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You walked in frustrated and tired of all your classmates and their assuming everything. You have been struggling with wanting to tell your friends and family about discovering your true self, but now you just needed to get it off your chest. 

Everyone was already in the house and talking. You worked up the nerve to finally say it, knowing that they would except you because they still love and except Ian for who he is. You just had to get it over with. 

You paced in front of them for a few moments. Their eyes followed you as you paced until Lip spoke up. 

“Hey are you alright?”

You stopped and looked to him then started to pace again and mumble. Finally you stopped, turned, and spoke what you needed to get off your chest. 

“I think its time I said something because you guys were trying to get me a date. And while thats nice and all of you guys its stressful because i’m not straight.”

Almost everyone looked surprised. Ian giggled a bit knowing full-well of your sexuality. Mickey elbowed him and whispered for him to shut up.

“I’m bisexual and I need some space on the whole dating thing.”

V and Fiona were less shocked and more apologetic as the date set ups were their plans. 

Fiona walked up and hugged you “We are so sorry, we will back off. Thank you for telling us though.”

“Yeah , and if you ever need help with bullies you can talk to us we will be there for you.” Ian said supportive tone in his voice. 

Mickey stood up and slapped his arm over your shoulder. “Hey we will be there for ya kid. just shout for us if you need anything.”

Frank just sipped his beer and said, “do you mind if we cut this feelings crap out and finished the party?”

Kevin smacked the back of Frank’s head and said, “Ignore him he is just in a bad mood. he skipped his nap today.”

“Hey was that an old man joke!” Frank said defensively.

“Shut up.” everyone said to frank. And all was well with the friends that are also family.

(Thank you for the one shot request it was very fun to write, and I am sorry its kind of short. I hope you like the story.)


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