sorry dean but you're much better as sam!

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fuck your tags about Jensen's headcannon spn ending and how Sam finds Jess in his heaven looking for Dean in the impala they were so sad they literally made me cry and now I have to console myself god why did you have to say that???? Okay in all realness you're a great person I don't mean it when I say 'fuck you' I'm just expressing how much it hurt


i’m sorry friend, i cried too when i read that post x. I don’t know why that person thought they were making it better adding Jess in. That just opened up a whole can of painful feelings. can you imagine it …


There’s something big going down and Dean and Sam get separated. Dean can hear shouting in the distance and grabbing his blade he tears towards the commotion. He only makes it round a corner before he’s tackled by two demons. Grunting he does his best to brace his fall but he catches his head on a corner of a table as he falls. He’s dizzy and his vision is blurry but he manages to push his self up and strikes an early blow. The battle is short, the demons tasting his blade and he continues to where he believes Sam is. Only the hallways is getting dimmer and his steps are faltering.

Dean braces himself against the wall as he desperately wonders where Cas is, where help is. He’s dying and Sammy is going to be all alone. Dean’s breath is coming shallow and raspy as he approaches a stairwell. He’s close now, he has to be, but as he steps forward his vision spins and he tumbles down two flights. Groaning he tries to get back up, but he just can’t. He’s so tired. His eyes begin to close as he slumps back against the wall. “Sammy..” The words leave his mouth ever so quietly. Sam will find him, he always does.

Suddenly everything goes dark.

So dark.

Then there’s a blinding light and Dean shoots out his arms in defense as he sits upright. This isn’t right, where is he? Dean reaches over and glances around his surroundings as he steps out of the impala. He’s on a desert stretch of road with nothing else in sight. He’s confused where is the warehouse, the demons, Sam, Cas? And yet somehow he knows, he knows where he needs to go. He slips back into the drivers seat and starts baby up one last time. He pulls out and speeds off down the highway, following the distant sirens call. 

Dean’s mind is clear for the first time in a long time. Sam’s safe he knows that much. There’s this voice that he can’t quite place telling him so. Dean squints as in the distance he sees a black spot and its moving closer towards him. He pulls the impala over and reaches into the glove box for his gun. 

It’s not there.

Silly, why would he need a gun? He’s safe now.

Dean steps out of the car, keys in hand and waits for the figure to get closer. A motorcycle pulls in beside the impala and switches off. The two strangers cross the distance between them and without words exchange keys. There’s no need to say anything. It’s over now, Dean doesn’t need a passenger anymore.  He slips onto the bike easily as if he’s been riding it his whole life and kicks the bike to life. A long breath escapes him as a smile plays at his lips. He glances back at his baby one last time and notices a blonde haired woman sitting in the drivers seat. He knows her.


Two words slip from her lips ‘Thank you’ and he nods, before he takes to the road once more. Sammy is safe; nothing is more true. He knows where he is now but there isn’t a place here for him anymore. This isn’t his heaven. He needs to find his own. So it’s the endless highway for him; the lone ranger out searching for his unicorn.


Sweet Jesus on a tortilla im literally crying now. ;-; why, why did i just do that? Excuse me while i go cry myself into a coma now.