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Flicker Sessions Sydney – crowd: up for it. band: up for it. Niall: MAD up for it. It was SUCH a fun night. he looked amazing. he sounded incredible. let’s get together and do it again.


make me choose — anonymous asked:

⤷ yuehua or rbw

Do you need a pixel artist for your video game or project? Look no further! I’m looking for work!!

Hi! I’m kyle and I’m a pixel artist looking for work in video game art! If you’re interested at all or just want to chat shoot me an email or a DM on my twitter @supajackle! (i really don’t like the messager or asks here on tumblr sorry!)

My dayjob has gone from sucky but tolerable to constantly stressful and miserable! I really want to be able to quit and do what I love to do which is pixel art!! I would really appreciate any signal boosting you can do to get my message out there! Thank’s a bunch

thank you for 10k followers!

so it was just this morning that i came on to see 10k followers, and i honestly couldn’t be any more ecstatic about it. thank you for being a place i can turn to when things get tough in my life. thank you for being so friendly and caring. thank you for allowing me to be in this community with you guys. thank you for talking with me. thank you for letting me show you the things i’ve created. thank you for tagging me in things. thank you for letting me see the things you’ve created. just… thank you.

so here’s just a little follow forever that i’ve put together. i love you guys!

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I always get made fun of for basically worshipping these men. But there’s a reason behind my obsession. I came across “Danger” on YouTube one day and I decided to watch it. This was during one of the lowest points in my life. I really felt like there was no hope for me left, I was just so done with fighting for a life I didn’t even want to live anymore. Even though I was a bit weirded out by it at first after a couple of listens and Bam I loved it, it was so catchy! Then I decided to check out the rest of their music and I enjoyed every single song, I’ve watched them progress and grow was a group/individuals. I soon enough learned who was who and what made them unique. I found myself just slowly feeling less and less miserable. I’ve started going out more, speaking more and being less anxious about every small thing. Sure there are still those days where I feel extremely upset and I just cannot function. Bts has been a great source of happiness and support for me. They have shown me that not only does “teamwork make the dream work” but that with perseverance anything is possible. This encourages me to keep pushing forward and maybe one day I’ll achieve my goal of being depression free. Battling depression is never an easy task. No I’m not saying they cured me but they definitely do make me happy. Considering how I was before, I’ve definitely seen change. And for the better! I’m sorry if all I do talk about bts 24/7. I owe my happiness to these guys. Seeing pictures or watching videos of them just brings a smile unto my face. Not a forced one, it just comes naturally. Bts has a special place in my heart. Thanks for helping me become a better and happier person. I am also extremely grateful for the opportunities that they have been given, and the love that armies all around the world have given to the boys. They deserve all of it. Army fighting! 💕
………….Idk I’m tired and having bts feels………….


this took me years i couldn´t finished bc i was super busy but i  managed today to do it aaaaa help

(sorry for delay @markiplier @crankgameplays and tyler)

well i hope u like it even tho it´s not the best sorry :)

i probably repost this bc this video means a lot and I like how it looks at the end all the effort well bai

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Pairing: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: none (just fluff) Also- no disrespect to Gen and the kiddos-this is all fiction and actually can be connected to my series Heart Sutra-parts that have not been published/written yet.

Word Count: 487 (I know it’s supposed to be 500, but honestly I don’t know where to flesh it out at the moment without it being repetitive and bad)

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining Taylor’s 2k Challenge and my word was proud! She also submitted this gif to me and I asked her permission to use it for her challenge. I’m like right up to the deadline on these lately!  Sorry to the challenge runners, but if you’ve been keeping up with me you know things a little wonky right now for me! Luckily, I’ve gotten a little of my groove back and have been able to put out some things that are actually worth your time to read ;)

There was no denying how Jared felt about his wife and kids whenever the subject came up. 

He was always happy to share stories during panels, pictures and videos on social media. 

He was proud

A proud husband to Y/N, who blew him away at all of the things she could accomplish while keeping on top of three children.

A proud father, he loved those kids more than his own life. There were so many things that they were already doing and that he pictured them doing in the future.

Most recently he couldn’t stop showing and telling everyone about the feature that their family had appeared in. As, one of their online class yoga teachers, Yoga Journal had requested a feature of what Y/N’s yoga practice was like at home with three children and traveling with both her and Jared’s work.

“You know it’s funny, I never realized how much her practice just filled our entire lives; it just fits seamlessly!” Jared smiled as he shared the experience at their latest panel. “I mean even the boys are getting into it. They’ll be a little silly about it sometimes, but they just follow right along with her.”

“JJ, does too.” Jensen chimed in. “Isn’t there a video she tried to film with all four of them just crawling all over the place and hanging on her?” He laughed.

“Yeah, I think she posted it somewhere. Probably her YouTube channel.” Jared pulled up his phone and started to look for it.

“Oh the picture though-not the one with you.” Jensen mock gagged, referencing the acroyoga picture Y/N and Jared had posed for in the feature.

“Now that one was fun!” Jared grinned. “She rarely lets me just pick her up and honestly I almost fell a couple of times.”

“No, I’m talking about the one with the kids, Dee loves that one!”

“Oh yeah! The meditation one was cute! I think she asked for a copy to have framed.”

“Ah here’s the video! Okay, I’m gonna share this for y’all to watch. She had a friend put music to it and stuff and it’s really cute. But it’s also what yoga really looks like at our house!” Jared laughed as he shared the link.

They moved on to some other questions, but right towards the end a fan asked about the pictures. 

“Uh yeah, actually I think the article is on Yoga Journal’s website. So yeah go read it, Y/N gave an awesome interview!”

Oh yeah, Jared was proud there was no doubt about it, but Y/N could say the same for her husband. He worked so hard for himself and others through good and bad. Truthfully, he was the motivation that kept her moving forward with what she loved!

Standing off to the side she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she watched his face light up as he continued to share the story.

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Happy Birthday, @therealjacksepticeye!

i’m sorry this is so sloppy

Thank you for being a BIG inspiration to us all, especially me!

Whenever I feel so sad and negative, I watch your videos and I’m able to smile and laugh even on a bad day. Your words really help us lighten up and forget all the(my) negativity! So, Thank you! 

Thanks for being the best and BOSSIEST Youtuber! 

(I am horrible at promoting myself bear with me)

I will be hosting a culinary event just for us Steven Universe fans! I will be doing a livestream (hopefully if people would want to watch this) of me baking and cooking treats from Steven Universe, and I will be hosting it on YouTube at Edea Lee . I hope to see you there! (If not a lot of people would want to watch this, then I’ll just post a video of a time-lapse of me baking at the same days)


The time when the livestream will start may change, so I’ll just update when it will be delayed, or when it will be earlier! Also, all these times and dates are GMT +8:00! So that means that when it’s May 27, 8:00 am here, it may be May 26, 8:00 pm in East Coast, America!

Here are samples of what I baked!

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Look at Harry doing his little nose scrunch right before he looks away from Louis

h̬̹͈̜̩̋͐̔e̱͙̝̙̩̫̖ͯ̉̑̅́ͅͅ'̗̰̝̪͙̱̌̔s͚̺̓̆̿̏̈͂̾ͭ ̥̘͉̰͈̓͑̐ͩ̎ͣ̽h̗̗̮̲̙̻̏̋̿͋ͥ̆̓ͨͮë̻̻͖́͗ͯr͔͙̟̝̜ͦͩͧ̏̚e̦̯̭̠͍̳̓̇!̳̯̦̞̲͓͑͒̑̔̅̓ͨ̚

pumpkin carving fun. y’know, for the kids.