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The worst enemy of logic is silence and time.

I don’t care what anybody else believes, I just don’t. In my opinion and on this blog, I love Louis and Harry equally. I think they are perfect for each other. I don’t believe Louis is a father. I don’t think Harry’s song he helped write was lamenting the loss of Louis’ love.

I think Harry is so in love with Louis that he got tattoos to tell their story. I think Louis is so in love with Harry that he still finds little ways to show his support for him.

I think they both love their supporters so much they set up tableaux of stuffed gay teddy bears to communicate. Louis takes selfies and Harry used to tweet lyrics and Instagram pictures. And even if I’m wrong, those things mean something to me.

People can think I’m crazy, people can call me whatever names they’d like. I’m not going to come after anyone, that’s not my style. But I am going to take this opportunity to say that I am not going to be worried about showing love to either of them.

I love Harry. I love Louis. And some days you might see more of one or the other on this blog, but I swear to you that love is always there.

i need more sherlock blogs to follow

i guess lots of the blogs who i follow from last time are now inactive :| my dash is really slow so i need some more sherlock blogs to follow.

Reblog if you are  90% a sherlock and/or benedict blog

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17 innocent Inhumans had already been murdered because of an unfair and xenophobic system her organization had put into motion, but S/immons sure was in no hurry to help protect the rest of innocent people who was in immediate danger, she cared more about protocols and lie detectors (and throwing snark passive-aggressive remarks at a depressed, injured, homeless woman) than about saving innocent lives. But you all want to tell me this person had the moral higher ground over Daisy Johnson, who just got a bullet to get the information necessary to protect her people and who literally broke all her bones again to save her so-called friend’s life. Okay.


hey guys! <3 just a quick update that i have completely disabled anonymous commenting on my fallout fanfic -  or at least what of it lives on ao3. i’m sorry if this hinders shy readers who might’ve wanted to get in touch with me, genuinely, but i absolutely do not feel safe having that feature available for a fandom that has treated me so badly and for people who i know are keeping a close eye on me to misuse.

i’m going to keep posting fallout fic there - riot rhythm and whatever i manage while i’m working on it - but every new fic will have this new rule implemented. <3 thank you, and sorry again!


Discord servers? new online friends?


so i have discord now and i’m bored and lonely so.. if someone (anyone) wants to talk to me or needs more people to join their server… just message me or send an ask! i’m interested in joining fandom servers too

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why did you have to bring your stupid creepypastas into woy

MUN: I am sorry! I am so sorry! That’s the fandom I am also in and I even drew for a couple of creepypastas narrators ( @thatcreepyreading and @thehauntedreader ) Is it really bad? Woy isn’t innocent either. It has a lot of dark comments about death methods, Hater is a narcissistic psychopath and hyper dangerous. The only think keeping him in line is some immortal creature that might or might not be cursed to help people. I love it! Is it so bad? Am I hurting anyone? I don’t draw gore. I don’t see the problem. Go complain to this people that make Wander into sliced meat. I’ve seen the drawings. I am not here to torment people. If your worry is legit please explain where I am hurting the fandom .

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NR at Caryl fandom "sorry Gimple is extra so Daryl and Carol have no time for romance on 7a in between the suffering and isolation so ship me and Melissa until 7b here are some manips look how cute we are :)"

The second forehead kiss seems like it’s a favorite of his 😂🤔

And him liking the manip is very….Well,he is a weirdo 😂😂


I hate when people make an excuse concerning the age difference between Kara and Cat just to dismiss the supercat fandom, so what if there is an age difference?, these two have so much chemistry and its not a maternal kind of chemistry, its a romantic kind of chemistry. I know for a fact that if cat was a man none of this would have been said, or if Kara was a man none of this would have also been a problem, people would be fan girling over the heterosexual paring. Let people ship what they ship without you trying to make their ship seem like incest or a maternal relationship between cat and kara , and I believe that the supercat relationship is the most important one on the show next to Alex and Kara’s of course (love the danvers sister’s relationship). And correct me if I am wrong isn’t the supercat fandom the largest portion of supergirl’s shipping fandom? sorry about the rent, its just that I Don’t like it when people try to dismiss a same sex non canon or canon parings by making up awkward reasons for people not to ship them.


well, I,

  • Lavellan:"hey Solas-"
  • Solas:"Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people."

I’m so tired of being sick, but new Yuri on Ice episode had me happy and I really really love these 2 bbs together. 

I’m still trying to catch up on Inktober so this is a submission for that too. I used col-erase pencils & Hi Tec-C 0.3 pen (brown)