sorry elounor shippers

Today has changed me. I never really had a strong opinion about Eleanor or the Larry thing, just was a bit jelly of Eleanor for having the love of my life. I had seen so many crazy things about this, that I thought I was just swept up in a crazy fandom!

That was up until today watching these three videos, and then doing a bit of research myself

Photoshop fails 1 & 2

and then this one about her family

I have just shat kittens.

I don’t know if it means Larry is real or not, but i’m pretty convinced that Eleanor isn’t a thing, which kind of makes me sad, really sad.

I don’t believe in the whole twin triplet thing, I mean the ‘evidence’ that i’ve seen, doesn’t really look like evidence, my nose, and eyes etc always look different in photos, and the way you do your makeup can realllly determine  how differently you can look. Just mayber her real name is Christina.

Also, I always fall for the gay ones, that’s why I would not be surprised if he came out. But then again, who cares, as long as he is happy :)


so i just found a video proving that the Eleanor that’s dating Louis isn’t even a single, real person