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So I forgot about this but THANKS FOR 8K followers. As I told a few people before, when I’ll reach 10k. If I reach 10k, I’ll be doing a giveaway to thank you guys and this is probably the only s4s I’ll ever be doing since I want all my follows to be genuine people who like my weird stuff lol… Anyways. Thanks so much lovelies I really appreciate it and thanks to those who stuck with me through the last year that was very hard for me and it might not be over due to the whole cancer thing with my dad but I’m sorry for the negative posts and all. Jist know that you guys helped me stay above that very thin line that I kept crossing(depression) I’m not done yet and still on meds so its hard to say im all good but I feel a bit better. So thanks you all for everything!!
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sing fanfiction #2

I decided to make it easier for you guys and put all 3 parts of my horribly depressing fanfiction together into 1 post 

Another fic out probably tomorrow (don’t worry it’s a fluffy one) 

[Pt. 1]
Jonny’s fingers danced across the keys of the piano, emitting the sound into every corner of the room. He was playing a beautiful cover of “I’m Still Standing”, and if anyone who didn’t know him had walked by, they would’ve assumed he was a professional practicing for his next concert, not a parentless ex-criminal teenager at one of his daily piano lessons.

Mrs. Crawley watched him with her one good eye, every once in a while nodding her head or making a comment.

Johnny was about halfway through the song when suddenly, he loudly hit several of the wrong keys at the same time and quickly pulled back from the piano, holding his arm. His face looked pained, and Mrs. Crawley looked at him with concern. “Are you alright dear?” She asked.

Johnny sucked in a breath. “Y-yeah, I’m okay…” He assured her. Then he winced in pain. Sucking in another breath, he said,          "A-Actually, do you mind if we stop practice a l-little early today?“
Mrs. Crawley nodded, slightly confused. “Sure dear.” She said. “Go home and get some good rest, it looks like you need it.”

Johnny gave her a pained smile. “Thanks Mrs. Crawley.” He said, and left the room.

Buster Moon walked around the the theatre, admiring it. It had been a good few months since it was rebuilt, but he still couldn’t get over how beautiful it looked. He wished his father could see him now.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar face looking around the room. It was Johnny, and he seemed to be searching for something.

“Hey there Johnny! Need help looking for something?” Buster asked, walking up behind the gorilla. Johnny jumped, slightly startled, then turned around and relaxed upon seeing it was only Buster.

“Oh, hey Mr. Moon. Have you seen my jacket? I can’t find it.” He said, turning his head. Buster pointed to a nearby room. “I think I saw it in there a bit earlier.” He said. Johnny sighed. “Of course it is,” he said, “why didn’t I think of that?”

He walked to the room with Buster in tow and, sure enough, the jacket was there, draped over the back of a chair.

“Thanks Mr. Moon.” Johnny said to Buster. He walked over to the chair and grabbed the jacket.

“You leaving already? I thought your piano lessons ended at 4, not 3.” Buster said. “They do,” Johnny said, “but I’m leaving a little early today.” Buster momentarily considered asking Johnny the reason why he was leaving so early, but decided against it. He probably wasn’t feeling well- in fact, now that Buster thought about it, Johnny didn’t look so good either.

He watched as Johnny put on the jacket and noticed something strange: it took Johnny a lot longer than usual to slip on the jacket. He put it on slowly, then winced in pain as he did so, as if it hurt to put his arm through the sleeve.

“Are you alright?” Buster asked, concerned. Johnny gave him a confused look. “It looks like your arm’s bothering you.” Buster continued.

Johnny gave him a weak smile. “Ah, don’t worry, its nothing.” He said casually. “I just fell off my skateboard on the way here this morning and it kind’ve hurts. But nothing to worry about.”

Buster studied Johnny’s expression. He had seen enough actors to know when someone was lying. “Are you sure?” Buster asked. Johnny shifted uncomfortably before quickly saying, “Yep. Thanks Mr. Moon. See ya tomorrow.”  Before Buster could say anything else on the subject, or ask why Johnny had left without his skateboard, the gorilla had left.

He stared at the door until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see it was Ash, who was holding an object that Buster recognized as Johnny’s skateboard.

“Do you know where Johnny is?” Ash asked. Buster motioned to the door. “He just left. You just missed him.” He said. Ash sighed. “Oh well.” She said. She shrugged. “He came over to my house a few days ago and left his skateboard there. I’ve been trying to get it back to him for a few days now, but I haven’t run into him.”

Buster blinked. “He left it at your house how many days ago?”

Ash shrugged. “Uh, I don’t know. 3 or 4 I guess.”

Buster thought for a moment about what Johnny had said: “I just fell off my skateboard on the way here this morning.”

He turned to the door Johnny had just left out of.

Something wasn’t right….

[Pt. 2]
Everybody looked up as at Buster as he walked into the room. Nearly everyone except Johnny was there for some reason or another, but for the moment they just seemed to be chatting amongst themselves.

Ash walked in behind Buster and set down the skateboard next to a desk. “He just left.” She told the others as she walked over to where they were standing. Buster followed her and the group sat down and started having a conversation. Buster didn’t engage in it- he seemed to have something on his mind.

Meena was the first to notice something was up. “Everything all right, Mr. Moon?” She asked. Buster jumped at the sound of his name and looked up to find everybody looking at him. “W-What?” He asked. “You okay?” Meena asked again. Buster nodded his head slowly. “Yeah… Just…” He thought for a moment and shifted uncomfortably where he was sitting. “…have you noticed Johnny acting kind’ve… strange, lately…?” He asked.

A few in the group nodded their heads. “Yeah.” Ash said. You know how I told you that he came over to my place the other day?“ Buster nodded. “Well, it was MELTING, and my AC was broken. It was SO HOT. I could see him sweating like crazy, but he refused to take off his jacket, or roll up his sleeves, or anything.”

“And he always seems so tired now, like he hasn’t slept in days.” Meena chimed in.

“And he spends pretty much all his time cooped up in that old garage.” Rosita said. “He’s basically here for his piano lessons and then my house to sleep. He spends the rest of the time in that garage or visiting his father.” Buster nodded. He’d gotten word that Rosita had insisted Johnny stay with her until his father got out of prison, and after a while, Johnny agreed. He stayed with her now. “Hasn’t been eating much lately either.” She added.

Buster nodded again. “Why are you asking?” Meena asked. “He just seemed to be acting…weird today.” Buster said. “Something’s definitely wrong but…” He trailed off. “Well if anyone can get to the bottom of it, it’s you.” Rosita said. Buster shrugged. “Hopefully….I’m just kind’ve worried about him, that’s all.” Meena shrugged.“Well if there’s any way we can help…” Buster nodded his head. “I’ll let you know.”


The next day, Johnny finished his lessons early again. “You feeling okay?” Buster asked him. “This is the second time in a row you’ve cut your lessons short.” Johnny nodded. “Yeah, I feel fine. Just…tired. Don’t worry, I’ll make up the time I missed-”

“I’m not worried about the time you’re missing.” Buster suddenly interrupted. There was a brief silence before he cleared his throat. “Um anyways…. Could you do me a favor? If you’re feeling well enough?” He asked. Johnny nodded. “I need someone to watch the the theatre for a few hours. I gotta go help Eddie with a thing…it’s kind’ve an emergency.” Jonny nodded again. “Of course, Mr. Moon.”

Buster smiled. “Thanks Johnny, you’re a lifesaver.” He grabbed his bag and walked out the door. As he walked, he pulled out his phone and texted Eddie.

> if Johnny calls or texts you, tell him everything is okay

There was a small period of silence before Buster’s phone beeped again.

> Buster, what did u do this time?

Buster rolled his eyes.

> Just trust me

A long pause. Then a beep.


Buster slipped his phone into his bag and kept walking.


After a good 20 minutes trying to lift the door up (curse his tiny hands!) Buster finally was able to get the door of Johnny’s garage-house open. He stepped inside and squinted into the dark room. Fumbling for a light switch, he eventually found one and flipped it. The room brightened.

It was a lot cleaner than Buster had thought it was going to be, but he suspected it was a lot messier until Johnny started using it.

Buster looked at his watch. He’d wasted a fair amount of time trying to get the stupid door to open.

He proceeded to start looking around the room. He had no idea what he was looking FOR, just…..he didn’t know. Something.
He felt terrible, looking through Johnny’s things like this but… Desperate times, desperate measures.

After a good hour of searching, Buster had checked everywhere except the bathroom, and had found nothing. Having virtually no other choice, he walked into the (surprisingly clean) bathroom and started looking around. “God, I’m being so creepy right now…” Buster muttered under his breath.

After looking around for a while and finding nothing but toothpaste and towels, Buster was about to give up and leave when he noticed something weird- a worn looking drawer, slightly ajar, that Buster hadn’t looked at. He slowly opened it up and sucked in a sharp breath.

The drawer had several sharp objects in it. Scissors… Knives…and what startled him even further was that some had something red covering the edges. Buster immediately knew what it was and nearly froze.

‘Is he some kind of serial killer???’ Buster momentarily thought. Then he immediately shook his head and facepalmed. Of course he wasn’t! This is Johnny he was talking about here. The one who insisted on catching a fly in a cup and letting it free outside instead of swatting it.

Buster opened the drawer further. ‘Even if it was a possibility, it would be on more than just the edges…’ He thought. He pulled out a barely used roll of bandages. ‘And you don’t bandage your victims…’ Buster set down the roll and thought for a moment. Suddenly, his breath caught in his throat as realization hit. If he has a bunch of sharp objects stained with blood, but he’d never hurt another living soul, that meant….. He froze.

Wait, no, he would never do that!


…..would he?


[Pt. 3]
The next day, Buster watched Johnny as he began his daily piano lesson. He kept hitting several of the wrong keys, but didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping.

Buster heard shuffling behind him and turned around in time to see Ash, Meena, and the others walk into the room.

“Hey, Meena?” He called out. Everyone turned towards the sound of Buster’s voice, but only Meena walked over. “Yes Mr. Moon? You need something?” Buster shifted uncomfortably. “I was hoping you might be able to help me…it’s about Johnny.” He said.

Now he had Meena’s attention. “It is?” She asked. “Did you find out why he’s been acting so weird?” “Yes.” Buster said. He paused. “Well, I mean, no. Maybe. I have a good idea of what it is…but I’m not sure.” Buster proceeded to relay his evidence- what he’d seen and heard, how he’d looked through Johnny’s things the day before, and what he’d found.

Meena looked worried now. “You….don’t think he did it to himself…do you?” She asked, looking into the room where Johnny was playing. He seemed to be having a hard time hitting notes with his left hand, as if moving the arm was painful. Buster sighed. “Like I said, I’m not completely sure, but….as much as I hate to say it, that’s what it seems like. I mean, with all the stuff the poor kid’s been going through lately…. I honestly wouldn’t rule it out.”

Buster suddenly heard a small gasp from the other side of the room. He shifted his focus from Meena to the direction he’d heard the sound, and saw Ash standing there with a hand over her mouth, like she’d just said something she wasn’t supposed to. The others were giving her a look like she’d just busted their secret plan, and everything was silent for a moment.

Then they turned to run.

“Hold it.” Buster said. The others all stopped in their tracks and awkwardly turned around. “Yeeees, Mr. Moon?” Rosita said. Buster gave them a look. “Were you listening?” He asked. There was an uncomfortable silence. “….noooooooo…” Ash said. Buster gave her a hard, cold stare, and after a few moments she let out a breath. “Okay, maybe. A little bit.” She looked at Buster. “You don’t think he’s really….like, actually hurting himself, do you?” She said. “I mean this is Johnny, he’s…” She trailed off and looked down. She had intended so say, “always happy”, when realization dawned. She had recognized that look he’d had in his eyes lately- it was the same look she’d had when her boyfriend had broken up with her, the same look she’d seen so many times in so many people that she had it memorized.

Johnny was hurting.

She looked back up and quickly said, “ I wanna help.” The others nodded. Buster sighed. He sounded slightly irritated. “Well, I wasn’t even intending to tell you guys…” He said, “so if you really want to help the situation, just…..keep quiet, okay?”

Meena cleared her throat behind Buster. “What did you want me to do?” She asked. Buster turned to her. “Ah, yes, Meena. I was kind’ve wondering… Well, I’m not good real with people, especially sad ones…” He looked uncomfortable. “Well, you’re so good with being nice, and listening, and….well I was wondering if you could talk to him? Try to get the truth out of him if you can?”

“Me?” Meena said. Buster nodded. Meena stuttered. “I-I can try, I guess.” She said. Buster nodded.

All of a sudden 2 sets of footsteps came into the room. Everybody simultaneously turned toward the sound and saw Johnny walking out of the room while Mrs. Crawley came out and walked the other direction with a few pieces of paper in her hand. Johnny gave a weak wave to the group. “Hey guys.” He said. He sounded cheerful- but everyone was painstakingly aware of how exhausted he sounded as well. “What'ca talking about?” He asked.

A brief silence.

“….And why are you all staring at me like that…?”

Meena was the first to speak. She stepped forward and cleared her throat. “Um, can you come with me to the other room? Eddie’s out today and Mr. Moon here was just telling me he needed help with one of the stage lights. ….We’re, uh, kind’ve the only ones tall enough to reach it.” She said awkwardly. The others nodded their heads vigorously, as if they fully 100% believed the story Meena had just made up.

Johnny shrugged, and then winced at the action. “Um, sure I guess. I got time.” He proceeded to follow Meena into the next room, leaving the others alone. Buster exchanged knowing looks with the group.

He wished for the best.


“I still don’t see anything wrong with it.” Johnny told Meena as he examined the light. “Oh.” Meena said. “Well, he was probably being paranoid. This theatre is like his baby- you know how he can get sometimes.” Johnny nodded knowingly. “Well, why don’t we…uh…just sit here for a while? Spend some time just talking and then tell him we fixed the light. He’ll probably say it looks great and won’t notice we didn’t do anything.” Meena said. Johnny gave a small laugh. “Okay.” He said.

The two sat down on the edge of the stage and started talking. It started as a normal conversation, but then Meena started asking stranger questions. “How have you felt lately?” “You been okay?” Johnny was getting suspicious, and Meena could tell.

Johnny suddenly interrupted her. “If this is your way of asking me something, just ask.” He said. Meena sucked in a breath, and after a short silence, let it out in a sigh. “Well…..nothing was wrong with the stage light in the first place.” She said. “I made it up. I was talking with buster just now….and…..” She continued to tell Johnny everything she knew: what they’d all noticed, and what Buster had found. Johnny stayed deathly silent through the entire story, wearing an expression that was impossible for Meena to read.

After she was finished, Meena looked at Johnny, who was silent. “We’re all just worried about you and….we wanted to know if you were really…. You know.” She said.

Johnny was silent for a moment before he responded. “Yeah…I…I was hoping you guys wouldn’t notice…”

Meena’s eyes shifted from the floor towards Johnny’s face. He tried to explain himself, but ultimately failed.

“I’m sorry…I….I don’t know why I….I just….. Just….” He looked on the brink of tears. Meena saw this and scooched over next to Johnny a little more. She was just close enough to hear him say quietly,  

“I just don’t want it to hurt anymore.”

Then he broke down. Like a tidal wave violently crashing through a dam. He couldn’t seem to stop crying, as if he had bottled up every ounce of liquid in his body and was just now pouring it all out at once. Meena pulled him closer to her and was startled as she realized he was surprisingly light and easy to move- even with her elephant strength, he should’ve been a little heavier.

“I-I’m sorry…” He said quietly, but Meena cut him short. “No, Johnny, don’t be. It’s okay.”

Meena looked up as she heard noises come from the other side of  the room. Buster had just dropped down from the ceiling, where he’d apparently been the whole time, and Ash and the others were just walking into the room. They looked at Johnny, then at Meena, who just nodded. This immediately got the message across and they all walked over quickly.

Johnny looked at them, his eyes full of tears. “Guess it was obvious.” He said. Ash shook her head and and sat down next to him. “Why didn’t you tell us?” She asked. Johnny shook his head and sniffed. “I just….I didn’t want to burden you guys with something like that.” He responded quietly.

“You couldn’t do that!” Rosita said.

“Yeah,” Ash said. “We’re your FRIENDS Johnny. You couldn’t burden us if you tried.”

“We’re here for you.”

The group continued to roll out encouragement to the gorilla until they could all see him visibly smiling, tears in his eyes.

He wiped his eyes. “S-sorry for all that…” He said. Meena gave him a hug, which the others joined in.

“Ow.” Rosita said suddenly.

“Sorry.” Ash replied a few seconds later. “Quills.”

They all pulled away as Johnny gave a small laugh and wiped his eyes.

“How about I make us all cake?” Meena said. Everyone nodded their heads violently, knowing Meena made some of the best cake around.

Everyone stood up, and after a second of awkward standing, started to walk out the door with the rest of the group. Meena and Johnny were the last to leave.

Before leaving they both stopped and looked at each other.

“…Thanks Meena.” Johnny said.

“Thank Buster for snooping around in your stuff!” Meena said, and they both laughed.

There was a short silence before Meena quietly added, “Are you okay?”

Johnny smiled and nodded. “…I’m feeling better.”

And he meant it.

Hey there! How y’all doing? Been a looooooong while, huh? 

I want to apologize to all my followers for the extremely looooong hiatus on here and leaving you guys in the dark for so long. And I know y’all been messaging me seeing how I’m doing and I’m so sorry for not responding like I should ;A; I’ve kind of had lots of iffy things happen to me last year (then again, 2016 sucked for everybody, huh?) especially with some reeeeeaaaaally bad self esteem issues that pretty much made me extremely depressed and caused me to go into multiple hiatuses and huuuuuuge artblocks…like major. After that, I started questioning my own artwork and felt unworthy to posting anything here due to the fact that I felt like my art sucked more and more…but I’m finally overcoming it. I also want to give  big thanks for everybody who’s still following me, even if I was inactive for awhile. I love you all so much ;3;

So now that it’s 2017, a brand new freaking year (it’s crazy how fast time has passed), I’m going to try to start this year in a positive note AND BECOME A BETTER AND MORE POSITIVE PERSON!!!! Plus, I do have some artwork that I’ve been meaning to upload and I might spam y’all with it…sorry! It was going to happen eventually >w< 



So I know that I said I’d post an update about where I’d disappeared to, only to disappear again, but a lot has happened, some of which you guys probably don’t want to know about since it’s kinda depressing, so all I’m gonna say for now is: 1. thank you so much to everyone that’s sent me a message in the time that I’ve been gone, you honestly don’t know how much your messages have helped me in the last few days, 2. I’m sorry for disappearing and I’ll try to be more active and at least answer a few MTLs in the coming days, so feel free to send some in, and 3. MY WINGS ALBUMS CAME IN!!!

So here’s where the point of this announcement comes in: I was sort of hoping for a Hoseok, Yoongi, and/or Namjoon photo card. SO, if any of you got one of those photo cards, and would like to trade for one of the photo cards that I got, please message me ^-^ Also, I got 4 posters (all of them are the same) so if you’re wanting to trade photo cards and also want a poster, just let me know~ You’ll have to tell me your address, so if you’re under 18 then please ask your parents first!

I know I say this a lot and probably don’t show it enough, but I truly do love you guys, and I don’t know what I would do without you all~ I might make a later update about what’s been going on, but for now, I want you all to be as happy as you can be. If there’s anything I can do to make you happier, please let me know <3


i’m really really really bad at talking to people(even online) and i’m sorry for being so negative in my responses to all of you last night. at heart i am a pessimist and i’m really fun at parties. but thank you guys for supporting me. it really really means a lot. you’re all so nice to me and i dont know why you care so much about some weirdo online but thank you for caring. you all helped a lot and i’m sorry for all these personal posts. you guys are the real mvp

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I am sorry if this sounds rude but...I know when amateur artists ask for advice from popular art blogs I see most of em say things like "dont go by the no. of notes, likes you get on your post" I think it's a bit unfair to say that. It is easy to say these things for good artists like you because you guys already have all that. What if i draw and post everyday, I notice improvements in my work but still get zero appreciation, I do feel upset and just think whats the point when nobody cares.

same anon, continue-…I am sorry if this came out as rude and if I hurt you, feel free to ignore my previous ask but I would really much appreciate if you give me a reply. Sometimes I get really depressed when I see my art is lacking and I always end up with negative thoughts. I know that likes and no.of notes aren’t everything but they do matter right? I know no artist out there is without a struggle, I dont think talented people like you have it easy as well. So I hope u understand please.

Hello Anon-san! This doesn’t sound rude at all and I’m glad you are coming to me for this! I’m not good at explaining, but let me give this a try.

(Rest under the cut, because this became quite the wall of text! //sweats)

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So, a few things...

For the past few weeks I’ve been going through some difficulties *cough* depression fit *cough* and I’m so, so sorry I haven’t acknowledged all the growth this account has gotten. Of course I notice those things, your likes, reblogs and comments make my day and I love going through them! But as I’m trying to get back to full health now, I also want to connect with you guys and invest myself into this account better. So first things first; 

Originally posted by coloursong


Seriously, this is crazy, I feel so blessed! Two of my posts have gone over 1,000 notes and I’m still in shock! Thank you guys, I appreciate every note and every comment! I have so much love towards you guys!

Second thing;

Originally posted by onescorpioboy

I’m going to stop criticizing and quitting my work and actually post something! So, in a few…minutes? Hours? Depends on how long my final edit will take, I’m going to post a drabble I did a few weeks ago. It’s the only thing I’ve completely finished and even though I’m not happy with it, I’m going to take that leap and put it out there. Because perfection doesn’t exist so I should stop seeking it out and give out content because that’s how you grow as a writer.

So, I’m very nervous but I’m going to stay strong and post stuff and I hope you guys like it :)

(Short Bucky x reader drabble coming up later!)


u followers are all great because in real life i’m mean and ugly as fuck. i don’t deserve you guys at all. im a skinny awkward asian emo nerd bitch with glasses who spends all time on tumblr and i have close to zero friends, which is depressing and unfortunate, because pretty much my only friend is my sister, who has alot of other friends, and fuck me i suck, but y’all followers are all rly nice and ive been a bitch lately and im sorry, i added a bunch of shit to a post and it sucked. You guys have been so supportive and hey, only 2 days left till the weekend, so ill be answerin’ those asks! i have only like 2( shitty) friends irl, but its ok, because i have you guys <3

Goodnight guys! I’m sorry if the blog was a bit depressing tonight. If you guys didn’t like it just tell me and I won’t do it again. Also I have queued posts at every half an hour so I am not online they are all queued


Hi friends. To try to counteract severe depression I’m gonna try to upload a cover a day during the month of October, so here’s the first one. I really am sorry that I’ve been posting negative stuff lately. I’ve always tried to keep everything positive on my blog, and I’ll continue trying. But it’s really tough right now. On a better note, this is my first ever guitar cover I’m posting on here. Yay.

rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you.. and most importantly, have fun! tagged by @teamputvedev (thanks so much!) I tag @nicesweater, @laffing​, @notlinny@secretariatjohnkerry, @cruzfucker69​, and @mystriga​, if you guys are interested.

a - age: 19
b - biggest fear: Having all memory of my existence virtually erased within a generation or so after my death, thus rendering my entire life and all my stresses and struggles utterly meaningless.
c - current time: 10:16pm
d - drink you last had: Water because I rarely drink anything else.
e - every day starts with: the physical manifestation of “not this again.”
f - favorite song: ugh I really don’t have one favorite song but here are some I’ve listened to a lot recently:

g - ghosts, are they real?: My gut response is “no” but like…I’m not anti-ghost. I like the concept of ghosts.
h - hometown: St. Louis, MO. 
i - in love with: bruh………..tbh tho no one right now.
j - jealous of: people who actually like, have their shit together and have fulfilling careers.
k - killed someone: ???? Obviously no ????
l - last time you cried: Two days ago.
m - middle name(s): it….begins with A….that’s all you need to know.
n - number of siblings: zero, living that #onlychildlife
o - one wish: that I could be able to…*clenches fist dramatically* chill tf out.
p - person you last called/texted: My mom for both, lmao.
q - question you’re always asked: “Am I pronouncing your name right?” or “So, what are you gonna do with that history degree?”
r - reasons to smile: quality memes / shitposts, ~~aesthetics~~, mY CAT (!!)
s - song last sang: I hardly ever sing along to songs so I honestly can’t remember.
t - time you woke up: 9:55am
u - underwear color: my friend,,why would you ask this???
v - vacation destination: I’ve said this like 713829 times but MARFA, TEXAS and just the southwest in general is my top travel priority right now, because it’s probably the most achievable.
w - worst habit(s): p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n  and also the fact that I never go to bed before like, 2am at the earliest.
x - x-rays you’ve had: only the standard ones for your teeth.
y - your favorite food: Noodles….noodles of any variety….I just really like dishes with noodles.
z - zodiac sign: Aquarius

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Hey, you mentioned you fell in to a bad place. Are you okay? What happened? :( Your art is beautiful by the way, keep up the good work.

i’m fine, depression just sucks is all. i can lift myself up but i always end up going back down. i opened up requests because i felt good but depression (and a lil anxiety) hit me like a bus and for a few days i couldn’t handle requests. i don’t think i’ll be ready to open them back up for awhile. thank you for asking!

A well known and popular artist who has achieved success primarily through fanart and is now creating cool original content: ugh fanartists need to stop drawing for social validation it’s depressing and they all draw the same thing just for notes and retweets. You guys should draw from your heart and create original content instead.

Me, an accounting student who draws fanart in my spare time: I’m sorry I draw fanart for popular fandoms and ships because I want validation that I never get in real life, and that the validation i got from posting my fanart was the only thing that made me feel good about myself in highschool. I’m sorry your success has literally blinded you to the fact that people draw for validation because it makes them feel good. I’m sorry you think youre better than us lowly fanartists because you make cool original well thought-out content. I’m sorry you have the impression that everyone who draws has/wants a career in art when most of us are not art students and just looking to have a good time on the Internet.


Robbie is away filming and misses his son. ‘Not you… My other baby’
A/N sorry I haven’t posted any imagines lately, I’ve been in a bad a state of mind recently and I just needed some time away from all my social media, just some time to myself to get some things together, not to go into too much detail but depression has been a pain and yeah. But I will try to get through the requests as soon as I can but until then here’s a little text imagine just so I have something posted for you guys :)

Based on this pic:

Hey guys, been awhile, huh? Sorry for the mini hiatus, had a lot of things going on in my life that got me really in an effy slump and gave me such a huge art block. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to and it got me a bit depressed. I’m so sorry to neglect you guys, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long ;w; I’m going to try getting back on track with posting some more art on here. Plus it’s been sooooo long, thank you guys for being patient with me. I know some of you have been waiting to see me upload more art on here, even though it’s been a long while. Bless you all ;u; 

Anywho, decided to sketch out my oc’s!!!! Silly group selfie of everyone! ;D


Guys, my boyfriend and I just went public. (Relationship status change, posting photos, not denying it, etc) and his ex’s friends are sending him such hate. I caused all of this. This is my fault. I’m not worth this shit. I’m so sorry boo. I didn’t want to bring you this much pain…

I’m so fucking worthless and all I do is hurt everyone I get close too and scald everything I touch.

Hello angels! As I said some weeks ago, I’d make a new follow forever when I hit my goal, so there’s it!! 12 is my lucky number so I’ve been waiting for that to make this post. Thank you so much for being here inspiring me and making me smile every single day. Tumblr feels like home because all of you. 12k is much more than I actually deserve and I never thought I’d hit this, so thank you guys for following me. If I’m not depressed anymore it’s all because of you, who made me feel loved and accepted. Thank you thank you thank you! 


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