarrassed
  • She takes your hand in hers and says, “Don’t worry, MC. I happen to like you a lot too.”


  • You had recently gotten a job at the C&R Company and had coincidentally been placed to work in the same department as Jumin’s
  • Despite the rumors and the crazy amount of workload, you had slowly started to develop some feelings for him
  • You never really saw him that much since he was so busy
  • But when you did, your heart would beat like crazy even though you knew that being with him would probably never happen in a billion years
  • So you vented to the chatroom one day after having a run-in with Jumin
  • You told them how you had started to fall for him even though you knew her could never have feelings for you
  • Jaehee was stunned
  • Yoosung and Seven fucking lost it
  • Zen nearly s c r e a m e d
  • When Jumin read your messages, he was shocked to say the least
  • How funny that the MC he’s falling for is also in love with him without realizing it
  • He immediately looked up your employee info so he could have a little fun with this 
  • The next day at work, you were surprised to run into Jumin but even more so that he decided to actually have a conversation with you that didn’t involve work
  • He was a lot nicer and relaxed and smiled more than before
  • You told the members about the interaction while Jumin fucking smirked the entire time
  • This continued for a while, him randomly running into you at work and chatting while you silently died inside
  • same mc same
  • Party day arrives and you’re looking around for the members when BAM
  • juMiN iS HeRE?!?!1/!?!!?
  • You slowly make your way towards him and the small group he was talking to
  • He sees you and smiles
  • “Ah MC, it’s so good to see you again. Let me introduce you to the other RFA members.”
  • O-Other members?”
  • The gears start working in your head before you realize that Jumin was a member
  • Which meant he read all your messages
  • Which also meant that today was your death day
  • He laughs at your expression when you figure it out but reassures you that the feelings are mutual
  • You both smile at each other as he kisses you on the cheek
  • meanwhile zen is now officially screaming


  • The agency you worked for partnered you up with Seven for a mission
  • Agents 606 and 707: The best hacker and best field operative the agency has
  • also fucking badass holy shit i might write a fic
  • Ever since your successful mission, you two have been partners on every single one following that
  • While kicking ass, you had slowly started to develop feelings for him
  • When you joined the RFA, everyone introduced themselves except for one who was a hacker
  • To you, it made sense that he had to hide his identity
  • Also for some strange reason, this hacker reminded you of Seven hmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why
  • You introduced yourself to the group, though, and Seven nearly choked on the chips he was eating
  • As the days passed by, you grew more comfortable with the group and eventually told them about the troubles in your love life
  • You told them how you had fallen for your partner but you didn’t think he loved you back because he tends to push you away sometimes
  • Seven: Dead.
  • Little did you know that he was in love with you too
  • The reason why he pushes you away was because he didn’t think that you loved him
  • Since then, Seven has started to open up a bit more around you and you were really happy with that
  • In classic Seven-fashion, he thinks it would be hilarious if he kept it a secret that he was an RFA member
  • The day of the party arrives and you’re about to leave when you run into Seven
  • “Where you going?” He asks you
  • “Heading off to the party with the RFA. I told you about them, remember? See you later!”
  • yes you will lololol
  • When you meet everyone at the party, you’re all happy to finally meet each other 
  • But you notice that your new hacker friend was missing
  • In the corner of your eye, you see a flash of red and immediately recognize it as Seven
  • You confront him and ask him how and why he’s at the party
  • “For the agency’s best spy, you’re really bad at recognizing people.”
  • Putting two and two together, you realize that he was the last member of the RFA
  • *cue you slapping him repeatedly on the shoulder as he laughs his fucking ass off*

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Hello Kel, and welcome to this wonderful of headcanons! ^^ What about the RFA+Minor Trio reacting to a "i'm pregnant"? Idk, i like this headcanon so much, and i always ask for it lol :v thank you so much ;3; ~i don't know your work very well but the notifications are on! and i'll probably send you a lot of asks sorry not sorry

Thank you! I hope you like this.

Sort of got stuck on what to do with Jumin so I apologize if it’s not that great. Also, I didn’t include Jaehee, but if you want, I can do one where it’s adoption or something. 


  • “Could you repeat that please, MC.”
  • Takes him a few moments to process this information
  • Probably asks something like if you’re pregnant with a baby.
  • Like what else would you be pregnant with????
  • Once his brain wraps around the idea he’s super excited.
  • Gives you a giant hug
  • Then worries he might squish the baby and pulls away freaked out
  • But he calms down once you assure him he can’t squish the baby
  • And then he panics again because omg you need a crib and diapers and toys and doctors and so many things. There is such a long list!
  • And he needs to tell everyone!
  • He’s rambling on about everything that needs to be done as though it needs to be done now
  • “Yoosung, the baby won’t come for six more months. We have time. Calm down.”
  • Okay. So buying the crib can wait
  • But he still needs to tell everyone.
  • By the end of the night, the RFA, your families combined, his entire LOLOL guild, and probably the rest of the world knows you are pregnant.


You hadn’t decided how to tell him yet but it sort of just slipped out

  • The two of you were discussing a job he had been offered that would require him to travel for about a month
  • The month being the same one you would be due.
  • Normally you would have been ecstatic and encouraging him to take it, so when you were obviously reluctant, he knew something was up.
  • “Zen, I’m pregnant. I’ll be due that month.”
  • Not exactly how you wanted to tell him, but it worked.
  • His eyes went wide and a big grin appeared on his face.
  • Forget the job, he was going to be a father??!
  • “Pregnant? We’re having a child?”
  • “Yes.”
  • He screams and pulls you into a hug.
  • Asks a bunch of questions, most of which you can’t answer.
  • “I just found out, Zen. I don’t know the gender yet.”


  • He’s at work when you find out
  • Eager to tell him, you call him
  • He’s in a meeting but he takes the call anyway. He always takes your calls.
  • As soon as he hears the news, meeting canceled
  • You’re pretty sure Driver Kim was ordered to speed considering how fast he gets home
  • And how did he have time to grab flowers??
  • He picks you up and gives you a tight hug while planting kisses all over your head.
  • He’s listing off all the things you need to do, all the people that need to be called, etc, etc
  • But you don’t pay much mind to that
  • You’re just happy he’s happy.



  • He wasn’t as excited as you expected.
  • He smiled and hugged you but it felt forced?
  • You thought maybe he was just distracted. You had interrupted him during his work.
  • But the rest of the day he was oddly quiet.
  • Of course, you’re worried.
  • It was one thing not getting the reaction you expected earlier, but now he was acting strange.
  • Quiet and distant like you did something wrong.
  • Maybe he doesn’t want a child.
  • Should have worn a condom then…
  • Maybe he’s just having one of his days?
  • You decide to confront him.
  • “Are you unhappy that I’m pregnant?”
  • “What! No!” He looks upset that you would even think that.
  • Asks you why.
  • When you tell him, he sighs and pulls you onto his lap and holds you close.
  • “I’m happy. I want to have a child with you. But…”
  • “But?” but what?
  • He explains he’s just worried about your safety and the childs safety and whether he can be a good parent since he never had a good example.
  • And he’s just stressed from dealing with his brother lately too.
  • But he is happy. He does want this child.
  • And he is sorry he acted weird.
  • Of course, you give him reassurances and tell him it will be okay.
  • By the next day, he’s the picture of excitement about it.
  • Already talking about how to make a really cool crib that flys.
  • No. Saeyoung. No flying cribs.


  • He’s not sure how to take this news.
  • How does one react to this? He hasn’t got a clue.
  • Probably should be happy.
  • But ya know…edgelord and all
  • No jumping up and down with joy here
  • Sort of shrugs at it.
  • Like. Okay. That’s cool.
  • Goes back to whatever he was doing.
  • Well, you sort of expected that.
  • Later he’ll ask some questions though.
  • Probably get nervous about it.
  • Curious about the process and maybe throws out some names.
  • Don’t worry, he’ll get excited with time.


  • The smile on his face couldn’t possible get any wider when you tell him the good news.
  • He’s practically glowing.
  • He pulls you in for a hug and gives you tons of kisses
  • Later that night, he approaches you with a very serious look and asks if he can talk to you about something.
  • He tells you he’s been thinking about the surgery again.
  • He wants to go through with it. He wants to be there for you and the child and that will be hard if he is blind.
  • And he wants to see his child
  • Of course, you’re on board 100%
  • The two of you meet with Jumin the next day and the surgery is scheduled as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared for lots of pregnancy photos!!


  • I feel like the first thing out of their mouth would be a curse word.
  • No smiling.
  • Like Seven, they are instantly worried.
  • Given their past, they’re always afraid something will happen to you because of them
  • Now a child might be in danger to….
  • Luckily, you expected this reaction.
  • You sit them down on the couch and hold their hands
  • Lots of reassurances and kisses
  • You tell them you want to keep the child. You want a family. Even if it’s dangerous. Life is dangerous.
  • They’re reluctant, but your determination sways them
  • By the end of your talk, they’re not exactly excited, but they do smile.
  • If this is what you want, they will make it happen
Songs of Ssael Prayerbook

Wanted to talk about my newest prop for Duane real quick. Was waiting to get the new photos up first, but I do not have time to edit them at the moment and needed a quick break from sewing my next costume.

Wish I had a before shot to share because it used to be blue.  Materials I used: a book, scrapbooking paper in green, gold, black velvet, and a fun design (you’ll see that one later), green and black fabric paint, tan, white, black, and brown acrylic paint, twine, gold ballpoint pen, a hot glue gun, and a lot of Modge Podge.

I was really picky about the base book I chose. It had to be the right size in my hand…not too thick as to look bulky but not so thin as I couldn’t do a little something fun with it.  I also ended up choosing this one because it left the ends of the pages raw and I liked the rough look of it! I had to sand the top of the book though, since the pages were dyed orange.

Here you can see where I tore off half of the spine. That was my first step, before I even started painting. You can also see where I glued down the twine bindings on the spine and the pieces that hang from the top of the book. I also used hot glue to seal the raw end of the twine so it wouldn’t unravel.

The designs I traced a vector for from the art and used that to print a stencil of sorts I could use to cut the pieces out with an exacto knife. It’s all glued down with Modge Podge.

All of the weathering with black and white I tried to keep as close to the illustrations of the book as possible.

Here is the rarely seen back! This is where the tan paint really came in. I used it to color the blue so I could save that slightly leathery texture of the original cover.  The green paper I glued on to re-do the cover I purposely left loose on that corner and tore the edge around to make it uneven.  I also spritzed it with water to get it extra floppy.

One of my personal touches was the old bloody handprint on the back. The space was partially covered in the art, and on its own it felt empty. I figured, Duane must have picked up the book after accidentally eating somebody at least once right.  I just painted my fingers brown and slammed them down on the back of the book.

Here is a detail shot where you can really see the textures in the papers I chose. I like the randomness of the gold, and the elegance the velvet added.  The green had a linen look to it that I thought fit well wishing the comic’s aesthetic.

I also want to talk about the letters here. Finding simple gold letter stickers was, oddly enough, impossible. I ended up buying purple glitter ones instead. I had to scrape off all the glitter, resurface it with Modge Podge, and color it with my gold leafing pen.  The ‘f’ I had to extend as well…placing a piece of another sticker under it before applying the Modge Podge.

Here is another detail shot showing the fun rough edges of the book, as well as some of the weathering I did on the edge.  For the edge I tried to sand through the paper to the tan paint I had applied underneath…but I ended up sanding through the paint too fast to the original color of the book. So in the end I took a box cutter and carved away at all the edges, down to the cardboard cover itself.  I ran sandpaper over the carved edges to make it look more like it had worn down and had not been carved out.

This is probably the roughest part of the book, but still pretty  happy with it! In the art it’s so small it’s just scribbles so I had to improvise what to put up there.  Considering the book it had to be Tainish for sure. The phrase I had originally chosen was too long, so I ended up mashing two other ones together and hoping it makes sense.  Can’t say I’m too well versed in Tainish grammar after all. I had also wanted to draw it in the Tainish alphabet, but sadly that is not available, so I used cursive instead.

For those who may have trouble reading my sloppy penmanship it reads:
Ssael fhikemun rish ul a Llede Llaemasa

Which should, in theory, translate to:
Ssael reveals the way to his Lions of Mercy

The inner cover I also redid with a paper with a fun design.  The edges of the green showed and I wanted a nice clean look all around.  Also a little extra weathering just cuz.

And last but not least, the whole reason I decided to do this project in the first place! I needed a place to keep my ribbons at ALA.

I made this into a hollow book with a lot of Modge Podge and cutting of pages and more Modge Podge and some heavy things. This is why the book couldn’t be too thin.  I made sure to leave a number of pages at the front loose so I could also use it as a prop.

invderjade  asked:

I just come out as a lesbian and it don't go well I lost nearly everyone I care about except my bbf who is now my gf and I was wondering if you could write a jenstar on this to make me feel better if your writing stories angin if not i'm sorry I bothered you

No you’re not bothering me! I hope you feel better after our talk, and I’m sorry this took so long to get to you, but I got overloaded with being busy and junk. I hope you feel better and enjoy the story!!!!

I’m actually really proud of how this turned out, even though it’s a little short. So tell me what you think of it!!!!

“You’re dating another girl?” Moon asked, astounded. Star bit her lip and held Janna’s hand shyly. Moon was silent for a long while and Star began to feel more and more nervous. “Why this is… just… wonderful!” Moon exclaimed. Star and Janna’s heads both popped up in shock and Moon made her way down the steps to meet them.

“W-wonderful?” Star asked. Moon nodded and had a bright smile, a smile Star was not used to seeing on her so-serious mother.

“Of course dear! Oh Janna it’s wonderful to meet you!” Moon cried.

“But aren’t you angry? Mewni won’t have a king if I don’t marry a boy.” Star explained. That was the root of her worries, that her finding love would prove bad for the kingdom. But Moon shook her head and motioned for the children to follow her into the next room. There was a large book on a podium and Moon opened it, it was like a family photo album that dated back centuries.

“Through time, the queen of Mewni always acted as the authority figure of the royal family. Although the king had much power, the queen was not only the face of the kingdom, but the strength and heart. It’s what the people have come to expect.” She explained.

“But that doesn’t mean the king does nothing.” Janna interrupted. Moon smiled and nodded.

“Exactly. But you two are more than capable of taking over the tasks that would be assigned normally to the king.” Moon assured. “And with two queens that image of power and authority will be twice as much!” She grinned.

“So we can rule Mewni? Together?” Star asked, smiling. All the sudden she felt… excited? About being queen?

“Yes Star. Not to mention the burden won’t fall solely on you. You’ll have somebody to help you. And you’ll be happy.” Moon took her daughter’s face in her hands and gave the top of her head a kiss. “You’ll have somebody you love and you’ll be able to rule together… and I’m sure this teamwork will make you a better queen than I.” Moon looked away with a small smile.

“I think you’re holdin’ down the fort pretty well.” Janna shrugged, looking around. Moon laughed and shook her head.

“Nobody is perfect. I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes.” She explained. Moon then looked down at Star. “I just… want you to be better than I was. Please understand, Star. I don’t expect you to be perfect. Nobody is.” Moon admitted. “In fact, I expect you to be something far greater than perfect… I expect you to be Star Butterfly.” She smiled at her daughter. “The princess who will make the greatest queen Mewni has seen yet.”

Star wiped away a tear and jumped into her mother’s arms. “I love you, mom.” She told the woman. Moon smiled and hugged Star back tightly.

“I love you too dear.” She whispered. “I know I may push you but… It’s only because I see everything you have to offer and… I want you to flourish as much as you possibly can. I don’t expect you to be flawless, I don’t WANT you to be flawless! I just want you to be YOU. And be happy, Star. And if this lovely young woman makes you happy,” Moon looked over at Janna, who was tapping something on the wall, causing it to fall and break “then I am happy for you.” Moon finished.

“Does this mean me and Star can keep seeing each other?” Janna asked, a bit stupidly. Moon laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Well of course. I didn’t give that speech for nothing.” She joked. Star smiled and ran to jump in Janna’s arms. The two girls laughed and spun around in circles, giggling with each other about their love and all the excitement they’ll have in their young lives. Moon took a step back and looked at her daughter. “She’s happy… she deserves to be happy.” She told herself, watching the couple dance together. “Take care of her, Janna.” Moon whispered, even if Janna could not hear her now, this was a speech Moon would one day say to her face. “Be better to her than I was. Push her to be her best, but don’t make her feel like she’s not enough. Because even her flaws are extraordinary.” Moon smiled.

“I remember your mother saying something similar to me.” Moon turned and saw her husband enter the room behind her. “And she was right. Everything about you my queen, is positively perfect.” He told her.

“I think you for the compliment.” Moon said, her formal tone was meant to be taken in a teasing manner. “But you couldn’t be more wrong.” She smirked. River looked confused and Moon shook her head. “There’s no such thing as perfect, but we are as beautiful as we are. And even with our flaws, we can accomplish anything.” Moon looked out at Star and Janna who were now dancing together in some sort of foolish way. “She can accomplish anything.”

OUAT/CE Convention Guidelines/Tips/Advice

Hi, everyone! So, a lot of convention newbies have been asking me for tips, and advice surrounding conventions mostly focused on OUAT cons/Creation Entertainment hosted ones lately and I decided to make an entire post about it to save me time and to help other people who don’t ask or are too shy to! Basically, a Dummies Guide to Conventions. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me! I would love to help you have a better experience! I’m going to go over a couple of different things here, as detailed and thorough as possible, just based on my experiences. I also shared my personal packing list. I hope you find some of this useful/helpful, and if not, I hope I’ve managed to make you smile or even giggle at some points!

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anonymous asked:

i'm mobile so i'm just going by what i can see in ur description so sorry if i messed up or this has been done before!! how do you think the chocobros would react to finding out their s/o was either really badly injured during the fall of insomnia or didn't make it out at all? :o

(Enjoy! This made me really sad to write ;-; sorry if it’s not too good, I’ve been really tired and unfocused all day.)

Noctis - The news of his father’s death is barely setting in as he stands looking over the rubble of Insomnia. Then, when he receives the call from Cor, he hears a voice he recognises in the background, groaning in pain. His S/O. When he meets him, he pushes past him to his partner. They tried to fight back, but ended up getting so badly injured that the emergency medical staff had to amputate their whole forearm. He simply falls. He’s glad they’re alive, of course, but he feels crushed. He lost his father, and now the most important person left to him is left with a permanent scar. He simply stares at them, pulling away and hesitating as he reaches a hand out to them. He has to go outside. He notices that he’s having a panic attack, so he needs to get out of the stifling, stuffy room and breath. He shakes and hyperventilates and tries to calm down when Gladio comes outside and yells at him because his S/O is sobbing and terrified that Noctis is going to leave them now and Noct just needs air and he feels like he’s choking fuck this is all his fault he did this he should just die, everyone would be better off, maybe he can just dissapear and start again he’d still feel guilty fuckfuckfuckfuck. When he brings himself to come back inside, he silently embraces them, holding them tight. He promises that he’s never going to see them hurt again as long as he lives.

Prompto - The Fall has happened. They’ve all driven to Lestallum, and Prompto is so excited to see his S/O again. They did get to Lestallum with Iris and the other refugees, right? Of course they did, Iris would have mentioned if they didn’t. So they get to Lestallum. They’re all talking to Iris outside the hotel, and Prompto starts suspecting things. Iris is giving him sympathetic looks, and the boys are solemnly staring at him. He starts to get creeeped out, so walks up to Iris and asks which room his S/O is in. Iris takes a deep breath and looks down. “Prompto, I’m- the medics did all they could, but… I’m so sorry.” Time stops for him. Everything is too loud. He hears a deafening static beneath it all, and his chest feels too tight. He has to run away, running to the edge of the cliff and holding tight to the railing. He doesn’t want to jump, no, he just wants to be alone. When he knows he’s in an isolated spot, he just breaks down and sobs. Even when the boys find him, he brushes them all off and sits there, crying for hours and begging for no-one in particular to bring them back. He isn’t the same. He thinks it’s his fault. He keeps the smile on his face the next few months, but it’s never been so fake.

 Ignis - When he wakes up in Galdin Quay and finds the newspaper, his first thought is of Noctis, but his second thought is of his S/O. They were meant to be working in the palace the day of the Fall. After they return from the walls of Insomnia,  he finds himself worried. He isn’t receiving any return calls from any of the friends and family of his partner. It’s when he’s looking on social media that he finds what will become the most famous photos from the Fall, taken by a local photographer during the panic. It’s a set of them: in the first one, his bleeding S/O is grabbing and clawing at a Magitek soldier, trying their best to divert it’s attention from the crowds on the street. In the next one, they’re looking it right in the eyes with determination, a firm hold on its weapon (presumably wrestling it away from it.) In the final photo, they’re lying on the ground, impaled by rubble from a nearby building, a defiant smile as the soldier is in the same state. Ignis feels everything stop in him, and he can’t start it again no matter how hard he tries. He drops his phone and leaves the room, leaving the boys to find the photos. There’s no doubt in his mind that they’re dead, so he just goes and sits by the water at Galdin Quay. He remembers all the moments they spent together, and his plans for when he returned, and the engagement ring feels so heavy in his pocket that he throws it into the waters. He doesn’t let himself recognise he’s crying. He silently fumes for days on end, and the boys let him go after any Magitek soldier they see. It’s his way of grieving.

Gladio - He’s so glad to see his S/O again when they’re together with Iris in Lestallum that he sweeps them up into a massive hug. They squeeze their eyes shut in pain, making breathy whines. He lets them go, when they pull up their shirt and point to the gauze and dressings. Iris takes over and explains it to Gladio in the hallway. “They were pretty much gored trying to resist. They also got their leg caught in some debris. They’re gonna have some problems with walking and balance for the rest of their life, and… they saw some horrible things. It’ll take months for the injuries, but I don’t know if they’ll be alright… Y'know.” Gladio walks back in, tearing up, squeezing their hands tight and vowing to stay with them through everything. It’s the least he could do, since he wasn’t there to protect them. He spends as much time as possible with them, bringing them to doctors and nurses and giving them support the whole time. He feels immeasurably guilty, and can barely look at himself in the mirror any more. They would have joined them on the journey, but he can’t stand seeing them in pain, so leaves them with Iris. They protest, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he put them in any more danger.

anonymous asked:

hows about helping V cope/ get over Rika? like what would you do to help him and what would he do to help himself?

wow it’s time to hurt I guess

this’ll contain some light spoilers for what happened when Rika became depressed and how her personality changed.

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larpandfantasyfiction  asked:

Hi. I'm planning on making a brigandine for my mercenary character. I was wondering if you had a tutorial for yours? Ps. Erin was a lot of inspiration and you inspired me to give the halberd a go even with my disability. Also I think you're 90% of the inspiration for my new outfit. So, thank you.

(Sorry, this ended up being as long as an essay!)

Hi! Sorry for my delayed response, I’m doing a lot of travelling at the moment and having trouble keeping up with messages etc :) I’m so happy that you love Erin so much, it seriously means a lot to me. I’m excited that you’re giving halberd a go, they’re fantastic weapons and easy to fall in love with, let me know how it goes!

The vest I wear isn’t really much of a brigandine - when I first made it, it was a splinted leather vest with overlapping vertical plates. It’s now stretched to the point where the plates no longer overlap - you can see how they’re separating the inside in a post I made here (or in the picture below!)

It’s great for LARP - I barely feel a thing, which is great. However, it’s heavily fantasy inspired and isn’t really going to hold up to anything more than a foam sword.

The first thing I did - I made a bunch of design sketches about what I wanted to make, I find it’s a great starting point because it helps you get a better scope of what you’re trying to do. Once I figured that out I basically constructed it by making a leather vest (it’s the same pattern as the one I made for my pourpoint, which basically just came from taking torso measurements, cutting a pattern out of paper and pinning it on myself. A bit of trial and error). I cut the splints with some hefty tin snips (probably should have used a saw) and rounded them off with a belt sander so that they weren’t sharp and jagged.

Honestly, there’s nothing nuanced or scientific about it, I kind of winged it because it was late at night and I was feeling creative and determined. I took very few photos of the process, I put everything I have below. Looks like I patterned the plates in paper before I cut them as well, probably a good idea :)

I’ll admit - it’s not great craftsmanship and there are a ton of things I would change. For one, I advise using solid rivets instead of speed rivets (the ones I used). Speed rivets are very modern looking, come in two pieces, are quite flat and kind of snap together with a light tap of a hammer. Solid rivets are a kind of dome shape and are secured by peening them over a washer. Solid rivets involve a bit more anvil work (basically you have to bash the edges of them over the washer, they’re much more medieval), but they look 10 times better. I order mine online because there’s nowhere local that supplies them.

To anyone who hasn’t seen my splint vest thing, this is how it looks a year of so down the line: 

Making a more combat-ready, historically rooted coat of plates type piece of armour is in my six month plan, so I’ve been doing a bit of research into it. Even though you don’t need anything nearly as intense as them for LARP, it’s still helpful and inspiring to know where things come from - look at these always make me excited! Here are a few links:

Knyght Errant (who, by the way, is a 10/10 great resource for most things and just seems like an all-round great guy) has a great set of videos delving into coat of plates type armour, brigandines, and the differences - it’s all excellent. 

The Wisby style (~1360′s) coat of plates is a classic, and it’s much less complicated and labour intensive than a leeds brigandine. This page has some great diagrams which are really helpful when it comes to laying out plates.

This site has some excellent construction photos of a 15th century brig that a guy made, with some great museum references - as you can see they’re freaking intense, beautiful things. Just look at the pictures makes me kind of excited. 

Antoine Selosse wrote a great in-depth article with lots of historical information and tons of interesting pictures here. It’s all a bit intense for LARP, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

There’s also this post someone made a post the Dagorhir forums about making one for LARP, which is probably going to be the most helpful to you! I think that this kind of coat would look great on a mercenary character. 

Anyways, I’m starting to go down a rabbit hole now so I’m going to stop, but I hope that’s enough to get you started/ provide a bit of insight, let me know how it goes!

V. Ramen

Also Called: Marie Will Be the Death Of Me.
Prompt: Marie (@harrycarryme) cheered me up with something about her ramen not being done, and harry wearing all black suit and white button up, here’s to her!

In which thanks to Harry, all Marie gets is hard noodles, sext, and a lot of sex to recover for lost time

You were only wearing a thin shirt and PJ shorts, it was a bit cold. It was 5pm and you had just woken up from a power nap after mind-blowing sex with your boyfriend of 2 years, Harry.

You sighed slightly thinking back to the previous events, he’d just arrived earlier that morning from a Dunkirk media tour trip, and as soon as you got home, he was already a bit rested and wasted no time pulling you into his arms and fighting over dominance on your way up the stairs to make up for lost time.

After a nice session of slow rough love making, you were spent, and so was he, and you both silently agreed to sleep in, at least until Harry had to leave again for a quick meeting.

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Giving it Up (Part 2)

part 1

wanting to see your husband compete at the olympics aka nathan says no 

word count: 2,187

“I still can’t decide,” Nathan says looking over two of the same yellow paint samples. You playfully roll your else at him, “oh come on they’re the exact same color!” He scoffs at you. “The color of our child’s room is resting in our hands and you’re treating this like a joke.”  

The last couple of months had been a whirlwind, between doctor’s appointments, getting used to being out of the water, and Olympic trials you barely had time to catch your breath. There was only a short period of time you had left to spend with Nathan before he went to training camp so you were both trying to fill it with as much baby planning as you could. Besides your feelings of jealousy at the beginning of the pregnancy everything for the most part was smooth sailing between you and Nathan. Well, except for one thing.

“So what time is your flight on Tuesday?”

Nathan’s eyes go up a bit; trying to recollect what time it was he would be departing for training. “Hm, I think maybe around 6?”

“And how long after that do you leave for Rio without me?” As soon as the question’s out of your mouth Nathan sighs. “We’ve been over this.”

“I’m sure we can figure something out.” You say, desperately wanting to travel to Rio to see your husband and all of your friends compete on the world’s biggest stage.

“We really can’t,” Nathan says and walks away from you into kitchen trying to end the conversation not wanting to fight about it anymore. The smooth sailing was in motion; at least it was until you both encountered the discussion of traveling to the Olympics.

There had been multiple warnings of the Zika virus in Brazil and if contracted how it can affect people who come into contact with it, it harming pregnant women especially. You had spent hours arguing over it, Nathan of course clearly against you traveling with him. You tried and tried to play the “I’ve given up my career at least let me go watch” card, but unfortunately his stance hadn’t changed or altered in any way. Convincing him that it probably wasn’t as serious as people were portraying it didn’t work either. You in a way had both silently agreed to leave it at that and not bring it up unless it was completely necessary. However now that you had brought it back up, it was only a matter of time before borderline shouting began.

“Nathan if you’ll just listen to me for one second.” You try putting more authority in your voice, wanting him to really pay attention to your case. It doesn’t do anything, “I can listen to you all day, but it really doesn’t change what’s going on and what the outcome’s going to be.”

You frown at him; “you honestly don’t want me to be with you in Rio? Supporting you? Cheering you on?” For what must have been the thousandth time, Nathan sighs and shakes his head at you. “Of course I want you there, but it’d be much better having you here at home, knowing you and the baby are safe.”

You avert your eyes away from him, not wanting him to see how much you still disagreed with him. However, there’s no such he luck and he knows exactly what you’re thinking.

“Do you really feel like you going is more important then our baby’s life?”

Of course you didn’t think that, not in a million years. Inherently you just felt very needy when it came to swimming, and missing it really made it kick into gear. Even though you knew going to Rio could possibly put the baby at risk you still had a strong want to go and that alone made you feel terrible. However, you didn’t reply to Nathan just kept a large waft of silence between you two.

“Right, okay.” Nathan says bitterly, “I’m going out then.” You watch him grab his coat and keys from the kitchen as he heads out the front door, not forgetting to slam it in the process.

When Tuesday finally rolled around the fight between you and Nathan hadn’t dwindled. You barely had said anything to one another in Nathan’s couple of last days before seeing him again at the end of August. The last thing Nathan had said before heading to training camp was, “See you later,” to which you replied with, “have fun.”

That wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Originally you and Nathan were supposed to be getting on that plane together, but now you were supposed to be his support system. He was what mattered to you the most, and you were supposed to be sending him off in excitement, wishing him the best luck at the Olympics not just saying, “have fun.”

The weeks leading up to the Olympics you sent Nathan a large amount of texts and called him multiple times to which he replied, but it definitely seemed like he was still upset with you. You weren’t sure what it was that you could do to bring things back to normal besides heading on a plane to Rio to surprise him. Which of course would only make the situation worse. You figured the hostility still present between you and Nathan was due to the combined stress of competing in the games and the at home drama. You out of everyone knew he needed to be more than focused for the upcoming weeks.

It was hard for you, finding things to keep you occupied around the house. You were so used to either being in the pool or going to meets with Nathan that you weren’t exactly sure what to do. All of your friends swam, many of them in the same position as Nathan so finding company wasn’t very easy. You also attempted to just focus on baby things, but it felt wrong doing anything without Nathan.

You hadn’t actually really left the house until the Wednesday before the opening ceremony of the Rio games. You planned on having a viewing party for the first day of competition for Nathan, inviting over some of his non-swimming friends and a few others over. You knew that you needed to go to the store and pick some things up before then.

On the drive to the grocery store you made sure to make a mental note of everything that was completely necessary to buy. Halting at the stop sign just down the street from your home, you felt your mind wonder from one thing to the next until you felt your body jolted a bit forward. Looking in your rearview mirror, you see a man stepping out of his car behind you. You have got to be kidding me, you think to yourself. You follow the man’s movements and do the same.

After exchanging information you decide to shoot Nathan a quick text

Hey just got in a little accident with the car so don’t be surprised when the insurance goes up

As instantly as you send the text you feel your phone vibrate with an incoming call from your husband.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? Is everything okay? Have you gone to the doctor’s yet to make sure the baby’s okay?” All of the words shoot out of his mouth quickly and you barely have a chance to process his words. “Everything’s fine. It was just a small fender bender. Nothing to ward a doctor’s visit.”

“No, no, no. You have to go. Just to make sure.”

“Nathan, it’s not that big of a deal. If I knew this would get you so worked up I wouldn’t have even texted you.” You sigh, hearing a few honks from drivers behind you since you were illegally parked. “I’m glad you did! Do you need me to come back?”

You opened your mouth stunned, “What?”

He repeats himself, “Do you need me to come back?”

Here he was only a couple of days from competing in his third Olympic games and asking if you needed him to come back home after the most minimal car accident one has ever had in their life.

Nathan was really willing to give it all up for you and the baby. You finally understood why he was so upset and broken about your Rio fight. He felt himself willing to do anything and be self-sacrificing for your family, while you were always half in. You needed to be willing to throw yourself in. You only continue to put yourself first; you didn’t have a right to do that anymore.

“No of course not. I’ll head to the doctor’s office now.” You tell him and you hear him let out a breath as though he’s been holding it this entire time you’ve two been in limbo.

“Thank you.” There’s a pause and you almost feel yourself breaking down. “I’m so sorry babe. I-I’ve been so selfish this entire time and I haven’t been giving enough.” Your words come out like vomit.

“What are you talking about? You gave up Rio and your career, you gave up everything.” Nathan says, clearly trying to soothe you.

“Sure, but I’ve been treating those things like they’re the most important thing I have, but they’re not. You and this baby are the most important things to me. Nothing else.”

“I love you.” Nathan says simply, and with that you know the difficulties between you two have disappeared. “And I love you,” you begin but are soon cut off by another honk, “but I have to go because I’m actually breaking the law right now.”

He laughs, “Sounds perfect.”

“I’ll talk to you later tonight, I love you so much.”

“Bye babe. Love you.” He responds

Hanging up, you take a deep breath in finally thankful that this was over. You could now focus on the baby and rooting on your husband from afar. Moving your hand to your stomach you rub it once, “everything is okay.”

You checked your phone once more to make sure you had the correct time. Nathan was supposed to be getting off that airplane any minute and you wanted to make sure he would see you right away. In your hands you have a large sign that says “Welcome Home Nathan!” along with a couple of embarrassing photos of him glued to the paper.

The woman at the gate announces to those waiting that the plane doors were beginning to open and the passengers would be out soon. Your heart raced anxiously, not only were you excited to see your husband after his amazing stint in Rio, but you had some news.

When the doors opened and people began to filter out, you spotted him instantly. Your heart warmed at how cuddly and snuggable he looked in his grey sweat pants and Nike jacket. You throw up the sign in your hands and shake it until he sees. When he sets his eyes on it he rolls his eyes playfully and smiles. Dropping the sign you immediately run to him to feel his arms around you, when he engulfs you in a loving hug you can’t believe how long you’ve gone without his touch and without his warmth.

Letting go of each other you look up at him, “I’m so happy your home.”

He gives you his beautiful big grin and places his hand on your stomach, “Me too. I missed you and this little one so much.”

“Actually about that… I have something I need to tell you.” At your words he takes a step back for you as if preparing himself for bad news, “Is something wrong?”

You shake your head with a smile, “No not at all. Her and I are just very proud of you.”

Nathan’s eyes widen, “Her?”

You give him a smile and nod. With that he picks you up and twirls you around in delight with word that you’re having a girl. He places his lips on yours and you can’t help but smile once again. You break apart, “I know we talked about waiting but it kind of just slipped out of the doctor’s mouth.”

“No, no. I’m glad you told me. Coming home to that and you makes those medals look like nothing.” He winks at you and grabs your hand. “I guess we have some more planning to do.”

He nods his head, “Right, but without a doubt she’s going to be the smartest girl at Berkeley.” At that you stop walking and cross your arms, “Nathan!”

He keeps walking and looks behind you, “Come on babe, don’t want to get left behind with that Stanford brain of yours.” Rolling your eyes you catch up with him and reach of his hand.

You both head out of the airport and home together discussing the retention rates of Berkley vs. Stanford and vice versa. You can’t help but feel as though giving up swimming for now was the best decision you could have made for what you were going to get in the future.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the anon who requested the stranger flirting with RFA HCs and I wanted to say that they're all so goood. Idk, I was really craving seeing their reactions (especially Yoosung >< lol) and you wrote it perfectly *^* Could I request another one? I'm not sure if you did something like this already but... MC bringing RFA (and V+Saeran again, if it doesn't take too much of your time!) to an anime/video game convention? Bonus: who MC and they cosplay as! Hehe ^-^ Thanks, I love your writing!

//ayy, no problem my dude. that means a lot ^^ lol, also, sorry for including yoosung in like everything? he just fits so many characters. So, in order, the characters are from the animes: Noragami, Yuri!!! On Ice, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Bungou Stray Dogs, Blue Exorcist (I haven’t finished this yet so i’m sorry if Yukio actually turns out to betray someone or something), and Tokyo Ghoul


  • you’re hiyori but just forget yatori for a second
  • Saeyoung might come and be Yato
  • he’s totally seen Noragami before, so he knows what’s going on, and you guys discuss theories n headcanons on the way there
  • you’ve decided to be Hiyori when her soul has slipped out, and he loves your tail
  • If you’ve got Saeyoung as your Yato, if he catches Yoosung staring at you, he’ll pretend to get stung
  • it’s perfect and people can’t get enough of you guys
  • “We’re so doing this again next year”


  • they’ve got the same personality and he can totally pull it off, except for maybe the ponytail, but it’s chill
  • you’re OBVIOUSLY yuri (katsuki)
  • “hmm… so i’m supposed to be very playful and you have to blush easily? that shouldn’t be a challenge at all!”
  • he gets excited because you get excited, because he knows that you really love cons and YOI
  • you guys are CHEERED on when you get there and so many people want photos of Vikturi
  • it’s the cutest because people are so happy that you guys play the parts so well


  • you’re Bishamon and she’s Kazuma
  • she keeps fretting over both of your cosplays because if you guys are gonna do this, you’d be going all out, not just a half ased attempt
  • she wants people to know who you guys are without asking
  • they aren’t too popular of characters but people still appreciate how you guys fit the parts
  • “So what does it mean that I’m your exemplar in this context?”
  • “well… you’re my blessed vessel, so it’s like you’re my most trusted Regalia, and so you lead me and give me advice, because Gods can be influenced by other things than good, you know?”
  • she gets herself more confused but all she knows is that Bishamon and Kazuma have a very strong relationship, just like the two of you, and she grows to enjoy the convention
  • “…can we go again next year?”


  • he’s kinda confused about it in the first place??
  • but you assure him that cosplaying is fun!!
  • you promised him that the character you’re dressing him up as is really similar to him
  • you’re totally Gou
  • “so i’m supposed to like swimming?”
  • “not just like, love it. Haru finds it very poetic and beautiful, especially the water. he’ll swim anywhere and everywhere there is water”
  • he gets more interested in the anime world as you keep talking about other shows and mechanics, and he thinks that he could fit Levi Ackerman, too
  • “hmm… maybe we can do that next year, and i’ll be Sasha”
  • if yoosung comes along, he’d TOTALLY be nagisa


  • he’s totally being Dazai and you’re being Chuuya
  • he can’t stop taking your hat off
  • he says that he doesn’t want to pretend to hate you in a playful way, he just wants to love you in a playful way
  • if yoosung comes, he’s being Kenji
  • you guys have definitely both seen the anime together
  • “DOGGGGSSS!!!”
  • people flip because soukoku kisses
  • soukoku everything
  • hand games, macarena, and just fluffy stuff that people want to screech at


  • he’s a little hesitant about it, but you assure him that it’s fine and there won’t be any problems
  • you decided to dress up as Yukio and Rin Okumura, because both of you enjoyed watching Blue Exorcist together
  • he’s happy that he doesn’t totally hate the character he’s playing, because he thinks Yukio is p reasonable and they aren’t too different
  • he generally just likes the concept of the anime, and the con goes better than he expected it to
  • he sees that everyone there has something in common, and it’s actually very nice, because anime is just one giant community, even though it is sometimes a little split on Subs v. Dubs. AN// im personally a sub person
  • he enjoys seeing you so happy taking photos with other people and characters and making happy memories to last a lifetime


  • he’s kaneki and you’re touka
  • he actually really loves the mask, and he feels he can relate to kaneki and it’s kinda sad but!! it’s okay
  • if saeyoung or yoosung comes along, they’d probably be Hide
  • he likes the idea of kagunes
  • he’s kinda nervous about it but sees you lookin chill and cool like “yo dude it’s gonna be fine it’ll be full of awkward people just like us”
  • “these are really flippin cool. can i wear them everyday??”
  • your costumes are by far the most popular there
  • he isn’t really used to be around so many people, but he just gets absorbed into kaneki that it doesn’t bother him anymore

anonymous asked:

hi im sorry for bothering you i'm going to go to my first concert with friends (and all time low's performing w/ the maine omygod) and im very very very excited my parents have been very strict about me going to concerts and im just so happy that im gonna see them! idk i'm just very nervous about making friends i guess and in general the whole experience because it's my first but anyway thank you for always responding to my frequent ramblings even if im anon x stay beautiful :)

hi lovely!!!  NOO YOU AREN A BOTHER AT ALL! I ACTUALLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! (ok shut up dahlia) congrats on being able to go! i saw all time low the second time just a week ago and they’re amazing! the first time was at soundwave but i was tired so i wasnt in the crowd, but the second time i was at the barrier and it completely changed the experience! so friend, i shall transfer my wisdom onto you, and train you in the art of concert-going. come young grasshopper. 

first of all, don’t worry about what people will be like there- you’re going to the show for you, to see the band with your friends! but luckily, it’s really easy to talk to people at shows! in fact, the thing i love about concerts is that everyone acts like they’ve known each other for ages! you can just turn to the person next to you and ask them a question, or sing with them in the crowd, and they will happily respond! in fact, the more open and excited you are to them, the more they’ll reciprocate. i know you may feel shy, but being in that environment should build up your excitement and you may find that you’re dying to share that with more people. but if that’s somehow not the case (and that’s unlikely), just pretend to be confident! it really helps me to just not care about stuffing up what i say, because i know i’d regret my inactions the most. think about it this way: you wont regret talking to people and sharing excitement, but you’ll probably regret it if you stayed quiet. most of the people you talk to in the crowd, you won’t stay in contact with after the show, and that’s ok, but you can always ask for someone’s number or tumblr if you talk for enough! 

NOW FOR CONCERT TIPS. welcome to the training course friend. along with the above, i have some extra information with you:

What to bring 

  • LOTS of money, even if you don’t plan on spending it- just in case. If you know you’ll spend a lot of money on merch, try set a limit on how much you can spend, or get a friend to watch out for you. Merch can get quite expensive but it probably varies for each country, and definitely for each band. Over here, ATL merch in about $45 per shirt, up to $120 per hoodie, and $30 per hat (The Maine’s merch will be similar too) 
  • Photo ID- probably won’t be needed if you’re under 18, but it depends on the venue and the event. Good to keep one handy 
  • A water bottle- not all venues allow them in, but you may as well try, or drink something in line. Security will also serve you water there and some venues allow free refills, otherwise water bottles can get quite expensive in there
  • A bag- it doesn’t have to be a big one, but it’s wise to keep your money somewhere. Have your friends designate one person to carry a bag so you can all keep your stuff in there, and then put it in the cloak room as soon as you get admitted to the venue (you’ll need a few dollars to pay for cloaking the bag). If you’re the only person who wants to bring a bag, then use one as small as possible- usually venues make you cloak the bag if it’s larger than A4 size. 

What to wear

  • Wear secure, closed shoes. You really should have shoes that fit your feet well and have shoelaces. I’ve been to many shows where I’ve seen flying shows, and I’ve even had my shoes come off. WEAR SHOELACES. DOUBLE KNOT THEM. MAKE SURE NO ONE STEPS ON YOUR SHOELACES 
  • Be careful what colours you wear. You may want to avoid wearing light/pastel colours because you’re gonna get sweaty, and you don’t want your clothes to be stained, dirtied, or see-through.
  • Choose comfortable clothes. Something you can move around in that won’t make you more sweaty than you’ll already be. 
  • Choose good bottoms. Some people find this choice difficult. Some girls are scared they’ll get bruised if they wear shorts, but no one really touches your legs. You could also wear leggings, but don’t make them too tight because it’ll feel sticky and gross. Some people think it’s too hot to wear jeans- personally, I wore them to my last two shows and I’ve been fine (I got bruised at the barrier though). Most girls avoid wearing skirts or dresses unless they’ll be sitting down because they don’t want to flash or be grabbed- to be honest, everyone’s close together so you probably won’t flash, and I don’t think ATL fans would wanna grab you but whatever.
  • Wear band merch if you’d like. Some people say it’s tacky to wear a band’s merch to their own show but I don’t think so; hell, ATL wears their own merch on stage. And trust me, more than half the kids at ATL shows wear ATL merch. Some people like to change their clothes after they buy merch there so that’s an option.

What to do 

  • Organise what time you all want to get there. You don’t have to wait in line ridiculously early to get to the front of the crowd. But, it helps to know the capacity of the venue and its distance from your meeting place. Use that information to make a judgement accordingly, but honestly you don’t need to really stress for bands like that. I like to come two hours early (I went five hours early to twenty one pilots though), and the time goes quickly anyway, plus you can talk to people in line. All Time Low fans kind of like to come early but it depends on the area and the venue. Either way, you’ll all be admitted into the venue, and pretty quickly, so don’t stress out. 
  • Eat well beforehand. It’s very important to eat enough, and well enough, so that you have enough energy to last the night. If you don’t eat, you’ll feel shaky in the knees and will probably pass out. Carbs are the best for energy, so get together with your friends beforehand and have a meal together with pasta, rice, bread etc. You can bring some lollies to eat for a quick energy fix when you’re in line (some venues don’t allow food inside so you should probably finish them beforehand)
  • Have a plan. Discuss with your friends what will happen when you get there. Organise what time you want to get there, and what your first actions will be once you’re in the venue. For example, depending on the venue, I will quickly buy merch, then cloak my bag, then head to stage and I could still get to the front. Also organise where to meet after the show if you lose others/have to get picked up/if your phone dies. 
  • Charge your phone. Try to make sure it doesn’t die so you can call friends/family/look up google maps if you need to. You may want to consider investing in one of those cases that charges your phone just in case.
  • Organise a code action. When you and your friends are in the crowd, it’ll be hard to hear each other, so it’s important to organise something to do if one of you feels faint and/or needs to leave the crowd. Usually tapping them on the shoulder and pointing outwards helps. 
  • Stick close to at least one person in the crowd. There will be a lot of moving around, especially on the inside of the crowd, so expect it. That being said, it’s more than possible that you’ll separate from friends, especially if there’s more than two of you. If you do lose them, don’t panic, just try to enjoy the show and see if you can move to them later during the set, or after the show. 
  • Drink plenty of water during the show. Self-explanatory. If you’re up front, you can ask security for water periodically; if you’re at the back of the crowd, you can leave to get water. 
  • Don’t film too much. If you’re constantly worrying about getting good photos and videos, then you’ll regret it and not enjoy the show for what it’s worth. When you’re at the show, focus on what each of your senses detect and the details of the environment, like the details on their faces- it’ll help you remember it more and enjoy it more! You’re still allowed to film- but film less than half of it. You can snap a few photos but there’s a very low chance that they won’t turn out blurry, so try using videos (you can also extract the frames and save some as photos later). Film your favourite song or a minute or so of some songs, or film them talking for a bit, but try not to look at your phone! And remember, there will always be videos of your show online, so don’t worry if you don’t have your favourite parts! You can alternate between filming with your friends (they film one song, you film another), and make sure you have at least 3GB free on your phone (just in case)!!
  • Be nice. And I trust that you will be! Unfortunately though, not all people in the crowd will be nice, and it gets worse depending on the fanbase. At the same time, we shouldn’t cause them trouble in return, so please be patient if people are pushy and rude. 

Other tips 

  • Decide whether or not you want to buy merch, and make a judgement as to when will be the best time depending on where you want to be in the crowd. You can look at merch before the show and come back to buy it after, but be wary that they will probably sell out.
  • Seeing as you’re a first-timer, I wouldn’t recommend going in the middle of the crowd, because that’s where it’s the most rough (and of course with heavier bands it gets more intense!). The safest way to enter closest to the front, is to come from the sides, so pick either the front-left or front-right of the crowd and try to weasel your way in. Over the course of the show, people will move around, so it’s definitely possible for you to get close to/at the barrier. 
  • If you want a better idea of what seeing the band live will be like, try looking up videos online. All Time Low are great live; they have so much energy and love to get the crowd jumping, and they like to interact with the crowd, so they’ll talk to you a lot. They got some kids on stage during Time Bomb so they may do that too. Jack really likes to use the whole of the stage, so if you’re at the barrier or close to it then he’ll run around and will probably see you!
  • If you want to get as close as you can in the crowd, then you’re allowed to. Just get as close as you can without being pushy before the bands start. As the show goes on, people will move and you can weasel your way in. Another tip: if you say “excuse me” and try to walk past a person, they’ll usually let you, so don’t be afraid to. 
  • If you want to meet the band, your best bet is to probably wait after the show, not come super early beforehand. With All Time Low, they tend to come out at the end of the show (depending on the venue) so you’d have to wait a bit, but they also have pre-show meet and greets with Hustler Club members (you have to pay for membership). 
  • You can ask for the band’s setlist! But you’ll have to be at the front of the crowd. Politely ask a security guard before the stage is fully set up and they should save it for you afterwards, unless Jack and Zack throw the setlist out to someone random in the crowd. Jack, Zack and Alex also throw out their picks and Rian throws his drumsticks so try catch them! 

wOW i rant but thank you for sharing this great news with me! enjoy the show! don’t stress out about whether or not you’re following all of this information, only take it as a guideline and enjoy yourself! it’s a fun concert not a boot camp! i’d love to hear about it afterwards! lots of love, stay cute! xx

peachesandravens  asked:

Could I have a request for the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC being a professional dancer. Not a ballerina though, more of a contemporary and modern based dancer?? Thank you!!!

So my only experience with dance is Dance Moms and some videos I just watched please forgive me if I mess anything up :/


  • He’s not really into dance or anything like that
  • But then he sees MC performing
  • He becomes so much more in love after watching you for the first time.
  • How can someone be so graceful?
  • How do they remember to point their toes?
  • He doesn’t even care the answers to his questions at this point
  • He just wants to watch you dance every waking second
  • Dreams of you spinning and twirling because it’s his favorite part
  • Begs you to teach him how to do something. Anything.
  • Neither of you have too much money as you both are still going through Uni so he helps you make your costumes because you both agree that homemade costumes are 100x better
  • Actually stays up all night making them even after you go to bed
  • He helps you decide which area of dance to explore next and occasionally the songs you will be dancing to


  • He gets so excited when he finds out
  • He dances too because the whole, musical actor job
  • He doesn’t tend to dance contemporary though so he asks you to teach him
  • He works with you on whatever you want but insists that he wouldn’t be able to help you improve because you’re already so out of his league.
  • One time he came home to see you improving to one of his songs and his heart stopped
  • Whenever he has the chance he goes to your performances 
  • Every time he’s enamored with you
  • How did I find someone so perfect?
  • Always buys you roses, even if he couldn’t attend that day
  • Actually tells everyone how amazing you are and that you’re the best dancer ever and fights people when they say you aren‘t
  • Takes photos and videos every chance he gets.


  • She thought that you couldn’t get anymore perfect
  • But she stands corrected
  • It was actually kind of by accident when she’d found out. She had been invited to one of your performances by a possible partner for C&R, or Jumin had been and she was brought along
  • As soon as you got on stage her heart stopped
  • That’s MC! Oh my goodness!
  • She’s supposed to be trying to make deals with these people but instead she’s completely locked onto you as you dance
  • When she gets home she’s all over you saying how amazing you looked and how much she loved your performance.
  • Sadly she can’t see every performance of yours but the ones she does sometimes she just ends up crying because it’s so amazing and you just do things to her
  • Also, at the performance with the possible partners for C&R as soon as they found out Jaehee was dating you they signed a contract with way too many 0′s
  • Jumin paid for you and Jaehee to go on vacation wherever you wanted because he was high on life after that


  • As soon as he finds out he’s offering any stage to them
  • Wherever they want to work he will get them there
  • He buys you beautiful costumes and shoes that make turns feel like you’re on air
  • He loves watching you, the stories you tell with your expressions
  • He gets really turned on when he watches you
  • Massages your feet after every show
  • If you want to learn more he’ll set you up with lessons from the best dancers in he world
  • Asks you constantly if you’d like to dance as a fundraiser for the company


  • I hope you like ABBA because boy plays ‘Dancing Queen’ on repeat
  • He also goes around in your pair of practice shoes trying to do turns
  • He watches all of your performances all the time because he thinks they’re so amazing
  • If you ever do something a little clumsy he freaks out because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he knew you got injured
  • He does his best to make dance puns but there really aren’t any???
  • Seven is always trying to take the piss out of you but as soon as someone says you’re not a god like dancer he’s ready to beat them up
  • He’s your biggest supporter and is always back stage so he can hug you as soon as you finish because you’re great
  • He cleans your shoes for you before every performance
  • He says it’s good luck


  • When he hears that you’re a dancer he gets excited
  • But soon enough he starts getting really upset because he can’t watch you dance and everyone keeps talking about how great you are
  • He still goes to every performance though, even though he can’t see what you’re doing he tells you how great you were and kisses you all over your face
  • It’s still not enough for him. He gets the surgery.
  • He doesn’t tell you at first and goes to truly watch you for the first time and his heart is beating so fast and his breathing catches because you are such a beautiful dancer (and person ayyyeeeee)
  • When you come off stage he’s in tears and when you ask him what’s wrong he just hugs you and says how amazing you are at dancing and that he got the surgery and he just loves you so much
  • Whenever you have a performance coming up he pampers tf out of you
  • He also massages your feet after a show
  • He is your professional photographer and gets your face truly out there


  • He finds your dancing really calming
  • He likes to watch you move like you’re weightless and can do anything you please
  • He can’t dance but he’ll still grab your hips and move to slow dance with you
  • He’ll take really bad videos of your shows and watch them whenever the two of you are apart from each other
  • He goes to every show and sits back stage ready for you to come and fall into his arms because you’re so drained.
  • After a show he’ll run his hand through your hair because he knows you love it when he does and it calms you down
  • Whenever he doesn’t go to one of your performances he starts paying so much more attention to you because he feels extremely bad
  • The songs you dance to automatically become his favorite ad he listens to them all the time

~Admin Peony

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Hurrah on your blog! Welcome to the family! Good luck with college and life, I'm a college student too so I can relate ;; okay, can I request RFA's, V's and Saeran's reaction when MC brings a baby home (She found the baby abandoned at the streets)? And how will they interact with them? Thank you!

wooooow! my first request! i got excited when i saw this. i wish you good luck with college and life too. let’s hang in there. ;; if this ask was from a while ago, i am so so sorry if it took too long. i just saw this today. tumblr didn’t give me a notification ;;;; this is going to be pretty long, so i’ll put the rest under the cut. 

note: use the browser on your phone instead of the app if you can’t see the ‘Keep Reading’



  • he would be a bit surprised when you arrived home with a little bundled in your arms
  • over the course of the night, he and MC discussed what they should do and came to the conclusion of adopting the baby
  • he believed that he and MC could make good parents for the baby
  • it was really difficult for him to see her at times, so he finally agreed to getting the eye surgery
  • he wanted to be able to give her the best of the best
  • he’d take a lot of pictures of her no matter what she was doing
  • whether she was sleeping, eating, crying, biting onto one of her toys, or smiling, he’d be there with his camera in hand
  • he wanted to capture and cherish every moment
  • “Haneul, smile for the camera~”
  • he’d just be so kind and gentle, doing whatever it would take to make her laugh and smile
  • he’d put together a whole scrapbook full of photos with him, MC, and Haneul
  • when he’s feeling down, he’d look through all the pictures in his camera and soon enough, a smile appears on his face and he’s ready to take on a new day
  • he would enjoy going on picnics with MC and Haneul
  • he’d just love watching her interact with nature
  • sometimes he’d make flower crowns or even necklaces and bracelets
  • if there was a stream or pond near the area, he make little rafts out of twigs and grass with sails, so then they can watch the rafts race down the stream and see which one would win
  • in the backyard, he’d lay out big blankets and brings tons of fluffy pillows so the three of them could stargaze at night
  • he loved seeing Haneul’s eyes full of curiosity and pure innocence
  • her excited baby talk as she points up at the stars cleansed his soul made him feel so happy
  • he and MC with Haneul in the middle, would fall asleep all snuggled up in the fluffy blankets and pillows


  • he had arrived home late from work and thought he was just hearing things when a little giggle sounded from the living room
  • keeping a cool composure, he made his way to the living room and saw MC playing with a baby
  • “MC, why is there a baby in our penthouse?”
  • after MC tells him the whole story of finding her wailing, abandoned in the streets, his eyes soften and he bends down to peer at the baby’s face
  • he takes out his phone and asks Jaehee to contact people and try to find the parents
  • if no one could be found, he’d go through with all the paperwork to become her legal guardian and registering her as a part of the family
  • welcome baby Han!
  • “What should we name her?”
  • “Miyoung sounds like a pretty name.”
  • guess who’s a Daddy’s Girl?
  • he would spoil her with gifts from the different countries he visited and talk to her like a regular person
  • he said he read in a parenting book that you aren’t supposed to use baby talk
  • he’d never change diapers
  • he even suggested hiring someone just for diaper changes and MC just heaves a big sigh
  • but like HE FREAKIN HAS MIYOUNG’S DIAPERS TAILORED not just her clothes
  • she wears silk diapers omf- Han Jumin wut r u doing
  • ……tailored diapers why
  • he doesn’t even let her eat baby food from the jars and stuff either
  • he hires nutritionists and a special chef to make sure Miyoung gets all the vitamins and nutrients she needs
  • sometimes MC would bring him lunch and take Miyong along
  • his face would lighten instantly when he sees the two walk into his office
  • even though he’s always busy traveling around the world and having meetings, he’d make sure to spend time with the baby
  • he even started making future plans to go to different places once Miyoung was old enough
  • sometimes when he’s out and sees clothes that he thinks would be perfect for his baby girl, he’d purchase it right then and there
  • “Jumin, the closet is overflowing!”
  • “But it’s for my Baby Angel.”

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Hai tou! I wonder what kind of fountain pen should i start with? Under 10$ if possible too? Thank you ^7^

Hello!!! ^O^ All of the pens I’ve mentioned in this blog before are over 15$ and up! Its usually hard to find good pens under 15$ haha _(:3」 ∠)_ I only know of little that are under 10$;; I’ll go over a couple of good starter pens for you! 

Sorry that this post is gonna be long, but I have a lot to talk abt fountain pens : 3 cc;;; These are all opinions and they might be biased along with taste and preference haha o)-<

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Why Darth Maul has been my favourite character for so long, and probably always will be.

((This is just a really long post about me geeking out on Maul, it’s not that deep or anything I guess. I’m on mobile so I can’t put it under a cut, sorry!))

It sounds silly, I know. He originally had a very brief appearance with next to no lines in the original movie, and is killed off almost instantly, but as a kid I was instantly drawn to the character.

I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first watched Phantom Menace. It was a couple of months after I’d seen the original trilogy, and I don’t think my brother was ever planning on showing me the movies- he’s a bit older than me and a complete original trilogy purist, the prequels can’t even be mentioned in his presence, blah blah blah.
Anyway, my friend kept going on about three other movies, which he had the DVDs for, and offered to lend them to me over the week long holiday I was going on. I had one of those cool portable car film players, and with my set of new Star Wars films to watch, I was more than excited to say the least.

And I watched the movie on the 3 hour journey, and I’m just gonna flat out say it: It was the best film I’d ever seen. I was 10, I wasn’t a fucking film critic, and I didn’t care about any of these things that apparently make the movie so awful. The Queen was incredible, Obi Wan was (still is) WAY better than the original Ben Kenobi, I loved to hate Jar Jar Binks, and the lightsaber battles were better than ever.

And then there was this one character who grabbed my intention immediately. As soon as he popped up on that hologram, he was my favourite thing ever. As soon as I saw he was red and black (little emo me’s favourite colour scheme) he some how became even better. He didn’t need to talk like Vader, he was so much cooler than Palpatine, and then this guy started to fight.

Oooooh boy, could he fight. The Tattooine scrap was pretty cool, but when this “Darth Maul” guy lit up the double bladed lightsaber, I squealed. It was AMAZING. I’d been doing karate for maybe two, three years at this point, and it was something I loved doing, but this guy brought it to a whole new level. He looked so graceful and powerful and deadly at the same time, and I loved it. I couldn’t believe it when he died after such a short time, I think I genuinely cried. But I was pumped for the next movie, and so I looked forward to that instead (still grieving ngl)…

Except for one thing. My friend had lost two of the disks. I had the disk for the Phantom Menace, and it’s bonus disk, but I only had the bonus disks for the other two movies, not the actual films themselves. I Was Pissed™.

So instead I watched literally every bonus feature I could get on that first disk. I watched the info on the makeup, the design, the stunt acting? Anything thing I could possibly find, I watched. Multiple times. I watched the film’s a ton more times too. When I was out walking on the freezing English beach with my parents that holiday, I would grab for any long branch I could find and start using it as a double lightsaber (which is bloody difficult in welly boots). Little old me, obsessed with drawing, also started drawing out any picture I could think of just by using his face on the disk for a tattoo reference. Because his makeup was just the coolest looking thing I’d ever seen. I “borrowed” my mum’s eyeliner to draw them on my face too.

My first attempt at cosplay was Darth Maul. All my school art projects were Darth Maul (I actually still do that now). I would talk about him so much that my friends started referring to him as my boyfriend for god’s sake. I’ve read every book and comic I could get my hands on, and I’m also not gonna lie, a few years later the first fanfic I read was Darth Maul fic, and let me tell you it was a bloody good fic. Still love it. Another thing was that I was 126.84% sure that he wasn’t dead. I had countless ideas all mapped out, but none of them ever came to light, at least not in the main canon.

And then Clone Wars happened. I was never a huge fan of TCW. I liked it, but honestly I didn’t care all too much, and after a few seasons I lost track. I picked up again after my friend made me marathon the show with her (thank you), and I was introduced to Savage Opress. He was instantly a contender for my top ten Star Wars faves. He’s now a solid 2nd place, just behind his brother. He was awesome, and I instantly loved him, but I won’t go into that too much, because you’ve probably all given up on this mindless ramble by now!

Anyway, 2012 comes along, and I end up falling out of my fucking chair with excitement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. After all my hoping and wishing and praying, Darth Maul would be back. Suddenly, this show was the best thing. I caught up on all storylines relevant to his return, until the day finally came around. I sat impatiently in front of the TV waiting for the episode to air. And I was shocked.
I don’t know what I should’ve expected, but seeing my (slightly concerning idea of a) role model being reduced to what he was genuinely broke my heart. I’m gonna try to keep things brief from here on out because I’ve realised how much I’ve written…
But yeah seeing his return to the force and his relationship with his brother and this whole new, intelligent, calm side to him improved his character to a point I didn’t feel was possible. Especially when it came to the death of Savage, and Talzin. Not out of character at all in my opinion, just a side of him we hadn’t seen before.

Darth Maul, his character and all the work that has gone into him has inspired me to no end. What I refer to as my “realistic” dream, Special Effects Makeup Artist, what I’m actually studying for, was inspired by him, as his makeup and horns and Ian McCaig’s designs and the way it exaggerates his face in the right ways to make him angry really brought me a whole new appreciation for that world of behind the scenes.
My ultimate, but slightly unrealistic dream, would be to do something in the worlds of either stunt acting or wrestling, and I honestly believe my original source of inspiration comes from the way that Maul could fight and move. In fact, it’s a very direct link when it comes to the stunt actor dream. I use to go to karate every week hoping there would be some secret talent scout looking for someone to play a padawan or something. In fact, I still do, so shush.

I could honestly say my appreciation for this character has changed my life, and gotten me through some really tough times, as silly as it sounds.

Besides, meeting my true hero (his actor, Ray Park) last year in March is still the best experience of my whole life. He was such a great guy, such a contrast to his character, and was a literal angel when I asked for a second photo after my phone took a blurry first picture. But again, I’ve rambled enough, and I know nobody is reading this. But whatever, it was fun to get my thoughts out.

Darth Maul is fucking amazing.