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It’s Thomas who added the poison in the tea at the beginning and after several days with her it was he who told her she should not drink tea. ’Never.’ Although it was too late as Edith had already drunk the days before. His intentions have changed, his feelings have changed. His purpose has changed. This time, he is himself fell into his own trap because he fell in love with the woman he had only married to have money for his machine. But it’s already too late. He turns his head in this scene because he checks if his sister left the room. Because he had even not assume. Because he is afraid of the reaction of his sister if she understands his feelings for Edith. And of course, he knows what will happen if he decides to finally make a choice as Edith said in the room at the post.


the truth is they’re all getting too old for a mother’s control. they’ve grown up.

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“Ghosts are real, that much I know”

Edith often when writing her book “Crimson Peak” would feel an all too familiar presence, one that would help her to remember, to feel, to love.  

  • Fellows: Look at how cute Mary and Evelyn are.
  • Me: Okay. Aww. <33
  • Fellows: Never mind.
  • Me: Oh. Um. You sort of suck.
  • Fellows: Look at how cute Dr. Clarkson and Isobel are.
  • Me: Okay. *Fangirly sigh*
  • Fellows: Never mind, Isobel+Dickie is where it's at.
  • Me: You mean... "Ickie?" Meh. I can live with it. If I have to.
  • Me: Yes! I'M LOOKING! I SEE IT! OTP!
  • Fellows: Mmm, what was I talking about? I forgot.
  • Me: (ಠ ∩ಠ)
Big Happy Family

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My Prompt was Family
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This one’s a long one, so I apologise for the never ending saga that this turns into (word count: 4841)

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With everything being a hunter brought with it, could you blame me for keeping my family a secret? So why was I dreading telling my new family? The Winchester Brothers had been nothing but kind and mostly honest with me. I mean, sure everyone needed to keep some aspect of their life to themselves, but we’d mostly been open.
I’d changed my name as soon as I left the police force, I drove three states away before looping back whenever I visited any member of my large family. I kept a second phone, encrypted against tracking or hacking, and to make it even harder, they were only numbers, no names. I never mentioned them and took the calls many rooms away, or outside.
And to further protect my family, I hadn’t told them what I did, they just knew that I was worried enough about their safety. So when I rocked up to their houses and painted sigils and symbols they accepted it. They even went so far as to line their doors and windows with salt, just to keep the crazy little sister happy.
Now when I say large family, I’m talking stupid big. Two sisters, four brothers, three sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-law, and at last count, eight nieces and nephews, one brand new. And Mom and Pop were still around. That’s one helluva a secret to keep, right?
So when I’d first met the Winchesters, I used my hunting name. I didn’t know I’d be around two years later, living in the bunker, fielding questions about the second phone. After the first few times of disappearing after it rang, they asked if there was anything they needed to know, if there was anything they could help with. I told them it was my own business, nothing to do with hunting, but once a year I’d disappear for a week after the phone rang off the hook. And just like those years before, my eldest sister had rung, then my twin brother rang and then his husband, then finally my mother, all telling me that the family gathering was in a week’s time and I should bring these brothers I keep talking about.
So here I was, just around the corner from the two boys I’d come to know as family, struggling with how exactly I should tell them. Where I should begin. I took a breath in and sighed, here goes nothing.

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*After Allerdale Hall - Chapter 2*
Crimson Peak Fan Fiction by Captain-Krazy
18+ NSFW
(3325 words)

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It was a few more weeks before Edith and Thomas were able to leave the doctor’s office. He kept them there because he wanted them to both heal a little more before they we’re on their own, especially Thomas. He gained more strength in his arms and most of the sight in his eye, although it took a little longer to focus on some things and there were a couple of colors that he had trouble seeing. But slowly it was all coming back.

The house they were going to rent wasn’t nearly as large as Allerdale Hall, but neither of them minded. It was a place they could call their own until they got all of their affairs in order and could find a new, permanent home. As excited as they were to move into the house, they were also both a little nervous. This would be the first time they would truly live alone, as husband and wife

The day before they moved the doctor removed the splint from Edith’s leg, it had healed enough that she no longer needed it, the doctor did give her a cane to use until she regained more strength in her leg. While Edith was getting her splint removed Thomas was up at Allerdale Hall with a few men that worked at the livery, he hired them for the day to help him collect a few things they would need. Not much just some clothes, furniture, and a few of Thomas’ inventions and trinkets.

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“And what sort of club is that?”

Merry Christmas!Oh my… I can’t believe I finished this! It took me a solid day. Elsa, I love and hate your clothes.

First I wanted to draw them building a snowman (obviously), but I couldn’t come up with an original idea. So what else can they do?

I imagine Elsa had some fun times teaching Anna to skate!