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Here they are finally !! I was never satisfied with the designs (Gozu was redrawn like 3 times) but thank you !! I’ll be drawing the rest of the requests soon so yall don’t worry about it !

(also i didn’t draw Tengan bc he doesn’t deserve a nice dress)


When it’s two in the morning and the startup screen is so beautiful that you take a zillion pictures.

Not to be dramatic but the looks Mako and Korra give each other in the series finale are and forever will be the most loving and heartfelt expressions in any fiction universe and nothing will convince me otherwise

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HI ^o^ Sorry for being inactive this week ahaha I got sick and the medicine I drink at night makes me super sleepy so I end up dozing off early ++ I still have to go to work because I’m saving up my vacation days ;;v;;

Anyway! I’m also answering && compiling asks right now (around 3k) – I’m so sorry I let them pile up ;;v;; I have some sets from … since what … October … I was wondering if it’s still okay to answer them (or not… they probably hate me now hhhh) ahaha I’m so sorry I feel so ashamed aksjhdkjsafsdf


Some of my VLD (sports) doodles. They all are actually pretty random. Please don’t question me. Σ(´д ` メ)
It’s mainly Allura (because I love her). Also I’m not sure how muscular I should draw her though…I know she is rather slim in the Series but I imagine her to be very strong. 

I really feel the need to catch up with the style of the series (b/c I’d like to make a small animation). I tried really hard on the last three ones but they look rather arkward.. also I apologize for any inaccuracies in advance. (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)