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Lee Jaehwan x The Closer for @thisfeeling-of-forever .

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yes so married that here we go again with the completely unnecessary no homo lady's man dean winchester again, tbh at this point it's all gone to shit

Really? You mean the waitress who worked at a cafe called Gus’s? Like Robin in 9.07 worked at Cus’s?

And if that wasn’t enough, it had a giant BS on it, on a logo that looks sorta like a comet?


Or the fact that Dean looked sorta painfully desperate in all his interactions with her, with the terrible cheesy pickup lines?

Or the fact that he only went back there for the food and pretty much had zero further interaction with her? Like the waitress in 12.11?

Yeah, the set is even calling this BS. Sorry.

But right next to this, what do we have:

A lost dog poster (up next to a free kittens ad and a for rent sign…)

Sorry for the terrible picture quality, but I wanted to get this up and just resorted to my standard photographing the tv with my phone…

Because really…

23.4.17 //

Going back to college tomorrow!! Not sure whether to be happy or sad. I like the routine of classes but I also have a lot of mock exams and it’s only 3 weeks until my first real A level exam. My bullet journal spread this week is rather simple and I’m not that pleased with it but oh well… They don’t always turn out as planned.

🎧 listening to: Dream in a Dream by TEN


From Russian “Seraph ask” :
question for Shinya: -Hug Guren :3


Shinya: questions, yeah? hm…
Guren: *just passed by*
Guren: *MISSION: to pass unnoticed by Shinya*


Shinya: *looks at him*
Guren: *MISSION: failed*
Guren: fuck…


Shinya: Hugs~ *jumped*
Shinya: Gure~n♡
Guren: I’ll kill U…

coffee: *RIP* Q.Q