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Left Out - G Dragon & CL Poly!AU

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Summary: When Ji Yong is stuck in a meeting while Chaelin needs some release there is only one person left in the relationship to turn to. 

Genre: Smut, shameless kinky smut

Warnings: I’m gonna get the easier ones down first, swearing and sex, it’s smut what do you expect. Masturbation, oral (both giving and receiving), spanking, branding (scratching), pegging/strap-on, sexting, daddy kink, unnie kink, bondage, girl on girl, eating in the bathroom if that freaks you out, BDSM I think. I’m sorry.

If any of this bothers you then please don’t read. 


A/N: I am so sorry mother and father for I have sinned HARD. Honestly, I’m so scared about posting it, but I’ve already hyped it up a lot so. It’s over 9k words so yeah. Please tell me what you think because idk if it’s good or not. I’m so sorry this might be very bad. Like very bad. 

SIDE NOTE: poly requests are now open to anyone and everyone.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: The links in my bio don’t seem to be working so thought I should let everyone know, I’ll try to fix it though so yeah.

ONE MORE SIDE NOTE: If this is bad please let me know. I’m so nervous about this.

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so senpai came over this weekend to chill and see  the town i live in … but the weather wasn’t good so we ended up watching trash videos and shitposts, drinking and  … stuff :v

so anybody who messaged me i’m gonna answer tomorrow, i’m just too jaded at the moment, didn’t slept much

shoutout to the kpop fans who translate vidoes for us who don't speak korean

Y'all are the real mvp and should be proud of yourselves for showing the world that multilingual ass of yours.

I know translating videos or adding subtitles are hard work, especially with timing and making sure what you’re translating is what they’re saying, I really appreciate all of y'all. And the sad thing is y'all don’t get enough recognition in this kpop world, I feel like all of y'all should receive some type of Grammy shit to award you on your hard work.

Staying up til 3am just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of EXO’s interview. Skipping homework just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of Mamamoo’s latest fan meet.

I truly do appreciate you guys out there, without any of you I wouldn’t be laughing at Jooheon when he falls over, I don’t get to cry with Namjoon when he tells us he loves us, I don’t get to tell Chanyeol he’s a stupid little shit for thinking the green chilli was capsicum. Why? Cause I wouldn’t understand what they were saying.

So thank you. Thank you a million times for existing and taking time out of your daily lives for us non-Korean fans.

Thanks to those kpop fans who also upload Vlive+ videos for us who can barely afford food on the table. I don’t care if it’s seen as illegal, to me it’s seen as you helping out a die hard fan falling asleep at night with a smile on their face by watching the videos they can’t afford to buy.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

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Cesare x Lucrezia Meme - {1/5} bittersweet moments

I would ask you something. Then ask, and it is yours.

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Are you up for drawing any more Code Lyoko stuff? I love that show with all my heart and that drawing of Ulrich you did recently is great! You've improved so much compared to your old CL art. 😄 I hope you have a wonderful day!



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Them: "why can't guys and girls be just friends you hets" Also them: *ships literally anything to keep Bellarke apart*

Them: “omg just because because they looked at eachother you ship them?” Also them: “wow is something going on between echo n bellamy ;) “ 

Them: “if bellarke was actually a thing, it would be canon by now” Also them: “omg bra/ven had sex 3.5 seasons ago and never again spoke of it, they’re endgame”

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How do you see Russian people? What are they?

well … “what are they“ XD

i have a friend who’s half russian, from his father’s side, and tells me many stories and experiances about russian people, and culture.

in highschool i even learnt russian language just for fun, becuse i think they have a really beautful language (it’s freaking hard, considering the use Cyrillic alphabet, and they have the same type of grammar like in the hungarian language). it has a harsh sounding to it, like german, but it’s melodic, because the intonation is in different places in the words, and i love that. :3 (now i can’t speak it, just reading the alphabet and can introduce myself :P)

considering the fact i am hungarian, so there was a time where russians took over Hungary, and was kommunism in the country. my grandparents and parents told me what was it like, and … it kind of leaves me a bad opininon on them. my grandpa was taken away in the war and was in prison in Moscow for 4 years, cause he helped our people in the revolution of 1956. my whole family was, on my father’s side, so they were on constant moving, trying not to get the State Security Department (ÁVO for short) …

but none the less, i don’t hate them, this whole thing was in the past, many things changed since then. in the university a met many people of different nation. my best friend is ukrainien, and because of this, i meet many russian and urainien people here, and … they are really good people!

so i have nothing against them, i love their culture, they language and i’m more than happy when i get the chance to learn more of the country and traditional habits of theirs! :3