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Please, don’t cry over this. I don’t like it when people cry, and it makes me feel bad. I’m just extremely stressed and I want to get this out. Also, I want to apologize to the people out there who are offended by this.

There are so many things I want to apologize for. So many things. People tell me, “You beat yourself up too hard.” I do, trust me, I do. But, some things I regret I almost instantly take back. The point is I feel like I’m annoying everybody. With my words. My actions. Everything. I feel like I’m nothing to society. People tell me, “They have work to do.” But, what if they didn’t? I constantly remind myself, each and every single day, that no matter how many times I text that I should just stop. My mind says, “You’re annoying them.” I’ll scream back, saying maybe that they’re just bored to text back. But no. Voices. Upon thousands of voices fill my mind, screaming, saying,

“You’re worthless! Why would they answer someone like you?”

“They’re just annoyed by you.”

“They’re screaming at you! They’re telling you to shut up!”

“They’re not working, they’re just annoyed by your antics!”


Shut up. The one word that had affected me my whole life. I’m kinda like Richie. The way he just doesn’t shut up. Constantly talking. I feel like that. That society screams at me to just shut up. Texting is the one thing I’m kinda addicted too. Every day people say, “Yeah, I’ve got something to do, see ya.” And I completely understand that. It’s just that feelings start to build in me after a few days pass. Will they ever answer me? Will they just ignore me? Will they just tell me lies? Will they..

I’m frightened.

Scared even.

By the fact that people just, hate me.

That’s the reason I came here. To be free.

The society that I joined. The IT society is one of the best things I’ve ever exprienced. Everyone is so nice to each other. They respect each other, one way or another, and that is what I loved about it. I PM a lot of people too. They were all so nice. So kind with their words. But, I was still frightened.

Then, one day, some of them disappeared.

I began to fear that they hated me, I started to beat myself up again.

I wanted to scream, scream to the world to notice me.

But I never did get noticed.

I was afraid that, the people I walked with, made friends with, made conversations with..

Texted with, pm with…

I was afraid of being hated all over again.

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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!


The group hug we deserve in season 3 😭

For the @vldshippositivityweek, day 4: Lost / Reunited

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  • Aries: Not seeming interested enough in the relationship
  • Taurus: By valuing material things more than the relationship
  • Gemini: Not wanting to deepen the relationship
  • Cancer: By being passive-aggressive and refusing to let things go
  • Leo: By making their significant other believe their Leo love is only with them because they can't stand not being in a relationship
  • Virgo: Through constantly pointing out what's wrong with the relationship, rather than what's going well in it
  • Libra: Seeming to love themself way more than they will ever love their significant other
  • Scorpio: Refusing to open up and let the other person love them completely
  • Sagittarius: Constant uncertainty, leaving their significant other unsure of where their relationship stands
  • Capricorn: Finding work more important than love
  • Aquarius: By always seeming to be in a different world and seeming to lack value towards the relationship
  • Pisces: Acting childish and refusing to take responsibility for what they do wrong
yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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watching conspiracy theory documentaries at 1 am was a mistake

pidge teaches keith how to meme dot png

A STEREK STORY (and delirium)

Do you remember when Scott thought that Derek died (s03e05) and he wasn’t able to heal because he felt guilty for his death?

Well, after Allison helps him to heal, one of the first things he says is: “Stiles, where’s Stiles?” even if there is no reason to believe he is in danger. It’s like Scott’s last promise to Derek was to keep Stiles safe.


I’ve always believed that (until season 4) it was Derek who acknowledged and understood his feelings for Stiles (Stiles was just…well…Stiles. Kinda lost in his Lydia world, wondering about his sexuality). Scott knew it though, like every body else in the pack, simply because Derek made it very clear to them

But he tried so hard to keep him away. For so many reasons:

1) Stiles is a “child”

2) “I killed my first love”

3) “people I love die”

4) Trust issues

5) He knows and respects the feelings Stiles has for Lydia

“Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.”

6) He loves Stiles’ smile. And he knows how dangerous and painful a relationship with a werewolf can be.

But nobody can deny that Derek is totally in love with Stiles, because:

1) He makes him smile:

2) And makes him act like a baby (because he had to grow up so fast that he’s still a child in so many ways, SO BASICALLY WHAT STILES GIVES HIM IS WHAT HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE):

(come on, Derek. No one believes you)

3) This little, defenceless human is a hero, a BAMF and he’s not afraid of him

4) this BAMF is kind and funny and brave and full of love

5) He dreams of him

6) no words needed 

7) Derek kinda freaks out every time Stiles is in danger


And then, finally, it looks like Stiles understands something (and, yes, it looks like our ship is going to become canon)

BUT…Season 3B. Stiles literally loses his mind (STILES WHAT ARE YOU DOING)

While Derek’s still totally and madly in love with him:

And the Nogitsune knows it:

But then season 4 comes, and while Derek finds a distraction (okay, totally fair)…

…Malia decides that Stiles is her mate:

And then Stiles finally gets it:

Because when you’re losing someone… 

…you understand how much that someone is important to you.

And how many lies you told yourself,

how many chances you missed,

how many kisses got lost forever,

and how many “I love you” passed over in silence.

But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

You can call it Fate.

I like to call it Sterek.


happy birthday, Harry

Prankin’ with the Marauders


♡ “There’s something on your nose!”♡

|♡Puppy/Kitty au extra!♡|  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [x]

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In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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Hey guys💛 so I just want to apologize for the first version of this. Her skin came out a lot paler than it looked when I was coloring it on photoshop and I don’t know why. I had no intention of white washing her.

I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind
I know it’s hard sometimes
Yeah, I think about the end just way too much
But it’s fun to fantasize
On my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was
But it’s fun to fantasize

Oh, oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

*Lyrics from Twenty one pilots - Ride

Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum & Noctis Lucis Caelum in the happy days before Altissia, Final Fantasy XV