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“One of the most famous Child monarchs in Thedas’ history was Evelyn Trevelyan, who became Inquistor at the age of eleven.” - Excerpt from the histories of Thedas Vol: 4

Okay so I really love the idea of a Serious Kid!Inquisitor Fic? 

Maybe she’d actually somehow become the inquisitor and go down in history for being a child monarch, and she’d have to grow up too fast.

Like maybe she is rogue class because she’s good with a sling shot and her father taught her how to hunt squirrels with a bow, and she was at the conclave because her father was her only family and he had to be there for some reason.

Solas is über protective of her and basically considers her his ward because it was his orb that dragged her into this.  And eventually he comes to realize he really cares for as his own.

Varric teaches her how to use a bow in battle because It’s different then fighting squirrels, and the alchemist creates ammo for her sling that an eleven year old should probably not be handling.

The advisors constantly tell her she can’t climb trees anymore because she’s the herald, and that beating that boy up in the village for pulling her hair makes the inquisition look bad (So she pulls a face at him instead). Then the one time she’s allowed to play with the other children in Haven they all avoid her because their parents said “The exalted Herald must be above such things”.

And Don’t get me started on how much more protective Bull would be when he realizes the Herald is a child. Also how much it would freak him out because SEHERON.

Ugh , I have so many more head canons and drawings where this came from sorry.

Comfort//A Carlos de Vil Imagine

Anon said: Disney descendants imagine (Carlos X reader) where the reader is the daughter of Captain Hook and goes with the squad to Auradon and she has a nightmare about her father hurting her and Carlos comforts her and they confess their love for each other and they fall asleep together then the next morning the rest of the group finds them. Sorry for the exact details 😁😂

Yessss fics where they fall asleep with each other are the cutest things

WARNING: Abuse flashbacks


“I can’t believe they shoved us all in the same room,” you complained as you got under your covers.

“Can’t have the naughty children sleeping in a room with the good children,” Mal said.


“Hey, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah Evie.”

“Tomorrow, can I borrow your leather trench coat?”

You snorted. “How many times have you asked if you could borrow that?”


“And how many times have I said yes?”

Evie sighed. “None.”

“So what’s the answer gonna be this time?”


No, Evie.”

She huffed. “Well then.”

You laughed. “Night guys.”

You lay in your bed and drifted off to sleep, but what greeted you in your dreams was terrible.

Smee!” your father roared. “Where is my daughter?”

The man pulled the red cap off of his head and began to wring it. “Sh-she hasn’t been seen since this morning sir.”

“You let her off the ship?!”

“Not on purpose sir, she snuck off.”

“We will discuss this in the morning. Get out of my sight.”

The small man squeaked and ran off. Hook leaned against the railing, waiting for you to come back. When you did, he lit a lantern.


You froze. Oh no. “Hey dad.”

“You aren’t allowed to leave this ship,” he growled.

“Yeah but-”

“I don’t want to hear it. I have to punish you.”

Your pulse quickened. “No, please, I promise I won’t do it again. I swear.”

“I don’t believe you,” he sneered. He pulled out a wicked looking dagger. “You’re part of my crew. And my crew needs to take their punishments.”

You grit your teeth and braced yourself for the pain. He grabbed your arm and pushed up your sleeve, pressing the tip of the knife against your bicep. “What did you do wrong?”

“I disobeyed a direct order.”

He cut your arm. “Something’s missing.”

You winced and tears stung your eyes. “I disobeyed a direct order, Captain.”

He made another cut, deeper this time. “That’s right. But how many times have you snuck out this week?”

“None sir, I swear.”

He cut your other arm. “Do not lie to me.”


He cut you four times, one for each time you snuck out. And then four more times for each time you lied to him. And then he hit you in the stomach and slapped you across the face.

“Go to your cabin. I don’t want to see you.”

You walked to your cabin, bloodied and beaten, determined not to let the tears fall.

You sat up, panting and soaked with sweat. It was only a dream. He wasn’t here. Your father wasn’t here. You were safe.

You found yourself unable to breathe. Throwing off your covers and tugging on your boots, you were out the door, pulling your coat on over your oversized t-shirt and sweats.

You got to the gardens as quickly as you could and collapsed on a bench and began to cry.


You looked up. “H-hi Carlos. What’re you doing here?”

“Dude had to pee.”

“Oh.” You looked at your calloused hands and watched as tears fell from your eyes onto your hands.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

You wiped your eyes. “um, nothing. Just nightmares.”

He sat next to you. “Your dad?”

You nodded. He sighed and pulled you into a hug. “He can’t get you here.”

“I know. But the nightmares come back anyway. God, I wish I had fought back. I’m so fucking weak.”

“Hey,” he said, grabbing your hand. “You are not weak. You are the strongest person I know. You survived years with him. You are so strong, and that’s one of the many, many reasons I love you.”

“You what?”

He sighed. “I was gonna wait to tell you, but now seemed like a good time. I’ve been in love with you since I met you, and I just…I want to kill Hook for what he’s done to you. No one deserves that.”

“I, um, wow.”

He looked at you nervously. He didn’t want to ask you to say something because he didn’t want to pressure you, but he wanted you to say something. Even if it was to say you didn’t love him back. He couldn’t take the silence.

You smiled an actual, genuine smile for the first time in what seemed like years. “I love you too,” you said.



He kissed you on the forehead. “Do you want to stay with me tonight?”

You nodded. “Yes please.”

He helped you up. “Jay’s out with the team for their away game, so he’s not here tonight.”

He led you back to their dorm.

He pulled off the covers and took your jacket off for you. His eyes fell on the scars on your shoulders and he gasped slightly. The coat fell from his hands and he gently grabbed you by the arm and spun you around, pulling you into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

You pulled away from him and kissed him.

“What was that for?”

“For making me feel like someone cares about me.”

“Can I do it again?”

You nodded, smiling.

You broke apart and got into the bed. Carlos pulled you against him wrapping an arm around your waist and holding you close. “I love you,” he mumbled.

“I love you too.”

The next morning, the two of you were woken up when Mal slammed the door open. “Carlos, have you seen-”

She stared at the sight before her, slack jawed. “Evie!” she screamed. “I found her!”

Evie came running down the hall. “Oh. My. God. This is adorable.”

“What’s happening?” you said, sitting up, rubbing your eyes.

Carlos ran his hands through your hair. “They found us,” he mumble.

You groaned and buried your face in his chest. “But it was so nice and the bed is so warm,” you whined.

He kissed the top of your head. “I know, but we gotta get up.”

“Whyyyy,” you complained.

Evie snapped a picture of Carlos with his arms around you and your face resting on his shoulder. “Jay’s gonna love this,” she giggled.

“Send me that,” you said, your voice slightly muffled by Carlos.

“You got it. Mal, let’s go. We should leave them alone.”

Mal closed her mouth. “Right. Yes. Leave.” They both left and you and Carlos fell back on the bed.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

“The answer to that question,” you said, curling up against him, “is always yes.”

Jacob Frye x Reader - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

A/N - Yeah, I’m late, sorry. Real talk though, what is with me writing things involving weddings and proposals? I am terrified of commitment what is happening to me. I also don’t like song fics very often and yet, here I am.

The song

Never was the kind to think about dressing in white
Wasn’t waiting on a prince to come riding into my life
Thought I was happy on my own
‘Til you came and proved me wrong

  “You look incredible!” Evie’s voice shocked you from your trance. You were staring at your wedding dress in pure bliss, analyzing every inch of the gorgeous fabric Evie had helped you pick out.
  “I never really thought I looked good in white,” you confessed, tears building behind your eyes as you grinned, “Evie!” You threw your arms around her, thankful the friend who did your makeup decided to play it safe with waterproof mascara.
  “You look fantastic and I know Jacob will think so too.”
  “I can’t believe I’m getting married!” you turned back to the mirror, fixing yourself up and holding back the happy tears still ready to fall. “You’ve got to admit, I never really seemed the type.”
  “You certainly seem the type now. Look at you!" 

Never pictured myself singing lullabies
Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night
In the quiet, in the dark
You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes
What a sweet surprise

  You hummed quietly to the baby in your arms, eyes drifting shut, but still far from sleep.
  You might have missed sleep, but every time you looked at your child’s face, you fell more in love.
  "You look so much like your daddy.” The baby, tears stopped for the moment, stared at you almost like he understood. “You’re probably going to worry me just as much as he does too, aren’t you?”
  “I love you, sweetheart." 

I finally found what I never knew I always wanted
I couldn’t see; I was blind 'til my eyes were opened
I didn’t know there was a hole
Something missing in my soul
'Til you filled it up with your love

  "Jacob?” Your voice was quiet, cutting through the darkness of your room as you traced patterns on your husband’s bare chest.
  That word still threw you for a loop when it went through your mind.
  “Is something wrong?” His arm, around your waist tightened, pulling you closer to him.
  You hadn’t really expected him to be awake, so you tripped over your words a bit as you spoke. “No, nothing, I just- I love you.”
  A deep chuckle escaped his lips, igniting a grin on your own. “I should hope so.” You feigned a pout, barely visible in the darkness and he laughed again, before placing a kiss against your forehead, “I love you too.”

I never was the kind to think about dressing in white
I never pictured myself singing lullabies

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Are you still taking prompts ? Is so can you can you please do one in which Evie and Jay have to take care of a pet or a baby for a class assignment in Auradon ? And they act all motherly and fatherly towards it ? Thanks !!!

i re-wrote it many times but i didn’t like at all how it came out so im doing headcanons about if you dont mind? sorry :( also its pre descendants 2 

1. Since the villain kids had to be ‘better’ people fairy godmother put them a project

2.How to take care of a baby! evie was yay and jay was nay! 

3.they partnered up though because jay knew evie would be a better partner than mal 

4.They had a magic baby that was like a real life one.

5.Jay was so scared holding it for the first time what if it fell from his arms? but evie was there assuring me that it wouldn’t

6.They had to move together for the project to act like real life parents 

7. it was hella awkward at first but when the fire nation   baby cried everything changed.

8.They had to change the diaper and there was an on going 10 minute arguement about who would do it

9. They both did, it was disgusting..

10.Jay had to go to the football practice so he had to leave evie along with the baby

11.the baby wouldn’t stop crying evie went to the football practice stopping it in the middle just to give jay the baby

13.and it stopped crying, magic.

14. chad along with some others laughed but ben and carlos shut them up with their cold glares.

15.they left the practice together and bought milk for the kid to drink.

16. oh and they also went to the baby store and bought so many baby stuff

17.there was a cute little old lady saying they were such a cute couple of parents

18.they just went along with it and thanked her

19.for a month they were closer than ever and the baby was having so much fun baby parents ever!! 

21.There was one day when jay fell asleep with evie and the baby in his arms , it was so cute mal and carlos took many pics

22.they finally found a name for her, Heaven.

23.little heaven was the cutest baby around

24.but it had to ended :((( 

25.evie cried a lot so did jay but at least now they are together crying for their lost baby ;< 

Forbidden Fruit (Jacob Frye)

Your smile brightened up the ballroom as you stepped foot through the doors. Your shimmering (E/C) eyes observed the guests as you made your way through the crowd. Your beautiful dress was turning heads; men were complimenting you on your natural beauty while the women gave small smiles and returned to their small talks, no doubt gossiping about every little thing that happens in Whitechapel. You made your way to the grand staircase and greeted your doting mother and father on the top steps.

“Oh (Y/N), you are looking marvelous this evening.” Your mother cooed, eyeing you up and down with admiration in her eyes. She turned to your father and hugged his side as his gentle smile appeared in your gaze. He walked over to you and took your gloved hand as he raised it to spin you around, taking in your appearance.

“My dear daughter, you do look lovely. You look just like your mother.” He gave you a slight hug as you looked over his shoulder to look at the crowd conversating below. Everyone was here to celebrate your twentieth birthday, but the celebration seemed more for your father’s business; his business partners were here instead of your closest friends. You went along with it though, because you were never the one for too much attention pointed in your direction.

“Oh how are you enjoying your party, (Y/N)?” Your father asked you as you stood by the railing, eyeing the cheerful crowd.

“It’s perfect, father. I see that you have invited some of your business partners as well?” You nodded your head in the direction of the little throng of men, talking lowly in the corner of the room, eyeing everyone in the room until one of their dark gazes meet your bright one.

“Oh… yes of course. Even on your special day, I still have to work, unfortunately. If you’ll excuse me for a moment.” He pecked you on your cheek and kissed your mother before descending the stairs and making his way over to his partners. You sighed as you turned your head to your mother, who had a look of concern staring at your father.

“Mother, what is it exactly that father does? I don’t think he has ever told me.” Your question brought your mother back to the moment as her wide eyes turned to you and her concerned look faded away and her faded rose lips tugged upwards to a smile.

“Oh, heavens, (Y/N) darling. Your father… his job is very strangely alluring and dangerous for the men that work with him. He is a powerful man in his own state of standing…” Her voice drifted as her eyes carefully watched your father interact with his partners, his smile was big and bright, but his body seemed stiff and tense as if something was to go terribly wrong. “Anyways, let’s not dwell on your father and his strange occupation, it is your day after all.” Her smile was genuine as she stood next to you at the railing of the stairs.

The musicians played some somber music, majorly contrasting against the loud and boisterous crowd that stood before them. The music was quite fine to you but your mother thought otherwise and asked them to change the beat of the even, so they did. The music was uplifting and everyone began to grab a dance partner and take the floor. The tables were left vacant and the dance floor was full with voluminous dresses and classy men. Your smile struggled to stay on your face as you wished to dance with someone.

Your prayers were soon answered as your eyes drifted to the ballroom doors opening and two people walking in through the door, one male, and the other female. The man looked dashing as ever, but could be easy seen as out of place with the color of his vest, a deep woods green that stood out against the black, gray or white ones. His hazel eyes were dancing around the room as a smirk took place of his lips. His eyes just had this charismatic feel to them that you seemed to be allured by them.

The woman seemed fairly uncomfortable standing there in her scarlet dress, contrasting to your (F/C) dress that was very voluminous. Her hair was beautifully done in a braided crown that wrapped around her head. Her kind smile was only a facade that you saw through, she looked as if the man had simply dragged her against her own will. Her hands were at her sides as she inspected every inch of the ballroom, her sea green eyes looking over you as you just watched the two.

“Mother, who is that posh couple at the door? Are they friends of fathers?” You asked curiously as you took slight steps to the stairs. Your mother wasn’t listening to you as she was busy chatting with other people who stood near her. You decided to investigate yourself and you found yourself halfway down the winding staircase, smiling at the kind gentleman and woman.

You approached them slowly with a sweet smile as you stared them both in the eyes. The man’s smile grew as you introduced yourself to them.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N) (L/N), welcome to my party. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that we have never met. You two are?” You looked at the man as you saw him gently take your hand and bring it up to his lips. Your cheeks blushed a beautiful peach before you turned the other way to hide it.

“I am Jacob Frye, and this her is my dear sister, Evie Frye. Sorry for barging into your little party, but we thought it was a free gathering of some sorts. If you wish for us to leave…” His voice trailed as you shook your head in a disagreement.

“Oh, you two are fine here, I can’t possibly say no to you two dashing people. Come, get a drink with me, if you are interested.” You looked between the two and right before Evie was to respond, another man came up and took her hand, dragging her to the ballroom floor. She gave her brother a warning look as her head nodded in the direction of you. You brushed it off, thinking that she was worried about being swept away in the party.

“Well, how about you Jacob? Would you like a drink? I know I am parched.” You laughed lightly as he held out his hand for you to take.

“Lead the way, Miss (L/N).”

“Oh, please, call me (Y/N). I’m still youthful looking, am I not? Only women who have been married and widowed with children can be called ‘Miss’.”

“Alright then.” He smiled at you as you brought him to the drink table. You poured each other a drink and stood by the edge of the ballroom floor, watching everyone, including Evie dance around to the lively music.

“So, this is your party? May I ask for what?”

“My birthday. I am now twenty, but my parents still believe I am their baby girl. Isn’t it a bit touching?” You asked him curiously as you sipped your drink before taking one big swing of it before returning for more.

“So touching, indeed…” His voice seemed sarcastic as he finished his drink and returned for more. “I would not know what that feeling is like, my mother died during childbirth and my father had recently passed.”

“Sorry to hear that, let’s drink to them. They have raised such a fine gentleman.” You turned to him as you waited for him to bring his glass to yours, but he didn’t; he turned to you with a sly smirk plastered to his face.

“I rather not, but thank you for the complement. Your parents have raised such a beautiful girl.”

“Careful now with the word girl, in your eyes, I am supposed to be seen as a young beautiful woman, so says my parents.” You laugh as you finished your drink and set it down on one of the nearby tables.

“Well, would you care to dance with me, such a beautiful young woman must dance at her party.” He said to you as he held out his hand for you to take. Your smile grew brighter as you took his hand and let him lead you to the dance floor. He took hold on your waist as you placed your hands on his shoulder.

The music played and you two danced with the rhythm. Your dress swayed with every step to the side, every twirl and dip in Jacob’s arms. It felt magical as you slowly tuned out the rest of the people dancing around you, and it felt like it was just you and him in the moment. His hazel gaze never left yours as moved. A small smile was on his lips as he stared down at you with awe, but something in his eyes seemed…dark.

“You’re awfully quiet. What is on your mind?” He asked as he looked around the crowd, no doubt looking for his sister, Evie. His eyes returned to yours as you shrugged your bare shoulders.

“Nothing that is to your concern, sorry if I sound rude, I just have a lot on my mind this night.” You confessed, your eyes drifting to your father talking to some woman that you could not see.

“It is fine if you do not wish to talk. I prefer if we just stare into each other eyes… what marvelous eyes you have.” He made you blush as you looked down at his feet. “Oh love, don’t hide your blush from me, I find it quite adorable.”

“Oh… thank you. You mind if we head to the gardens? It is quite stuffy in here and I can barely hear myself think.” You chuckled nervously as you pulled him to the gardens.

You sat on the wooden bench as you watched the waterfall flow. It was silent and both of you played with your fingers. You felt His gaze burn into the side of your head, before you turned to him quickly, to catch him in the act.

“You were staring” You smiled at him as he shook his head, disagreeing with you. “I saw you, liar.”

“I am so sorry, but your eyes must have been playing tricks on you. I wasn’t doing any such thing…” he looked at you as you smirked at him, “If I was staring, it would only be because I find your beauty so alluring.” His words faded into the night as you both leaned into one another.

Your lips were grazing each other before, you sealed the deal with connecting your lips all the way. He cupped your face as you placed a hand on his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. It was sweet and tender, he was not too rough, but he wasn’t too gentle as his lips stayed on yours. He pulled you almost onto his lap, but the skirt of your dress was getting in the way.

A loud clearing of someone’s throat sounded right in front of you two and you quickly pulled apart to find Evie standing before you two, her arms folded across her chest and a look of concern and anger glistening in her eyes.

“Oh dear brother Jacob, I am ready to leave. I am not feeling so good.” Her voice was strained as she waited for Jacob to join her. He didn’t budge, so Evie started to hold her stomach as if she was going to vomit.

“Evie, you don’t look bad, but maybe it’s the makeup that makes it difficult to see.” He chuckled lightly before standing up from the bench and taking a spot near his sister’s side. He hugged her to his side as he looked at you with mirth and content. “Oh dear (Y/N), it was nice to meet you this evening, but as you can see, I must leave. I hope we can meet again, sometime soon.”

“I hope so too, Now go on and get out of here. I hope you feel better Evie.” You told her as she smiled faintly before turning around and entering the place to leave. Jacob had followed right behind her as she talked quietly to him.

You were happy with the way your evening went, but you were left a little empty after Jacob had left. You returned to the party and took your place beside your mother and father as you began to wrap up the party.


“You are a complete bloody idiot, do you know that!” Evie raised her voice as she turned to face Jacob, showing her full anger.

“What did I do to anger you, oh dear sister? Did I get mud on your evening dress? Oh, Did I rip your dress or maybe I stepped on your foot while we arrived at the party?” Jacob seemed annoyed with Evie’s sudden outburst, but he didn’t really care to actually do something about it.

“The girl, (Y/N). You know exactly what you have done. You kissed our targets daughter, you halfwit!” She raised her voice and slammed her hands down on her desk as he turned her head to look at the dumbfounded Jacob.

“She never said anything about her father being a templar or anything along those lines.” He spoke softly to himself, but Evie heard and scoffed.

“She might not even know, or she is really good at hiding it. Either way, she is off limits, you hear, once we find out what she really knows and what her motives are, she can’t be touched. Got it Jacob?” She stood before him, her arms folded as she looked down at him as he laid on his couch in the train cart. “Swear that you will not go near her until we get things sorted out.”

“I swear.”

Evie left the room on that note and Jacob let out a sigh of frustration. He could care less what Evie told him, he was a part of the mission also, so his say counted too. He couldn’t just leave you out to dry as he and Evie decided if you were a templar yourself. He was taking a liking to you, but he knew that he had fallen prey to a templar before. You were off limits to him, and he kind of liked it, though, to him, it made the whole situation feel more dangerous and fun.

Start Over

Jacob Frye x Reader

Could you do a modern Jacob x Reader where they’ve broken up and want to get back together but are both stubborn and everyone around them wants them back together too?

Hello! I am finally back, and I am so sorry if it took so long. I had a writer’s block and probably that is why this isn’t so good but well, I hope you’ll like it anyway. A little bit lenghty, true, and I don’t know how I came up with this ayway… I’m sorry for any eventual mistake but it’s almost the four in the morning and I’m pretty tired, I promise I’ll fix them after I got a couple hours of sleep ;)

“I can’t believe you actually made it. I though you would stay locked there until you died of old age.”

You raised your eyes at the sky as Evie smiled. “Oh, come on. That’s not true”

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Jay x evie where evie gets hurt and jay gets fiercely protective and won't let anyone come near her?

So sorry for taking so long to answer prompts, I just haven’t been that inspired lately. But let’s hope this is the end. This is a sequel to a prompt I haven’t written yet (because I still have to work some details out) but I hope you’ll like it. Also, I like Doug and it was really hard for me to write him as a bad guy but I couldn’t see what Chad would be doing here anyway so… here you go and I hope you enjoy it! :)

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Fanfic for jaylos; when Chad bullies Carlos and Jay finds out the whole school will realize why you don't mess with the son of Jafar

Thanks for the request!! Sorry this was so short

“Never touch him!” Chad’s body slammed against the locker door behind him as the son of Jafar towered above him.

His finger pointed towards the black and blue son of Cruella, who was barely standing and had to be supported by Evie and Mal.

“No way!” Chad spat back. “Nobody tells me what to do!”

“We’ll let me show you why you should listen to me!”

Anger burst through Jay’s chest as he began to beat the son of Cinderella, his fist dug into Chad’s face and blood came squirting out.

“Jay! Jay!” Arms wrapped around Jay and tugged him away.

Carlos, limping, pushed him away and took Jay’s hand. “It’s ok.”

“It’s not!” Jay protested. “He almost killed you!”

“Calm down.” Carlos wrapped his hands around his face.

“Guys!” Ben interrupted, arriving to the scene. “Get out of here, before the Fairy Godmother gets here.” Ben ushered then out.

Jay finally noticed the quiet murmurs and sudden gasps, but Carlos grabbed his hand and pulled him away.


A/N: heeey, i come back with something new. it’s not with our lovely Jai or Aaron, but this hottie is adorable as well. such a shame, he is only a PC game character :( i would have my time with him, for sure. so, let me introduce my fanfic with badass and handsome Jacob Frye. there is no a Y/N character, but my OFC. i hope you like it and sorry for mistakes! enJOY! :)

Pairing: Jacob Frye x OFC

Warnings: cursing

Jacob’s P.O.V

‘’Ravens prevail too much in London.’’ Evie said looking through the window ‘’They venture on our teritory too often.’’

‘’Yhymm…’’ Only that came from throat. My thoughts were elsewhere.

‘’Jacob, do you even listen to me?’’

‘’Yes, my dear sister. You’re right.’’ I stood up frome the chair and drank last of my whisky ‘’I’ll take care of this immediately. Rooks, with me.’’

It was just a begining of summer and London was more and more noisy. The streets were busy, you could hear people converstaions, yells of the merchants, children laughs. Seemingly, it was a city like any other in the world. But only seemingly. Most of the people had no idea what was happening next to them or just were pretending that they had no idea. Everyone took care of their own business and didn’t want to risk. London, like any other city had its dark sides, gangs, cliques, who fought for power over the city. And I, Jacob Frye and my twin sister Evie, belonged to a gnag. We called ourselves Rooks. We have many members, loyal and ready for every sacrifice. But there was more. We were Assassins. The Assassin Order rose us, taught us everything and like them, we have been fighting with Templars. Those bastards were like plague which spread all over body. Successively, we got rid of them and foiled their plans. However, there were always new ones. Nevertheless, we would not rest until we cure London.

When the Rooks compassed along the streets of London, everyone moved over from our way. If I said that I didn’t like that others were affraid of us, it would be a very bad lie. Maybe, you would say that I am cheeky? Oh damn, like I would hear my sister. I loved Evie more than anything, she was my only family, but she was pain in the ass sometimes. She was that advertent twin. She always told me that I was reckless, arrogant and I have never followed the plan, but have I ever messed up? Never.

We were walking along the railway tracks, when we saw the Ravens. We were approaching to each other. Their front was a girl. Hilarious, but she was a daughter of  Jonathan Bloodwaters, the real leader of the Ravens. He was a real bastard and there were rummors that he was a Templar, but we wasn’t sure..

‘’Well, well, well, who we have here. Jacob Frye and his little birds. Are you lost?’’ She asked and a mocky grin appeared on her pretty, I have to admit, face.

‘’Aww it’s so nice that you worry about us, Pauline, but we are here completely consciously.’’ I smiled and got closer to her. She reached to half of my head. Her eyes were like two sparks and magnets. Her stare was very inteligent and really cocksure. Her eyes colour was usually hazel, but when the Sun met them, they were shining like warm gold. Maybe, she was a freak of nature? Really pretty freak of nature. She had shoulder lenght, blond hair with fringe which covered her eyes. My hands really itched me to brush away her fringe from her face, but I was sure that would not end well, especially for me. For a girl, she could fight, really, really well.

‘’Oh yeah? So, what are you looking for here, Frye? Because I suppose a lump?’’ She said calmly with challenging look in her eyes ‘’Don’t you have enough after last time?’’

‘’Got a beating from the beautiful lady like you is a pleasure.’’ I cocked my eyebrow and laughed nonchalantly.

‘’Oh, so I have to understand it like you are going to scream again that you have enough and to let you go?’’ Corner of her full lips rised up ‘’Believe me, Frye, everybody in London know that you took a beating from a woman.’’

I just smiled, but I got angry when a memory of that accident came to my head. I had no idea from where she took all that strenght. She looked like she wasn’t eating at all and she decked a full grown and well built man like me. Once again, she had to be a freak of nature.

‘’It was great feeling when you sat astride on me and pinned down.’’ I teased her ‘’ And you felt the pleasure as well, because you’re secretly in love with me.’’

‘’Oh, it’s so that easy to see? But don’t flatter yourself, Frye, because there are many more better men in this city than you, who would give me more pleasure. And do you know why?’’ I just noded ‘’Because we both know that your ego is so big that there is nothing in your pants.’’

My eyes went wide. I opened my mouth, to say something but nothing came out.

‘’Khmm, keep off from Rooks teritory, otherwise you’ll regret it.’’ I said serious, changing the topic.

‘’You, your sister and this bunch of losers, which you call a gang, keep off from our teritory. If not, we will talk in other way.’’ Pauline crossed her arms. ‘’Ravens, let’s go.’’

‘’In other way? You really made me curious.’’ I said, when they started walking away ‘’So, maybe we could meet for a little chat today?’’

‘’Sorry, I have a date today.’’ She looked at me over her shoulder and walked away.

Damn, this girl.

I crested on the roof of London goverment. I had a view on the whole city. No, that I was a connoisseur of views, but that one was breathtaking. I loved that city. I was born here, rose up and I decided to protect it at any price from any danger. However, there was a one thing that I loved even more or maybe the most in the world.

‘’Jacob Frye, always late.’’ I hear a voice behind me and unwittingly smiled.

‘’Jacob Frye is never late.’’ I answered turning my head slightly ‘’Others come too early.’’

‘’Big-headed as always.’’ I heard a theatrical sigh.

‘’This is one of the reasons why you love me so much.’’ I turned around fully where the voice came from and reached out my hand.

Seconds later, she came out from the shadows. Woman, who I loved with all of my heart, for who I would do anything and everything, even sacrifice my own life. On her face, I saw a little, delicate smile, which reached her smart eyes. Eyes, which were looking at me with love I couldn’t even describ. No one ever looked at me like she did, like there was nothing else and only me.

She ran up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and burried her face in my chest. Then, I wrapped my arms around her waist, kissed top of her head and put mine on hers. I closed my eyes and hugged her even tighter. If I could, I would never let her go from my embrace. I missed her in every moment. Maybe, you are wondering why we couldn’t be togheter like any other couple? It wasn’t that easy. Our love wasn’t that easy, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t real, strong and pure. It certainly was like that. I think, I’m going to sound like a helpless romantic, but I thought our love is special, extraordinary, that happens rarely and survives everything. I believed in it with all of my might. But there were many people, who didn’t like idea about us together, that was why we had to hide. It was a torture not being able to be with her in any moment, strolling with her hand in hand, steal her a kiss with everyone looking. Whenever it came to my mind, I whisked it away, because the most important thing was that we were still together.

It was two years. The most beautiful two years of my life and even if I didn’t tell her that, I was hoping that those two years become forever. Yes, yes, I, Jacob Frye, wanted to get marry. That woman has changed me completely, I thought, I matured, even though I had to pretend in front of the others. Only she knew my soft side, only for her I was like that, even if she always told me that she loved me the way I was. However, if my sister Evie got to know about everything, I was sure, she would deride me. Evie considered that I was too assuming, confident and arrogant for any woman to stand it. Nevertheless, she had no clue, that for two years I was perfectly happy and in love. She was my sister, I trusted her, but I wanted  as less people to know about my relationship as possible. I will tell her. Later. Maybe.

‘’I missed you, Jacob.’’ My beloved looked at me and I saw only pure love.

‘’I would miss me as well, if I were you.’’ I joked and she gently hit me in my arm ‘’I missed you even more, I was counting out hours ‘till I see you again and kiss.’’

‘’So, what are you waiting for then, Mr Frye?’’ she smiled and took off my hat.

I brushed off a strand from her face. My eyes went from her eyes to her full lips. I put one of my hands on her hips and moved her closer to me, so there was not a space between us. My other hand rested on her pink cheek and my thumb brushed her lower lip.

She put her hands on the back of my neck and I felt her fingers in my hair. The feeling was amazing. I loved when she did that, it made me really relaxed.

‘’I love you, Pauline.’’ I whispered and our lips met in a longing kiss.

A/N: so i hope you like it! i don’t know if i should do from it a longer story? what do you think? do you want to know what happen next with Jacob and Pauline? let me know! x

“I knew of her and her dedication to you”

It all changed then, didn't it?

Fandom: Descendants

Pairings: Jay/Carlos, Doug/Evie, Ben/Mal

Rating: PG

Warnings: Child abuse, homophobia

Word count: 1362

Summary: Carlos recieves a strange letter and that leads to him meeting possible new friends

Writer’s notes: Here it is! No shippy stuff yet but there’ll be, promise. I’ll try to post as frequently as possible and will warn in case I need a hiatus. I hope you enjoy and that I didn’t screw up to much.

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The Mummy AU no-one wanted

This has been going around in my head for a while. I can only apologise in advance for what you are about to read. If you get that far…. But just imagine- 

  • The Mummy AU
  • Because he knows all this stuff about the Egyptians
  • And isn’t ashamed about it

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“Ah!” Evie screamed as the popcorn flew out of her hand and up into the air, raining down onto the person sitting next to her. She’d always loved scary movies and while she’d seen almost every single one that came out in theaters or on Netflix, it didn’t change the fact that she was a nervous ball of wreck all throughout the entire film. “I’m so sorry,” Her voice was quiet as a bit of a light pink blush crept up onto her cheeks, “That part always gets me.”