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Finished! ;w; Gosh, I actually finished it on time. I know I may have messed up a few things here and there but I hope you like it! ;w;

Rey, ever since I came across your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people agreed with me on that . Each time I see a post of yours, I get so happy. From a simple reblog to seeing your both fanart or original artwork, I enjoy seeing them ^-^ (I know I’ve said it multiple times before but still, sorry about the spam -w-;;)

I know I may seem like any other person that follows your blog but I just wanna say it has been nice seeing you on here! Happy tumblr anniversary ;)

mustangisinflames  asked:

Hey! Sorry to bother you but I was interested in possibly sending you the original copy of the post-timeskip Diath from my art blog 'mustangsart' via post because I would love for you to have it (I live in the UK so I can't give it you at a con or anything myself)! If that's cool with you do you have a PO Box I could post it to? I couldn't find one anywhere online that you'd posted. I hope it's okay to ask if you have one and I understand if you don't and would rather me not send it. Thanks! 😊

I’d love to have it! But right now isn’t good. I’m in the middle of moving across the country. Give me a month or two and hopefully I’ll have a new p.o. box set up then!

Eto, kagune implantation and mind control

It’s crack theory time! Eto talking about how a kagune’s shape is determined by creativity/intelligence has really got me thinking of the different possibilities of kagune use.

I think it’s safe to assume with someone as cunning and artistic as Eto/Takatsuki Sen that the sky is the limit with what she can do. There have been theories about Eto being able to create sentient kagune structures and that Noro is one of Eto’s creations (which is such a badass idea). I’ve had some theories of my own though that are semi-inspired by this.

The last panel we see of Eto and Kanae in the latest chapter shows Eto releasing her kagune and the dialogue leading up to the scene almost seems like Eto is planning to eat Kanae:

But I really don’t think Kanae’s character arc and development has been resolved enough for him to die (yet). So I’ve had some other thoughts on what could happen from here on.

Thanks to another one of Kaneki’s creepy insightful biology lessons, we’ve heard about the caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis, which grows inside moth larvae, killing the larvae and emerging out from the corpse (real nice Kaneki).

There are many other instances in which fungi and other insects parasitize and take over their hosts. The glyptapanteles wasp inject their eggs inside a caterpillar host and when the larvae hatch, they devour the caterpillar from the inside to burrow out. But some of the larvae stay behind, take control of the caterpillar’s brain and manipulate it into standing guard over the other larvae to protect their brothers and sisters. They even weave a little silk blanket to tuck the babies into.

Another species of cordyceps fungus, cordyceps unilateralis (also called zombie fungus, which is my personal favourite) waits for its spores to be ingested by ants before they eat its non-vital tissue to gain nutrients. They use the energy from this to send sprouts up into the brain and manipulate the ant to do its bidding. And a very specific bidding it is. Before the fungus sprouts outside the ant to release a cloud of its horrifying spore progeny, it makes the ant set up station in the perfect position; a north-facing leaf around 25cm off the ground in a location where the temperature will be 20-30 degrees Celsius (or 68-86 Fahrenheit) with 95% humidity… Yeah, it’s a bit picky.

This reminded me so much of how Noro follows a very specific plan with timers for when they should move. We also see during the Aogiri raid arc that Noro never strays from a pre-set goal; mid-fight with Uta, Yomo and Tsukiyama, Noro barely reacts and when coming across Juuzuo with Yamori’s corpse, didn’t make any effort to confront him because that was an unplanned situation.

And that got me thinking… What if Eto can use her kagune to perform mind control like the wasp and fungi?

Nutcracker could implant her kagune into walls and even after they detached, they were acting on their own in response to motion:

We’ve also seen the Arata quinque suit consuming its wearer on its own, and in the anime, it seems to work against Shinohara fighting Ayato so it’s not implausible that kagune and kakuhou may have a sort of semi-sentience when they’re outside their owner. So what if Eto could implant her kagune into ghouls and take over some aspects of their brain to perform  'mind control’? If Eto has done this to Noro, this may explain how Noro follows the battle plan implicitly but still seems to have their own personality and act without constant instruction; they still retain some of their own brain function but are just being controlled to do Eto’s bidding when needed. It would also explain why Noro needs to eat a huge amount of meat, to fuel the mind control like the cordyceps eats the ant to make the ‘brain sprouts’.

Getting back to Kanae, I wonder if in the last panel then that Eto is actually about to implant her kagune into him rather than eat him and if so, what plans does she have in store for poor Kanae?

It’s still pretty implausible and probably way too strange an idea to be true but I have so much fun coming up with theories and it's amazing having a series with so much world building that you can make up all these crazy ideas. Feel free to add anything or discuss!  


You knew this was coming, don’t pretend.

(The longer I look at these, the less happy I am with how they turned out, so I’m posting them all now before I become too embarrassed)

Um…idk WHY Tumblr insists on showing you his butt, but I swear there’s more to the picture if you full view it. :|