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You're such an amazing person and I really enjoy your writing, so thank you so much! Also, what you've graced us with (as you were on holiday, too!) is amazing as per usual, and I absolutely adore your depiction of how Yuuri and Victor go together (which makes me curious about your next mafia AU you claim people won't like as much, and furthermore makes me think of how many great ideas you have and ALSO bring to life gosh we're so lucky)!!! Thank you and I hope you're doing well! ~E

Ahhh thank you so much, E! Sorry it took so long to answer, I am slowly getting around to all the amazing messages I got on holiday. It was eating at me having that unfinished chapter while I was away, so I had to finish it. 

And oooh yeah XD I admit I am curious to people’s reactions, but everyone will just have to wait and see, I am just so happy to have people looking forward to my ideas, sometimes its a struggle thinking of what one I am gonna write next haha. I know I harp on about it a lot but having people who will give anything I write a try really makes all the difference, so I am really grateful <3 
I hope you’re well too!

*chi-chi was backing up to a wall*
Chi-chi:s-stop! Back o-off! Your i-insane! Y-you just cut m-me!YOU JUST BIT ME!!
chase:sorry kitten but I want you.. I will claim you..
Chi-chi:b-but I’m e-engaged!i-i can’t do this! I-i don’t love you! I l-love lust!
Chase:youll learn to love me kitten~
*chi-chi called for help*


*lust blasts chase off of her.* 

“DO N O T TOUCH MY WIFE E V E R AGAIN.” *his eyes had a red tint in them* (lol on mobile no icons sorry xD)