sorry for all the justin on your dash haha no i'm not

hi guys ^^ how are you? omg there are humans following me????? 
I know that I promised to do a follow forever when I hit 10,000 posts, but life was busy and I’m sorry this is waay overdue. I’ve also hit a new follower goal, so this is for all of you fabulous little cuties! (: 

To my wonderful followers: I have no idea what I did to deserve all of you. Thank you so much for staying with me through everything, no matter how stupid I am! ^^ 
To my friends and senpais: Thank you for filling my dash with wonderful posts everyday ♥ 

I had quite a big list to go through, so I didn’t include everyone here >< It was also hard to find mutuals, so please message me if I missed you somehow ;A; (especially if you changed your url/icon recently!)

Bold - mutuals; I’m not going to pick favourites/friends because I love all of you and you are all lovely in your own way! ;) 

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A tiny shoutout to my beautiful real life friends/mutuals who are not part of the exo  fandom: 311mibcnwyattmoonyfactionnostalgialityreachingwithinrinasakaki,
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Another shoutout to these amazing networks: fanbby, thexonet

adfhksajdf once again, thank you so much for making my experience on tumblr so amazing  \(T∇T)/ 

-xoxo, Mukkie (: