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hello friend! here is a lavender just for you!

Ahhh thank you friend!! This sweet pea is especially for you, I hope you like it!


♥ L o v e  i s  a  P r o m i s e - for @armorwars​ ♥


green day + truth

11.13.16 // Guys, I’m terrible.. It’s been ages since I’ve posted. Hope you haven’t all forgotten about me–I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise! Life’s been a little crazy, but I’m here and going to try to post more. Here’s an older spread from last month. I loved that leaf that I picked up on a walk, and wanted to share some autumn love with y'all 😊🍂💕


Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

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Pokedex Holders Bio: Green The Trainer


+ modern baseball - fine, great

+ wallpaper (can fit on any phone)

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green char + purple char = main pairing of the game sorry i don’t make the rules

kaede stay AWAY FROM HIM he has two ahoges that can’t be good…

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