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I did a dumb.

I actually didn’t think anyone would care if I posted art for TM. I’ve reblogged spoiler art my friends have made for me from the fanfic in the past (and of this exact same scene) and no one ever said anything so I figured it would be fine but I actually did make someone upset.

I’m really, super sorry  @digitalmainframe I wasn’t thinking straight or I would have done a banner or something and put the image under the cut.

I dunno what to do now its here and its already got a lot of notes…

I’m actually working on more like these to help me get inspiration back for the last chapter, so if you guys don’t want to see it I’m going to tag it as–

#tm spoilers

Again, super sorry. I’m a dumb and you didn’t deserve that. I hope they aren’t still mad and get to see this at some point. x-x

get to know me better

thanks to @poldarkening for tagging me in this and to my immense skill at distracting myself for taking over a month to get round to this im sorry im trash lmao

How old are you?: 19

What is your current job?: like the rest of my life im unemployed and that’s probs not gonna change for a while lmao

What’s a goal you’re actively trying to achieve?: i dunno like maybe finding the willpower to get my reading done for next week a+ student right here, get my 2k time below 7:30 rip (fat ergos), find some way to make it into academic philosophy (aka get paid well to bullshit for the rest of my life)

What’s your aesthetic?: idk????? i feel like other people might be able to answer that better. id say maybe tired kid who just wants to row fast enough to escape earth’s gravity and found some colony on a distant planet or failing that wants to listen to soft acoustic music in their room all day wearing various shades of blacks and blues

Do you collect anything?: novelty shot glasses. i only have one so far bc apparently buying shot glasses in nyc is an irresponsible use of money???? i dont get it either so imma be getting some more when im next there

What’s something you’re always willing to talk about?: harry potter bc i am still trash, mcu, hamilton, philosophy (i could legit talk for hours on kant and kierkegaard and im not even sorry)

Pet peeves?: people who wanna know my entire life story like um excuse u janet??? my tragic background is only available when u purchase the deluxe edition with all dlcs hack works when im drunk lmao

Good advice?: im trash so any advice i give should probs be taken w a pinch of salt but like if something seems scary that doesnt mean that it’s bad and sometimes u just gotta go for it so do the scary thing

Three songs you recommend?: why would u do this to me i cant even pick my fave artist lord have mercy on my sinners soul so imma just do three fave artists instead: muse bc they’re actually gold and perf for el angsto (2nd law album is kinda ehh but everything else is some gggooooodddd shhhhiiitttt), halsey bc erm electro-indie gold is p close to my music sweetspot, and last imma say hamilton obc and any work any of them have been involved in bc im making up the rules and can do whatever tf i want so have that for a final shitty response

i tag @aaron-burrsir @tooextremeforlouisiana @beccabec876 @ilyatath @kreacherwrites @kryptxns @asharadaynes and anyone else who wants to do this bc im a nosy fuck

The Wayward Warriors

I dunno… I’m still on vacation so this is just me having fun… what if you were a Hunter? What if this was all reversed and someone was writing your fics? Would you be a ruthless hunter with a sordid past? A carefree hunter living the life she chose? Maybe your path is different altogether.

What if I made a page for us to have our own family? We always need the mom, the cook, the nerd, the librarian, the badass, the loner… what if we had a family of Hunters called the Wayward Warriors? I know there’s Wayward Daughters but hell… what if we’re all Hunters in our own way? Thoughts ideas?

I’m thinking… you come up with your own bio of who you’d be (based on who you are now!) and take a selfie being as badass as you can. The goal is motivation. It’d be saved, I’d make a new page, and we could see the badass Warriors we work with. So who’s our designated weapons specialist? What about language specialist? What about our lore specialist? And hey… we need a cook.

Who’s in?

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Uh so anyone want a Wacom Bamboo Tablet?

so yea basically, I already have a different tablet that I use way more often and soon something else too, so basically my Wacom Bamboo Tablet is only starting to collect dust

it’s this one:

here’s a pic of it (yea potato quality i’m sorry my phone hates me):

Size: around 35cm long and i’m sorry I dunno what it’s called in English, but the other side thing is around 20,5cm long
Pen: I apologize for this part, but I’m giving the pen of a small, non-multi-touch Intuos pen with it instead of the one shown in the first picture, so basically I don’t think u can use the end as an eraser and it’s a bit smaller.
Touch?: yea it has touch
Bluetooth?: nah it got a cablething
Does it work?: of course it should work just fine, I didn’t use it that much
Shipping: I pay for it, so don’t worry. I ship worldwide, I guess.
Package?: on request u get it in the original package that I have SOMEWHERE in the house
extras?: i gotta see about extra pen tips and other stuff, i can say that later, but there’ll be austrian/german sweets in the package (just tell me what u don’t like and about ur allergies, i guess)
follower only?: i prefer to give it to followers or those who i follow and need a new tablet, so please no absolute strangers, i’m sorry ;w; (following out of all sudden just for this won’t count)
who gets it?: i doubt this’ll be a big giveaway hah, but if several want it: reblog this and tell me why ya want it 
: Follower/someone I follow/know only. Pls be nice. Someone who actually needs it should get it. Must be comfortable giving me ur e-mail, address and real name! 

Message me if you got any other questions!

Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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I was tagged by thatzaynalmighty for the selfie challenge. Umm, well, yeah…here I am again. I look like I might be naked. Go with that. Blurred my bookshelf cuz I don’t want y’all to see what’s on it. Don’t worry about it. Just don’t worry about it! LOL

I dunno who to tag because I’m always late to the party and everybody has already done it. Sorry for my suckage. 

Hello there~ here’s my first AkaKuro ever C: Oh, yeah, non-native english speaker, sorry in advance :C 

I didn’t want to risk much, so… nothing really big. Oh, it was aimed for AkaKuro week but I don’t know what posessed me to think I could finish on time, ha ha. Sorry… (I’m so nervous, God)

Anyway, dunno if it could really pass for akakuro since, well, is just Kuroko pointing out that freaking haircut, but my mum, whom never has watched any of them before, ask me if Kuroko was in love with Akashi because, quote, he’s looking at him with undying love, that’s not normal, unquote. So… something must be there, right?

Any suggestion, correction, advice, etc. please do tell (I suck at shading). And thanks!