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 Hi everyone! 

Yay, here’s a really simple edit because I’m too lazy. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for the longest time to say thank you to everyone who has made Tumblr a second home for me. And this is for my 1k milestone, thank you again! It’s a really nice early birthday present actually, it was my goal to hit the four digits before the 6th of June (my birthday)! I can’t thank you guys enough~~ <33

I absolutely adore our E.L.F community here on tumblr, we all support each other and to me it is just one of the most beautiful thing :’) To my followers/mutuals, you are all wonderful to be able to bare with my little moments when I feel down which I am truly grateful for! ^^ 

Be sure to check out my blogroll to see all the other beautiful people I follow and love very much <3

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Literal children having fun with snow spray ~