sorry can't not gif this




rucas meme [½] seasons 

season one ▹ “what’s your name?” “riley” “what’s his name?” “lucas” “you like a good story riley? then start at the beginning.” 

I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff

This gif isn’t a blessed nor cursed image. It’s like … a liminal space.

It’s like time itself has fit itself onto a viewmaster cartridge, so you can view this exact scene the very first moment it aired, distorted by the waves in the time space continuum between you and said scene of May 12, 2016.

My favorite part? Amethyst breaks it up, Pearl breaks it up a little more, and then Garnet’s hips demolish it.