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You knew this was coming, don’t pretend.

(The longer I look at these, the less happy I am with how they turned out, so I’m posting them all now before I become too embarrassed)

Um…idk WHY Tumblr insists on showing you his butt, but I swear there’s more to the picture if you full view it. :|


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what psd do you use, it's so beautiful :c

ahhhh!!!! i’m so so sorry, i found the original one around two years ago for another oc i was running & i can’t find the original post it was from? it was a free one that i adjusted / added my own tweaking to. i edit the blue hair onto all of my icons, though — that’s all me.

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Hey ! I found some of your fob fan art and really liked it.. I didn't know who the owner was but posted it anyway with the caption "credits to owner" so people knew that it wasn't my art.. A girl messaged me telling me that it was your art and I'm so sorry that I posted it without your permission😁 I can delete it if you want to. I found it on google and I couldn't find the owner anywhere, so I'm sorry if I wasn't allowed to post it. I didn't mean to steal your art at any point. I'm sorry*

Thank you for asking! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I’ve heard of this excuse many times before and I know some of you guys don’t mean harm/disrespect to the artist but you just don’t know where to find the original source. So I would like to use this opportunity to clear it out on

 “How to search for the original artist online?”

1. go to google images and click on the camera button on the side of the search bar.

2. click on upload an image and then click on the choose file

3. select the artwork that you have saved & want to search 

4. it will start searching~

5. results will appear!

Usually, the original artist will be on the top search but please do be careful and look at the sources smartly! Some times not all of them are at the top so don’t be oblivious and ignore!

One of the ways would be looking at their trademark/signature/initial on the artwork. Majority of artists will sign their name, so please look and observe the artwork and search for the name!! You can double confirm by looking at the links and signed name which matches.

Always ask for permission!
Not all artists are okay with spreading their artworks further than where they have already post it.
Some are flexible and are cool when proper credits are placed.
Please do not take online artists for granted!!
Respect and help the art community online as we provide you more amazing artworks each day!