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IPad days (Sunday)

I wont lie, I do have my moments where I get lazy and i’ll give the girls the IPad for a bit, but I always make sure for the most part its educational!  So we play TOCA BOCA games we have nearly all of them lol and it keeps the girls busy and they have fun! we have been waiting for snow, but we never got any. sad because I was excited so was Sim! have you guys gotten snow where you are?? If* so let me know i appreciate the feed back! happy Tuesday!


Creepy-tastic smiles…

Its been a while, Tumblr.

Life never stops being crazy, and 2016 loved to kick our asses…

So expect some spam as I update here. If you’ve been following me across my other social media, then you have already seen all these and I am sorry 😜

Toward the end of the summer I did a random Moon Elf/Star Elf MMO style character…not from anything, just came up with from things I had laying around.

New Year, New Start!

Hey everyone! So I’m back from my holiday now (feeling refreshed and revitalised) and I’m ready to begin doing some more writing before school starts again! 

I have deleted all the asks out of my inbox now, so I’m very sorry if you didnt get your request fulfilled! You can re-send it if you want and I will see what I can do for you!

Here is what I will be accepting for now:

* Short Drabbles/Imagines

* Send in your own prompt + member (e.g. Jackson and a snowball fight or sth)

* Written ships (no selca ships please)

*Photo Spams

I will probably add some more in the future but for now, you can request any of the above! :)

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…i really should finish all these lil projects (wig dollycorner etc.) first before spamming eveywhere but i just can’t help it :’)
at this moment my bonding is very strong with alex , it haven’t been this strong for years D8 i don’t know but whenever i just take a look at him i feel warm and fuzzy inside and i love this :’)) haha sorry for the weird talking :’))

And the last picture … It shows why i started making a new dolly place :) the old one was in the other room and it bothered me a lot that they are too far away -_- , now the half of my working table is gone but at least they are here ❤

In honor of the fact that it’s been a year since I began that @crystal-grumps fusion spree, I decided to draw another precious bab.

This is @anna-mator/@annacpadilla‘s Howlite, who is of course a fusion between Dan and Jon. And c’mon let’s face it, it’s scientifically proven that any Dan/Jon fusion is going to be the most pleasant, soft, Not-Grump-At-All guy ever


Sorry not sorry for any now and future Voltron spam :’) 
This past week we did like 2 shoots and also had a con I attended as Keith,on top of pumping these costumes out in like less than two weeks. LOL 
and my boy is the perfect Lance, can’t tell me otherwise.
First photo by Elysia Griffin
The rest of the set done by Superrlynn Photography <3 


So @mishkawrites tagged me in this 6 selfie tag meme. So one of them is with @endgame-sterek but pfffttt whatever it’s a selfie! Also lol I forgot to take the Instagram tag off that specific photo, ignore me. Haha, so yeah this is my face. 

I tag @endgame-sterek, @hale-of-stiles-heart, and @eternalsterek-broughttolife (I DON’T HAVE MANY TUMBLR FRIENDS SO SORRY TO Y’ALL WHO I’M SPAMMING WITH TAG MEMES!)

anonymous asked:

hey, before you spam your narancia photos everywhere, you might want to credit the person who actually made the costume. just a heads up.

I’m sorry ?? I’ve credited her in many places on all of my social media and when I posted all of the characters from the various parts that I made this year I didn’t include this one because I’ve made it very obvious that it’s not my work. I apologize if I’ve offended her because my standard for sold costume or commissioned costume credit is different. I only ask that my commissioners credit my work on at least the first photo they post on all their social media. If she is upset by this, by all means I’ll edit the post.


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1. As you can tell from the photos I’ve posted, I’m a cat mama. Melanie is my first cat who I’ve had for a little over 5 months now and I love this little booger. Still figuring some things out but it’s a good thing almost all my friends are cat mamas too 🐱

2. I am anime trash. Kinda obvious with my posts but yes, once I’m invested in a series, I go all in. Sorry for the spam but not really.

3. My Vietnamese is total crap, the only thing I can do really is order food. You’d think 8 years of Vietnamese lessons would have helped but nope, I have the language skills of a toddler.

4. Cold drinks > hot drinks. I can’t drink hot liquids without almost immediately burn myself. If I want something warm, I go for kid’s temperature.

5. I love oversized sweaters and shirts. Let me drown in excess fabric and have sweater paws.

6. Every once in a while I get the urge to just bleach my hair and have fun colored hair again. It won’t be good for my scalp or hair so wigs will have to do.

7. Speaking of hair, I hate getting my hair cut. I will hold off for as long as I can and insist on trimming as little as possible.

8. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin and my Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie.

9. I am the mom friend. I’m just overprotective mess when it comes to my friends.

10. If I can sleep in, I will sleep for as long as possible. The longest I’ve been asleep was for 21 hours and I only woke up cause I really had to pee.

11. I am very accident prone. I pretty much bump into something everyday or trip over my own feet. A personal favorite was when I ran into a chair and ended up with a bruise the size of my fist on my thigh.

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If you want to, feel free to do this as well~

to the anon who asked me about one of johnny’s iconic airport photos, sorry i posted them all at once, but i hate having things queued posting every minute. sorry it’s just a personal thing, really sorry for the spam! haha

also to those who celebrate it, happy king’s day! or dia de los reyes! ♡