sorry completely forgot about this blog for a bit

anonymous asked:


heyy im a dick and i completely forgot about my updates im so sorry
im trying my best to keep this thing updated n shit but its been a bit difficult lately
no im not planning on deleting this blog anytime soon! i want to keep it alive for as long as i can
also holy shit when did i get 2000+ followers??? um thank u??
anyways enough of my stupid rambling its 5 am and im ready to sin

-my dude you best believe he’ll pin you up against the wall
-and have his way with you
-while also being careful bc showers r Slippery™ and Dangerous
-he likes to set a “timer” and try and get u to cum before the water gets cold

-shower sex??? hell no, bath sex
-his tub is like a fucking,,, hot tub and he’s got u on his lap and grinding and all that Good Shit
-who needs lube when y'all r both wet amirite
-(that was a joke use plenty of lube if u need it bc no one likes sex when it hurts)

-pull his hair or some kinky shit while showering together and he’s putty in your hands
-or he can work with the other way around honestly anything to please you
-jesus christ i keep comparing him to save before remembering that they’re difFERENT STOP
-he probably likes the feeling of ur wet fingers on his dick

-idk if yall have noticed but im lov her
-im gay except im not bc she’s a woman hha
-anyway she’ll totally put u and ur needs first and love it
-she always says u can make it up to her later
-and u always do 😏

-lmao bruh he’s gonna fucking wreck you good luck
-he likes to press you up against the wall but so that your back is facing him
-and just
-bone you till it hurts
-god i love him
-the steam of the hot water fogs up the walls and mirror and he likes that too