sorry carlo

some jaylos headcanons because im a pile of garbage

  • sometimes when carlos is really tired after practice, jay gives him piggyback rides back to the dorm but he doesn’t mind because he likes the way carlos’ chin fits in the crook of his neck
  • jay rly likes holding hands because his are like four times larger than carlos’
  • carlos didn’t know what to say in response to jay telling him he loves him for the first time so he just said “thanks” and patted his shoulder
  • but then like two weeks later carlos finally said it back and it was p romantic
  • literally everybody knew they were together from the moment they stepped into the new school, so when they finally “came out” nobody cared and they were like ??? ?? why are we not the center of attention
  • carlos is always really honored whenever jay actually buys something for him instead of stealing it because he doesn’t do that for anyone
  • jay normally doesn’t wear buns but if carlos is messing w his hair, he’s in no place to take it out
  • they’re both heavy sleepers so in order for them to wake up, they need like ten alarms set to go off at the same time. normally it’s enough to wake carlos up, but jay occasionally needs water dumped on him or something
  • sometimes they accidentally switch jerseys, so every once in a while they’ll show up to a game with jay barely able to breathe and carlos practically wearing a dress
  • carlos actually “accidentally” wears jay’s clothes pretty often because he knows jay has a thing for him in oversized sweaters/shirts esp if they’re his own
  • even though jay is almost never seen casually without his godforsaken beanie, he likes when carlos wears it or even has it sticking out of his pocket because “it’s something to hold onto” that pretentious asshole