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So we’re reaching the point in the year when Hoenn remakes were announced in 2014, and while Sinnoh remakes are very possible, I also think that there could be a Kanto remake instead. “But Ben,” you say, “there already were Kanto remakes, remember? FireRed and leafgreen in third gen.” This is true, but it also means two things: the last Kanto games are older than the Sinnoh ones, and that there hasn’t been a Yellow remake. A Yellow remake would also not conflict with the continuity of Sun and Moon, because the player character would be Yellow, instead of Red or Blue who were in Sun and Moon.
Overall, just don’t get your hopes too high for Sinnoh remakes before they’re actually announced.

Um, hello…don’t reblog things and remove the text on the post. It still baffles me why people don’t get that this is rude. I don’t care how much you like the pictures. If I wanted to post pictures without a description just for the sake of being artsy and vague then I would have. I didn’t. And I’m gonna continue ranting under read more…

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Has anybody else been thinking about the fact that the show is heavily foreshadowing an eventual sword battle with Connie (maybe w/ Steven, or Stevonnie???) and probably Yellow Diamond or is it just me. Yeah, okay, just me *retreats back into the shadows*