sorry excuse for fan art



just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now


Opening commissions for the first time, hopefully I generate some interest. 

What I will NOT DRAW: 
-Nothing. You want s e c k s? Sure. Guro? I’m good at that. Furry? Not something I’ve done but I’m sure I can do it well. Mecha?! Not something I’ve done much of but BRING IT ON! I haven’t met something I can’t draw. Challenge me. 

I reserve the right to of course, turn down any request if it’s really bizarre. Gross fetishes, downright disturbing content or hate speech/violence is something I of course won’t do. 

Payments preferably should be done through Paypal. If you have other means of payment, talk to me about it so I can figure it out. 

My prices are low because I am learning still. Once I am more confident in my work I will charge more. 

Contact me either on here, or:

Sorry it looks kinda crappy. I drew it with the light of my tablet since there’s a storm here.

There are so many people you’ve helped just by doing what you love and the numbers keep growing! More and more people are joining in to watch the ever so expressive green bean and i couldn’t possibly be more happy to be here in this community. Thank you Jack 💚

In commemoration of completing the American leg of TATINOF, here’s a sentimental phan timeline ;A; 

I’m so, so proud of how far they’ve come from 2009 to the present, and I’ll most probably be proud of them in the future. Whatever tomorrow may hold, I’m excited and confident that together, they’ll continue to do great things. 

Thank you so much for everything, guys, and best of luck taking on the rest of the world!! <3

so uh… the 5 year anniversary… yeah..

anyway,// that scene… even after… how long, it’s still stuck in my head, so here’s whatever this is