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3 types of couples:

Kihyun: I’m cold

Shownu: here have my jacket *gives him his jacket*

Hyungwon: I’m cold too

Wonho: What? *taking off his jacket* I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now *pilling scarves on Hyungwon* now look, I’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death *taking someone else’s hat* how long have you been cold you should have said something sooner..

Changkyun:I’m cold too


Lance: *flirts with alien in the background*

Keith: *holding glass of some liquid, trying his damndest to not get caught watching*

Lance: *giggles while alien kisses his hand*

Keith: *smashes glass* THIS BITCH DID NOT JUST-

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there it goes, the end. :) thanks for reading!
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Do we collectively agree that keith is THE SUN??


killua:”i couldn’t do anything”
gon: “.. i’m sorry for being so selfish, i promise to never do it again”

i just want gon to apologize and  killua to be better at talking about his thoughts and feelings rather than keeping it for himself ;;

  • Gravity Falls Team: Let's have a demon takes over the world. A guy gets his face completely rearranged. Everyone will be terrified. People are actually dying. Everyone's going to become slaves for a Satanic Triangle. A giant head repeatedly asks to eat people. Post Apocalyptic world. Everything is going to hell.
  • Descendants Team: IDK man making a gay couple might be taking it to far for kids TV.

KDRAMANET GTKMM: one ship (Hyun Jae and Woo Seung) (insp x)

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random dialogue 4 - LAMP

“Do you ever chill?”
“Not really, no.”

It was a generally normal day in the commons of Thomas’ mindpalace; Logan sat in the two person recliner, grading papers; Virgil perched on the arm, scrolling through his phone; Roman sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, reading through a script; and Patton sat on the couch, his laptop on his knee, also scrolling.

It was peaceful. Something the commons rarely was considering the amount of differing opinions that often found themselves spoken there, and the arguments they sparked. 

Logan glanced up to look around the at the quiet, content, sides; it was so peaceful, nothing could break or shatter the stillness that they had created.

“Hey, do you remember that I told you they’d done loads of stuff for us online?”

The other three looked up and at each other, 

“Yes?” Roman replied, when it became clear the other two weren’t going to.

“And you remember that you told me a ship was craft designed for water travel?”

Virgil and Roman looked at Logan, “Yes?”

“Well, I’ve been looking and I’ve worked out that you’re wrong!”

Logan blinked.

“A ship is term used to talk about two or more characters in a relationship!”

“But it is als-”

“They have them for us?” Roman interrupted,

“Yeah, and they have names; there’s prinxiety, moxiety, analogical, logince, royality, logicality and all four of us is lamp!”

“Alright, I understand the others; Prince and Anxiety equals prinxiety, et cetera, but how on earth do you get ‘lamp’?” Roman demanded,

“It’s our letters!” L for Logic, A for Anxiety, M- me, morality, and P for Prince!”

“What?! Why am I last?! This is unacceptable! Treason!”

“Princey, do you ever chill?”

“Not really, no. But I cannot help but feel that I should be first. Like, like… PALM!”

“Maybe you should suggest that to tumblr.” Virgil muttered,

“Oh, I’ll do it!” Patton offered,

“You have tumblr???”

“Yeah! It’s such a great site with so many amazing and talented people!”


“I am also on tumblr,” Logan began,

“You are???”

“Yes. And, Roman, they do have another name for us; polyamsanders or polyamsides.”

“Hmm. I suppose that is acceptable.” Roman sniffed,

Logan nodded, and the commons died back down to the peaceful quiet it was before Patton had spoken. The only sounds the clicking of his mouse and the tapping of Virgil’s thumb, acompanied by the scratching of Logan’s pen across paper.

“They also have some reeeeeeally well written porn about us!”


seriously i don’t understand fans sometimes. like how delusional can you get that you actually have to boo a man when he’s talking about his imaginary kids? we all fucking know that none of us are going to be popping out little byuns from our vagina but we still go around pretending and that is completely fine for fun sake but it kinda gets out of hand when you got to the extent of boo-ing him on national television when he’s talking about his IMAGINARY children…stop for a second and think about how he will feel. why would he ever want to share any of his dreams or facts personal life with us if he knows that he can be hated or bashed by his fans? baekhyun is already SO insecure about the things he does/wears/says/eats and i can keep listing and although he is getting more confident, it’s times like this where a person’s confidence is pushed down!

im not speaking for him when i say that he’s affected by these but STILL, it can happen? and honestly it’s something we can avoid??

it’s not like he said smth morally wrong or homophobic or racist! he literally just spoke about his own life and what he wants and it is quite literally something every other normal human being wants in life! a family. kids.

so fans please take a fucking chill when in front of idols and respect them as ordinary human beings before worshipping them as your idol.

and yeah this goes for every idol and their stan out there…im just a baekhyun stan who loves him and wants what’s best for him 😣💗