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i compare winter to be the Justin Bieber of seasons. It was kind of cute and exiting when it first started out, and now it is a bit obnoxious and should probably just stay in Canada
—  Ryan Donnellon
The Happy Hiddle’s Haven Hotel (pets welcome)

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Fluffy tiny one shot with a very Camp Tom.

 (telephone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome. Tom speaking. How may I help you on this glorious day? ..yes……..yes….. Oh Mr Fluffbutt is very welcome here, as are all our fluffy and feathered friends. …….Totally agree, life not worth living if you can’t pet your  pussy……we’ll see you on the ninth”

“Mrs Taylor, Welcome back to our little happy haven, it’s so good to see you, and you’ve bought Monty how lovely……Yes we have your usual room and Chris here will show you up. and make sure you and Monty are happy bunnies”

(telephone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome, Tom speaking. How may I help you on this Darling of a day, Oh how wonderful to hear your voice Mrs Murphy, ……coming to see us next week super, and Mr Murphy?……… He died but Gerald the Hamsters still fine oh well small mercies….I’ll have the chef cut up Gerald’s carrot just the way he likes it, ……and I’m sure Chris will help you clean out his cage like last time…… yes he’ll wear the Speedo's”

 “Chris love I know you’ve just been up once but Mrs Johnson needs you to bath her Muffy. Went for walkies and got a tincy bit muddy, now needs a bath and quick rub down with a rough towel, so be a sweetie and go to her room”

(phone rings)

“Mrs Henderson from room eleven, what can I do to make your day brighter? Ah your pussy is all wet and needs sorting. Well my dear, I’m afraid Chris is sorting Mrs Johnson’s Muffyat the moment but when he’s done, he’ll be straight over to help make your pussy happy again.”

(Phone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome, Tom speaking. How may I be of service to you on such a wonderful day? ……Mr Travis here this afternoon Oh My world is complete, and are you bringing big Dick? It’s so long since I’ve seen Dick, and a good roll round the hotel carpet with him would lighten my load. He does like his sloppy wet kisses doesn’t he?…….. Yes we’ll see you at four and I’m so looking forwards to it.”

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Pictures not mine I just played with them.

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Mate it's hilarious. Who says stuff like this, do they think Mickey mouse is real then, are they confused when they see Chris Hemsworth without his hammer? Are they like? Why are you on earth thor, are we being invaded? where are the rest of the avengers? Where's Natalie Portman? did you break up with Her? How's Loki? Where does this end? LMAO

i’M CRYING,,,, 


Tom Hiddleston’s nickname for costar and friend Chris Hemsworth: “My brother from another mother”



“Royal had parents who loved him and depended on him—two little sisters he adored. He could never see them again after he was changed. And then he outlived them all. That kind of pain is very, very slow.”


“Gosh !”

Omg Thelma & Louise is my favourite film, I’m so happy he chose this film, my reaction literally: